Taming a Bitch and Beyond Ch. 04

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There are weeks one giddily looks forward too, and then there are such weeks that reality turns sideways. Such was the start of my week. The first two days involved eighteen hour marathons as the algorithm in the retinal scan had some kinks which resulted in false data being reported. Knowing something is wrong and figuring out what portion of a program is generating the errors are very different tasks. Perhaps the only good thing was that Katie’s work load had also jumped. Our interactions were limited to a short kiss as one of us stumbled or rose from our bed.

On Wednesday, I pulled back from the programming problem and dumped it on three of our top people. Gloria was keeping the same hours, but seemed more strained by the lack of sleep and a few times snapped at me and others in the group. She later apologized, however, it did remind me her old self wasn’t too far beneath her skin and she had some learning to do. In the afternoon, I stepped out for a coffee break and scripted her a quick note reminding her not to wear any undergarments and requesting an update on her assignments. At home that evening, I reviewed her response.


Damn, I thought. The real Gloria has stood up. I had to admit, I was surprised by her attitude. When Katie returned home I showed her the reply. She seemed to take it personally and was a bit hurt.

“I can’t believe she’d say that about us. Believe we all seduced one another, but she makes it sound like she just did it for work and received no enjoyment out of it. Don’t think I want anything to do with her. Shit! Wish we’d never divulged anything to her about our private lives to her,” Katie commented after reviewing the response.

I wrapped my arms around my wife and gave her a hug. “Honey, she’s not in control. We are.”

“This isn’t a game. Why don’t you just stop this entire thing? I don’t like what it’s showing us,” Katie shot back.

“Remember Gloria did disclose a good deal of information about herself to us also. In her defense, she is probably scared about losing her job or worse. I can set her straight.”

“Shit, I’m not sure if I even want to know,” Katie answered.

“Actually, my love. I think I’d like your assistance.”

“What now?”

I divulged to my wife a simple fun plan. She thought it was a bit much, but eventually did come around and agreed to her and my part. Additionally, she admitted it would let Gloria know who was in charge, yet that we’d still welcome her with open arms. So I returned to the computer and sent Gloria a few instructions.



We retired to bed and talked about our roles and what we anticipated. At one point both of us started laughing about our plans. They were brazen, and also erotically charged. The night ended with a short quick romp and what felt like minutes later our alarm went off. We stumbled out of bed, showered and started to prepare for the day’s events.

I was mostly dressed, and Katie had on her panties and bra when our doorbell rang. It was rather odd to have such an early morning call. I walked to the door and peeked out. There stood Anna, with a smile and in an interesting robe. I opened the door and greeted her, “Good morning young lady. Please come in. And what the hell are you doing?” I asked. She was in a sky blue sheer robe, with nothing underneath.

Anna walked in and I gave her a friendly hug. “What kind of hug is that?” she asked and pulled me in for a second hug, but this one involved into a deep kiss and some erotic grinding of her crotch into my loins. “Is your gorgeous wife here? I’ve some news I’d like to share with you two.”

“We’re just getting ready for work. She’s in our restroom putting on her make-up,” I answered. “Believe you know where it’s located.”

“Come on. The news is for both of you.” Anna grabbed my hand and walked me back to Katie. Once in the restroom she bid Katie good morning and made an announcement. “You two are looking at a free sexually hungry young lady. Last night, someone moved out as he decided to return to Denver. I’m staying put and was hoping I could convince you to visit my abode and celebrate with me. Looks like your heading off to work, but thought a little fun tempting wouldn’t hurt.” She twirled around in her high heels and tossed off her robe. She raised her arms upwards and asked, “Do you like?”

“Wow. Are you hurt, happy or unsure with this change?” Katie asked with a concerned look Escort bayan in her eyes.

“Ahhh, honestly? It did hurt. There are tons of good things about him, it’s just that when I boiled down our relationship he has all the qualities of a good friend, not a lover, boyfriend or partner. So it is a bummer to have a best friend move away and to do so under nonideal conditions. Lots of tears have fallen. On the flip side, I feel giddy with freedom. I can have you two over whenever and I no longer have to rush back home so my time is accounted for even though he was gone. So this morning, I thought we should celebrate with a day of sex. I can be your sex doll or whatever,” Anna advised.

