Joanie’s Journal of Exhibition Ch. 02

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I hope you enjoyed reading part 1 of my journal. If you haven’t read part 1, I suggest you read it first as reading part 2 makes no sense if you haven’t read the first part of my journal. If you have read part one, thanks you for reading it and wanting to continue reading the second part of my three part journal.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nothing special happened the past two weeks. I work a bra to work every day and panties every day except today. Today I wore some new tight stretch pants and wearing panties would have left panty lines so I went commando and I like how I look in them.

It rained all last weekend so I didn’t get to wear my bikini to get some sun. What Adam doesn’t know is that I ordered me a couple ‘Wicked Weasel’ bikinis on-line the other night. They are both G-strings and see-thru, one is sheer black mesh and the other is sheer yellow mesh. I don’t know where or when I will surprise Adam with them but you know I will.

Adam called me at work today and told me had a surprise for me tonight and for me to get dressed up real sexy for tonight. He didn’t say where we were going but that it involved dinner and dancing out of town. I really didn’t have any real sexy dresses at home so I asked to leave work a little early so I could go shopping. I found a daring white deep plunge chiffon halter dress that fit me perfectly. It is completely backless to just below my waist and plunges in the front to my belly-button. It’s not that short though; it rides just a couple inches above my knees but the skirt flares way out. When I got home I put it on again this time with nothing under it and spun around in front of the mirror. It flared out all the way to my ass. I didn’t think I would ever be turning any high-speed spins so it would be safe to go pantiless under it tonight.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I was dressed in my new white dress when Adam got home yesterday afternoon and he just loved it. He went to take a quick shower and shave and in 30 minutes he was dressed and we were on our way to of all places, a little town called ‘Palatka’. They have this nice seafood and steak restaurant right on the river over there and the food was excellent! I’ve noticed it when we drove by it on our way to the beach but never thought of going there. I now want to go there often. After eating I heard music from outside, they have a bandstand behind the restaurant right on the riverbank, with a large dance floor and seating around it so you can eat and drink while listening to the band and watching the dancing.

It was still warm outside so I wouldn’t be cold in my summery dress but the wind was blowing across the river and up the bank. I wasn’t expecting an updraft wind and was on the dance floor with Adam when a strong updraft lifted my dress up to my waist. I pushed the dress down quickly and Adam looked at me and asked if I was wearing underwear. I shook my head and he smiled and took my hands tight in his and started to dance again. I said, “Adam, whit you holding my hands tight like this, the wind might blow my dress up again and people might my see my ass and pussy.”

He just smiled at me and said, “Yea, wouldn’t that be just terrible. Who knows, maybe more than just one person might see that beautiful ass of yours this time? I really don’t think anyone would complain about a beautiful woman’s ass being exposed by the wind. I know Jamie didn’t mind seeing it. He told me to tell you that you are real pretty.”

About that time another gut blew my dress up a little bit, Adam gripped my hands a bit tighter making sure I couldn’t reach down and push it down. So, he wants me to show off again does he? I don’t know why but when Adam takes control like this, I can’t say no. So if he wants me to let my ass show, I’ll let it. There were a bunch of small gust blowing through but none as big as that first one. None of them did more than show a lot of leg but they kept teasing me with exposure. I was actually hoping a big one would come along and lift my dress right up over my head but I was beginning to think that wasn’t going to happen. Then off in the distance I heard a rumble of thunder. I told Adam I think it might rain soon and I didn’t want to get my new dress wet. He agreed but he thought we had about half an hour before it started. So we kept dancing then there was a bright flash of lightening in the sky and a very strong gust of wind that lasted at least 10 seconds. My dress did blow up over my head. Adam got his wish; his wife was exposed from her waist down to almost 75 people for a few seconds until we both were able to get my dress back down. We made a quick dash for my car after that and made it just before the bottom fell out. We both agreed that this exposure was by far the best one I have had to this date and that one we would like to try to duplicate again one day if possible.

That was last night and we still talked about it over breakfast this morning. I had no idea that sudden unexpected exposure could cause such a rush. I was on a sexual high Escort bayan all the way home. I couldn’t wait to get home, out of this dress, into bed, and get Adam inside me.

