The Idea

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Less than a year ago Tim my husband and I had been married six years and were getting along great. Upper middle class, we had just about everything. I had just turned thirty-one and Tim was forty-four. Tim is 5’8″ and quite handsome with his salt and pepper hair. Tim is also a workaholic banker and a great provider. While Tim is no hard body and a little pudgy, he isn’t fat. Tim is very adventurous and it was that adventurous spirit of his that I fell in love with. Tim is always hungry to try new things. Sex was very good and with Tim, creative.

I met Tim at work, when I was fresh out of college with a masters. Tim was older and different from the college boys I had dated. Mature and grounded with a hidden undercurrent of rebel, I fell for Tim immediately. I was no virgin and had dated two guys seriously during college. The first guy was my high school sweetheart Jimmy. Jimmy and I lost our virginity to each other in our freshman year. Jimmy needless to say was very inexperienced. Missionary was the only position he liked and no matter how many times I wanted to try something new we always ended up with me underneath. At least with Jimmy he was enthusiastic.

Jimmy and I broke up in our senior year when I found out he was doing my roommate Jan. After Jimmy I met Robert the hippie. Robert was shall we say laid back. We dated for two years. Sex with Robert was good, especially oral, but infrequent because Robert preferred drugs. Robert and I dated till I graduated. After applying and getting a new job in a different city I packed my things and moved out. We were both ready for the change and I never saw Robert again.

Tim literally swept me off my feet. Sex was great during the courtship, every night a new position. I don’t consider myself a sex maniac or a slut, but there is a little devil in me that likes to have fun, so Tim and I were a good match. Tim asked me to marry him six months after we met and we married a year later. After we were married sex was still exciting but Tim started working more and my career took off, leaving little time for each other. I guess it was during our third year that things started changing. One night after work, Tim brought home a DVD with a bottle of wine.

“I think it’s about time we start spicing thing up Susan,” I remember my husband saying.

The DVD was a porn movie, my first. I loved it. I felt like I was at the bedroom door looking in and it really excited me. Tim and I didn’t even wait till the movie ended before we were making love. Soon the DVDs became routine and so did our life. Monday through Friday we worked. Friday nights we join friends for dinner and drinks. Saturday Tim would spend the day playing golf with his friend. I would hit the gym, shop or lay out by our pool. Saturday night was DVD night.

About half way through our fourth year Tim suggested I get a boob job. We were watching one of our porn movies and Tim noted that all the actresses had implants. Tim said bigger breasts would look good on my 5’6″ frame. I was a small B-cup with pretty large nipples so it took very little prodding from Tim. A month latter I was sporting large C-cup breasts. The implants also had the effect of making my rather large nipples more pronounced. Almost immediately things between Tim and I changed. Tim became much more attentive. Especially about the way I dressed. Tim was always after me to go bra-less, to show more cleavage and to wear revealing cloths. Tim told me he really liked it when other men stared or flirted with me. Tim said it made him proud to have a woman that other men wanted. I have to admit Tim didn’t have to push me very hard. I loved the way men looked at me after the boob job and what woman doesn’t like to be attractive to the opposite sex.

One Friday when I got home Tim was waiting with this tiny little white dress and some six inch pumps. Tim wanted to go dancing that night and told me to put on the dress. Tim was on his fourth glass of wine and buzzed. The dress had a scooped neck line that barely covered my breasts and it was backless. I tried the dress on, it was skin tight and very short, barely covering my butt. My panties were clearly outlined and with no bra my dark nipples were protruding through the material and were quite visible.

“Jesus Tim I can’t wear this, I look like one of those porn-stars from the movies. I mean I can’t even wear underwear with out showing the pantie lines and if it were any shorter my butt would hang out.”

“I wanted to go to that club in Austin and do some dancing, we won’t bump into anyone there. I want to see the reaction of all those guys in the club. I want you to give them a raging hard on babe.”

“You know Tim your starting to worry me, I don’t mind the movies and a little exhibitionism, but this is getting perverted.” I really was just joking, but Tim thought I was serious.

“Come here. Perverted? I’m not perverted, lots and lot of other guys want to see their wife with other men. Come to the computer let me show you Escort bayan something,” he slurred as he finished his fourth glass.

