The Guestroom Session 01

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I heard the door open, and I knew who it had to be.

“Aww, look at you honey! You’re doing so well tonight!” Her voice was soothing, slightly mocking of me, but exactly what I needed to hear. “How long so far?” she asked.

I of course could not answer her. Nor could I see her. I was on all fours, blindfolded, with a cock-shaped gag strapped into my mouth.

“About a half hour.” came the deep voice from behind me. The owner of the voice tugged at my leash and began thrusting his cock a little harder into my ass to put on a good show.

“He looks so blissful this way. What a wonderful slut you are, baby! I’m so proud of you.” I felt her fingers stroke my hair. “Does that big cock feel good? Does it make you feel full?”

“Mmm hmm” I nodded.

“Half an hour so far, and…” she reached under me, squeezing the oozing precum from my cock. “Mmm, lip gloss for the whore!” She rubbed the precum all over my lips around the gag. “There you go, pet. Do you love me?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Are you thankful that I found this stud to use you tonight?”

“Mmm hmm!” I nodded.

“Ha ha ha. Slut!” She squeezed my mouth around the gag. “Make sure to fuck his mouth and feed him if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all. Hell, I haven’t even taken that blue pill yet. This whore will still be getting fucked long after the two of you are asleep.” Ah, so now I know her boyfriend is with her, watching me get fucked like a cheap slut. That made the moment even hotter.

“I don’t know about that!” her boyfriend replied. I could hear them chuckle slightly before a passionate kiss muffled their voices.

Then I heard her voice, really close to me this time. “I know you are loving every thrust of his cock in your sissy ass. And I am so happy for you. I want you to obey him, no matter what he asks of you. Understood?”

I nodded my acceptance of her instruction.

“Now, I’m gonna go make love to my boyfriend while you get fucked, pet.”

I made some unidentifiable noise behind the gag, and she knew exactly what I was trying to ask her. “No honey, you are my pet. But tonight, you are his whore!”

The man behind me (whose name I would never know) pulled harder back on my leash, and sunk his cock deep into me. “I’ll take good care of your pet, maam. Thanks for finding me! He’s a pretty good fuck.”

“Yeah, and he keeps getting better! Use him well!” I heard the door shut, and drifted blissfully back into subspace. I tried to concentrate on my wife and the fun she was about to have with her boyfriend, but soon all I cared about was pleasing the man behind me. I craved to hear and feel his first orgasm of the night.

“Your husband should get an Oscar for acting so straight in public.”

“Ha bursa escort ha. Aww, it’s not really like that.”

“Baby, what’s going on in the guestroom looks totally gay.”

“I know it’s hard to understand. He can’t stand the idea of kissing a man, he doesn’t even want to see the men, thus the blindfold. It isn’t attraction, it’s just sex.”

“Gay sex.”

“Anal sex. If I wasn’t so grossed out over everything butt related, I would be pegging him, and he would be happy. But I don’t like anything to do with butts. Lots of straight guys like it though. He still loves eating my pussy, and is an amazing lover to me. He’s a great hubby, and my best friend.”

“And he likes sucking cock too, right?” he was leering at her a bit, shaking his head in amusement.

She smiled back. “Ok, definitely some bi-tendencies. He really likes how dirty it feels to be fucked and used by men. He feels satisfied to be used while I’m enjoying more intimate experiences with you. He loves the humiliation of being watched as well.”

“To each his own, but I bet he wouldn’t proudly tell his family and friends about his weekend, huh?”

“If this is what makes him feel hot, and satisfies his horniness while you and I make love, who are you to judge?” She smiled at him, knowing her boyfriend was glad he didn’t have to share her in threesomes anymore. “Now you get me all to yourself!”

Boyfriend sighed. “Well yeah! But, I guess I just don’t get it.”

“Honestly, I’m not sure I get it one hundred percent. But hubby is getting it, and getting it good! I can tell you, he is extremely happy right now just to serve his purpose and be a good whore, knowing that you and I are together.” She smiled, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend’s neck. “My only question right now is, why am I not getting it?”

“Mmm, my apologies. I think something can be arranged.”

“Let’s hop in the shower and fuck!”


“Oh, do you mind coming with me to check on him later? He really gets off on knowing we are both watching him.”

“Sure baby, whatever crazy shit you want.” He shook his head and laughed as they rushed off to the other side of the house.

I could hear the door open again.

At this point, I was riding Sir’s cock in reverse cowgirl position. If I didn’t grind down far enough for our balls to touch, Sir would slap my ass hard. Needless to say, I was grinding away like his well trained puppet. Sir had great control of me, I had felt instantly powerless to his instructions all night. He was exactly what I had needed.

I heard her voice, different this time. I knew this tone of voice. I could hear her smiling as she whispered to me, “Hi baby! malatya escort Are you having fun?” In my mind, I could see her bright eyes, that amazing post sexual glow. This was the voice of a very happy woman, I knew immediately that she had enjoyed an amazing orgasm or two with her boyfriend. This made my cock harden again while I bounced.

