Judith: The Power of Desire Ch. 03

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Part 3 – Gary

By the next weekend Judith’s disgust had considerable lessened, so much so that on the Saturday she found herself watching out of her front window to see if Gary took his usual run. It was a dismal day, the sort that normally de­pressed her, but she brightened when, after a time, she saw him in his running gear heading out into the rain for a morning jog. She did not envy him; run­ning had not been her thing since school, though she had actually been quite good: no, nowadays the gym for exercise at lunchtimes was her routine. Judith did, though, admire the figure in the running gear and was careful to keep an eye out for his return. She met him on the landing outside his flat; actually by design but giving every appearance of it being accidental as if she was just going down the stairs to go out; he was soaked but clearly not at all cold, in­deed clutched in his hand was a nearly empty water bottle.

“Hallo,” she said, “good run?”

“Oh, hallo Judith, yes I… blast I’ve left my key down there in the front door, ‘scuse.”

And, placing his water bottle on the banister by his flat, went running back down the stairs. The opportunity was too good to miss and Judith ditched her plan of asking him to go and get a paper from the corner shop for her as it was raining before inviting him for coffee and, instead, had the top of the water bottle unscrewed and a pill dropped in within seconds.

There was a pounding on the stairs and Gary was back. He seemed sur­prised to see Judith still there.

“You must get really hot running—even in the rain?”

Gary agreed and took a swig from the bottle.

“I used to run,” she went on as Gary took a further swig, “but never car­ried a water bottle.”

“It’s important,” replied Gary and he went on to explain why and in the process, finished his water.

“Look I must go for a shower, good talking to you.”

Judith was not sure how long the pill took to have effect. She had to keep him talking.

“Well I hope your shower works better than mine. Mine is either too hot or too cold, I think it’s broken.”

Gary was caught between the desire to have his shower and get on with the morning and his natural instinct to show off to a woman, even a middle aged woman like Judith, to show he could either fix it or (more likely) she had got it all wrong anyway.

“Shall I have a look?”

Of course there was very little wrong with Judith’s shower.

“I expect you are turning the hot or cold tap on too much, you’d be better with a proper thermostatic mixer like mine.”

It was Gary’s mistake, he gave Judith the opportunity to ask to be shown and so she found herself in Gary’s flat, in the very bathroom, indeed at the shower cubicle where she had seen him naked through the window, naked with his big erection.

Judith was sure the pill would be having its effect by then, if it was going to work at all—certainly it had worked on Keith.

“What a lovely bathroom, Gary, and what a big shower. It is deep isn’t it? I suppose that means you don’t need to have a door or a shower curtain. Such bothersome things, if you don’t dry them out they get mouldy. That looks com­plicated. I don’t think I could work that. How does it work? Oh you’d better take off your running shoes before you get into the cubicle, you’ll make it all muddy and take off your socks as well or they will get wet… or should I say wet­ter!”

Judith was pleased to see Gary complying, was that the pill or just taking her instruction as commonsense advice? Gary turned on the shower and ex­plained.

Judith said, “I’m sorry I can’t quite see, you’re in the way, it’d be so much easier if you were further into the shower. Get in please.”

Gary stepped under the water and stood to the side so she could see. It didn’t matter to him getting his running gear wet in the shower; it was already wet and was destined for the washing machine.

Judith saw herself as so close and risked a big jump, “Now that’s plain silly! No one showers in their clothes, if you’re going to show me, show me properly. Come on and get those wet running things off now.”

Gary’s hand went to his shirt. It looked like the incredible pill was work­ing. There was, though, a bit of a hesitation.

“Go on. It’s not as if I haven’t seen a naked young man Escort bayan before.” It was a risk, Gary could have told her where to go: but he didn’t, he did what he was told.

“You’re quite right Judith, what was I thinking of?” And with that he pulled off his shirt.

Judith smiled, the pill had worked! Now to see those shorts come off.

Gary’s hand went to the waistband and undid the shorts and slipped them down his legs leaving him in just a jock strap. Judith thought he looked good in just that but was not unhappy when that too came off and there he was—Gary the naked male covered, as she recalled, quite remarkably in dark hair; Judith took in his hairy arms, his hairy chest, his tight buttocks with a sprinkling of dark hairs and, of course, his penis hanging against his testicles in its nest of dark, dark hair. The water was running over him, running every­where and Judith was not really listening to what he was saying about the shower instead she was ogling his body.

“I’m sorry Gary; I really don’t understand what you are talking about. Let me get in with you and I’m sure it’ll be much clearer if I’ve got my hands on it.”

“No, no you don’t need to do that. You’ll get all wet.” Gary was panicking.

Judith thought Gary was probably a little late in that remark, she was al­ready getting wet.

“Yes I do, Gary, you’d rather I did that.” Judith was firm; she did not want this going wrong.

“Well, I suppose it’d be easier.” Despite his acceptance of the logic he stood there with his mouth open as Judith began to remove her clothes.

