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For the last five months, Stephanie and I have continued seeing each other outside of the office. I have tried to convince her to see another dentist; however, she refuses. Our relationship has moved beyond just the sexual. Nonetheless, we really don’t go out and about in the town we live. We have gone on weekend getaways and enjoyed many evenings at my home. I have since added a dental chair to my play space and keep a set of dental tools and scrubs at home. Although I enjoy our time together and our relationship is consensual, I am really putting my license at risk.

Together with our play we have had many conversations about desires and interests. One overriding theme that comes up over and over again is her desire to experience a woman. Now what red-blooded male wouldn’t want to see two beautiful women together? It is time that she learned the extent of my debauchery.

Dinner at my home Friday evening.

“I see that you are scheduled for a check-up next Tuesday.”

“Yes. I can’t wait.”

“Are sure you don’t want to see another dentist?”


“If we ever take our relationship public, there will be a lot of looks cast my way.”

“So, we will not go public. I rescheduled my appointment to 5:30.”


“I want to be your last appointment for the day.”

Tuesday 5:20pm

I walk to the front desk where the office staff is preparing to go home for the evening. I go through the motions of retrieving Stephanie’s files as if I had no idea that she was my last patient.

The office staff says good night as they leave for the evening.

I poke my head into the waiting room and there she is. She is wearing a nice loose skirt and I am sure, no panties.

“Hi, Stephanie I am ready for you.”

As she gets up, “Hi, Doctor how are you.”

“Fine, thank you.”

“And yourself?”

“I am great,” she says a bit too enthusiastically.

We make our way to the examining room. Stephanie bumps into me in a manner that only people whom are close do. She eagerly climbs into the chair. I place the dental bib on her and secure the chain around her neck. Laying out the dental tools, I notice Stephanie is looking a bit glassy eyed at me.

“Will we be alone?” she whispers to me.

“Shhh,” I reply.

I take my seat on the stool and swivel around to do the examination. Stephanie looks at me with a big smile.

“I’m sorry I am late,” a voice comes from behind me.

“Oh, hi, Janet. Stephanie, this is Janet. She is studying to be a dental assistant. You don’t mind if she assists me?”

“Ah. No. I guess,” Stephanie states, disappointment in her voice.

Janet places her bag in the corner and takes a seat on the other side of Stephanie.

Janet is an attractive woman in her mid twenties. She is about 5’8″, slim with smallish breasts and a great ass. She has Betturkey lightly tanned skin, beautiful dark eyes and long brunette hair. Her hair is in a ponytail and she is dressed in typical dental scrubs.

“Stephanie has excellent teeth,” I comment.

Stephanie smiles.

I begin examining Stephanie’s jaw, mouth and gums.

As Stephanie begins to slide her tongue along my fingers, I nod to Janet. With my nod, Janet places her hand on Stephanie’s inner thigh, just above the hemline of her dress.

With Janet’s touch, Stephanie stop moving her tongue and looks at me surprised.

“It is ok,” I assure her.

With my fingers in her mouth, Stephanie begins sucking on them as Janet continues moving her hand along Stephanie’s leg. Janet forces her fingers between Stephanie’s thighs. With this action, I know that Janet has found Stephanie’s pussy. Even with Stephanie’s skirt in the way, I can tell that Janet’s fingers are in Stephanie’s pussy and by her breathing. Between my fingers in her mouth and Janet’s in her pussy, Stephanie is close to coming.

As Stephanie begins to come, she closes her mouth around my fingers. Her hips buck as Janet forces her fingers deep. I remove my fingers from her mouth as the last of her orgasmic wave leaves her.

“Are you ok?” I ask.


I lean down and kiss her.

“I want both of you to strip.”

Janet removes her hand from under Stephanie skirt and Stephanie gets up and shyly undresses. Janet simply peels her clothes off then reaches in her bag and retrieves a rather large, black, strap-on dildo, at least 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Janet secures the strap-on, applies some lube and begins to stroke the massive toy.

“Where is that thing going?” Stephanie asks.

“Don’t you worry.” I reply.

“Are you ok?” I ask.

“Yes. I am fine. Just a bit taken aback.”

I position myself at the head of chair.

“Stephanie, I want you on all fours facing me.”

She climbs up on the chair and takes her position. I adjust the height of the chair so that her mouth is easily accessible by my cock. With Stephanie on all fours, Janet sits at the foot of the chair.

I pull my cock form my scrub pants and it is quickly in Stephanie’s mouth. She has learned to truly enjoy giving me head. I love putting my hands on her face, feeling the edge of her lips as they enclose my cock. The feeling of cock, mouth and spit sliding together is one of my most sensuous experiences.

Janet leans forward and begin licking between Stephanie’s legs. I know how wonderful that smooth pussy is to lick. I enjoy the view of her buried between Stephanie’s legs and my cock grows even harder. I begin fucking Stephanie’s mouth. Over the past several months, she has developed the ability to take my cock deep into her mouth.

With Janet sucking, Betturkey Giriş Stephanie begins to squirm and roll her hips. I can feel her moans against my cock.

Picking up a pair of black rubber mouth props (the rubber blocks used to keep your mouth open), I tell Stephanie to open her mouth and place the props, one on each side of her mouth. With the props in place, she cannot close her mouth.