Adam said he needed to go to ‘Home Depot’ again to pick up some nails and screws and wanted to know if I wanted to come along again since I said I enjoyed my last trip there. I told him I would love to go and have fun again and if he had any idea what he wanted me to wear. He said, “Well, you could wear just your bikini but I think that would be too obvious. Maybe your short tank-top and booty shorts, nah, someone might complain about those shorts. Hey yea! How about the short tank-top and those tight orange ‘Gator’ shorts, now that would be nice.” I smile and kissed his cheek and ran to the bedroom to put on what he asked for. I never thought I would be willing to wear those tight little orange short-shorts in public and now I am looking forward to wearing them and without panties too! I wiggled into them and looked into the mirror as I bent over in them. Damn, they show almost as much ass-cheek as my cut-offs and these are low-rise as where my jeans aren’t. I was going to have fun in these. I quickly found my cut-off tank-top and put it on and looked in the mirror again and decided I could get away with cutting another inch or so off the bottom of the shirt, so I got out my scissors and quickly cut off about two inches. I put it back on and looked again. It came to rest about an inch below the bottom of my breast. It was close but I thought I could get away with it.

When I got to Adam I said, “You know, the only time I have worn less clothing in public is my bikini. I might be pushing the limits in this get-up but I’m happy and willing to wear it for you because I know you will be one horny horn-dog when we get home and you know I like it when you shove that hard cock of yours deep into me.”

I slipped some flip-flops on and off we went. I sat next to him in his pick-up and turned and hugged him as he drove. My hand automatically dropped to his crotch. I absentmindedly stroked his bulge as he drove. I could tell he had no underwear on again. As long as I have known him, he has never liked to wear underwear on weekends. He told me once; he likes to let the boys hang free on weekends. When we got to ‘Home Depot’ he pointed to his hard-on and said, “You don’t expect me to walk around the store like this do you? I think you need to help me out here.”

I told him I would be happy to. I unzipped his shorts, not even looking at where he had parked in the parking lot, and bent over engulfing him. In two or three minutes he erupted in my mouth and I happily swallowed his load. I was now horny, having just sucked him off in broad daylight in the middle of a busy parking lot. My nipples were hard under my little shirt and knowing that people were soon going to be seeing my hard nipples was just making me hornier. When I got out of the truck, Adam asked me to come over to him. I did and when I reached him, he leaned in and kissed me while reaching under my shirt and playing with my tit. He said he didn’t remember the shirt being that short. I told him it wasn’t and that I had cut off a couple more inches just before we left the house. He smiled and gave me another kiss and tit squeeze.

He took my hand led me towards the store. One the way there we passed a couple men, with a lot of lumber, behind their truck who stopped and watched me as we passed. I couldn’t resist give my ass a little extra wiggle. I swear, it seemed like every male in that store stopped and looked at my hard nipples that were now just barely covered. I didn’t know at the time but Adam told me later that when he had his hand under my top in the parking lot, the shirt didn’t completely come back down when he removed it. My right nipple was covered but the bottom of my breast wasn’t and he didn’t even notice until we had been inside the store for a couple minutes. That was when he pulled it down for me. That was when I found out people were looking at more than my hard nipples.

Adam put his hands under my top a couple more times and played with my tits while we were there and when there wasn’t anyone around and I made no attempt to stop him. I’ve always enjoyed Adam playing with my tits and found I also like having him play with in public. The trill of possibly getting caught makes it more exciting. Both times he made sure my top was pulled back down. After he had found the screws and nails he wanted, I told him that if he wanted to play with my tits in front of someone it was all right with me and if my top didn’t come all the way back down not to worry about it. I was beginning to like the idea of a tit hanging out as I walked around in public.

