Adventures in Sexting

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I have to give due credit to my editor Cheer_Smartie526, she made the story much better. This is the second story with these characters, reading the first one isn’t really needed, the plot is not very complicated.


Carl knocked twice on the door of Daniel’s house, or more specifically his parent’s house. It had been two weeks since Daniel’s sister had fucked his brains out and he still felt a little aroused just being in the house, even if Carrie was away at college. He desperately wanted to tell someone that he was not a virgin anymore. Normally he would confide in his best friend. The problem was that Daniel was Carl’s best friend and telling him ‘Dude, I fucked your sister’ did not seem like a very good idea.

Carrie heard the knock at the door and got up to answer it. She and Daniel were the only ones home and he was in the shower. Normally she would be in her dorm room, but her room-mate had asked for exclusive use of the room for the weekend to entertain her new boyfriend. Carrie had wanted to stay and watch the fireworks, but Chloe did not seem like the exhibitionist type. So she avoided the awkward conversation and came home for some free meals and a laundry room where she did not need to worry about someone stealing her clothes. She also came home on the off chance she could hook up with her brother’s geeky but well hung friend. He had acquitted himself quite well a few weeks earlier and she was curious what he would be like now that he was no longer a virgin. Just thinking about him caused her nipples to poke through the thin material of her T shirt. Without the insulating layer of a bra they were quite visible. She considered letting whoever was at the door wait until Daniel could answer it, as she was wearing only a large T shirt and a thong.

“Fuck it,” she mutter to herself, and looked out the window to see who it was. Her lips curled into a grin when she saw Carl. She opened the door just enough for Carl to see her face.

“C…C…Carrie,” Carl stuttered, suddenly nervous. His cock began to swell at the sight of her.

“Hi Carl, I’ve been thinking of you,” Carrie replied, opening the door the rest of the way, knowing that Carl could see her swollen nipples. She noticed a growing bulge in his pants.

“You’re here,” Carl said, stating the obvious.

“And so are you,” She responded, and then flashed him a smile and opened the door. She noticed he was staring at her tits.

“You did this,” she said, circling her nipple with her finger, “do you have that effect on any of the girls at school yet? I’m sure there are a few that are interested.”

Carl looked at the ground, “No, nobody’s interested.”

“I bet they would be if they knew what I know,” Carrie replied, grabbing Carl by the wrist and pulling him into the house. She did not let go once he was inside, rather she continued to drag him through the house and into the downstairs bathroom.

“What are you doing?” Carl asked.

“Well,” Carrie said, “I’m going to do something about *that*,” blatantly staring at the large bulge in Carl’s pants. I don’t want my brother to think you are gay for him, not that there is anything wrong with that.”

“But he’s upstairs,” Carl protested, his head reeling with the thought of fucking Carrie again.

“He is in the shower, probably doing exactly what I want you to do,” Carrie replied, pressing her hand against his erection.

“What do you want?” Carl asked.

“I want to watch you jack off,” Carrie answered. It would not be as hot as watching her roommate getting banged, but it would satisfy her voyeuristic yearning. She thought about just fucking Carl, but she knew once she started she would not want to stop, regardless of when her brother finished his shower. She could walk away from Carl’s show if the situation required it.

Carl looked down at the floor, “I’m not sure I can do that. It’s embarrassing.”

“Let me sweeten the deal then,” Carrie said, peeling off her T shirt, “I’m going to watch you stroke your big hard cock.” She licked her lips and smiled seductively. “Tell me when you are going to come and I will finish you off. You get to choose between shooting your cum into my mouth, coming on my face or spraying it all over my tits. Are you still too embarrassed to do it?”

“Uh, I think I can do that,” Carl replied, looking at Carrie clad only in a thong. His cock felt like it was about to rip through his pants. He was basically trapped; he knew his erection would not go away until he came or Carrie left the house.

“But wait, there’s more,” Carrie said, “There is a price to pay. If you come in my mouth then you have to kiss me. If you come on my tits you have to lick it off.”

“What if I come on your face,” Carl asked, his face turning red. He could not believe he said those words to his best friend’s sister.

“If you come on my face you have to wipe it off and feed it to me,” Carrie replied, “and then kiss me.” She honestly hoped he chose her breasts. It was not that she minded having his cum in her mouth, but watching him çorum escort lick it off her tits would be much hotter.

