Love or Sex Ch. 01

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So I’ve found myself in the most interesting position of having sex with my mom, furthermore being in love with her. Interesting because this is not the relationship most sons have with their mother for many obvious reasons. Before I get into the dirty stuff I should start from the beginning and provide you with more details so you understand our situation.

Mom had me at a the young age of fifteen, a sophomore in high school. Too young if you ask me, I’m certainly glad she didn’t do anything, but I think if I were in the situation the outcome would be different. Granted I wasn’t sexually active when I was fifteen, but I hope that if I was and the same situation happened to me I wouldn’t be burdened with a child to raise while still being a child myself. So more about the beginning, like I said mom got knocked up when she was fifteen. She never revealed who the man was that got her pregnant. There are one of two options; she was raped and didn’t want to turn him in, or the guy was over eighteen and therefore it was statutory rape. Either way I imagine my mother hates the man who got her pregnant and didn’t want him to have anything to do with me. Half of me thanks her for that, the half that is in love with her and gets to have sex with her. The other half is almost curious about who my dad is and what life would have been like knowing him. In the end I think my mother made the proper decision, she had a great support system in my grandparents. They looked after me so she could finish high school and even go to college; great people and I love them very much. Mom got her degree in business management, kind of a general degree but it helped her land a great job almost as soon as she graduated.

A little background information about me, I have a bit of a foot fetish. Nothing major, I don’t NEED to have feet involved in sex to get off. I do love a woman in heels, lingerie, and I love thigh high stockings, but a naked woman on a bed is more than enough stimulation for me. Fortunate for me my mom has all those things, found that out before we began our relationship. I was a bit nosey when I was going through puberty and rummaging through my moms underthings provided plenty of material for when I rubbed one out in the bathroom. I don’t have that need to jerk off with my moms panties thing, but I did fantasize about her when I was jerking off, her stuff was just the spark that lit my imagination.

I’ve only ever had one girlfriend, not the hottest girl in the school but she was nice to me and we seemed to like each other. Enough that I lost my virginity to her, we even had sex a few times afterwards. She went away to college though and I decided to stay to help mom out, so that was the end of that. Not that I minded, it allowed me to concentrate on the woman I love, and gave me a little experience so I don’t disappoint. I always kept a job, even though I didn’t need to because mom’s paycheck was more than enough for the both of us. I still felt it was important to help out where I could, that mainly meant money for me to purchase things for myself so I wouldn’t have to ask mom. I also helped out around the house where I could, making dinner, grocery shopping, cleaning the place up.

My mom and I have always had a very relaxed relationship around each other. When mom moved out of my grandparents place after she landed a great job after college she found a great place for us. In a great neighborhood and still close enough to my grandparents that I can go over there to visit. Because of the relative closeness in age between my mom and I she always brought a relaxed attitude towards sex and the human body. She gave me the sex talk and used real terms, never shied away from telling me what really happens, it was awkward but created an open environment for us to converse. With that openness it led to a personal openness, it led to us seeing each other in various stages of undress. Basically I’ve seen her naked and she’s seen me naked, there has always been innocent flirting; a lingering hug, a kiss that seems to imply more. It would be one thing if you had one of those fat ugly moms, sorry if thats you, but my moms hot and not just because I love her. She’s about 5’4″ and has this great curvy body, C-cup boobs, and the most amazing ass and hips you’ve ever seen, porcelain skin, and long wavy black hair.

More than just a sexual object my mom is a great person to talk to, I don’t have many friends now, make that none that want to hang out with me outside of school. So if there wasn’t some sort of group project that got me out of the house, the house is exactly where I stayed. I think this worried mom at first, but then she noticed that it really doesn’t bother me. I am actually very happy with my life, I keep myself entertained with all the normal trappings that kids my age are into, namely video games. I also love reading and writing, I share my short stories on online forums and interact with people there. The most important thing is the time I get to spend with my mom, she works long hours most of the time, so when we get to just kick back and talk about bitlis escort the things that make us laugh its worth it all. Listening to my mom tell stories and the way she laughs gives me this feeling in my heart that can only be described as love.