She did it carefully, not overtly as a strip tease but certainly not quickly as she would do undressing for bed. She wished to elicit a response, so the re­moval of her bra was not casual and quick but with a slight pause just before the display of her breasts, a slight hesitation to perhaps excite Gary, give his mind time to imagine what he would see—to will her on. The breasts spilled out of her bra cups and she let the bra drop to the floor. Judith knew her breasts would impress, they were ample; she was careful to let them sway, in­deed jiggle as she straightened up. She looked at Gary, was there a response, perhaps just a twitch? She took a step towards the shower clad only in her panties. Judith had his attention, “Should I… perhaps it would be better if I left these on,” she paused as if thinking as Gary stared at them, “no, no they will only get wet.” Slowly she rolled them down her thighs revealing to Gary her generous and rather unruly bush. His interest was evident, a movement, a thickening and a worried glance downwards and then Judith was with him under the shower. Two bodies in the warm falling water.

“Now, explain again.”

There Gary was, trying to explain and indicate with his hands despite the presence of Judith’s ample breasts inches from both the shower controls and his hands. Worse, for him, as Judith moved to try the controls, one of her breasts brushed against his arm, he could feel the nipple, and a thigh lightly touched his thigh. He simply could not ignore the presence of a naked rather voluptuous woman there in the shower with him, talking away, asking ques­tions and with that breast lightly bouncing against his arm.

Judith turned the control and all of a sudden the water was very cold. Im­mediately she turned it back again, “Sorry, just getting the hang of this. That was a bit of a shock, a cold shower; but, perhaps, you needed that!” She glanced downwards significantly and Gary was all mortification.

“Sorry I don’t know, I mean, I can’t help it.” His penis was no longer limp or even just a little full; it had risen past the horizontal and was moving to the vertical.

“Boys will be boys,” laughed Judith, “completely involuntary I know; it doesn’t bother me; seen it all before. Thank you for showing me… the shower. I suppose I’d better be going but before you show me out, you’d better finish your shower; silly not too now you’re in here. I’ll wash you down after your run, least I can do after you have been so helpful. Nice and warm this water. Where’s the soap?”

And before Gary knew what was happening Judith had begun to wash his chest, her hands weaving a soapy trail through the curly dark hair, rubbing over his nipples—hard from the running and Bayan escort cold rain—and down to slide over the black fine hairs running in a band across his stomach, sliding to inch­es from the rounded head of his cock which was now fully engorged. Judith’s hands gently pulled him around so his back was to her, and invisible hands commenced on his back, soaping his shoulders and then the small of his back before rubbing lower and lower to the base of his spine. Then Judith turned him again towards her and she bent down to wash first one foot then the other, lifting them in turn, her large breasts wobbling; before beginning to soap his legs below the knee.

Why was she doing this, why couldn’t he stop her, how had it come to this point? “Judith, really there is no need I can do the rest.”

“Yes, I’m sure you can, if you want, but I’d better shampoo your hair.”

Judith rose and reached for the shampoo. “You’re a bit tall for me. Kneel down.”

And of course he did and found himself having his head lathered with shampoo whilst right in front of him was Judith’s luxuriant brown bush; it was just below eye level, inches from his face and had water, and indeed shampoo from his own head, cascading through it. Judith rubbed hard and before Gary could stop himself he found his face pressed right into her stomach just above her pubic hair as she rubbed away at the back of his head massaging in the shampoo.

“Judith, I…” he spluttered.

“Where’s the conditioner? Ah yes.”

And Judith carried on, seemingly unaware of Gary’s concern, until she had rinsed his hair and got him to stand again.

“Nearly done,” she said and, before he could stop her, she in turn had crouched down and was lathering his upper thighs; hands moving up each thigh in turn almost to his crotch.

“Look I can do the rest,” he said, bending to try and take the soap from Ju­dith. A mistake for as he bent his cock managed to touch Judith’s cheek, he felt the contact and looking to see what he had touched met Judith’s eyes looking up at him. “Sorry,” he said in confusion.

“Silly thing,” said Judith and her soapy hands were upon it, washing it; one hand on his balls and the base of his penis, holding him steady, the other sliding soapily up his cock. “Your penis is very firm,” said Judith, “I don’t mean to be stating the obvious. Yes it’s hard, erect if you like but what I’m say­ing is it stands so upright, so firmly against your chest rather than pointing away—like most do.”

Gary was aghast, she was discussing his penis, his own erection in such a matter of fact tone and all the time holding it, soaping it; not in a sexual way but nonetheless handling it; this big breasted women with her very feminine body had his sensitive penis clutched in her hand and that was sending very pleasant sensations to his brain, sensations which were undoubtedly sexual to him.

Judith was over the moon; she had one hand grasping Gary’s shaft whilst the other lathered his balls. It was so exciting, so very enjoyable to now have this young man to herself; this young man she had played ‘peeping Tom’ with and whose ‘package’ she now held in her hand. Judith reached between his legs to wash his bottom, moving fingers up the crack; not even leaving his bot­tom hole alone.