Carl took a deep breath and looked at Carrie. He imagined her face with his cum dripping down her cheeks. He thought about having her lips wrapped around his fingers as her tongue lick them clean of the thick liquid. Then he thought of her mouth against his and her tongue wrestling with his own. Finally he thought of her breasts. He first imagined the way they would look with pearly drops of cum splattered all over them. Then he thought of the way Carrie’s tits would feel in his mouth. Carl made his decision.

“I want to…” he started to say before Carrie interrupted him.

“Don’t tell me yet, just let me see you stroking that big hard cock of yours,” she purred, and then she took his hand and spit into it. “That’s not quite enough,” she said, and then she engulfed his cock with her mouth. When she pulled her head back his cock emerged wet and slippery. Carrie guided Carl’s hand into position.

The first couple of strokes were awkward. Carl could not believe he was masturbating in front of someone, let alone Carrie. Her eyes were glued to the sight of his hand sliding up and down the shaft of his erection. The feeling of embarrassment faded away as he became more and more aroused. Carried ran her tongue over her lips and then opened her mouth wide.

“Do you want to shoot your cum down my throat? Do you want to make me swallow it? Would that turn you on? Do you want me to be a nasty little cum guzzler?” she asked.

Carl could only moan in response.

“Maybe you want to come on my face. I can be your little porn princess. After you give me your money shot you can scoop it up and feed it to me. I’d gobble it up a like a good little slut.”

Carl moaned again. He could already feel his orgasm building. Just the sight of Carrie topless was a turn on; her dirty talk was pushing him towards climax at an astounding rate of speed. He felt Carrie grab his other hand and spit on it, then wrap it around his cock.

“Time to start double fisting,” she said with a smile.

Each time the head of Carl’s cock emerged from his fist Carrie imagined it stretching one of her orifices wide open. She put one hand between her legs and pulled the fabric of her thong away from her pussy, then plunged two fingers into her body. She had not planned on masturbating with Carl, just watching him. But seeing him stroke his dick over and over was more arousing than she had expected. Carrie could see that Carl was getting close.

“I’m ready,” she moaned, “I’m ready for you to come.”

“I…I…I… want… your tits,” Carl stammered.

Carrie wrapped her hands around his cock and began to stroke it. The wetness on her fingers helped her hand slide easily along the length of Carl’s erection. It was not long before Carl exploded. Thick ropes of cum splattered onto her tits. She could feel the hot liquid running across her skin. Both her nipples were completely covered. When the flow had slowed to a trickle she wrapped her lips around the engorged head, and then sucked until his erection began to wilt.

“A deal is a deal,” Carrie said sternly.

Without hesitation Carl dropped to his knees and began to lick and kiss Carrie’s cum-soaked breasts. Excited to do more than just look at her tits Carl scooped them up in his hands as he began to lick her clean. Despite being covered in opaque goo her nipples were impossible to resist. Carl moaned with pleasure as his tongue explored every bit of her swollen amber flesh. The salty taste in his mouth was a small price to pay for the chance to play with Carrie’s tits.

When Carl had finished licking her breasts clean Carrie gently pushed him away. She tilted her head slightly and listened. Hearing the shower still running she glanced down.

“It’s a shame we don’t have seventeen minutes,” she said, looking at Carl’s half hard cock, “I guess you can watch me. I think there’s time for me to get off.”

Carrie reclined until she was flat on her back. She thought about telling Carl to go down on her, but decided that putting on a show for him would be more fun. Carrie pulled the wispy material of her thong away with one hand and stroked herself with the other.

Sitting on his haunches Carl was mesmerized by the sight of Carrie’s hand between her legs. His flaccid cock ached at the sight of her delicate finger disappearing between her nether lips. He focused on the wet sound of Carrie’s pussy being penetrated. He watched Carrie draw her finger out and circle her swollen clitoris. He could hear her breathing quicken, then she plunged two fingers inside her body. She ran her thumb over her mound, brushing it against her clit.

Carrie was thinking of Carl’s hard cock and she penetrated herself with three fingers. It wasn’t the same; she would probably have to start fisting herself to duplicate the feeling of Carl’s erection. She kept her eyes shut, recalling the image of Carl coming on her tits as she denizli escort approached her own climax. She planted her feet on the ground and raised her hips in the air, thrusting against her hand.

