Texas Hold ‘Em

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I have not submitted any stories in quite some time. I do apologize for that. Life doesn’t always proceed as you would prefer. This story was written on the suggestion of a Literotica writer and award winner, Sack. I hope you enjoy my Texas Hold ‘Em variation on the card game theme. Some understanding of the rules of Texas Hold ‘Em would help, but it’s not really necessary. Please note that it starts slowly and lasts awhile, but it can be read in parts.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Penny was having some friends over. Her parents were out of town, and they said it was fine if she wanted to entertain some friends. They knew they could trust her. And, besides, she and her friends were all at least 18 years old. She was no longer really under her parents’ authority. They did though still often act like parents. After all, she was still living at home and so they naturally continued to treat her as a child, no matter her age.

But, they did feel that they could trust Penny. Penny was a rather quiet girl. She had never gotten into any trouble, and she was dating that very nice boy, Teddy. Theodore clearly was not a boy who did dirty or bad things. Frankly, they wished that he was a bit more assertive, a bit more manly. He came across as rather timid, and they wanted their little girl to marry a strong, masculine man who would be able to care for and protect their daughter. Teddy did not convey much confidence in that regard.

Penny and Teddy had now been dating for some time though. Neither could be happier. It seems like they were made for each other. It hadn’t been easy for them to get together (see “Penny Helps Teddy at the Library”) but once they got past the initial awkwardness, the cautious flirtation, the fearful first touch, it just seemed to be getting better and better. Penny even stuck with Teddy through hard times (see “Penny and Teddy Teach Miss Harding a Lesson”), and Teddy even went into therapy to ensure the survival of their relationship (see “Teddy visits a therapist”). Penny does have a tendency to be a bit of a playful scamp, and for a time Teddy found it rather overwhelming. Dr. Lowenstein though proved to be a very helpful and skilled therapist, and it wasn’t long before Teddy’s problems were resolved.

Penny invited five friends over to play cards. Teddy would of course be there, but this was not a card game for Teddy. It was for Charlotte. Charlotte York was a very good friend of Penny’s and she had a crush on Joey. But, she just couldn’t get him to notice her. Joey though had in fact noticed her, but he couldn’t get up the nerve to do anything about it. Penny felt a card game could be very helpful in breaking the ice. They would at least spend some time together, and Penny and Teddy could even use the game to help nudge them together. Actually, Penny was planning on providing a bit more than just a nudge.

Penny invited Samantha as well. Samantha Jones was a good friend of both Penny and Charlotte and Penny needed a buffer, a confederate. It would have been too obvious if she had invited just Charlotte and Joey. Nothing is more obvious than inviting, seemingly perchance, one single guy and one single girl over for an evening. Besides, Penny knew that she would need some moral support, if not an accomplice.

Samantha was known to be a bit of a flirt, and right now she had her sights on Christopher Garber. She said she would come as long as Penny invited Chris. That was fine with Penny, as she preferred an equal number of boys and girls, and hadn’t been really sure of what specific guy to invite. Chris wasn’t really close with Teddy, but he was pretty tight with Joey, which helped as well.

Penny had them sit boy, girl, boy, girl in a circle along her parents’ deeply carpeted, living room floor. “It will be more fun this way and, besides,” she said, as she playfully slapped Teddy on the shoulder, “this way I can keep my eye on Teddy.” That caused a bit of chuckling, but it was in fact to ensure that Charlotte and Joey would be sitting next to each other, as she knew that Samantha would manage to get next to Chris. So, the circle went: Penny, Teddy, Charlotte, Joey, Samantha, and Chris. They were ready to play cards.

It started off as a rather fun and innocent game of cards. All of them were aware of the popularity of poker on television. Christopher and Teddy were in fact regular viewers of World Series Poker and World Poker Tour. Chris even had an account on both Party Pokers and Paradise Poker, online poker sights where, for a time, he could legally play poker for real money with people all around the world (if you were eighteen). In any case, those who hadn’t ever played before did want to learn how to play Texas Hold ‘Em. It looked like a fun game. So many people seemed to know how to play it, and Charlotte and Joey were eager to learn.

