Accidental Delivery Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — Accidental Delivery

I’ll tell you what I’d do to you if I had you for myself… I’d push you back onto my bed and straddle you, feel your thick hard cock straining against your pants. I’d lean over you and kiss your lips teasingly as I pulled your tie open. Then slide it off, I’d grind my hips into yours making you hiss.

Making you feel my heat burning through our clothes, you’d stare into my eyes trying to seduce me into giving up control. But no, I won’t be swayed I’ve waited too long for you to allow that, with a grin I tug your jacket off and throw it over my dresser.

I lick my lips and grind against you again, you mutter your irritation and my teasing. But you’ll be getting much more of it you’ll see, I slowly begin to unbutton your shirt, slightly wrinkled from the long day in the office. I tease myself as I slowly open your shirt, revealing your hard chest and then your ripped six pack abs that I could probably cut glass on.

I make you growl as my fingers trace the hot flesh around your belt line as I tug out your shirt and push it off your shoulders and toss it on top of your jacket. Quickly I prepare my surprise, I pull up the concealed handcuffs from the bottom of the bed rail shielded from view by the mattress.

I quickly secure your wrist with the padded manacles, making you curse rather inventively. Now, now there will be none of that foul language around me. Bad boys must be punished, I purr seductively to you as I secure your other wrist to the frame.

You glare hot piercing daggers at me, but I just giggle at you. I get hot at the sight of your ripped masculine body splayed out for my viewing pleasure. I turn around and leave the room, I must get a few things. You of course demand that I return and uncuff you, and various threats of how i’ll be sorry that I ever did this.

I smirk to myself, boy this is going to be fun as I pull open the fridge door. Let’s see what’s in here… hmm… custard, sounds nice, and jelly could be fun. I put the containers on the bench and chuckle softly hearing the rattle of the cuffs as you try to break free, rather unsuccessfully. Boy am I going to have fun with you.

I pull open the freezer and pull out a tub of my favourite vanilla bean ice cream, hmm I know the perfect place for this. I put it back in because I know I won’t be needing it for awhile, I shut the doors and pick up the containers and saunter down the hall back to the bedroom.

You have molten fire burning in your eyes, you’re pissed but that won’t last long. Oh baby i’m going to take you so high, you’ll feel like you’re never going to come down and that’s a promise. You look at the containers I brought in and I grin mischievously. I tell you I haven’t had the desert I wanted yet, what I got was way too small.

I set the containers down on the bedside table and come around to the foot of the bed and pull off your shoes and dump them on the floor, I slide your socks off your feet then make you hiss and your legs arch and your back jerk as I drag my nails up the underside of your feet.

I think this is the best time to start your punishment, I said grinning as I admire, ok not admire, drool over your hard packed muscles. I grin more broadly as I notice the increasing bulge in your pants, you growl and demand but you’re enjoying it. I open the jar of custard and dip a finger in and push it at your lips.

Taste it, I say to you. You tentatively flick your tongue over my finger and I know, by the look you try to hide that you like the sweet taste. And before you know what I’m going to düzce escort do, I pick up the container and splash a healthy serving of the custard all over your hard chest. You hiss from the sudden bite of the cold lashing your heated skin.

Oops, looks like I made a mess there… Let me clean that up for you. I giggled and leaned over you and flicked my tongue across your hard chest taking in the sweet richness of my favourite custard. You try to bite back a groan as I flick my tongue over the stiff beads of your nipples. I love the way I’m making you squirm so I continue, after toying with your nipples some more I brush my tongue across your solid pecs cleaning the custard off them.

You bite back a heated curse as my tongue trails towards your abs, I look at you and catch your heated gaze. I grin, I’m pleased you’re enjoying my attention. But I think I’m going to enjoy it better. You let out a hiss then a groan that you can’t contain as I slowly rub my tongue over each firm ripple of muscle in your abs.