Carl could not understand how he could be so aroused and not have an erection. He was completely entranced by the sight of Carrie finger fucking herself to climax. He had no doubt that the image of her cunt stretched around her fingers would be what he thought of the next time he masturbated.

Both of them froze when they heard a door open and shut. From upstairs they heard Daniel’s voice, “The shower is all yours sis, but there probably isn’t much hot water left.”

Carrie winced. The climax that had been so close had retreated at the sound of her brother’s voice. She withdrew her hand and pulled her oversized T shirt down to cover her body. She looked at Carl’s cock. It too was retreating.

“I’ll be in my bunk,” Carrie announced, then said tauntingly, “to finish what I started.”

Carl was conflicted. His cock wanted him to go home and masturbate to the image of Carrie stroking herself, but he knew it would be wrong to ditch his best friend to fantasize about fucking Carrie. Reluctantly he stuffed his dick back in to his pants and stood up.

“Wish I could join you,” he replied, realizing how dumb that sounded the moment the words passed his lips.

Carrie just smiled, wiped her wet finger across Carl’s lips. Then she turned and walked to her room.

The first few games Carl played did not go well, but slowly the thoughts of Carrie’s naked body were pushed aside by aliens and blasters as Carl concentrated on the games he and Daniel were playing.

“Wanna go grab some lunch?” Daniel asked after they had been playing for a while.

“Sure, should we see if Carrie wants to join us?” Carl replied, hoping he was not being too obvious about his desire to spend more time with Daniel’s older sister.

“She’s in her room; I have no idea why she spends so much time in there. Now that she is at college there isn’t a TV or computer in there, pretty much all there is to do is lie in bed. All I know is when she is in there she does not like to be disturbed.

“I can’t believe you are still afraid of your sister,” Carl teased.

“Incur her wrath at your own peril,” Daniel replied, “I dare you.”

“You’re on,” Carl said, turning to walk up the stairs. As he approached Carrie’s closed bedroom door he felt his cock begin to swell. He tapped on the door, “Hey, Daniel and I are going to get something at Burger town to eat, do you want to join us?” There was no response. Carl pressed his ear to the door and heard soft moaning. His dick became fully erect.

“Carl, is she coming or what?” Daniel yelled from downstairs.

A feeling of being trapped overwhelmed Carl. How the hell was he going to explain his raging boner to his friend? Maybe he should just confess to Daniel. Maybe he should go into Carrie’s room and see if she could help with his problem. Maybe he should just step into the bathroom and rub one out. He leaned close to the door and whispered, “Carrie, can I come in? I’ve got a huge boner and I don’t want Daniel to see it.” There was no response, even the moaning had stopped.

Carl heard Daniel’s voice again, it was getting closer, like he was coming up the stairs, “Come on, I’m hungry, let’s go.”

If Daniels made it up the stairs a full confession would be his only option, thought Carl. He could only imagine the fight that would ensue. Even though Daniel was younger than Carrie he was still protective of her. Daniel would not understand what had happened at the dance. He would be mad. He would be very mad. Carl realized that unless by some miracle he managed to hide the huge bulge in his pants he would have to come up with a plan to explain his relationship with Carrie to Daniel.

“Hey man, are we going or not?” Daniel asked as he appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Uh,” Carl replied, looking down. Much to his relief his erection had vanished, apparently thinking about fighting with his best friend was not on the list of sexy thoughts. “I knocked but she did not answer.”

“She’s probably asleep, in which case we should get the hell out of here before we wake her up. She can be a real bitch when she wakes up,” Daniel cautioned.

Carl nodded and the two of them headed quietly back down the stairs and out the door.

Carrie was not napping. She was lying naked on her bed thinking about Carl’s big hard cock when he knocked on the door. When she heard her brother ask if she was coming she suppressed a giggle. She was in fact very close to coming, but not for lunch. She had three fingers buried in her wet pussy, trying to replicate the feeling of Carl’s huge phallus. Carrie almost told Carl to join her when he begged to be let in. But before she could reply Carrie heard her brother’s voice outside the door. She briefly entertained the thought of a threesome, but a threesome with her brother was still a bit too twisted diyarbakır escort even for her. She wondered if Carl had any other friends. A threesome with two inexperienced young men sounded intriguing. They would do anything she asked.