I started to laugh, and added “Life is a bitch. I do feel tempted, and any chance a raincheck can be had?”

“Ohh, poor girl,” Katie replied. She brought her in for a long hug. Damn, they looked hot together. “Maybe we can do dinner tonight?” Katie asked looking from Anna then to me. I gave her a crazy-eyed look, but shook my head affirmatively.

“It might be late. There are a few project meetings I’ve set up that will probably run late. How about take out?” I asked.

“Perfect. Dinner at my place. Say eightish?” Anna asked. “I’ll prepare the meal. See if I can surprise you two. Oh, and it was damn fun walking down the hall in my little outfit. Unfortunately, I didn’t run into a sole. Do you mind if I steal a kiss goodbye from you two?”

Katie looked at me, shot me a questioning smile, and pulled Anna in for a kiss. She puckered up her lips, but it was clear Anna had a bit more on her mind. Anna gave her a peck, then another and then a kiss with open lips. It didn’t take much enticement for Katie to reciprocate the attention. Tongues wiggled seductively, and soon Anna’s hands were dancing into Katie’s panties and obviously teasing Katie’s pussy. After a few minutes, Katie pulled back. “I have to stop. I just can’t miss school and shit you already have my mind going places it shouldn’t.” She looked desirous and horny.

“My turn?” I asked. “Just a quick kiss and then we have to shove off for work.” Anna presented herself to me and we made out. Rather quickly, she had a hand down my pants and around my shaft. I teased her pussy and clit for a moment before picking her up by her ass and carrying her to our bed as our kiss continued. While walking she curled her legs around my hips, so when I laid her down, I was also laying down, except on top of her naked lithe body. Briefly, I broke our kiss and ground my cock into her mound. I pulled away, just for a second, to yank down my zipper and pull out my dick. “This is to give you something to think about until dinner time,” I stated and in one motion buried my dick in her little pussy.

“Do you like how it feels?” I asked after a couple of strokes.

“Yes, it feels nice. I just keep thinking about having sex with you two. I want to pleasure the both of you,” Anna replied as she started to match my thrusts.

I grabbed her legs and pulled them up high so her feet were above her head, and pulled her legs apart, as I did so I thrust my cock into her as deep as possible and held still. “Do you feel me deep in your pussy?”

“Yes, it’s so pleasurable. Are you going to cum in my little Japanese pussy?”

I responded by slamming into her as hard as possible then withdrew and stood up. “Yes, but not until tonight. I just wanted you to have a little something to think about for the remainder of the day. You better go now. Don’t want to make us late.” I bent down and handed Anna her robe and returned to the restroom.

“You’re such a bastard!” Anna shouted out with a laugh as I retreated. “I’ll have none of that tonight.” She slipped back into her robe and Katie, who had been standing watching us, walked her to the door.

When Katie returned from escorting Anna out she had a broad grin. “Shit, that was funny. Miss Anna got to show off her hot little body. Just not sure if she appreciated the opportunity,” Katie informed me.

“What happened?”

“I said goodbye, let her know we were all looking forward to our evening and she walked away. Our door was almost shut when I noticed a delivery person walking towards her and he certainly caught an eye full,” Katie answered with a laugh.

“Shit. She’s so horny she might fuck him. A little morning sunshine for the both of them,” I added.

“Oh, honey. I don’t think so. He looked like he was about 300 pounds. I’m sure our little Anna was mortified, but it probably did make his day.”

“Shit, that is funny,”

“And thank you for that little visual candy on the bed. Just what I needed after Anna’s kisses. It’s going to be a distracting morning. No more of those demonstrations just before I leave for work,” Katie instructed.

“No worries. I’ll be on my best behavior from now on. I apologize,” I answered as I took Katie in my arms and gave her a hug, followed by a deep kiss during which I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She tried to pull away which added to my motivation. Bayan escort Ultimately, she opened her mouth and returned my kiss. I took the opportunity to push my fingers up against her panties and push the material up into her vagina.