“What did you say Tim?” Tim had never mentioned that he wanted me to have sex with another guy much less that he wanted to see me with them.

Tim sat down in front of the computer, did a brief search and pulled up a site.

“Read this, I’ll get us some wine.”

The site contained numerous stories that were sent in by anonymous writers. The first story Tim had me read was about a married couple who took a vacation to the Virgin islands. While there the husband encouraged his wife to have sex with this incredibly hung black man. I was half way through the story when Tim returned with the wine.

“What did I tell you Susan, you see other guys feel the same way.”

“Tim this is just one story and it’s obviously fantasy.”

“Really, keep reading, read the next story.” I had to admit the first story left me turned on so I read several more stories. Each story was a little different but the theme was the same. All the stories were interracial and in each case the black man was a superior lover to the husband. The sex was always the best the woman ever had and in the last story the wife had let the black man impregnate her. I thought that was rather kinky, yet at the same time a turn on. The other underlying theme was that the husband always consented, although sometimes reluctantly. I rubbed my legs together, I was wet.

When I finished reading the stories I joined Tim in the bedroom. The stories had made me quite horny, so I jumped on Tim and started fumbling with his pants.

“Reading about all that black cock has you turned on, huh Sue?”

“Well the stories were hot. Do you feel like some of those husband’s. I mean would it really turn you on to see me make it with a big black stud,” I teased as I felt his penis go hard.

“I’m not sure. Thinking about it does turn me on. How about you? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make love to a well hung black man.” Tim’s dick was rock hard instantly, I squeezed him harder.

“I still think there just stories Tim, those guys can’t all be hung that big.”

“Oh yeah then look at this.” Tim jumped up from bed and went to the closet were he took down a shoe box. Opening it, he removed several DVDs’ and placed one in the player.

“What’s this,” I asked.

“Just some movies I have.”

“Have I seen them before.”


“Why not?”

“I didn’t think you would like them, now enough talk, lets look at the movie.” I could tell Tim was drunk so I didn’t pursue the point.

Climbing into bed Tim turned on the player. Surprisingly it was the first time that I had seen a black man making love to a white woman and was it hot. The black man’s cock was easily twice the size of Tim’s penis, both in length and thickness. Now I’m not naive, but the way the woman was reacting it was hard not to believe she wasn’t enjoying this magnificent man. Tim slipped his hands between my legs and began rubbing my clit.

“Wow some one is really wet. Notice the girl she kind of looks like you.” I hadn’t really been playing close attention to the woman, but on closer look there were similarities. The woman was medium height, brown hair and brown eye’s. I might of been a little taller, but our bodies were the same. My mind was reeling as Tim and the film brought me to my first orgasm.

“I guess, she sort of does, although she Anglo.”

“Okay, she still looks like you, same body and I bet your wondering what a big black cock like that would feel like. Look at him fuck her, can you imagine what that feels like.” The woman seemed quite young maybe early twenties and she was taking every bit of black cock the stud had to give her.

I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled a condom off the night stand and rolled it over Tim’s dick. Then straddling his penis I slipped it into my inflamed pussy. For the first time in my life I fantasized that it was the black stud from the movie that was fucking me. I came hard a second time as Tim too came. Rolling off of Tim I continued watching the movie. A few minutes latter Tim was snoring. My pussy still tingled and was very wet. That night, watching the movie I diddled myself until I came a third time.

The next morning I woke up and Tim was off to his golf game. Brushing my teeth, I thought about the night before. I had so many things to think about. First, there was the revelation that my husband harbored this fantasy about me having sex with another man, a black man at that. The second thing dealt more with my feelings. For the first time I wondered what it would be like to have sex with a really well endowed black man. Were the myths true, were they better lovers, what did a big black cock feel like. Remembering Tim’s box, I looked for it in the bedroom.Tim had put the box back in the closet. Taking it down I opened the box and discovered six movies all starring Bayan escort the same woman. The woman that looked like me. The woman’s name was Spring Thomas and she seemed to have this thing for black men and very big cock’s.

I watched another movie before Tim came home and it was a good thing he came home early. My clit was almost raw from touching myself. When Tim got home he was feeling no pain. The boys had had a couple of beers at the club house. Since Tim didn’t bring up the night before, neither did I. I had my way with him that evening.