Gary stared in mingled pleasure and disbelief at Judith’s face inches from his cock, her hands on it, and the soap running down. Into his mind came the idea of pushing his hips forward a tad and letting the dome of his penis brush Judith’s lips. What was he thinking of? Imagining his middle aged next door neighbour, whom he hardly knew, blowing him off in his shower with his girl­friend due at the front door any moment? He must be mad; the situation was mad; how had it happened?

Judith, for her part, was delighted. She had Gary’s penis in her hand, the one she had seen through the window and in the very shower she had seen him naked. It was what she had been wanting to do but what to do next?

She continued, “It’s so hard against you, like it wants to make love to your tummy button.” Soapy hand on the head she pulled it away from Gary’s tummy until it was at forty-five degrees before letting go. It slapped back against Gary’s stomach.

“Wow,” exclaimed Judith with a giggle, “you can actually hear the slap.” Escort She did it again, seeing how far down she could pull it before releasing. The slap was even more distinct as the penis flipped up against Gary’s stomach. “Impressive, Gary, I expect your girlfriend has a lot of fun with that but, come on, you give me a quick wash and then I can get back to my flat. I’ve things to do.”

Judith stood up and her hands left Gary’s body. She stood there apparent­ly unconcerned, disinterested even, as if there was nothing unusual at being naked in her neighbour’s shower, a neighbour who was a young man who hap­pened to be both naked and erect.

“Er, yes, right.” And he picked up the soap and began to wash Judith in turn. Soapy hands running across naked female flesh. Despite trying to avoid the more obviously sexual bits, that did nothing to lessen his erection and when he came to Judith’s boobs he was torn between trying to be perfunctory and spending a little time enjoying the feel and the weight of her impressive breasts in his hands. It was hard not to pay especial attention to her large brown areolae and standing nipples. Worse was soaping her ample rounded bottom and the realisation about what came next.

“You do the last bit,” he said.

“Don’t be silly, haven’t you ever washed a woman down there, well it’s time you learnt and it’s not as easy in a shower as a bath. Look—like this.” And Judith took his hand and showed him and it all took much longer than if he had just got on and done it himself. Judith pushing his fingers where they should not be, right to her most intimate places but all so matter of fact. “There you are, Gary, you teach me about plumbing—I teach you about wash­ing. A fair exchange. Now where are the towels?”

It was not much better for Gary as they towelled dry, he could not easily avoid watching Judith’s body and her jiggling breasts as she moved the towel around. It did nothing to lessen his erection.

Judith was about to pick her clothes up when she appeared to notice again Gary’s erection, “You need to do something about that.” And, as if on cue, there was the sound of the front door being opened with keys rattling.

Gary looked for a moment like a rabbit caught in the headlights, “My girl­friend,” he whispered and quietly moved the bolt on the bathroom door into position, “what do I say?”

“Hi Lou,” he called in a voice not as strong as usual, “I’m taking a show­er.”

“Oh goody,” said a girl’s voice from outside the door, “have I arrived at just the right moment. Don’t dress,” there was a giggle, “Miss Pond, the Farmer’s daughter needs a visit from Mr Standfast, the Plumber, with his plunger! I’ll be in the bedroom.”

Judith smiled at the silly talk, the talk of lovers, private and personal.

“What shall I do?” whispered Gary still looking like the rabbit.

“Well I suggest you take your plunger,” she spoke quietly as her hand pat­ted the still firmly erect cock, “and go fuck her. It’s been looking like that is what you have been needing for the last twenty minutes and Lou has said she does too. I’ll slip out whilst you are busy. Saves explanations.”

It would of course, not really be an easy explanation to make but Judith said it as if there would actually be no difficulty at all, so very matter of fact.

Judith was in reality rather cross at the interruption but it was perhaps just as well, it might be unwise to take things too far with just one pill notwith­standing she was desperate to try Gary’s cock between her legs.

She had, though, something else to whisper, “Gary, thank you for showing me the shower and, now we’ve showered together, you will think nothing about being naked with me in the future. It won’t worry you at all, it won’t worry you we’ve been showering together, indeed you’ll want to expose your­self to me, want to show me your hard cock in the future, it’s something which will keep coming into your mind, a growing desire. You understand?”

Gary said he did.

“Off you go and fuck.” Judith patted his naked bottom as he left the bath­room still with his erect cock seemingly glued to his navel; she smiled to her­self and then turned to dress.

Tip toeing out of the flat she paused at the sound of lovemaking coming from the bedroom. She was almost tempted to peep but the risk was far too great. It was a pity she had been interrupted by Lou’s arrival but it was only an interruption; things were going very well and the likelihood of enjoying the attentions of either Gary or Keith seemed very likely or, even, enjoying both together — now that was an idea!

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