It was fun for awhile, but it didn’t seem to have enough competitive edge. The girls just didn’t seem to mind if they lost. This was understandable. They weren’t Escort bayan playing for real money, and the girls were not naturally competitive. It seemed more fun to say, “All in!” than anxiety provoking. Bluffing was essentially impossible, ’cause even if you lost it wasn’t like you were actually losing anything and, besides, Penny would just give you more chips. If she hadn’t done that the evening would have been over in less than a few minutes, as the betting was so excessive.

Well, Penny hadn’t been planning on staying with chips anyway. There was a way of making the betting a bit riskier, while at the same time helping Charlotte get Joey’s attention. Penny smiled at her guests as she suggested, “Let’s play for clothes!”

That was greeted with a resounding chorus of “What?!” “You’re serious?!” “No way.”

Samantha feigned being surprised, but Penny had already clued her in on the plan. “You don’t seriously mean strip poker?” Charlotte, quite sincerely, asserted, “I’m not taking off any clothes,” her face blushing at just having said something like that out loud.

“No, no, not really,” Penny smiled reassuringly. “Don’t be silly. Just enough to provide at least some motivation to win or, actually, not to lose. Or, we could play for money.”

Nobody wanted to play for real money. None of them could afford to lose any real money, and they knew that winning money from someone could incur some ill will.

“Well,” Samantha acquiesced, “if we can stop at any time. I mean, if we don’t go too far with this.”

“Oh, absolutely!” This was what Penny had previously told Samantha. They would just do enough to get Joey’s attention. “If somebody doesn’t want to play, they can stop at any time. Of course, they can’t stay and watch if they aren’t themselves playing. That wouldn’t be terribly fair.”

Charlotte knew she would be leaving. Her face never felt so hot. She turned away from Joey as she didn’t want him to notice her blushing. And, besides, her face would become even redder if she noticed him looking at her.

Teddy and Chris were all grins. None of the boys, not even Teddy, would want to have to take off his clothes in front of a bunch of girls, at least if the girls weren’t going to be naked themselves. However, based on how the game had been going so far, there would be little chance of that. The girls did not play well at all. It would be fun to see the girls take off at least something. Even if they didn’t actually ever see anything, just the thought was plenty fun.

Teddy and Chris naturally looked over at Samantha, who had a bit of a knowing smile as well. Samantha was a rather striking girl. She had long blond hair, sweet red kissable lips, alluring oval green eyes, shapely curved legs, and the most roundest, perkiest breasts a boy probably has ever seen. She was quite pleased with them, often wearing Templeton uniform blouses a size too small to show them off, as she was doing so at the moment, leaning back and jutting them out.

As Charlotte turned away from Joey her eyes naturally went to Samantha’s rather obvious display. She could imagine what Joey was thinking now and she didn’t like it. Charlotte was herself actually quite pretty, with large, blue eyes sparkling beneath her fragile spectacles, along with rosy cheeks, an engaging giggle, and the cutest of dimples. However, she was quite short with barely any tits at all, which had always been a disappointment for her, and her personality matched well her petite frame. She was not at all assertive or self-confident. She just couldn’t imagine playing a game of strip poker, letting guys actually see her, see how small she was. What if they laughed? What if Joey laughed? She glanced again at Samantha’s breasts. How could Joey prefer hers over those? She wondered if she should just leave right now, but the thought of leaving Joey alone with Samantha seemed just about as bad. She didn’t know what to do and, consistent with her usual manner, she didn’t assert herself at all.

Penny explained the rules. This would not be no limit Texas Hold ‘Em. In fact, it wasn’t even going to be pot limit. Each bet would be limited to just one article of clothing; otherwise, the game might end before they even got through one hand, and they obviously didn’t want to take this too far. Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief at that. Teddy furrowed his brow in disappointment.

The first hand is dealt.

Everyone was feeling very apprehensive, with perhaps the exception of Chris. He was confident in his poker skills. He did pretty well in his internet games.

Before she looked at her cards, Samantha expressed a concern. “You know, the boys have a pretty big advantage here. They won’t be revealing much of anything in removing their shirts, whereas,” she added with a proud smile, “I think they would rather enjoy seeing us remove our blouses.”

They were all wearing a comparable amount of clothes, as they were dressed in their Templeton uniforms. Bayan escort At Templeton, all of the students had to wear a traditional school uniform. The girls wore white blouses with black ties, plaid skirts that had to go beyond the knee, white socks, black shoes, and, of course, white panties and bras. The boys wore white shirts, black slacks, black narrow ties, and black shoes.