Slowly I clean all of the ridges and creases in your abs, scraping my teeth gently across your skin. Your fingers clench in the cuffs and I say to you, I haven’t even got your pants off yet and you’re all ready to go. I chuckle at my current position over you. I rake my fingernails gently up from your belt through your fine chest hair up to your neck. I lean over you again and suck your left nipple into my mouth teasing it with my tongue and gently scraping it with my teeth. While my nails gently rake its mate, with a hiss your back arches.

The sensation surely must be burning your senses by now, but it’s going to get a whole lot hotter with what I have planned, I tell you. My nails trail down your abs through your treasure trail to your belt. Then bellow, I grasp your thick cock in your pants while I change my lips to your other nipple while I try to get your measure through your pants which must be really uncomfortable right about now. I pull back from you and pick up my container of jelly and without a second thought dump it on your chest as well.

You hiss from the cold again as my tongue had removed the previous presence of the custard. Your body is so hot and the dark burn in your gaze has gotten me so hot that I need to peal a few things off. I slowly pluck at the buttons of my blouse as your dark gaze gets all the more intense. I grin sexily and sway my hips as I finish with the buttons and push off the blouse.

My nipples have gotten so tight and hard you can see them pushing against my bra. I give your nice package another grope making you hiss then growl as I open my dress and drop it to the floor. But before I clean the melting jelly from your delectable chest I must see more of your body. I reach up and unbuckle your belt and pull it out.

And slowly teasingly, your eyes glowing like hot embers as my fingers rasp over your bulge making your hips jerk I unbutton your pants. And slowly, teasingly inch your zipper down notch by careful notch. I want to draw this out for as long as possible, the more frustrated you are the more fun the explosion will be.

Slowly I start dragging your pants down and lick my lips at the quite large bulge in your underwear, I can’t wait to taste you there, the dark spot on your underwear the evidence of your desire and need for me. As your pants come down slowly I rake the inside of your thighs with my nails. Pleasure must be burning your body, sending you insane.

Once I finish my task I dump your pants on the floor and lean over you and scrape my teeth over edirne escort your taut, heaving flesh I lave the jelly from you. I tease your nipples again, your breathing is harsh now. You’re so pumped now but that doesn’t matter to me, I’m going to keep you burning so long you’ll forget what normal feels like.

Once I finish cleaning your chest off from the jelly, I toss my hair and give you a devilish look and retreat from the room. You protest loudly and yank at the handcuffs rattling the frame as I enter the kitchen and pull open the freezer and extract my ice cream and shut the door. It is so soft and creamy I can use it for what I intend to do to you further.

I drool over your straining body again your hard chest gleaming from the custard and jelly, you really should be a model with that look, you’ll make a fortune. You look at the ice cream and demand to know what I was going to do with it.

Why eat it of course I tell you, I say with a smirk I put it on the table with the other containers then start more torture of your body. I must explore those delicious looking legs, Slowly but surely I make you writhe and twist on the bed as my nails and teeth rake the thick, firm muscles of your legs. All the way up to the seam in your groin.

You are panting rapidly now as the burn is driving you crazy, Slowly but surely I drag down your underwear my nails raking your flesh. I gasp as your cock comes into view, the veins standing out against the skin in stark relief. The angry purple head throbbing, your eyes sear me as you tug on the cuffs.

After I pull off your underwear I toss them onto the floor with your pants and admire your body. You are a real specimen, the pleasure hasn’t stopped yet. But you’ll probably wish it will I grin. Your body jerks as if I shocked you when I grab hold of your cock and stroke you and rake my thumbnail over the tip. I relish your moan and I swear I also heard a hint of a whimper.

Perfect, men aren’t the only ones that can reduce their partner to a whimpering puddle of desire. I decide to let you cool off for a bit, I reach for the ice cream and open it. I grin again, perfect amount for what I intend. I scoop some out with my fingers and before you can react I fist your cock with it making you howl as the cold burns your cock.

It only slightly cools your ardour as I release you. I scoop more out and grasp you again, making you hiss as I feel you pulse. Your breathing is catching as you pant rapidly. I love how I can make you so out of control. At my total mercy, I can feel your thighs quivering as I dig my nails into your rock solid muscle. I suck the tip of your cock into my mouth and you jerk hard, you’re close to losing it but I don’t want it to end yet.