“Ah, no honey. We can’t,” Katie mouthed back between our kiss. She placed one hand on my wrist, but made no attempt to move it away. I pushed the thin fabric up deep into her folds causing it to quickly dampen. Our kissing became more heated, my fingers pulled aside her silk panties and easily I pressed my thumb up into her. “Shit!” was Katie’s only response. With my other hand, I unbuckled my slacks and pushed them down enough so my dick sprang free.

“Do you want me to put this in you like I did with Anna?” I asked my wife.

“Oh, you are evil. No. I can’t,” Katie whispered to me while mauling my lips and faces with wet kisses. I pulled my thumb out of her and used it instead to trace slow firm circles around her clit. We were leaning against our bathroom doorway, and with my left hand I grabbed her right leg and pulled it up high until her ankle was resting on my shoulder. I guided the tip of my shaft to her pussy, pushed her panties out of the way and placed the tip of my cock at her entrance.

“Do you want me in you my love?”

“God damn you,” Katie replied and inched her pussy forward to engulf a bit more of my cock. “I’ll be a wreck at the labs. Horny as hell and wanting to screw every decent looking person,” she whispered into my ear. I pushed my cock head into her, and again teased her clit. “Ohhh, just fuck me!” Katie spit out.

I shoved my dick slowly into her until my belly was pressed up against hers. “Do you like how that feels?”

“Yes. Please fuck me. Let’s just stay home and fuck. We can have Anna come back. You can fuck us all day,” Katie pleaded while trying to hump my dick.

“Are you horny?” I asked.

“Jesus, yes. Please fuck me honey,” Katie pleaded.

I pulled away and her leg fell from my shoulder and freed my cock of her love tunnel. “Take off your panties and bend over,” I requested. Quickly Katie complied, bending at the waist, while keeping her legs straight. With my hands on her hips, I pushed my cock back into her pussy and started to stroke in and out. “I’m going to stop soon. Thought you’d like knowing how Anna feels. No panties or bra at work today. Tonight, I’m going to ravish you.”

“Please, babe, please. Don’t stop. I need you to fuck my pussy,” Katie begged as I pulled away.

“Stand up. We need to hurry as we already are a bit late,” I encouraged my wife as I reentered our bedroom, finished dressing and placed a Viagra into my pocket. If events proceeded as anticipated, I’d need it for the evening and night. Katie gave me a nasty look, and stepped into her conservative almost knee length dress, put on a blouse and suit coat which fairly effectively hid her nipples.

We walked out into the kitchen and gulped down a quick cup of coffee. She had a mean glean in her eye. “Anna was right, you are a bastard! I should just stay and visit with Anna.”

“Taking a day off? You don’t get many vacation days,” I replied, to which Katie shot me a ‘fuck you’ look. Can’t say I didn’t deserve it. So I walked up to her and gave her a hug and kiss. “I love you crazily my love,” I stated and gave her another peck. “Are you really really horny now?”

“Yes, asshole,” Katie responded quickly.

“Are you going to be thinking about cocks and pussy all day my love?”

“Ughhh. You are impossible,” she replied and so I gave her a little kiss, then pulled her close again and kissed her softly with an open mouth.

“I love knowing you are horny and thinking nasty thoughts.” This was followed with more kisses which Katie now returned. For twenty seconds we softly kissed one another while staring into each other’s eyes. I took the initiative and gave her a seductive kiss, teasing her lips with my tongue, withdrawing it and then slowly probing beyond her lips with my tongue. Given her state it was enough to draw a few raspy breaths from her. “You look so horny. I can see in your eyes you want to fuck me,” I whispered to her and once again teased her with another sexually calling kiss.

“God damn you. I’m going to be fantasizing all day now. You better be ready to fuck me the minute we are alone,” Katie breathed into my ear. “This is an uncomfortable horny.”

“Should I prepare a little hit for you? Something to ease your nerves?” I asked.

“No! At this stage I would ask strangers to fuck me or see if a construction crew was up for a gangbang.”

I kissed her again and asked, “Should I buy a chastity belt for my wife?” I reached under her skirt and pinched her pussy lips closed. She didn’t answer so I kissed her again. “Do we need to lock up your pussy to make sure random tongues or cocks don’t penetrate your juicy pussy?” I asked as I released her pussy and penetrated it with several of my fingers.

“No. Fuck honey, fuck. Please stop,” Katie begged. Slowly Escort I withdrew my fingers and pulled them up for my wife to suck clean.