Chris suggested in response. “Actually, you girls have the advantage of having an additional article of clothing. We just have the shirt.”

Samantha turned to Chris and asked, seemingly quite innocently, although her breast was pressed against his shoulder. “Chris, what article of clothing would that be?”

It was Chris’s turn to blush. She knew full well what article of clothing he was referring to. He didn’t see why he should have to say it out loud. “Your,” his voice then became quieter, “brassiere.”

Samantha giggled. “Do you think I’m wearing a brassiere?” Samantha asked, pressing her breast deeper into his arm.

Chris was feeling quite flustered, as was Charlotte. She couldn’t believe that Samantha was talking so openly about this. Penny smiled, enjoying the spectacle of Samantha’s playful flirtation.

“You know you are,” Chris responded in frustration.

“Yes, but how did you know? Can a boy really tell?” Samantha leaned back away from Chris, looked down at her breasts and asked, “I can’t see it through my blouse. How can you tell, Chris?” She so much liked drawing a boy’s attention to her breasts.

Chris though would not bite, much as he would like to. “You just can.”

“Well, that hardly matters though, does it, really? I kind of think letting you see my brassiere is worth a lot more than you letting me see your chest, as handsome and muscular it must be.” Chris sighed with frustration, although he did appreciate the compliment, assuming that she wasn’t actually trying to make fun of him. He then wondered if perhaps she was.

Penny did not want to have a rebellion that ended the game on the verge of its beginning. She offered a modification to the rules to make the game fairer. “We can say that the girls first just have to unbutton their blouses.”

Charlotte’s eyes widened in shock. She was assuming all along that it would go no farther than shoes and socks. “We’re going to unbutton?”

Penny tried to reassure her. “It probably won’t even go that far. The boys will quit before we get there.” Teddy and Chris though knew full well that they wouldn’t quit if it got to the point that the girls would have to unbutton their blouses. Joey wasn’t at all sure though how he felt about this. He would certainly like to see Charlotte unbutton her blouse, but not if she didn’t really want to do it.

Chris pressed his point. “We then have only one bet, our shirts, to the girls’ six buttons!” The boys’ and girls’ uniforms each contained six buttons. That was quite a discrepancy. One bet for the boys, six for the girls.

“Alright,” Penny offered, “two buttons at a time, but, please, we’re probably not going to get that far anyway.” Charlotte again felt better.

A three to one ratio did appear fair to the boys, as they really had little to lose when it came to their shirts. Chris though did now feel uncomfortable about removing his shirt, after what Samantha had said, but he knew that it still wouldn’t compare to the girls unbuttoning their blouses. In fact, when the boys thought about it, it was really still a pretty good deal, as just seeing the girls in just their brassieres would be awfully cool, to say the least. Samantha was really right about that. And, on top of that, they felt a bit cocky about their ability to beat the girls at Texas Hold ‘Em. They agreed to the rule. Charlotte and Samantha acquiesced, Charlotte a little surprised that Penny didn’t ask she or Samantha whether the modification was sufficient but, as she had said, they wouldn’t get that far anyway.

They picked up their cards. Being the hosts, Penny and Teddy had the onerous responsibility of being the small and large blinds, respectively. They were each committed to making a bet before even seeing their cards. The small and large blinds would rotate around the circle. The small blind was just a shoe. The large blind was both shoes.

Charlotte was the first to bet. She was dealt ace, four, off suit. What a way to start. She was frankly hoping that she could just maintain a low profile, never really participating at all until the game soon ended when someone actually had to reveal something. Well, it was at least clear that they were now playing for something that meant something. She would have easily stayed in with ace-four when it didn’t mean anything, but now she was not the least bit sure. She thought, ‘You have to stay with an ace, don’t you?’ But, still, somebody was bound to pair up and she was essentially just hoping to draw another ace to win. She could feel her heart fluttering. She mucked her cards. It was just Escort too stressful.

Joey was dealt four and seven, suited. He could try to draw for a flush or a straight. He called the two shoes. A few “aaahs” and “ooohs” could be hard. They had a game.

Samantha was dealt eight and jack, off suit. She thought about it but mucked her cards.