The rest of the week I was draw to Tim’s stories and movies like a moth to a flame. I found entire sites devoted to husbands that wanted to see their wives with other men. Sites were married white women could contact black men. Everyday I would read some of the stories and view photo’s of black men having sex with white women. On top of that I must of watched each of Tim’s movies twice. The end result was I was very horny by bedtime, so that week Tim and I had sex almost every night.

I must say that I don’t believe I became obsessed with the idea of making love to a black man. It wasn’t like that. What seemed to excite me most was the idea that here was my husband with this very real fantasy. Tim was turned on by the prospect of my having sex with another man, a black man. I wondered what he would do if I put him to task. I was sure that if it came right down to it Tim would never allow me to bed a black stud. At the same time I was excited by the idea that I could have complete freedom to do as I wished.

Friday rolled around and Tim brought up going into Austin for the evening. Of course he wanted me to wear the dress he bought me.

“Put the dress on Susan and lets go dancing.”

“Tim you don’t dance.”

“I know, but I like to watch you dance.”

“You going to find us a place were I can dance with some handsome black man”, I said seductively.

“Of course, now go change.” I bit my tongue thinking to myself, okay buster if this is what you want then it’s exactly what your going to get.

I remember taking a glass of wine from Tim’s hand and going to the bedroom to change. I slipped on the dress and looked in the mirror. The dress had a very low scooped top that barely cover my breasts. I put the shoes on and finished my wine, then I joined Tim.

“So this is what you want me to wear. You sure you want me to wear this? No bra, no panties, I look like a slut. Like that little porn star you like so much. I guess all I need to make your fantasy come true is a big black stud, right.” I sat down next to Tim and placed my hand on his dick, it was very hard.

“Wow, I guess I should dress like this more often,”

“You look really good babe.” Tim leaned over and gave me a kiss, as his hand drifted between my legs and found my slit. I moaned with pleasure as his finger rubbed my clit.

“Maybe we should just stay home,” I suggested.

“No way I want to see what those guys out there are going to do when they see the hottest woman in Texas.”

“If I’m the hottest women in Texas why share,” just then I heard a horn blow out front.

“That’s the cab, Susan, lets go,” Tim said without answering the question.

The Friday night before a Longhorn game on Sixth Street in Austin Texas is nothing short of an event. College kids, locals and alumni, crowd the street wandering from waterhole to waterhole. Almost any kind of music is available and many of the clubs have lines. That night the first club we hit was mostly kids and we didn’t stay long. After leaving the club we were walking down the street when I noticed this black man staring at me. The man was leaning against a wall outside a club called the Element. There was no line so I told Tim that we should try the place. Walking into the place I could feel the black mans eyes on me. I tried not to look at him, but entering the club I gave him a sideways glance. The black man stood stone faced with no expression at all.

Tim and I walked over to the bar, the club was fairly busy.Tim bought a round of drinks and while we were waiting I felt someone squeeze behind me.

“Eddie, Johnnie Walker Black!” Looking over my right shoulder I realized it was the black man from outside. His deep voice carried over the din of the crowd. With his right arm wedged between me and the customer immediately to my right his body was pressed up against my back. The man was about 6′ 3″ and broad shouldered. With my heels on I am about 5’10” a good two inches taller than Tim, but I still had to look up at the black man.

“You’ve never been here before?” Still looking over my shoulder, his question caught me by surprise.

“No,” I stammered. I felt his body press up against me more firmly. I was sure I could feel his cock pressing up against my ass. Then I felt his hand on my waist.

“Let’s dance,” he said as he took my right hand and led me out to the dance floor. I never even had a chance to ask Tim if it was alright. Escort Walking behind the man I could not help but reflect how much he was like the black men I had read about in the stories. Big, handsome and confident. I thought to myself, “Tim could never be so assertive.”

I followed the man up to the DJ’s stand were he said something to the DJ. Then turning towards me he leaned over and with his deep voice said, “My name is Kareem, what’s your name.”