Carrie’s stomach rumbled and suddenly lunch sounded like a good idea. She slipped her thong back on and grabbed her shorts off the floor. As Carrie tugged her shorts over her butt she found herself wishing she had let Carl in just to have him watch her get off. Carrie took a bit longer than necessary to put on her bra, toying briefly with her breasts and remembering the sight of Carl’s wet tongue licking the hot cum off her erect nipples. She almost started getting undressed again to finger herself, but decided seeing Carl again would be better. She put on a tight T shirt and some sandals and headed off to lunch.

At the restaurant, Carl mindlessly picked up another French fry and stared at it, “I think I read that if you only ate one kind of food, you would live longest if you at potatoes.”

“I’m pretty sure they meant raw potatoes, not French fries. You would have grease for blood after a week of those things,” Daniel replied.

Carl was conflicted. He wanted to tell someone about fucking Carrie, and normally that would be his best friend Daniel. But with Carrie being Daniel’s big sister, there was a conflict of interests. The whole affair made hanging out with Daniel a little awkward.

“I’m going to grab a refill, you want something?” Daniel asked, getting up and grabbing his cup.

“Yea, coke with just a splash of vanilla coke, easy on the ice,” Carl replied.

“Shaken, not stirred?” Daniel said mockingly.

Carl flipped him off as he walked away. He felt his phone vibrate and pulled it out of his pocket. The display said he had one new text message. Carl recognized the number as Carrie’s. He looked around. Daniel was still in line at the soda machine. A group of kids were having fun mixing just about every flavor available; it looked like Daniel would be there for a while. Carl tapped on the phone. His jaw dropped when he saw the message. It was a picture, probably taken in a bathroom. Carrie had pulled up her shirt and bra, exposing her breasts. She was holding the phone in front of her face, but Carl had memorized what her tits looked like, he was certain the picture was of Carrie. Carl put the phone in his lap even though there were no tables between his back and the wall. Seconds later Daniel set the drinks down on the table.

“Text?” he asked.

“Spam,” Carl replied. He knew he should delete the message, but could not bring himself to do it.

From behind Carl heard a familiar voice, “What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?” Carrie said as she sat down next to him.

“What do you want?” Daniel asked as he stood up.

“Diet Fanta,” she replied.

As soon as her brother was out of earshot Carrie touched Carl’s phone, “You like?”

“Yeah, oh yeah, but you are asking for trouble. That stuff has a way of getting out,” he warned.

“Are you saying I can’t trust you?” Carrie asked.

“Me, yes, absolutely. But phones can get hacked or stolen. How about I get you a burner phone,” he suggested.

“Burner phone?” she asked.

“It’s a prepaid phone that’s not associated with your name. If someone gets into it they might see the pictures, but it will be hard to figure out it is you… as long as you don’t have your face in the pictures.”

“So you’re saying my face is not what you want pictures of?” Carrie said teasingly.

“I do, but you can send those from your real phone. For other parts of your body use the burner,” Carl said almost apologetically. He was trying not to sound like a pervert, but still let her know that he was very interested in pictures of her naked body. Carl looked around for Daniel. His friend was once again in line at the soda machine.

“I will expect something in return,” Carrie said

“Anything,” Carl replied enthusiastically. He winced the moment the words left his mouth.

“Well, I don’t just want pictures of your face, so I guess you will need a burner phone of your own.” she said, “and I want something clever.”

“What do you mean?” Carl replied as he carefully monitored Daniel’s progress at the soda machine.

“I’m sure you will think of something, and not just pictures of your cock. Not that I would complain about one or two, but I expect you to be creative. Do we have a deal?” Carrie asked.

Carl shifted to accommodate his growing erection. The rational answer to request was no. There were plenty of pictures of hot naked women on the internet with no risk of embarrassing disclosure, but his mouth did not appear to be connected to his brain, “Deal. I will have a phone for you tomorrow.”

Daniel rejoined them, putting Carrie’s drink on the table, “Your beverage ma’am.”

“It’s good to be the queen,” she said with smile.

On the way home Carl stopped and picked up two prepaid phones. Once he had them home he activated every security feature on the devices. The phones were a compromise between size, camera quality and security features. The next morning Carl sent Carrie a text message to arrange a meeting to give it to her. Handing her a cell phone in front of Daniel or her parents would be difficult to explain.

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