Well, after I told him that, he looked around a corner and told me three men were approaching and if I really wanted to get caught have my tits played with. I told him I did, so he lifted up one side of my shirt completely baring at tit and cupped it with one hand as he Bayan escort kissed me. Just then the three men walked around the corner and stopped. Adam stopped kissing me and stood up straight and let go of my tit said, “Opps, sorry!” The shirt did not come down as anticipated. My left tit was uncovered and being looked at by three sets of eyes. Adam took my hand and we walked away, the shirt slipped down but stopped as it hung up on my hard nipple. We made it almost to the register, passing a couple more men and one lady, before it slipped the rest of the way down.

I noticed my breathing was more rapid than normal as we headed back to Adam’s truck. Those men we pasted on the way in had just finished loading all their lumber into the back of their truck as we approached them again. Then Adam surprised me again when he reached over with his free hand and lifted the front of my shirt showing those two men my tits. I just looked at them and kept walking.

Once we reached the truck, Adam unlocked the door and tossed in his purchase and then reached for the bottom of my shirt. I thought he was going to play with my tits again which would have been fine with me, but instead he pulled my top all the way off, while I was still outside the truck, and tossed in in the truck and then told me to climb in. If he wanted me to ride home topless in the daytime, fine. I was more than willing to do it. My first ride in his truck topless was a couple weeks ago on the way back home from the beach but that was at night, not really daring. But this was way out there, it was still daylight and his truck windows are not tinted.

I was all over him as soon as he closed his door. I wanted to suck him off right there again but he said “No. I have another idea.” He started the truck and started driving and then stopped at the far edge of the parking lot. Then he told me to slide over and get out of those shorts. I did as he was pulling his shorts down. He slid to the center of the truck seat and had me straddle him. We had sex outside of the house for the first time since we were married, except for in the hotel during our honeymoon, and this was in a public area too! It didn’t take long for either one of us to cum. I put Adam’s t-shirt on the seat to keep me from draining all over it as I cleaned him up with my tongue. He pulled his shorts back up and drove us home while I laid across the seat with my head in his lap still completely naked. Adam pulled his truck beside the house when we got home. He grabbed my top and shorts before I noticed and ran to the backdoor to unlock it. Then I thought, “What the hell.” I climbed out the truck and calmly walked naked to the backdoor. On the way there I noticed Mr. French watering the flowers behind his house; I gave him a little wave and kept walking. He has now seen me naked in my backyard twice. I wonder what he thinks of me. I wonder if he beats off thinking about me too, like Jamie did. That thought tickled me.

It’s now late at night; Adam was exhausted and fell asleep early. I must have tired the poor boy out. Well it serves him right, after exposing me in public like that. Although I did enjoy it and kind of wanted him to, I seem to be turning into a very willing exhibitionist and I do believe Adam is totally down with it. I’m not sure where this is going to lead me or us, but I’m looking forward to it now more than ever.

Having sex outside was a big turn-on. I definitely want to do that more often. I haven’t told Adam yet but I want to be naked and to have sex on the beach under the moon and stars and then maybe even in broad daylight on the beach with nothing around for cover. But first I want to walk naked in the sunshine along the beach and let people see me doing it.

I’m still on an adrenalin high and can’t sleep yet so I guess I’ll read a couple stories on ‘Literotica’ before I go to bed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last night I read a story about a woman that like to remain nude all day and it gave me an idea. I wanted to do that! And I wasn’t going to close any of my curtains or blinds like her.

Adam and I sleep nude and have since before we got married, so instead of grabbing a t-shirt to put on like I normally did. This morning I climbed out of bed naked and the first thing I did was make sure all the curtains and blinds were open. I had nothing planned to do today but maybe get some sun and I could still do that but starting out naked this time.

I was extra careful making breakfast this morning; I didn’t want any hot grease popping on me while I was frying eggs. When Adam found me naked in the kitchen he asked why I wasn’t dressed and I told him I wanted to try and remain naked all day just to see how it felt. He told me to go for it, he liked the idea. He said he wished he could but he still needed to finish up the little project he was doing in the front yard for me. He was building me a small pagoda that I could let my flowering vines climb all over.

Well, it’s almost bedtime Escort and I was able to remain naked all day. I wonder if this is how it feels to live in a nudist colony, to be able to run around naked all day long. I think I would like to visit one of those places one day. I looked online a few minutes ago and found there are quite a few here in Florida and there are a few just a couple hours south of us near Tampa. I’m going to have to talk to Adam about checking one of them out one day.