“Susan Hanks,” I answered as I placed my hand on his shoulder and tiptoed to be heard. Kareem’s shoulder was muscle hard, his scent subtle, masculine, with a powerful underling musk. Just then the song ended and a slow number started. Kareem placed his hands on my waist and drew me close. I had no choice but to place my arms around his powerful neck. My body seemed to mold itself to Kareem’s. Kareem’s thigh was pressed firmly between my legs and with each step I could feel his cock pulsing to life. I had no way of knowing how large it was, but it felt big, very big.

“So Susan, is that short guy your husband?”

“He’s not that short.” I answered defensively.

“So the answer is yes that’s your husband.” Kareem laughed, still holding me close, his cock pressed firmly against me, his thigh hard between my legs. My pussy getting wet with the banter. What was it about black men and their direct approach I wondered. Apprehensively I answered him.


“I saw you look at me when you walked up, you ain’t never been with a black man before have you.” I was completely caught off guard with the question and didn’t know how to answer.

“Cat got your tongue, look I don’t believe in fucking around. I think your interested, am I right.” Kareem had smoldering brown eyes that held mine as if in a trance. My body was hot with the heat of our dancing and it felt so wicked to be talking to him like this, our bodies pressed together. The conversation so open, sexual tension undeniable.

“I guess you could say I’m curious.”

“Never been with a black man.” I nodded no.

“Good, lets work on changing that.” and with that said, Kareem pulled me closer as we finished the dance. Kareem walked me back to the bar and stood next to me. Tim who was sitting to my left leaned over and asked me what happened. Whispering, I told him about my conversation with Kareem. Tim became quite animated.

“Should I leave the two of you alone a while,” Tim offered. Caught off guard, I couldn’t believe what my husband was actually suggesting. Before I could answer, Tim gathered his drink and walked off. I was about to call Tim back when Kareem tapped me on the shoulder.

“Tell me, he just left you sitting here next to me.”

“It would appear so,” I said clearly surprised by Tim’s actions. Kareem spun my stool in his direction. My leg pressed up against his crotch. I could feel his hardness.

Leaning over to say something to me, I felt his hand on my shoulder. “So tell me about yourself Susan Hanks.”

The next couple of hours flew bye. Kareem was a great listener and absolutely charming. We danced and talked and drank and talked. I noticed Tim once standing in a corner watching us dance, but to tell the truth I was so infatuated with Kareem I hardly acknowledged him.

“So is he one of the jealous types or a cuck.” Kareem too, had noticed Tim in the corner nursing his drink.

“A what?”

“A cuckold, you know, the kind of guy that likes his woman to fuck other guys.” How could he know I thought. I didn’t know what to say. Kareem was quick to note my hesitance.

“He’s not gay is he, I’m not into that?”

“No Tim’s not gay, he just has these fantasies.”

“So he’s a cuck, that’s good, I plan on making him real happy,” Kareem said. Leaning over, he kissed me, at first just our lips touched. Pressing his mouth firmly against mine, his tongue gently entered my mouth. I flushed with heat. Breaking off the kiss Kareem smiled down at me. My heart beat a mile a minute.

“That was very nice, Susan Hanks, very nice indeed.”

I felt a tap on my back, it was Tim. “Can we talk for a second.”

“Sure what do you want,” I said curtly, suddenly not wanting to be interrupted.


“Okay.” Turning to Kareem I excused myself and followed Tim towards the restroom area.

“Are you going to his place or ours?”

“Tim he hasn’t asked me anywhere, and I haven’t decided to do anything. Your acting crazy, Tim.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just I saw you kiss him and I figured. Did he turn you on, you know, kissing you?” Tim was talking a mile a minute.I could tell he was excited.

“You sure you want this, he made me really wet with that kiss,” I said as I leaned over and rubbed his penis. Tim’s dick was rock hard. Suddenly I wanted to push Tim to see how far he would go.

“Yes,” Tim said and his dick irrupted in his pants.

“I guess you are excited,” I smiled. “Maybe we should go home, now that your pants are ruined.

“God I can’t believe I just came like that. Seeing you kiss him was the most exciting thing I have ever seen.” I removed my hand from his crotch, feeling the stickiness of Tim’s cum.

“Go clean up I told Tim and wait for me here. I’ll say good night to Kareem.

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