The Après-Ski Trip

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Double Penetration

The après-ski trip

If I ever had imagined what was going to happen that weekend, I wouldn’t have opposed so much to go on that trip to the mountains.

I’d explain.

My wife started to work at a new clothing company in Toronto where we have moved some months before. It hadn’t been easy to move to Canada from Europe, but my company had many interests there, and I was asked to go there, and spent as many hours at work as necessary to restart a company. That was the expected from the young short thirtysomethings from the company, as I was myself. I thought at least it could be easier than going to the States, as my wife and I both speak quite fluently French.

So my wife, Brenda, stopped harassing me when she started at the new job (as she had done everyday since we got there), putting me so much pressure about her boring days in that cold city, and instead, she disappeared from 9 to 5 each day. Not that I tried to reach her often then, as I was still as busy as before, but when I tried, I just couldn’t.

One day she insisted in going in a sky trip to the mountains with some friends from her office, and I opposed, as I was so tired at the end of the week that the only thing that I wanted to do on Friday, was to lay down on the sofa and watch TV. But she insisted, and in the end I had to accept.

Angry as I was, I had to drive all long Friday afternoon, as the other two couples had left the city together in one car. When we arrived at the hotel, GPS-aided, I was so tired that I asked Brenda to leave the car before parking it, and start with the signup procedures at the desk. I wanted to go straight to the bed as soon as I got into the building. So she did.

I parked the car and when I finally entered the hotel hall, I could see Brenda with a very nice looking couple. She was so nice that I could not utter a single word.

Not that Brenda is not nice, she is wonderful. She is a tall girl, with dark short curved hair, thin but not bone-looking. Her breasts are magnificent, full loaded, round, and with small tiny nipples. But above all, it is her clear blue eyes which give her a strong contrast with her dark hair and tanned skin.

But that girl was gorgeous. She was a long haired blonde, very tall and thin, with bright green eyes that shone as heaven. Her hair was greasy gathered, with a short tail, and her neck covered with a lace. She let everybody see part of her long legs and a sample of a pair of broad, wide, enormous tits, that only could be seen in full range in my imagination. But it was classy, a women a little bit older than me, about 37 perhaps, very well dressed in a long red dress, as if she was going out to have dinner. I suddenly discovered Brenda was introducing me to the girl. Tracy was the name. We cheek crossed kisses three times and I was so excited that I thought I would never ever forget that perfume from that moment. Tracy was Tim’s wife, and so Tim was introduced to me. As soon as I played attention to him, I got jealous, and not because of Tracy, but of Brenda. Tim was a typical beach boy actor, tall, strong, dark haired and square faced. And Brenda spent all week long with that guy.

Tim and Tracy were waiting for the other couple to go out and have some dinner. They had arrived a couple of hours before and had rested a little. Brenda insisted, but I said I really Escort bayan couldn’t, and so I went to sleep while Brenda went out with them.

Next morning I was the first to get to the cafeteria. Thirty minutes later Brenda met me there. I expected to see Tim and Tracy there too, but my wife explained me that they were not hosted at the main hotel building, but in one of the small wooden bungalows in the nearby forest. So we had breakfast alone, I couldn’t wait to meet Tracy again. Brenda told me that the dinner had been nice, and short. Everyone was very tired.

One hour later, we were with our snowboards at the beginning of a long steeped white slope. And so were Tim, Tracy, and finally, Linda and Larry. I thought that Brenda was not working at a clothing company, but at a models company. Linda, who was her colleague, was a very young girl. She could be in her mid twenties, I don’t know, but very young, as was her boyfriend, Larry. Larry was a long haired blond surfer, as he seemed by his looking. Tall and strong, I envied him as I thought he could play 24 hours a day with the long haired blonde with angel face. What I could not see was her shape, all wrapped in a ski dress that hid all her curves, but a round perfect bottom.

The ski day was perfect. We all had fun all day long, and met each other quite well, changing pairs every time. Laughing, joking and skiing was all we had to do.

When the day finished, we went out and had some French melted cheese with wine and vegetables, and then we started with the liquors. Too many, and we were really hot.

Tim suggested that we could all go to the bungalow, where they had a pool outside the house. It was just ok for me, so we went there.

The pool was smoky, all the steam from the hot water made a foggy atmosphere all around, and that was perfect for us. We took our clothes out and went quickly to the pool. Tim was the first to do it, so did Tracy, and everybody followed them.

At the pool we continued giggling and laughing, but we were very distant. After some minutes, everybody grabbed a towel, wrapped themselves and went inside, around the burning fire of the bungalow.

It was the only light of the house by that time, the dim ambient was perfect for a quiet night. And so we started chatting, with some more drinks served. The water, the drinks, the warming temperature, and the towels, were too much. We start talking about Brenda, Tim and Linda’s boss. He was said to be a sexual maniac, and that he had harassed more than one young girl and boy making their first practices there. Then they started to talk about other colleagues, but as the other three of us did not know anyone of the people named, we changed the conversation into their physical aspect, in fact it was Tracy who did it, and suddenly, we were talking about us.

Tim started giggling with my wife Brenda, making fun of how his boss looked everyday at my wife’s nice breasts. He then moved on, acting as the boss, moving each time closer and closer to her, touching her breasts with his shoulder, his arm, his hand. Everybody laughed, even myself.

Then Linda jumped up to help Brenda. She made Tim stand up and we all laughed at him, because Linda acted now as the boss. She even opened the towel, and it fell down. Tim made no move to cover himself, and everybody Bayan escort watched openly at his huge and now firm member.

