Lori and Daddy Ch. 06

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This is a continuation of the story between Lori and her family, so it will make more sense if you have read the previous chapters.

All characters are of legal age and are totally fictitious. Please leave as much or as little feedback as you want. All is welcome.


The weekend went very slowly for both Lori and her daddy. Lori’s mother, Beth, was off her medication which meant not only was she at home, but she was back to her old self and not having sex.

On the Saturday Lori wore a cropped halter neck and a denim mini skirt, which her mother immediately told her off for. Lori tried her best to flash her baby pink thong, but Beth kept walking in. The most action she got was when her daddy passed her in the hallway and he stroked the large portion of her breasts that were bulging out the side of her halter.

Eventually her daddy got so frustrated that he left to go and play golf. Lori couldn’t help but notice his hardon as he went out the door.

Sunday was much the same. Lori decided to wear just a vest top and hipster jeans. They all went to the supermarket, Lori taking her time in the chilled section, enjoying her daddy’s frequent glances at her amazingly hard nipples, but again Beth was there the whole time and when they got home asked for help in cleaning out the garage.

That night at dinner Lori’s mother announced that she was going to take just a few more days off to fully recover.

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Lori’s thoughts cried out.

Monday Lori snuck out of school unable to take her frustration anymore. Her craving for her daddy’s cock had become unbearable. As she took the bus to her daddy’s office she noticed two guys staring at her. She was dressed in her school uniform. A short skirt, that Lori had rolled up a bit more, black hold-ups and a tiny black thong. The school asked for tights, but Lori hated them, she was proud of her toned thighs and loved showing them off. It was quite a hot day and Lori had decided not to wear a bra, and her dark nipples showed through the thin material of her white school shirt.

She toyed with the two guys on the bus, opening her legs more and more, undoing another button on her shirt, winking and smiling to them all the way to her daddy’s office.

When she got there Lori went to wait in her daddy’s office as he was in a meeting. She could feel herself getting wet with excitement çorum escort and anticipation. It wasn’t long before her daddy came back. As he entered his jaw hit the floor.

“Hello daddy”

“Fucking hell, you look amazing!” he gasped.

Lori was sat on his desk, legs crossed and her shirt undone. It still covered her breasts, but her deep cleavage and cute belly button were still on show. He stepped up to his sexy daughter with his arms outstretched. Lori raised one leg and stopped him with her foot on his chest, flashing him her thong. Lori could see from the lust in his eyes that he was very turned on by what he saw.

“Strip!” Lori ordered.


“Lock the door and strip daddy, or you don’t get this” saying this, Lori pulled her shirt aside revealing one large firm breast and stroked her thong with her other hand.

Not wasting any more time he turned and locked the door then stripped down in front of her. Lori let out a little gasp as he dropped his boxers. He had shaved everything off and her daddy’s cock now looked even bigger hanging there.

Lori stood up and went over to him, and as she stroked her daddy’s cock to its full length he opened up her shirt and fondled her full breasts

“You like that daddy?” Lori asked noticing the huge devilish grin on his face.

“Oh yes baby” he replied bending down taking one of his daughter’s hard nipples into his warm wet mouth. He then proceeded to kiss them all over and up to Lori’s neck. She let out a moan of pleasure as he dropped her shirt to the floor and kissed his way back down her young firm body.

When his lips reached the hem of Lori’s skirt he turned her around and bent her over his table. Lori’s short skirt rode up revealing half her cute round ass showing the tiniest amount of her thing. Lori heard her daddy let out a murmur of appreciation of the sight before him as he slowly started rubbing her pussy through her thong. Feeling herself getting wetter she opened her legs more allowing him to stroke more. She felt him pull her thing to the side and then the pressure of the head of his cock against her soaked pussy lips.

“No! Not yet!” Lori said turning around and sitting on her daddy’s desk once again. “Eat me!”

Her daddy readily agreed and got onto his knees bringing his daughter’s pussy in line with his denizli escort face. He went straight sucking on her already wet lips and clit causing Lori to moan out loud with pleasure. Then licking up and down slowly he eased his tongue deep into his little girl’s tight wet hole.