I nodded my reply, still gagged.

“Did you make him cum?”

Again, I nodded.

Her voice was louder now, further away, “How many?”

“Two. I’ve been taking my time. He really loves getting fucked, doesn’t he?”

Closer and quieter; I could feel her breath on my ear, “He sure does.” Further away again, “Did you?”

I had no way of knowing what type of communication was happening now, but I soon felt her hand at the back of my head, releasing the gag from my mouth. “Do not speak!” she commanded. “Just keep your mouth open.”

I did as commanded. I soon felt two wet fingers in my mouth. I knew the taste. It was my wife’s pussy and her boyfriend’s cum, mixed together. They were delicious!

“Is that good baby?”

I nodded, still licking her fingers.

“You want the rest of it?”

I nodded enthusiastically.

She took the leash from Sir, and led me to lie on my back, ass at the end of the bed. “Hold your legs open, he’s not done with you yet.”

I obeyed, laying now spread eagle at the edge of the bed, exposed with absolutely no sense of modesty.

“Ok big guy, lets finish this.”

(What did that mean?)

I felt my wife’s sweet pussy lower onto my mouth. My god, she was sloppy wet with her juices, cum and saliva.

“Lick slowly, pet. Don’t swallow anything, do you understand?”

“Mmm hmm.” my muffled reply drowned in her hot dripping sex.

Sir slowly pushed his freshly lubed cock into me again, this time slowly hammering right at my prostate. (obviously, they had discussed denying me this feeling in advance, they must have! This was the feeling I had waited for all night.)

Every delicious drop I licked out of her was building up in my mouth, and every thrust of cock in my wet slutty hole was hitting exactly the right spot. I was writhing between them, a man possessed. She could hear me getting closer and closer to my point of no return, and climbed off my face.

“Keep it all in your mouth for me until I say!”

It took only a few more thrusts, a few more infinite seconds of building bliss, and my cock began erupting all over my abdomen. I came without any stimulus to my cock.

“Swallow, slut!” The order was issued in unison by my wife, her boyfriend, and Sir. They were all watching me swallow cum and shoot my load all over myself. I felt çanakkale escort absolutely exposed, raw, unfiltered and unhibited before them.

“Good pet!” my wife added. “Such a good pet.” Her fingers stroked through my hair again.

Sir’s strong deep voice answered, “There are two full condoms tied off on the nightstand, in case you want them for later.”

“Hahaha, a midnight snack for my pet?”

“Yeah, feed that hungy slut. Heh heh.” I felt a sad emptiness as he slid his cock out of me. “Listen, I’d love to come back again, he really is a great fuck. Rarely do I find one this willing to serve.”

“Absolutely! In fact, you can stay the night and give him your morning wood if you want. Boyfriend is sleeping over with me in the master bedroom. Just keep my pet nearby until you need him again.”

“Cool. Might catch a nap, give him a quick fuck before I take off then.”

“Did you hear that pet?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“I love you baby, try to get some rest. I’m so proud of you… my perfect little sexual servant.” She wiped my lips dry and kissed me. “If you get hungry before morning, your snacks are on the nightstand. Hahaha!”

“Good night freak!” her boyfriend said as he left the room.

“You’re not sleeping next to me in this bed, so get comfy on the floor. I’ll wake you when I want my cock sucked.” I loved how his tone was so different when speaking to my wife, and then to me.

“Yes Sir.” I replied.

I was exhausted.

Lying on the floor in silence, I felt the shame and guilt that always followed my ‘sessions’. Part of me wanted to cry, to run away and hide. What have I become? I tried to focus on breathing, desperate to keep that panic attack at arm’s length.

Then suddenly, the silence was broken by the distant sound of my wife crying out in orgasm yet again. This helped bring me back from the fear and shame. Her bliss brought me back to my desire for her, my excitement that she was enjoying her boyfriend so much. He had superior oral skills that I felt I would never master, and she loved every opportunity to enjoy those skills. And, I know she has feelings for him. It was never said out loud, but it was true.

I smiled, knowing how good she felt at this very moment, and then melted back into memories of the evening. My ass was numb. There was some pain there, but just enough to be a pleasant reminder at this point. It had felt so good to be this dominant man’s fuck-toy. I slowly began to remind myself that I am perfectly ok, and that I was only doing what I had fantasized about for years. I was lucky she finally helped me make my breakthrough, and become the submissive I had always wanted to be. That took a lot of love and understanding on her part, just as it had taken time for me to accept her needs and help her explore them.

My cock was hardening as I thought about him waking up to use me soon. Hearing my wife cumming from across the house, and knowing I would soon be of service again made everything alright.

Because I love my wife, she loves me… and I’m a good whore.

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