The Princess and the Pea-Head

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“Uh-huh,” I commented, completely uninterested.

“She’s something of a sadist, which is kind of exciting. I mean, I don’t like them too sadistic, but a little…” You continued on. I pulled out my nail file and began absently adjusting the length of my nails. You sat at the desk, still recounting your conversation from some internet dominatrix that I didn’t give a shit about. I had made myself comfortable at the foot of the bed, doing my best to subtly discourage you from talking.

“Yeah, it was pretty hot. She talked about calling me ‘pet’ while she fucks me.” You recalled casually.

My eyes finally flickered up from my nails, focused on your face. You immediately grew nervous, trying to backtrack to the best of your ability. “Well, I mean, she brought it up! I wasn’t about to tell her she couldn’t call me that!” You tried to make excuses, but my gaze was unwavering. The ultimate side-eye. We had never been anything exclusive by any means. You were polyamorous and I just liked to keep myself entertained. Even so, I was the one who’d discovered all of your fucked up little kinks. Who teased you, made you hard, made you beg to cum over and over again. We had established that you were my pet, not there for your own pleasure, but to appreciate me in every way you could.

The more I thought about some other girl calling you her pet, the more heated I grew. I crossed my legs, setting my nail file down and sending you a glare that could melt steel. You were half-wincing, knowing perfectly well that you had fucked up. It was obvious that you were expecting me to go off, to scream at you, to punish you. Instead, I said, “Interesting.”

I think that disturbed you even more.

“If she asked me to call her Princess, she’d be out of luck.” You offered with a nervous smile, trying your best to get on my good side. Clearly, it wasn’t working.

“We’ll see.” I commented bluntly. I scooted back on the bed until my back rested against the headboard. I grabbed my phone from the side table and began idly texting.

“Come on, don’t be like that,” You whined. You were beginning to realize that bragging about your new friend had gotten you into more trouble than you expected. “You know that you’re the only one who can really press my buttons.”

“We’ll see.” I repeated.

“Please, Princess, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” You were becoming guiltier by the second, like a dog with its tail between its legs.

“By all means, go get pegged. Get your brains fucked out.” I said calmly, my eyes back on you for a moment. “Just know that you’ve made your choice. If you want to be this girl’s pet so badly, fine. Just know that you’re done.” I shrugged my shoulders, opening up a new game of Sudoku.

“What do you mean, ‘done’?” You asked after pausing for a moment.

“You’re done getting to fuck me. Last time was the last time. So please, enjoy being pegged, because you’re certainly not getting any satisfaction from sticking your dick in me again.” I fought the urge to look at your Escort bayan face, which I imagined to be somewhat shocked. Being denied was always something you fantasized about, but I don’t think you expected me to make up my mind so suddenly.

“But-” You began, but I interrupted you quickly.

“Don’t try to bargain. I’ve made up my mind.” I waved my hand dismissively, not even bothering to glance up at you.

There was a long silence. I imagine you tried to think of a solution to my decision at first, but eventually gave up. After a few minutes, you stood, and made your way to the bed. You sat on the edge, turning to face me. “Alexis.” You said quietly, still deep in thought.

“Yes?” I asked nonchalantly, looking up at you as if you were asking the time.

“I want to…Er, may I make it up to you? Please? I know it won’t change anything, I just…I’m sorry.” You apologized, and despite your gaze wavering once or twice, I could tell you were sincere.

I sighed, clicking off my phone and setting it down. “Fine.” I continued to be dismissive with you, yawning and stretching my arms over my head. You hesitated for a moment, then leaned forward, delicately brushing your lips against my neck. Your hand rested against my hip, tightening slightly to grasp me. As your teeth began to drag across my neck, your fingers followed suit, tracing down my hip and settling on my thigh. I sat still and let you try your best to appease me, somewhat amused by your attempts of seduction.

“I really am sorry, Alexis. I know I don’t deserve to put my pathetic cock inside you.” You apologized again. I muttered something inaudible, to which you replied, “What?”

“Princess,” I repeated, making myself heard. “‘I’m sorry, Princess.'” I corrected you, and you nodded.

“Yes, Princess. I’m sorry, Princess.” You adjusted your apology, looking to me for approval, your fingers still tracing around my thigh. I rolled my eyes and pressed my hands against your shoulders, pushing you back. I shifted my thighs, my skirt dangerously close to exposing my panties.

“You said you wanted to make it up to me, right? Show me how sorry you are.” I was giving you the chance to redeem yourself, and you were quick to accept it. Without wasting time, you lowered your body, getting into position near my thighs. Your hands quickly moved inside my skirt, tugging my panties from my hips and sliding them off of my legs. Though you were eager to continue, I made you pause. “You’re already hard, aren’t you?” I asked.

“F-fuck, yes. Very.” You swallowed thickly.

“Just wondering. I can’t really tell by looking.” I shrugged my shoulders, smirking a little. I knew that making you start and stop was driving you crazy, and it was just the right punishment. I allowed you to continue, and you spread my legs, hiking up my skirt so it was out of your way. “Take your time. Remember, this is your apology.” I advised, watching you carefully. You nodded, lying on your stomach between my legs, calculating your next movements. Bayan escort After a moment of hesitation, you began kissing your way up my thighs, taking a moment every now and then to gently suckle on my skin. You drew closer and closer to my wet cunt, and I could feel your breathing get heavier. “Use your fingers. You don’t get to taste me first.” I demanded, and you frowned like a kid denied candy.