Lori was shaking wildly with pleasure as her daddy swirled his tongue around her sweet pussy then sucking her clit again he eased a finger inside her and stroked her G-Spot. Lori couldn’t take anymore after that and came with a scream, flooding her daddy’s face with her juices. He lapped them all up happily and slipped his finger out sucking that clean too.

Lori jumped up, her breasts bobbing, squeezed him tightly and kissed him long and hard on the lips. Straight away she felt her daddy’s tongue pressing into her mouth and she let it, massaging it with her own.

“Fuck me daddy”

“Oh how I’ve waited for this baby” he laid her back on his desk, her feet on the edge, her knees bent and spread wide ready for him. Lori’s daddy aimed his cock up to her bald pussy and slowly eased it in. Lori screwed up her face; it felt like she was getting split in two.

“Slowly daddy, you’re soo big!” Lori gasped. It took her a minute to get used to the size then he eased in more.

“Fuck you’re so tight baby, it feels so good!” Lori’s daddy groaned when he finally had his large cock buried up to his balls.

“Oh shit that feels unbelievable daddy! Fuck me daddy, please fuck your little girl.” Talking dirty turned her daddy on even more and Lori swore she felt his cock grow even more inside her as he started stroking it in and out.

Lori was in heaven as her daddy fucked her, his strokes getting harder and harder. Sometimes he would thrust half of his huge cock in and out while playing with her clit and then he would change the pace by slowly pulling his cock almost all the way out before thrusting the whole length back in again.

Lori was screaming, tweaking her hard nipples as she came hard around her daddy’s thrusting dick. Her juices covering his cock and her thighs her daddy started fucking his baby girl harder, grunting with each thrust. He was like an animal and Lori was loving every second, she had waited so long to fuck her daddy and now she was it was better than she had ever imagined it to be.

With a loud groan she diyarbakır escort felt him stuff her pussy full of his cock then release his pent up lust. He pumped his load deep into his daughter’s tight pussy and it started leaking out almost immediately. Pulling out he emptied his balls over Lori’s pussy and legs.

The feeling of her daddy’s cum on and in her pussy caused Lori to orgasm again with a happy squeal. Her daddy pulled away and she got up and sucked his long hard cock clean.

“Fuck that was good daddy” Lori gasped.

“Oh baby, you’re so sexy, but what if any body finds out?” he asked the reality of what they had done slowly sinking in.

“They won’t, now get on the table, I’m not done yet”

Shaking off the feeling of guilt quite easily he lay on his table on his back. Lori got up and straddled his waist and leaned forward to kiss him. Her daddy started playing with her breasts, squeezing and sucking them as Lori gyrated her still soaked pussy against his soft cock. It wasn’t long before she could feel him getting hard again.

As soon as he was Lori raised herself up just enough to aim her daddy’s cock to her tight hole once again and lowered herself down, burying it inside her. Not wasting anytime Lori started practically jumping up and down on her daddy’s cock as he squeezed her bobbing breasts and pinched her sensitive nipples.

After a few minutes her daddy pulled her off him, bent her over his table and started fucking her from behind.

“Oh shit yeah daddy that feels soo good!”

“Baby I’ve waited so long to fuck your sweet pussy, I never want to stop!”

As he fucked her harder and harder Lori’s daddy reached round her slim waist and rubbed her clit in time with each thrust. Lori couldn’t hold on any longer and screamed louder than ever as she came again, squeezing her daddy’s thick cock as she did so bringing on his second orgasm. He filled her up again with his hot thick cum, but again Lori’s pussy was too small to take it and he pulled out finishing off by covering his daughters back with his incestuous seed.

Panting Lori turned around and cleaned off her daddy’s cock once again, sucking as much as she could into her hot wet mouth.

“Shit, I’ve got another meeting” he groaned as he checked his clock.

“Crap, I’ve got to get home or mummy will ask questions.” Lori replied getting dressed. Her shirt turned see through as the sweat and cum all over her body soaked the thin material. Leaving her daddy her cum soaked thong she gave him one final kiss and left. Lori had the biggest grin on her face so happy that she had finally fucked her daddy and looking forward to the next time.

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