All this work, on both of our parts, doesn’t go unnoticed by the opposite person. When one of us goes out of our way to do someone for the other we always show appreciation to them, even if its something small.

The first night we had sex began like any other. It was a tuesday, and I didn’t have to work till thursday, and I wasted the entire day in front of the TV. The most productive thing I did was taking a shower, I didn’t even manage to get fully clothed. Just sat on the couch in my boxers taking in as much crappy daytime tv as I could. In walks my mom at around 6pm, home from work, and boy do I love this sight. Today mom was wearing a knee length black skirt, black thigh high stockings, black high heel pumps, and a white blouse. First I hear the sound of her heels on the hardwood floors and then I smell her perfume.

“Have you been on the couch all day?”


“Lucky. I think I’ll join you”

Mom plops herself on the couch right next to me, not anything weird with that. She stretched her stocking covered legs across mine and kicks off her shoes letting them drop to the floor. This is all new to me, but like I said mom and I are not shy about physical affection so no suspicions are aroused.

“What are we watching?”

“Um, X-men. It’s the only thing on.”

“Okay, I’ll just relax here. Its been a long day.”

Now my attention is not even close to what’s on the TV, my eyes are trained on her legs and feet. Watching her stretch her toes out while encased in those lovely stockings are all I can concentrate on. The way they slightly shimmer when they catch the light is one of the most beautiful and arousing sights. Evidenced by the fact that I’m sporting a stiffy, being pinned down by my moms legs. Surely she can tell, all I have on is a pair of boxers, and if i’m not mistaken she’s gently rubbing my cock with her legs. By this time her knee length skirt is now hiked up to mid thigh and I can make out the very bottom of the band of her thigh highs. Now I have a bit of a problem, if I move even the slightest my dick will pop out of my shorts, but if I let her continue I’ll be completely hard in a matter of minutes. What’s my plan? Do I excuse myself to run to the bathroom and risk exposing myself to my mom in an aroused state? Or do I hope she just stops?

I decide the best plan of action is to rest my hands on her legs, this should get her to stop rubbing my dick. And it does, but now I have my hands on my moms legs, her stocking covered legs, that I adore. This only proved to get me rock hard and in all this time I didn’t once take my eyes off her legs or feet to pay attention to her or the TV. All this time she was staring at me, enjoying teasing me with what she knew was a weakness and pleasure of mine.

“Someone’s enjoying themselves!”

I stammered around a half hearted semi-embarrassed apology.

“Oh. Ha. Yeah…uh…sorry mom.”

“No worries, its a natural response from someone your age.”

She then shoots me this smirk, I couldn’t tell for sure the meaning of it, but I knew it wasn’t completely innocent. Fuck it, I’ll press my luck, we’ll start easy. I began to caress her calf, it felt great, smooth, silky, even better than I had imagined. Even better than that, no protest from mom, but I was scared to move any further north. I was also still enjoying the show she was putting on for me with her toes, still stretching them out from time to time, making a sort of web with the material of the stocking. At this point I’m rock hard and there is no hiding it, I know mom can feel it, and it’s slowly creeping out of my shorts. All of a sudden mom rolls on her side, forcing her skirt that was at her mid thigh to be almost completely bunched up around her waist. If this wasn’t the wave home then what I saw next certainly was. First I get a full view of her stocking tops, the band was black lace and the pattern was of hearts and roses. Then my view travels up and I see the tiniest bit of black fabric run up her backside. Of course I knew my mom wore underwear like this, g strings almost entirely, but it was still a shock to see her in them.

My boxers could no longer contain my erection and with one muscle twitch it was free and standing proud. I paused all movement, and I noticed, so did mom. I could feel my heart pounding in my head. Shit! Shit! Shit! I’m fucked, did I misread the signals? Moms head is at such an angle that she can certainly see it. Fuck!


And just as I open my mouth to make an apology, mom stretches her legs with all the grace of a ballerina, pointed toes and all. Then she captures my dick in between her legs and just holds it there, giving a slight back and forth rubbing motion between her calves. This has restored my confidence and I start to run my hands all over her thighs, bolu escort even getting past her stocking tops and feeling the warm silky smooth skin of her hips. My heart is still pounding, but from excitement and arousal not fear. I place my left hand on her right butt cheek and give it a firm squeeze. The only way I can describe it is perfect, just the right amount of muscle tone and give. I spend a considerable time fondling my moms ass because of its perfectness.