When I when out back to lie in the sun late this morning, I was hoping to see one of my neighbors outside but no such luck today. As I walked nude out my backdoor, I looked around to see if I could see them. It wasn’t going to stop me from lying out nude. I just wanted to know if anyone would be watching me. So I covered my front with baby oil and relaxed until my timer when off 30 minutes later. I then called Adam to do my backside. He of course played around with my pussy then he did something new and unexpected. He started playing with my asshole and with the baby oil on his fingers, he slipped one inside me. It sure felt different and not unpleasant either. I started thinking how his dick would feel in there. I had read some stories about ass fucking and was now I was considering giving it a try, you never know if you’ll like it until you try. It’s something like exhibitionism which I found so far I like.

Well, I didn’t get my ass fucked tonight, but who knows about next weekend. I may just have to leave some hints.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The first thing I did every day this week when I got home was to get naked. I have discovered I now prefer being naked around the house.

One of Adam’s work buddies asked him to go fishing with him today. I told Adam to go and have fun but that he had better bring home some fresh fish with him. That leaves me at home all along and I’m planning on remaining nude all weekend except when I go grocery shopping in a little while.

I think I will do something I haven’t done in a while by myself in a while today. I am planning on wearing a knee length white t-shirt dress shopping. It molds to my body just like a snug t-shirt, which should be fun since I’m not planning on wearing anything under it. I don’t want any bra or panty lines, just a nice smooth look, except for my pointy nipples, ha-ha. I’ve gone pantiless in public with Adam a few times recently but I haven’t gone out by myself without panties under a skirt or dress since that day with the short black skirt at work.

I decide to go to a grocery store I haven’t been to yet. I don’t want to shock to people I’ve become friends with at my regular store, yet! I was surprisingly comfortable wearing just that t-shirt dress. First the dress was cool and comfortable to wear; there was no fear of unexpected exposure. I knew my nipples would be noticeable but I’m enjoying that now. There were a few cute guys there. I may have to go back there and show-off when and if I get more courage.

I got lucky today. When I was outside getting some sun, nude of course, I heard some talking coming from Jamie’s house. I cautiously looked that way and saw Jamie and his dad walking along the fence and hedges, when Jamie suddenly stopped. He was looking my way and when his dad looked to see what Jamie was looking at, I could see his mouth drop. I giggled at his surprised look but I didn’t move because I now had two men looking at my nude body. I turned over a couple times the next hour giving them a good show until I got to warm and had to get out of the sun, I then went inside and cooled off in the shower.

About four this afternoon, Adam returned. I was sitting on the back patio sitting in the shade and sipping on some wine when he walked around the corner carrying some fish. He wasn’t alone, his friend was with him. “See Tom,” he said, “I told you she would probably be sitting around naked. You owe me ten bucks!” I wasn’t sure what to do so I just sat there. His friend said, “Here’s your money. It was worth it.” Adam then said, “Honey, go get Tom and me a couple cold beers while we clean these fish.” I said no problem and went and got them. I decided to stay naked just to see what would happen. It took the guys their beers and stood there naked and watched them as they clean those fish. Adam told me that he had told Tom about how much I had gotten into being nude lately and that he had bet him I would be naked when he got home. I just didn’t know you would be outside naked. I think I might have surprised Adam when I told Tom that I wasn’t just into nudity anymore, that I was also beginning to enjoying exhibitionism too and that is why I hadn’t made any attempt to cover up since he has been here. Then you should have seen Adam’s face when I asked Tom if he wanted a better look at my pussy. When he said Yes, I smiled at Adam as I turned, spread my legs wide and bent way over. I gave him a good ten second look before I stood again. I then told them I was going to go inside and get things ready for a fish supper. I asked Tom if he was going to stay. He asked Adam if it would be OK. Adam said sure, but just remember Tom. You can look but not touch. I then told Adam that before he could touch me, he had to take a bath and get all that fishy smell off him.

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