His wife Tracy jumped up to cover him, but instead she took the member firmly, as saying “this is mine”. But Linda did not stop, and pushed apart Tracy, holding now the member of her colleague.

I realized then that Larry had moved next to Brenda to watch the show better, and towels were now not very tight fixed to the bodies. Anyway, it was so fun and relaxed that I didn’t care. I stood up and went to the kitchen to have a cup of whisky.

When I was finishing the cup, I felt someone pressing against my shoulder. I laughed, I thought someone was continuing the acting with me, and a hand cupped my balls. I let her do, it was nice. I could feel the big breasts pressing against my shoulder, she was tall, so that meant it had to be the classy 37 blonde, Tracy. That was wonderful. Without even thinking the consequences, I turned around and gave her a long wet kiss, eating as much tongue of her as I could. I could caress all her body, getting loose all towels around her. She had perfect firm ass, round big and firm breasts, and was a tall and thin, but strong and sweet.

I enjoyed all her body, and I needed to fuck her, but I felt guilty. Then I suppose she realized, and she towed me to the door, where we could see the whole scene.

I could see the bold surfer Larry kissing my wife Brenda, while caressing her breasts. In the middle of the room, Linda was on her knees deep sucking Tim, who was still standing there. But, as I realized, the acting was no more on, that was reality.

The tall blonde was now biting my penis and holding my balls, I kept watching the scene as she kept biting and licking, and then, sucking me harder and harder.

I could see how Larry was now looking for Brenda’s anus with his fingers, and that put me even hotter. Linda moved Tim closer to the sofa, just next to Brenda and Larry, and then I thought it could be a good idea to join them all.

I made Tracy stand up, kissing her thanks, and took her by the hand, taking her with the rest. Then we lied on the ground, and I started licking her ass, while at the same time finger fucking her. I was so concentrated in the fantastic hole of that goddess, that I didn’t realize that she was moving as well. I lifted my head and I could see that she was eating young Linda’s pussy, while she kept sucking Tim.

My wife was now in full fucking action with the golden boy, and that pushed me more, I started fucking desperately the tall goddess doggy stile, while grabbing her big tits as hard as I could.

The movement did not confuse me. Tim was still being sucked, and he was touching the couple next to him, Brenda and Larry. Sometimes he touched my wife’s breasts, sometime her bottom, and sometimes the golden boy bottom.

The goddess must had done an excellent job on little Linda’s pussy, because Linda stopped sucking Tim’s giant member, and hold firmly the goddess head between her legs. Tim was free now, and he started to caress Larry’s bottom with one hand, and my wife’s breasts with the other, and tongue kissing her. I felt I had to free the goddess Tracy, as she was too concentrated in tongue licking young Linda and holding her tits, and I stopped fucking her.

I looked Escort for another free target, but all was busy, I would have liked to fuck Linda’s mouth, but he was close to orgasm’s dismay with Tracy. And then, as an impulse, I got closed to the other three, I saw a smile from the attractive Tim and he offered me his pennis. I didn’t think twice, I hold his member with my two hands and I started do lick, bite and eat each centimeter of it. It was so huge that my mouth sometimes hurt, but it felt marvelous. We all kept the same action for some minutes, then, the two girls must have finished because they came over us. Linda finally started sucking me, and Tim started licking the goddess. I kept sucking him.

Then my wife saw me, and smiled. She pushed away her fucker and came over. She kissed me, and went down to lick Linda, always watching me.

The goddess stood up and freed Tim. She came over as well and made me stop sucking her husband. She kissed me deeply, and I took well account against of her body, introducing my finger in her anus while sizing her breasts. Young Linda did not stop in sucking me.

As Tim and Larry were free, the got together and started kissing and touching each other.

Everybody saw it. The goddess introduced her tongue in my mouth even deeper, and asked for more anus finger fucking. And I gave it to her, I got for myself all that glorious body, while a young pretty and busty girl was about to prove my seed of life.

I pressed both girls firmly, as I was about to come, and then I filled the young girl’s mouth full of milk. And I came down.

I relaxed watching how my wife and the goddess started drinking milk out of the young girl’s mouth, and how they started licking each other again.

I was ready in five minutes.

Tim was now fucking Larry doggy stile, but they stopped suddenly, to change positions. Larry offered me then his member, and I accepted. I went over and started eating his long and thick prick, still wet of sperm, I supposed the one which had gone into my wife.

While I was sucking him, I felt Tim on my back, licking my anus. I let him go.

We stood licking each other for some minutes, when we had relaxed a little, Tim came into me, fucking me slowly. I put my finger into Larry, and started fucking him that way. In two minutes, we three were fucking, and finally Tim came into me.

I turned around and kissed him deeply, thanking him for the fuck.

Then I left both guys, and went with the girls, who were finishing their job. Larry started then fucking Tim when Linda joined them and started sucking Tim. The goddess and my wife were in a 69, near to the end. Tracy was on top and Brenda with her back on the ground. I looked at the goddess bottom, and I aimed my missile on it. I licked it a bit, helped by my wife, who licked both bottom and cunt, and then I fucked the goddess by the rear, while still in 69 with my wife. Brenda licked then both the goddess cunt and my member, and that made me hold short. Brenda came to orgasm thanks to the licking of the goddess, and not knowing who and where did it go, made her come to orgasm as well. I exploded in the goddess five ten minutes after. She turned around and thanked me deeply with her tongue, while my wife was cleaning my member with her tongue.

I could see how Tim came into Linda, who was doggy stile fucked, and how Larry filled again Linda’s mouth with sperm.

After that we all lied on the wooden ground, next to the fire, relaxing. Tracy embraced me, and fell asleep with a kiss. I turned around, and I could see everybody sleeping.

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