Chris was dealt king and ten, off suit. He felt very good about his hand, as well he should. He raised a sock, generating considerably more “ooohs” and “aaahs.” It was clear that this game would not last very long at all.

It was back to the small blind, Penny. She was already committed to her shoe, but all she had was a five and ten, off suit. She folded.

“Off with the shoe!” Teddy exclaimed. Penny was the first loser, which was rather appropriate, as this game was her idea. She feigned reluctance but was grinning the whole time as she reached down, removed her shoe, and tossed it aside, to the accompaniment of good natured teasing and laughter. Even Charlotte giggled. Shoes and socks were more fun than chips, and it was really quite innocent.

It was then Teddy’s turn, the large blind, already committed to two shoes. He only had to call a sock, and he had a pair of sevens. He knew that Chris must have a pretty good hand to be raising, particularly at these stakes. Still, actually, it really wasn’t much of a stake. Who cares about shoes and socks? This would be a good time to bluff, to assert yourself early in the game. Perhaps Chris was indeed bluffing. Chris did know how to play the game. Teddy called.

Back to Joey. He was also now committed to two shoes, but he no longer felt so good about his four and seven, suited. It was quite difficult to draw to a flush or a straight, and it was clear that Chris and Teddy must have good hands. He mucked, to groans of disappointment and charges of being a wimp. But, he did pay the price of having to remove both of his shoes. Charlotte giggled as she watched Joey remove his shoes.

Joey was surprised at how uncomfortable it felt to remove his shoes. It wasn’t like he was revealing anything personal, but it did feel a bit embarrassing to be forced to remove any amount of clothes in front of girls, particularly Charlotte. He was also frankly worried that maybe his feet might stink a bit.

It was now just Teddy and Chris. Penny dealt the flop. The others watched expectantly, eyes intently on the back of the cards as they were dealt into the middle of their circle. Penny turned over the flop. It was an ace of clubs, king of diamonds, and five of spades. No help at all to Teddy and a darn good chance that he was now holding the smaller pair. He frowned, but then quickly tried to put on a straight poker face.

And he was right to be concerned. Chris grinned, at least to himself. It was a very good flop for him and he knew it.

Charlotte openly frowned. She would have had a pair of aces if she had stayed, most likely the largest hand. Her timidity was always leaving her behind.

It was Chris’s turn to bet. He considered sandbagging Teddy, trying to draw him into betting. But, he didn’t want to press his luck with another draw that might turn against him. “I bet the other sock.”

The girls applauded his aggressive move, and they tried to goad Teddy into calling. Penny in particular pushed Teddy to make the call. “C’mon Teddy, you’re not going to let him intimidate you like that, are you? Aren’t you going to show me how strong and brave you are?”

Everyone laughed at that. “Thanks,” Teddy sarcastically replied. He folded. The stakes just seemed to be too high. He was already in pretty deep, and he no longer felt good about his cards. He pulled off his shoes and one of his socks.

Everyone applauded Chris’s victory. It only seemed fitting, as he was the best player, although Teddy would have an argument with that despite the outcome of this last hand. Chris smiled in triumph and glanced at Samantha, who smiled back. It was now his turn to jut out his chest, and he took full advantage of it.

Penny dealt the second hand.

As she did so, Chris raised a friendly objection. “You know, it’s not like I won anything, you know. If we were playing for chips, I would at least get the chips.”

Teddy responded, “Well, it’s not like you have any use for my shoes.”

Penny added, “You would get to see us take off our shoes.”

“Yea, but, so did everyone else, and they didn’t even play.” That did appear to be a valid point.

Penny responded, “Well, if I have to take off my socks, you can keep them, if you want.”

Chris wasn’t really interested in Penny’s socks, but he imagined how nice it would be if they did in fact play for her panties. That he would enjoy winning.

Teddy and Charlotte were now the small and large blinds, respectively. It was Joey’s turn to open. He had a Motown, a Jackson Five, a jack and five, off suit. It wasn’t a particularly good hand, and he was already down two shoes. He folded.

Samantha had a q-tip, a queen and ten, a very nice draw. “I’ll call two shoes,” she said, and was greeted by a considerable amount of nervous laughter.

Chris had an ace and seven, off suit. “I’ll call as well,” and the tension increased.

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