Lakeside Summer With the Twins Ch. 03

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Memories of my separate encounters with the identical twin models danced in my head as I drifted off to sleep that night. I had come three times in the previous twenty four hours with Jennifer, but that was hardly a feat for a guy that age. In fact I got another hard on as I lay in bed thinking about the two wonderful sisters I had fucked on consecutive nights. I was tempted to jerk off thinking of their firm bodies, but decided to save my strength. I had a feeling the two eighteen year old girls could be somewhat demanding on me the next night.

The next morning was Thursday, my last day of the work-week. It passed surprisingly quickly. Every time I started to get bored, I just imagined something me and the girls could do together. I started out with an image of Jennifer sucking my dick. Then it was her sister’s turn. Many images involved the three of our bodies all involved together, usually with me in the middle (but not always). Despite them being individuals with very distinct personalities, I admit that in some of my fantasies I wasn’t sure which twin was which and didn’t really care. “Did it matter?” I chuckled to myself. In the heat of the moment I imagined it wouldn’t always.

The girls were a little late picking me up; it ended up being a bit past nine, over an hour after I closed up shop. The night was cool but pleasant. I had changed into my swimsuit, and wore a t-shirt with a light sweatshirt over it. I was barefoot as I usually favored at the lake.

I was glad when I saw the familiar boat with two blonde heads approach. Both girls wore matching white windbreaker-type jackets, and once they arrived I saw their matching tight white canvas shorts that didn’t conceal an inch of their long smooth tanned legs. The girl in the passenger seat had covered her legs with a blanket for the ride over.

The girls stood and waved but didn’t get out. The driver said to me “Sorry we’re a little late, she took too long getting ready. Hop in, we’re going for a ride.”

Their family boat was small but nice. It had two seats in the front and a bench type seat a bit back. I moved to the bench seat. The girls looked at each other, played a quick game of rock-paper-scissors after which the winner, the driver, came back and joined me, and the “loser” took the wheel. It’s nice to be wanted.

I still had no idea which girl was which. I knew that Jenny had a tiny mole just to the left of her pussy, but obviously that wasn’t visible at the moment. I hadn’t spent much time with them together, and had mainly learned to identify them through personality cues rather than physically.

The girl in the back seat with me offered no help. She cuddled up next to me, put the blanket over our laps, and started kissing me tenderly. I returned the kiss with increased passion. I unzipped her windbreaker and found nothing underneath. I wondered if her twin was similarly unsupported. I was quickly distracted from this thought as the girl I was making out with found my erection in my pants and started squeezing it with hunger.

I didn’t know where we were going and frankly didn’t care. I nudged the girl’s head down and she got the message, moving her head down near my crotch level. She unzipped my pants and I lifted my ass. In one step she took off my boxers and jeans, letting my erection spring free into the cool night air. It wouldn’t have stayed erect long, but thankfully she wrapped her hand around it, though it barely managed to circle my whole thickness, and placed her nice warm mouth on the tip.

She sucked like that for a bit but found she needed a better angle. So the beautiful blond teen repositioned herself between my legs, on her knees on the boat floor. I freed my legs from my clothes as she realigned herself. It felt great being in the open air on a lake, under a dark sky and a sea of twinkling stars. Well, what really felt great was the girl on her knees sucking my cock as if twenty dollar bills were going to come out of it!

The boat came to a stop. I looked around and saw that we were a good distance from any shore. I could see the lights from a few cabins in the distance, but no details. The driver turned off the lights on the boat and turned around. I thought I caught a glimpse of her eyes widening at the sight of her sister giving me head, but I couldn’t be sure. She looked uncertain for a second. I pointed at her with one finger, and then bent it, beckoning her to me as her sister slurped on my cock. She cocked her head a little, smiled, and sauntered towards us. I decided to take charge of the situation. I’m always at least a little dominant in bed with women; it seems many are quite timid initially and want a man to take charge. I also definitely get a thrill out of being in control. It was clear to me that the girls didn’t have much of a plan besides taking me out to the middle of the lake and fucking. Not a bad plan of course, but I was going to guide the night to one we’d never forget. I also wanted to cement myself not as “the guy we had that three-way Escort bayan with” but “our best lover ever”.

“Strip” I said to the twin who didn’t have a mouthful of cock. She smiled and slowly unzipped her jacket. Her movements were more model than stripper, but she still possessed a cat-like grace. She was braless like her sister, and I admired the firm round globes in the pale moonlight.

