The Houseguest Ch. 2

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Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I wrote the first chapter of this story(August), if you haven’t read it, it’s titled “The Houseguest Chapter 1.”

I got feedback from a few of you, Thank You, I am glad that you enjoyed the first part and I hope that this chapter is enjoyable as well. Oh, and before we continue I want to say hi to Marie and thanks for reading! Let me know how you like this next chapter…

* * * * *

Angie, my wife is a pretty open and understanding woman, but I can’t imagine how she was feeling at that moment. I know that I was feeling like I wanted to crawl under a rock and die, but then as I looked at her, and looked down at Jill, I saw a strange sort of silent communication going on between them.

Jill got up and moved beside me as Angie walked over to where we were standing. I though maybe she was going to slap her or something when I saw her reach out with her hand, but Jill did the same and they stepped toward each other and started to kiss very deeply, both moving their hands over each other’s bodies in gentle caresses, it seemed very familiar for them.

I watched as they continued, I could hear Angie moaning through the kiss, and as she broke away from it I heard ” I love the taste of his cum” as she spoke to Jill. Jill only nodded and licked her lips…

I started to feel my insides stir and I could feel a little tingle forming as my cock began to harden again after watching their passionate kiss.

Angie looked at me and I waited for her to say something, she winked erzincan escort and took Jill by the hand, leading her to the bed. I stood there not knowing exactly what to do a that moment. As they got to the bed, Angie gently sat Jill down in front of her, then almost without hesitation she slipped down onto her knees in front of Jill and with a hand on both legs, moved up her thighs and spread her legs wide.

I stood there, half wondering, half knowing what was coming next. Angie looked up at Jill and Jill smiled as she put her hand on the back of my wife’s head and pulled her close. Angie seemed very familiar with what was happening, she moved almost immediately to Jill’s pussy and began to lick up and down her moist lips, while moving her hands up and around Jill’s ass.

Jill squirmed a bit at the touch of Angie’s tongue and mouth…she laid back and put her legs up over Angie’s shoulders and then reached up and started to caress her own breasts, moving her thumb and index fingers together on her nipples and pulling and twisting them.

As she was doing that, Angie was getting more and more into licking and sucking her cunt, she had moved tight against Jill and had her mouth covering her entire slit… she was sucking at Jill’s clit feverishly and had her hand under Jill’s ass with a finger teasing her anus.

Jill was going wild and moaning, begging Angie to suck her clit harder.

Angie then moved her other hand up towards Jill’s wetness now and started to insert two erzurum escort fingers into her while she tongued her. Jill pushed against my wife’s hand as she felt the fingers there, almost a rocking motion, and Angies finger’s slid into her almost effortlessly…

Meanwhile I was stroking my now rock hard cock as I watched them, I was harder at that moment than I had ever remembered being in my life. The sight of my wife tasting another women and fucking her with her fingers was more erotic and exciting than anything I had ever seen before.

I pumped my hand up and down my shaft faster than I had ever done, I could feel my load building as I watched and jerked my cock. About that time Jill was really starting to move and I heard her yell that she was going to cum. Angie took that cue to insert two more fingers into Jill’s pussy and as she pushed harder into her Jill was bucking like a bronco. Angie didn’t stop there, she pushed into Jill and as I watched I could see her fold her thumb into her palm and she was almost fist fucking Jill’s pussy!

I was watching this in almost total disbelief, I mean, I had seen pictures of fisting, but never tried it or saw it in real life.

And here was my wife, with almost her entire hand stuffed into her friend’s pussy, licking her clit and I am standing in the doorway ready to explode.

Just when I though Jill was totally in oblivion, she turned her head to me and said ” come here and put your cock in my mouth, I don’t want that cum going eskişehir escort to waste.”

It took a half of a second to register, but I moved quickly towards her and did as she ordered.

Angie looked up at me as I moved my cock into Jill’s mouth and she stopped what she was doing to Jill long enough to smile and say “Fuck her mouth good baby, let her have more of your cum.”

That was good enough for me, I began to thrust into Jill’s open mouth and felt Jill’s hand on my thigh, she moved her hand up onto my ass cheek and then I could feel her moving her fingers up towards my anus.

She stopped just before touching me there and brought her fingers to her mouth, putting them in there along with my cock. When they were wet from her saliva, she moved back towards my ass and began to push into my anus with her index finger. That drove me wild, Angie always did that to me, knowing how much I liked it and how crazy it made me to have that done. I moved back against her hand and forced her finger deeper into my asshole, she obliged me by pushing harder and then just as I was feeling like I was going to cum, Jill pulled back from my cock and screamed that she was cumming!

I looked at Angie, who was working very hard at making Jill explode in a frenzy… I reached down and began to stroke again all the while feeling Jill’s finger in my ass. I felt my cum start to work it’s way up from my balls, moving through my hard shaft, and as I looked down Jill had turned her head towards me once more and engulfed my cock just as I began to spurt another load.

She didn’t miss a drop, and before I knew what was happening Angie was on her feet and leaning over Jill, as ahe got close Jill released my cock from her own mouth and I felt the familiar lips of my wife around my head as I continued to cum into her mouth as well…

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