As I prop open Stephanie’s mouth, Janet stands up and rubs the head of the strap-on around Stephanie’s pussy. As Janet inserts the head of the strap-on, Stephanie takes a deep breath. She struggles against the mouth props as she attempts to grit her teeth in order to handle the size of the strap-on.

I slide my cock into Stephanie’s propped open mouth and push it deep down her throat. I feel her struggle and gag against my cock. As I violate her mouth, Janet thrusts the strap-on fully into Stephanie’s cunt. What would have been screams of pain are simply grunts and gags felt only by the head of my cock.

I push Stephanie lower by the shoulders, which rolls her forward, pushing her ass higher in the air. I am able to see Stephanie’s pussy stretched as Janet thrusts the black cock deep within her. With each thrust, Stephanie’s pussy is stretched wide while her pussy lips cling to the hard cock as Janet withdraws it.

With her mouth forced open by the props, Stephanie can’t keep the spit dripping from her mouth and her spit now covers my cock and balls. Watching this beautiful young woman being filled and violated is too much for me to hold out.

“Fuck!” as I pull her off my cock by her hair.

I grab my cock and spray my load into her gaping mouth and across her face. Janet continues fucking Stephanie hard and deep. I let go of Stephanie’s hair and step back. Her face is a mess of spit and cum.

I kneel in front of Stephanie and lift her head by the hair. She looks at me.

“I want to see your eyes and feel your breath as she fucks you with that big cock of her’s. Do you want to come again?”

“Yes.” she gasps through the spit and cum.


Janet continues fucking as I grab Stephanie’s nipple and give a firm pinch. Squeaking with the pinch, she holds her breath as she begins to come. She releases her breath, spit and cum dripping from her mouth, as Janet drives that black cock deep into Stephanie’s stretched pussy.

As her orgasm subsides, I reach into her mouth and remove the props and Janet withdraws the strap-on. With her mouth free, Stephanie moves her jaw from side-to-side. I grab a towel and wipe the mess from her face.

“Jeeze that was amazing.” Stephanie says.

“Get up.”

Stephanie gets up and stands next to me as Janet removes the strap-on and places it on the counter.

I adjust the chair to be in a more normal upright position.

“Janet, have a Betturkey Güncel Giriş seat. Lets see how Stephanie does at eating pussy.”

Stephanie quickly looks to me and become shy and embarrassed.

“Oh yes. You are going down on her. I will tell you what to do.”

She hesitates; I grab her by the back of the neck and force her face between Janet’s legs.

“Now, take your hands, spread her lips apart and give her clit a kiss.”

Stephanie hesitates a bit and I give her slap on the ass.

“Do what I told you and listen only to me.”

Stephanie spreads Janet’s lips and begins licking and sucking Janet’s clit. Janet rolls her head back and moans in response.

“Now suck her lips into your mouth and pull them tight.”

Stephanie sucks and holds onto the inner lips of Janet’s pussy. Stephanie tilts her head back, forcing Janet’s lips to be pulled taut. I begin smacking Stephanie’s ass hard.

“Use your right hand, take two fingers and slide them into her pussy and then lick her clit.”

Stephanie inserts her fingers into Janet’s pussy and begins sucking her clit. Janet moans with Stephanie’s attention.

I then begin slapping Stephanie’s pussy. I can hear Stephanie moan with each slap on her pussy. With the completion of my slaps, I slide my fingers into her pussy. She is soaking wet.

With Stephanie bent over, going down on Janet, I pick up the strap-on dildo and begin fucking Stephanie with it. I love watching her pussy being violated by the toy.

“Remember, listen to my instructions. Janet’s ramblings are of no importance. Fuck her harder with your fingers.”

As Stephanie increases the pace of her finger fucking of Janet, I increase my fucking of Stephanie.

“Ok. With your left hand, pull back the hood of her clit. She is close to coming.”

“It is too sensitive.” Janet states.

“Don’t listen to her. Stephanie, do you want to come?”


“You can come when Janet comes.”

Stephanie ups the pace on Janet and I fuck Stephanie even harder. Janet holds her breath and begins to come.

“Fuck.” From Janet between breaths as she pushes her pussy onto Stephanie’s mouth and tongue.

With Janet’s orgasm, I feel Stephanie’s pussy tighten around the dildo as she begins to come. I push the dildo deep into Stephanie and begin to slap her clit with my hand.

“I am coming!” Her voice is muffled by Janet’s pussy.

I withdraw the dildo from Stephanie as she finishes eating Janet. I slap Stephanie on the ass. Janet leans over and kisses Stephanie.

Stephanie turns to me and gives me a hug and a kiss.

“Thank you,” she says.

“You’re welcome.” I reply.

“Is everyone in the dental field kinky?” Stephanie asks.

“No. However, Janet is actually a patient of another dentist a friend of mind. She also has a dental thing.”

“Wow” she replies.

“Perhaps it is time that I explain the dental D/s sub-culture.”

“What?” She asks.

“There are many dentist and patients that share our desires.”

“There are!” she replies.

“Yes. We put the D/s into DDS.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32