She turned her ass to me and bent over. Even in the dim light and under her shorts I could tell how firm it was. She stood again and unzipped, still facing away from me. I realized I was giving her more attention than the one giving me a great blowjob. I decided to pull that twin up on my lap and work my finger into her shorts.

I had partially planned to tell the girls apart by their pubic hair. Jennifer’s semi natural trimming was very different from Lisa’s neatly trimmed V. But as my fingers worked their way to the twin on my lap’s clit, I felt no hair at all! Neither girl had worn underwear, and the stripping twin now stood nude only a few feet from me, with just sandals on her feet. Her pussy was also completely clean shaven! I could see every detail, to the fact that her lips were slightly swollen with arousal. I caught sight of the tiny mole near her pussy… the stripping girl was Jenny, and I was fingering Lisa!

“Come here,” I said to Jenny. I moved Lisa to my right, having Jenny sit on my left. My erection was upset at the cold damp lake air, but happy at the company. I had kept my right hand inside Lisa’s shorts. My left hand slid between Jenny’s thighs and started rubbing her clit. Both girls were already very wet. “Stroke me,” I said to both of them. Jenny was quicker and her hand ended up on top around the crown of my cock, with Lisa settling for the base. Even with both their feminine hands on me I still had a good two inches sticking out. They found a rhythm together, matching the speed at which I caressed their clits.

Jenny’s nipples looked cold, so I bent down to suck on them for her. She moaned as my tongue flicked the hard bud. She was a lovely sight in the pale moonlight.

“Who wants to suck on me?” I asked, and the girls practically smashed their heads together scrambling down between my legs. I laughed and said “Well I guess you’ll just have to share then.” Their faces smiled back at me.

Jenny took the first turn, since Lisa had already gotten to suck on me during the boat ride. I was seated on the boat’s bench seat; my legs spread wide open to accommodate both girls kneeling in front of me on the boat’s floor. You can do a lot worse than getting a blowjob from two teenagers on a beautiful summer night.

Lisa watched her sister suck on my cock with amazement. I knew neither had seen her sister do anything sexual besides kissing and groping before tonight. Now, mere inches away from her, Lisa’s twin sister was sliding her lips up and down my thick shaft, working the base with her hand. I supposed it was a bit like watching herself suck on my dick. I still would argue I had the best view of the situation.

Lisa wasn’t greedy and soon offered my saliva slick cock to Jenny, who accepted her sister’s gift. She replaced her twin’s mouth with her own, and I noted the differences in the girl’s techniques. Jenny was a bit more cautious and deliberate, while Lisa sucked on me with more frenzy and lust. Both were more than acceptable to me.

I wanted a chance to explore my young lovers’ freshly shaved pussies. “Do we have any blankets?” I asked the girls. My cock was in Lisa’s mouth, but Jenny answered for her.

“Yes, I’ll get them out.” She stood and slid her shorts off. I watched her cute ass as she walked to a small storage bin and bent over to fetch the blankets out. Lisa released my cock, and the two girls helped me spread the blankets on the somewhat small boat bottom.

I lay on my back. I motioned for Lisa, and guided her hips with my hands to my face. She knelt astride me, lowering her wet pussy to my face. I slid my tongue up and down her freshly smooth lips, which were very damp with arousal. Jenny decided to get back into things and resumed sucking on my erection.

I lapped at Lisa’s pussy with my tongue for several minutes. My hands slid up and down her hips and trim waist as my tongue pleasured her clit. I didn’t want Jenny to feel slighted, so paused to ask Lisa if she would mind switching with her sister.

I told Jenny to face the opposite direction her sister had. Her rear view was as lovely as ever as she pressed her lovely body on top of mine. She took my dick in her hand once more, and began to suck on me once more.

“You two share now,” I said before diving into Jenny’s bare pussy. She gasped as my tongue made contact. I delighted in the sensation of Jenny’s lips around the head of my cock while Lisa’s tongue licked my lower shaft and balls.

I needed to fuck. “Lisa, get a condom.” She quickly did as instructed and rolled it onto my shaft. Jenny sat up, my fingers still rubbing Bayan escort against her pussy. “Fuck me Lisa.”