I pull back slightly letting you sweat it, your cock pulses like an angry beast but that’s how I want it. I surprise you and suddenly suck your cock down to the root making your body tense tightly. My tongue laps your flesh cleaning off the ice cream. You moan as your body shakes from denied release.

I won’t take you there yet I have other plans, I’m pretty much certain you’ve never felt what I plan to do. I reach over to the custard and scoop some more out. I reach under you and before you get a chance to react I shove my two fingers deep inside of you as my mouth tightly grips your cock. You let out a hoarse scream as the ecstasy burns you.

I know that as soon as I let my mouth go you’ll erupt, I rub my coated fingers across your walls and press the nerves in the smooth tissue connecting your balls. elazığ escort You’re whimpering now as you can’t come until I let my mouth go, you can hardly breathe let alone beg me to finish you. I’m not that evil so as my thumbnail scraps the sensitive area I release my suction just enough that the pressure is released.

You’ve screamed yourself hoarse already as you gasp hard your arms thrashing as the most explosive orgasm of your life shreds through you. I greedily swallow pulse after pulse of your come as my fingers keep torturing you. You can’t collapse yet as I haven’t had my go yet, which isn’t fair considering I just blew your mind.

I’ll let you recover for awhile before it’s my turn…


Nick Hammond looked up from the screen and swallowed yet another groan, this totally explicit fantasy from the woman he has had a crush on for the last few months made him so hard he was about ready to burst just from her words. Getting out from behind his desk even to get relief from his zipper ripping hard-on was completely out of the question.

The sweat trickling down from his brow and his neck were a testament to how much he felt the strain of keeping himself from embarrassment. He needed to do something about this, he hadn’t had the courage to go up to her and ask her out but she had sent this to him. He had just about passed out when he started reading.

He needed a plan, he had to shock her just as much as she had shocked him. There was no way he’d be able to concentrate on work, he couldn’t even move right now without sending waves of desire shooting through him.


Marie Pierce was in a panic she could not believe she sent the wrong file. She just wished the ground would open up and swallow her, she was so fired once Nick got it. This was so not what she wanted their first ‘meeting’ to be like. She’ll never work in an office again! Not after a sexual harassment suit. She saw her best friend Kelly Torres walking past she needed to get this out before she had a meltdown!

“Kelly! Help!” she called in a strangled whisper as she walked past.

“What’s up Marie? You look stressed,” she asked.

“What’s wrong? Oh god… You know that… story I sent you?” she said.

“Yeah? That was smoking, when are you going to talk to him… finally?” she asked.

“Oh when he gets me fired for sexual harassment or something… I sent him that file instead of the reports I had to send to him!” she whispered harshly.

“Oh… dear… I’m sure such a hunk isn’t a prude, he’ll be flattered,” Kelly smirked.

“I just want to die right now, somebody is going to find out. Those damn tech geeks will find it and have a laugh before sending it off to management,” said Marie.

“Well i’ll be here for you whatever the outcome. At least the hard part is out of the way, the introduction… what a fine way to make an entrance though,” smirked Kelly again.

Marie squeaked her embarrassment again and said, “If I’m still here in a few days it will be a miracle,”

“Come on Marie it’s not that bad. He’ll appreciate the thought,” chuckled Kelly. “I got to get back to it now cya tomorrow.”

“Ok, thanks… I just have to survive another 4 hours until home time…” she said.

“It will be ok, you’ll make it I promise,” said Kelly before walking away.

Marie slumped into her chair and willed the clock to go faster, she just wanted to go home and drown herself in her favourite ice cream, make it all go away.

She stared blankly at the screen waiting for the inevitable until a new message indicator came up. She filled with dread at once, this was Nick sending his reply of course it took awhile. He had to get over the shock of receiving her heated, no scratch that, scorching letter. After reading just the first few lines she gasped and almost dead fainted.

Chapter 2 — The Response

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