All this time my mother has been silent, I know she’s not asleep because she is still massaging my dick with her legs. But what’s going on with her, why now? Its not like this is a gift for my 18th, that passed months ago. What could have caused this switch with her? Not that I’m complaining, I’ve been exploring my mother’s body for the past forty five minutes.

I’m going to press my luck a little further. I start by running my hands over her knees, lame start I know, but it gives me the only opening to get my hands between her legs. So I find a gap and slowly slide my hands up, and am met with no resistance, in fact she is slowly parting her legs so I can run my hand all the way up. As I get to the fabric of her g string I notice that its soaked completely through and I touch what I can only imagine to be her clit she reacts like a bolt of electricity shot through her body. She tensed up and let out a short quiet sigh. I begin rubbing the spot that caused this fantastic reaction and notice that she is slowly grinding against my hand, I don’t even have to move it, she’s doing all the work. I can feel her get even wetter, and grind a little harder to the point where I’m almost fingering her through her panties.

“mom” I whisper

“Yes baby” she moans

“Can I go down on you?

“Yes baby” she moans again.

She lays on her back and spreads her legs, releasing its grip on my dick, and reveals the second sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. The material my mothers panties are made of, black lace thats almost completely see through. I can make out the tiny landing strip she shaves her pubic hair into. I position myself between her legs and reach under her to pull off her panties, she thrusts her hips up to give me a little help. I look at her and smile, but her eyes are closed and shes breathing heavy in anticipation. I lower my head and take in THE sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, the sight of my moms vagina, its perfect, tiny and bald except for the thin landing strip. The entire flatness of my tongue makes its way from the very bottom to the top of her clit, with the slightest flick after. She lets out a sigh of relief that manages to make me harder than I already am.

I lick my middle and ring finger and slowly insert them, then curl them so as to better stimulate her G spot. While doing this mom is writhing around under me in a almost impatient manner, gyrating and humping the air. So I get to business. Using my tongue to concentrate on her clit, first tracing circles around it then using my lips to create a vacuum and sucking it a little further into my mouth and flicking it with the very tip of my tongue. Already my mother’s moans are loud and showing signs that she’s approaching her climax, but that’s not what I want just yet. So I change the rhythm, and my fingers and tongue switch places. I can hear the instant change in her breathing and the moans changed to an Mmmm. I keep this pace for the next minute or so before I hear the Mmmm’s changing back to moans and the pace of her breathing pick up. It’s clear this orgasim is comming no matter what. So I once again switch finger and tongue positions and keep up a steady pace.

“Oh god” she pants

“Oh god baby” she moans

“Oh god, I’m gonna…”

With her feet resting on my shoulder I can feel her entire body get stiff, shes mouthing the word ‘yes’ but no sound is coming out. Her hip is thrust into the air and her hands are clenched into the couch cushion. The entire time I haven’t broke contact, my tongue still flicking her clit with the same pace, and my fingers working at a fevered pace inside of her.

From what seems like out of nowhere my moms entire body starts to go into convulsions and her legs clamp shut on my head, but I can feel her feet pushing on my shoulders.

“OH GOD!” She screams at a volume that I think the neighbors might hear.


She pulls me out from between her legs and almost jumps back, her hips instinctively humping the air. Her eyes have long since rolled into the back of her head and her breathing is erratic. Body still shaking and no intelligible words coming from her mouth. All signs of a very powerful orgasim. As her breathing pattern returns to normal she begins to open her eyes and sees me staring at her with a very proud grin, and a very hard dick.

She pops up and with one deft move pulls down my shorts and pushes me into a seated position on the couch and kneels between my legs. Then she grabs my balls with one hand, pulling and softly kneading them, and with the other she takes a firm grip on my dick, burdur escort just leaving the head exposed. Taking it completely into her mouth and running her tongue all over it, kissing and licking every bit of the head.

I let out in a low slow groan “Je-sus christ” and my head rests against the back of the couch.

Mom releases her grip on my shaft and runs her tongue along every bit of it before she swallows two thirds of it.