Lisa did just that. I didn’t have a good view, but I felt her lower her tight pussy onto my dick. It slid in easily due to her wetness. Jenny’s gasp was as loud as Lisa’s moan. Both twins were sitting in upright positions and I knew they had great views of what was happening to the other’s pussy. My tongue continued stimulating Jenny as Lisa slowly slid up and down my cock.

The boat rocked gently as we fucked in the quiet moonlight. I wondered if my twin lovers’ cries of passion could be heard by any of the cabins. It pleased me to imagine they could be.

“Oh fuck… God Yes!” Lisa cried out, and I felt her pussy clench tightly onto my dick, her slender body trembling with orgasm.

Jenny didn’t give her much time to savor it, lifting herself from my face and saying “Move it bitch, I want some,” to her sister while playfully pushing her off my cock. This time I had a great view of my cock penetrating this twin’s freshly shaved eighteen year old pussy.

Lisa was content to lie on her side and watch her sister slide her firm naked body up and down my shaft. My cock throbbed as I realized they hadn’t switched the condom and my cock had been slick with Jenny’s juices when it slid into Jenny’s pussy. Jenny groaned as she ground her clit against my pubic bone.

I grabbed her tight buttocks in my hands and guided her to increase the pace of our fucking. She was happy to help, and we were soon a frenzied mass of bodies, slapping together loudly. I looked over and saw Lisa playing with her clit as she watched me fuck her sister. The image set me off. My cock swelled and I held back for a half second, moaning loudly. Jenny caught my message and with a quick thrust of her clit against me set off her own orgasm. I felt my cock spew with her young pussy wrapped tightly around my thickness.

Jenny gracefully disengaged herself and jumped on top of her sister. They wrestled around naked, teasing each other about being cock-hungry sluts.

“But that is a nice cock to be a slut for,” Jenny joked.

“So what now?” Lisa asked me. She had come out on top of their wrestling match, straddling her twin’s chest with her wrists pinned down.

“Well, you two could make out until I get hard again,” I joked.

To my shock Lisa smiled and said “OK.” She turned and lowered her mouth to her sister’s. I could tell Jenny was as shocked as I was, but she didn’t struggle, instead just allowing Lisa to kiss her, then reciprocating. I watched in amazement as Lisa’s tongue darted into Jenny’s mouth. Finally Lisa lifted her head and looked at me lustfully. “Was that what you had in mind?”

I nodded, having been dumbstruck by her actions. Jenny’s face showed a mix of fear and arousal. Lisa released her sister’s wrists and slid her body down, pressing herself on top of Jenny’s body. It was very visually appealing to see the two identical nymphs naked atop one another. Lisa kissed her sister’s forehead and then whispered something in her ear. Jenny nodded and the two began to kiss again, tenderly and lovingly.

My suggestion had been for them to kiss until I got hard again, but my cock never went soft after my orgasm. Instead it was now painfully erect at the Sapphic display before me. Jenny had overcome her paralysis and was sliding her hands up her sister’s sides and across her bare back.

“It looks like tonight is a night for a lot of firsts,” Jenny said the next time their lips separated. She stared into her mirror image’s eyes and softly stated, “I’m glad you’re the first girl I kissed Leese.”

Lisa smiled back at her, then lowered her head and started nibbling on Jenny’s neck. I couldn’t help myself from taking my cock in my hand and starting to slowly masturbate.

I played the role of spectator as the young women explored each other’s body for the first time. Lisa took the role of the aggressor, trailing kisses downward from her sister’s neck. Being her twin must have been like having a perfect road map in her head, because she seemed to know the exact spots to touch and lick at the exact moment to get the maximum response. Jenny had her eyes closed tightly but Lisa’s were wide open.

Lisa trailed gentle kisses along the topside of her sister’s breast. Working her way outward she continued with her mouth, sliding the tip of it along the underside. Jenny shivered as her twin’s mouth worked its way inward, finally brushing gently against the hard pink nipple.

Jenny cried out as Lisa suddenly took the whole bud into her mouth and sucked on it. She lovingly caressed it with her tongue as her hand slid across her sister’s flat belly. As her mouth proceeded across Jenny’s chest to her other breast, her hand began to drift lower. I watched with rapt attention as Lisa’s small hand expertly began to stimulate her sister’s pussy. I didn’t have a perfect view, but could tell by Jenny’s thrashing that she was lost in the Escort moment and enjoying her twin sister’s touch.