“Let’s go. We are late and you’ve created an uncomfortable bulge in my pants.” I opened the door and waited for my red faced wife to exit. She again shot me a nasty look as she walked out. While waiting for the elevator, I asked if she’d have an uplifting morning or still felt tired. Katie didn’t answer.

In the elevator, I pulled the stop button and Katie shot me a questioning look. “Honey, do you remember our rules?”

“Yes,” Katie answered.

“Do you remember the rule about making yourself available to me?” I asked.

“Yes. I have,” she replied in a puzzled voice.

“Turn around, spread your legs and bend over,” I ordered. She complied. “Now, lift your dress and show me your pussy.” Katie pulled up her dress and her sweet soaked pussy stuck out as though it was desperate for attention. “Do you remember what this position communicates to a man?”


“What does it mean?” I inquired.

“It’s an invitation to fuck her,” Katie answered slowly.

“Thank you, I thought you’d never ask,” I retorted and slowly unzipped my pants and freed my cock. “I just want to feel one more time how glorious my cock feels inside your soaked pussy before we part.” I approached her, but first rubbed my fingers up, down and into her pussy and spread her juices all across her ass and inner thighs. Slowly, I eased my dick into her folds. When I bottomed out I held still, “This is the feeling I’m going to remember and think about today. You remember it too.”

“I will,” my wife answered. I dislodged, pulled her skirt down, spun her around and gave her a fat kiss. “Before you got to our garage to watch I want you to buy a new toy and use it while watching me. Until then, can you promise me you won’t touch your pussy?”

“I’ll try honey,” Katie responded, then added “you put me in some almost impossible situations.” The stop button was released and thirty seconds later we headed off in different directions with very naughty visions dancing through each of our heads.

The office wasn’t so cheerful. Long hours and continued problems don’t create a fun upbeat environment, but such is life at times. The playground injury assessment project was also suffering from a few setbacks. I spent the first five hours meeting with different employees from both problematic projects gathering data about what they knew, didn’t know and what they could do to rectify the various problems. The next two hours, I meant with a few of the owners and provided them with updates, possible solutions and timelines. It wasn’t very relaxing.

At three, the bio-encryption team and the owners held a large group meeting which Gloria and I served as joint moderators. Essentially, the owners wanted a face to face with the team members working on some of the more significant problems and to have eye-to-eye contact with the same employees when deadlines were set.

Once this was completed, the owners went over their financial commitments, potential revenue and contract losses if there were further delays. It was a poor way to create pressure in my mind so I offered an alternative means to motivate teams: provide incentives for timely or early resolution, including financial rewards and time off given due to the extra time the staff had already sunk into trying to create a fix.

The suggestion received favorable nods, but Gloria cut in and stated she adamantly disagreed. She explained, “If employees can’t be counted on they should be let go. The company is responsible for fulfilling its contractual obligations and suffers the consequences if it breaches the deal. Why should contractual obligations with employees be handled any differently? If a team fails, there should be consequences as they failed to satisfy their employment obligations.”

The room fell silent. I had to fight back a smirk. What an ass I was. The idea wasn’t horrible for someone that was probably high as hell, but sure as hell didn’t take into account our programmers were good, very difficult to find and could easily earn the same amount or more money at other jobs. If you removed a few of our tech people we’d fall months behind.

I had to respond. First I took two steps towards the center of the room, then stated in a loud voice, “That would be a disaster and possible the unfolding of this company.”

There was more silence, then one of the owner’s spoke up, “Thanks Gloria. Such a move would cut sharply against our company’s policies and philosophy. We appreciate everyone’s hard work and it will not go without compensation. Tomorrow at the owner’s meeting we will discuss incentives and circulate our decision before the weekend. Ok, let’s get back to work and hope we have some unanticipated positive results. I hate work weekends just as much as all of you.”

The group piled out of the large room and several of my co-workers let me know they thought little of Gloria except she was a big-time brown-noser. Not a one had mentioned her still visible nipples in a couple of days, and there was obvious disdain for her. I almost felt bad for her, but reread in my mind her review of the time she spent with Katie and I. Yet, wasn’t I being the ultimate manipulator.

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