“Oh god in heaven. Mom that feels amazing.

Now shes really getting into it, making all sorts of slurping noises while shes taking as much of me into her mouth. As I look down at her we catch eyes, she winks at me and she shoves my dick as far back into her mouth as she can. I let out the typical “Hnggg” sound as she licks my shaft with the head of my dick in the back of her throat. With my dick now covered in my moms saliva she places one hand at the base of my shaft and begins to jerk just the head with her free hand.

“Oh god mom thats so fucking good”

“You like that baby? You like when your mom sucks your dick?

All I could muster was a very sincere “Yes”

God this was the best blowjob I’ve ever gotten, her technique is amazing. She seems to know exactly what I want, right when I want it. Yet another reason why I love and am in love with this woman.

“Good baby, I want you to cum just as hard as you made your mommy cum.”

She takes me back into her mouth, wraps her hand around my shaft and jerks me while her tongue massages the underside of my shaft. I can see her spit shining off my cock, and bobbing her head back and forth on me is almost enough to send me over the edge, its a surprise I didn’t cum as soon as she touched me. But I think I’ve been holding out for something else.

“Mom. I wanna to be inside you.”

She pulls her head away from my dick and replied.

“Oh, you want to fuck your mommy huh?”

The look in my eyes was all the answer she needed.

She layed down on the couch with her legs spread and I crawled on top of her.

“Be gentle with me baby, its been awhile since I last had sex.”

I nod and ready myself. With my dick in my hand I position it at her entrance and as the head pushes past her lips we both let out a gasp. The further I slid inside my mother the warmer, wetter and tighter it seemed to get. When all of me was inside her she put her hands at my side so she could control the initial pace. I looked into her eyes so she would know that I wasn’t going to do any harm to her and slowly rocked back and forth, in and out. After she relaxed, it allowed me to pick up my pace, I grabbed her waist and marveled at the sight of my dick penetrating my mother. How it glistened with her wetness, feeling how unbelievably tight she is. God this is the greatest feeling in all the world.

I’m snapped back to reality by the sight of my mother undoing her blouse, button by button I’m treated to the sight of a black lace bra that matches her black lace panties. She leans up to undo the clasp and lets free the most perfect pair of C-cup breasts ever. With each thrust they absorb some of the energy and move in an almost hypnotic circular pattern. She grabs them and starts pinching her nipples all while moaning some of the dirtiest things to ever come out her mouth.

“Oh my god yes.”

“Fuck me baby.”

“Fuck your mommas pussy.”

With one hand grabbing her hip and the other holding her breast I oblige her and quicken my pace even more. At this point shes holding onto my waist making sure that with the end of each thrust she has taken all of me inside of her. I of course don’t need this help because that’s my goal, to be as deep inside of her as I can. Her hand then wanders from my waist to her clit, rubbing it quite furiously. Clearly shes got another orgasim approaching and wants to hurry it along. No complaint from me, watching her rub her clit while I’m inside her is even more of a turn on.

This orgasim seemed to come on just as quickly as the other one did. In no time her entire body is rigid except for the one hand that is working in a clockwise direction on her clit. Her body begins to shake, not nearly as violently as the first, but enough that it was difficult to stay inside her. All sorts of obscenities fly from her mouth and she gyrates her hips in any and every direction. This time she doesn’t push me off and quickly comes to and uses her hands to guide me back into a rhythm.

She then pulls me close and takes my head in her hands and whispers in my ear

“You fucked my pussy so well honey.”

This was all I needed to hear, it was T minus one minute to lift off, and I think mom could tell, because she ramped up the moaning and the dirty talk.

“Oh god mom, I’m so close.”

“Good baby, I want you to cum.”

Whether she wanted it to happen or not I was past the point of no return. I adjusted my legs so that I could try and get even deeper inside of her, my pace was the fastest it had been all night and I was grunting like an animal. I could already tell that this was going to be the most powerful orgasim ever, my balls nearly ached with anticipation. All of the sensory input was telling me its time; I was fucking the love of my life, shes beautiful, her moaning was the most erotic thing I’ve ever heard. But I felt like there was one thing holding me back.

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