Lisa turned to me and with a husky voice said “I need dick. Now.”

I sprung up and sheathed my erection in a new condom before positioning myself behind Lisa’s hips. Lisa continued sucking Jenny’s nipple and working magic on Jenny’s pussy with her hand. I reached down between Lisa’s legs and found her pussy was completely drenched. She helped align her hips as I pressed my cockhead against her labia and moaned as I easily slid into her tight channel.

Jenny’s hands were frantically caressing her sister’s hair as I began to thrust. I placed one hand on Lisa’s hip to steady myself and reached out to take one of Jenny’s hands in my own. I held it tightly as I fucked her sister, my eyes remaining focused on Lisa’s hand and Jenny’s pussy.

The girls decided to rearrange themselves, forcing me to exit Lisa. Jenny kissed her sister deeply. She moved behind her, and the two girls spooned tightly together on the blankets. I added myself to the mix, lying down behind Jennifer so she was tightly sandwiched between her sister and me. My jutting erection soon found its way into her pussy. Jenny kissed the back of Lisa’s neck and reached around to caress her breast. As I began to thrust harder she slid her hand to Lisa’s bare pussy and began to rub it, matching pace with my thrusts. Our three hips moved together as I sank my cock deep inside my young lover.

“More!” Jenny called out, and I answered with more rapid thrusts. Our breath came rapidly as I slammed in and out of Jenny. Her hand was a blur, and Lisa’s moans matched those of Jenny and I. Jenny was the first to climax, with me and Lisa following close behind.

When our breath had returned to normal Lisa was the first to speak. “God you’re greedy Jen. You realize he came in you both times?”

Jenny chuckled and quickly responded “I guess we know who has the nicer pussy then.”

“Oh yeah? He just came in you ’cause he wanted my sweet stuff first,” Lisa retorted. Jenny snuggled against her sister and kissed her tenderly between the shoulder blades.

“So what now?” Jenny asked.

“Well, we can stay here as long as you girls like, but it’s kind of chilly and the mosquitoes are starting to bite me,” I said.

“I meant between us, but especially between you and me Lisa. I guess I never saw this coming,” Jenny explained.

“Oh,” Lisa answered, pausing. “I’ve thought about this for a long time. Maybe it’s narcissism. I look at you and I see so much of myself, yet I also know how much of a different person you are. Some of my first sexual feelings were for you. You certainly were the first woman I felt sexually attracted to. The first time I made love with another woman I found myself imagining it was you. I hope this doesn’t weird you out too much.”

“No. It’s a lot for me to think about, but I have no regrets. I’ve felt a certain sexual curiosity myself. I didn’t think I’d act on it, but life has a way of surprising you,” Jenny said. I stretched my arm out to hug both girls at once.

“Ok. Well as long as everyone is feeling happy and ok about things, let’s head back to James’s place,” Lisa stated.

On the boat ride back we hashed out a rough plan of how we wanted the rest of the summer to unfold. The girls agreed to share me as a casual boyfriend. While they didn’t plan to make a habit of it, both were open to occasional group activities involving all three of us.

When I asked if they planned to explore each other any more sexually the girls looked at each other before giving me matching smiles and winks. I have little doubt they continued what was started that night on other occasions, but they didn’t share the details with me.


The summer went too fast, even more so than usual. I would spend the occasional night alone, but frequently would end up having a “date” with one of the girls. I learned a lot about them and began to see their distinct personalities more fully.

We hung out a lot as a threesome in non-sexual ways as well. I occasionally was jealous of their closeness, but reminded myself that I should just be grateful I was the guy lucky enough to be sleeping with both of them.

When my friends came up for the Fourth of July they went nuts for the girls. I had reluctantly agreed not to brag about nor admit to fucking either of them, much less both at once. Lisa ended up hooking up with one of my buddies which might have been more frustrating had I not had Jenny’s identical mouth and pussy to comfort me. It was a good reminded that things were neither serious nor permanent between us.

The rest of the summer was a blur of slow lazy days and hot sweaty nights of passion. All too soon late August arrived and their parents decided to head back home. The twins shared my bed together one last time on their final night.

We undressed ourselves in the casual manner of familiar lovers before climbing into my bed together. I marveled at how accustomed I had become to their remarkable young bodies nude. They had decided to keep their pussies mostly shaved, though they both allowed matching small patches of dark blonde hair to grow above their clits.

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