Even so, you obliged, tracing your thumb around my cleanly-shaved pussy, marveling at how wet I was. You finally pressed your thumb against my clit, pulling back the hood a little, then rubbing it in slow, circular motions. “Put your fingers inside of me,” I moaned softly, “I want you to feel how tight I am.” Again, you obeyed, your two fingers facing pressure as they slipped inside of me. I could feel your breathing get heavy again, and I was sure your cock was throbbing. You arched your fingers inside of me, using the come-hither motion against my G-spot, and I tilted my head back and moaned. “I’m so glad I don’t have to have your cock inside me anymore. Honestly, your fingers feel ten times better,” I moaned again, my cunt walls squeezing around your fingers. You swallowed thickly, but said nothing and continued to finger-fuck me. After all, it’d be the closest you’d get to fucking me from now on.

After a few minutes, I ordered you to lick your fingers clean. You eagerly removed your fingers, sucking them until they no longer tasted like me. “You taste so fucking good, Princess.” You moaned, and I smirked. “Please, please may I eat you?” You asked, and after a moment of thought, I shook my head. You knew I wanted you to beg for it. “Please do what you want to me.” You breathed, eyes locked on mine. “Use me, like I deserve. Use me to bring yourself pleasure, please, Princess. Use me like your fucktoy.” I spread my legs again, a silent urge to continue. You didn’t hesitate, and quickly dove between my thighs, eager to taste me right from the source. As soon as your tongue touched my cunt, we moaned in unison. You showed your appreciation, eating me as if I were your last meal. You alternated swirling your tongue around my clit and taking long, slow sucks on it. I gripped your hair and pushed your face further down, raising my hips slightly as an indication to tongue-fuck me.

Your tongue slipped inside me, stiffening into a make-shift toy. You closed your eyes and I quickly brought my hand down, slapping your cheek. “Keep your fucking eyes open.” I said sternly, and you nodded, not lifting your head from between my legs. You began running your tongue up and down my slit, savoring my juices, your eyes fixed on mine. “You love tasting me, don’t you? Because you’re MY fucking pet. And I’m so kind, allowing you to touch me like this. Aren’t I?” I cooed, to which you quickly nodded in response, refusing to take your tongue off of me. “Good boy.” I smirked, licking my lips as I felt myself growing closer to orgasming. “I’m going to cum on your fucking face.” I moaned, my breasts heaving as I watched Escort you eat me out. You sucked eagerly at my clit, and I quickly came, tugging on your hair as my body trembled. “That’s enough.” I said after taking a moment to catch my breath, my cunt much too sensitive for you to continue. You sat up, your mouth still wet with my juices, and I smirked. “Take your cock out.”

You never looked so relieved in your life. In record speed, you unfastened your pants and exposed yourself. I smiled for a moment, the corners of my mouth twitching. I was struggling to hold back a laugh. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore, and let out a giggle. “Honestly, the more I look at it, the sadder it gets. I never could feel it, you know. I always just pretended to enjoy it.” I said, glancing from your eyes to your cock. It twitched, and I smirked. “God, you’re so pathetic. And the sick part is that you love it. You love being useless, you love knowing that you don’t even deserve to be touched. You get off on it.” I mocked you, and you moaned, your cock continuing to twitch.

“Y-yes, Princess. I’m worthless. I’m fucked up, I don’t even deserve to taste you. F-fuck, I just…fuck.” I could tell you were strained, just by the sound of your voice. You were on the verge of exploding, and I hadn’t even touched you.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked you softly, feigning an innocent voice. You responded with a weak nod, and I quickly slapped your cheek. “Use your fucking words, or I’ll take them away.”

“Yes Princess! Please, I want to cum so badly, I want to cum thinking about you.” You nearly shouted, you were so desperate to stop talking and start cumming. I reached over and grabbed my panties, throwing them against your chest.

“Well, go on then. Jerk off.” I smiled. “You’re not fucking me, and I’m definitely not putting that in my mouth.” I pointed to your smaller-than-average cock, turning my nose up at the thought. “So you get to use my panties. You should consider yourself lucky.”

“I do, I do. Thank you Princess, thank you for letting me use your panties.” You immediately wrapped my soft panties around your cock, feeling that they were still wet. A pained moan escaped your lips as you tilted your head back, closing your eyes. “F-fuck, fuck.” You whined, and I knew you were already close to cumming.

“I want you to imagine all the men I’m going to fuck. How they’re going to stretch my tight little cunt out, and how you’ll never get to feel me again. I want you to cum thinking about those huge fucking cocks that you’ll never measure up to.” I licked my lips as I spoke, watching you jerk your pathetic little cock into oblivion. You panted, rocking back and forth slightly as you began to spurt out ropes of cum. You made sure not to get any on me, and covered my panties with your hot, thick seed.

“T-thank you, thank you Princess, thank you for letting me cum. Thank you for letting me taste you. Thank you for choosing me to be your pet.” You panted, your body still trembling a little from your orgasm.

“You’re welcome.” I smiled. “But don’t worry. Next time you won’t have to imagine. Tomorrow, you’re gonna watch my ex boyfriend fuck my brains out.” I brushed my fingers against your cheek softly, giggling. “Then you’ll finally get to see me enjoy sex.”

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