KIK It with Aunt Jenn

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My name is Wilson Keiling. I moved back to my parents’ home in Reed City Michigan last year. To be more precise I moved into the rundown camper that they kept in the back yard. I was in my second year at Virginia Tech on a football scholarship when I cut from the team over a drunken prank. Long story short, I damaged a goal post and seriously injured our quarterback trying to tear up the field at UVA. I lost my license, my scholarship, and the respect of my hometown. I was fortunate to avoid any jail time, however, my father was no longer speaking to me and my mother gave up my old room. The room was now occupied by my thirty-six-year-old Aunt Jennifer or Jennie as my mom called her.

My Aunt was about twelve years younger than my mother, the child of my Grandfather’s second marriage. My grandmother had passed away from some kind of cancer when my mom was about ten years old. Mom and Aunt Jenn had always been close, but even now, in her thirties, my mom still treats her like a child. It isn’t anything mean-spirited and Jennie herself, doesn’t seem to mind it, but it often made it difficult to take Aunt Jenn seriously at family gatherings.

She was short, standing at only 5’2″ with thick curly black hair and brown eyes. My Aunt Jenn wasn’t fat, rather, she was thick and curvy. She had a naturally chubby physique that still turned most heads. I would often catch my friends or even my dad staring lustfully at her 42DD breasts and beautifully round bottom. Here greatest features, however, were on her face. She had a natural sassy flair to her eyes and amazing full pouting lips that could make anything she said seem provocative to those who didn’t know her. For as much as, I would hear of how hot she was growing up, to me she was simply my Aunt Jenn

My uncle Sheldon out of the blue one day decided that he was going to run away with some meth addicted cashier half his age. Before leaving, he sold his house and cleaned out their joint bank account in secret, leaving poor aunt Jenn with nothing but his debts. My parents were conservative Christians, so they couldn’t turn me or Jenn away. To better illustrate just how badly I alienated my parents I should explain that I arrived home a week before Jenn revealed the depths of her financial woes. Still, I wasn’t welcome in the house I was raised in. I was told that there was no space in their three-bedroom farmhouse and that if I needed a place then I could occupy the derelict camper that remained unused since I was twelve.

A week later to the day, my Aunt Jenn moved into my old bedroom. I didn’t blame her for my situation. She needed support far more than I did. Where I did have some initial resentment towards my mom and dad, I was only really angry with myself. I knew how proud my working-class parents were of me, and I understood the shame that I brought down on them with my reckless juvenile actions. Nevertheless, the feeling of coming home to a cold family that once treated me like a precious gem was beyond painful.

I was swiftly able to find a job as a caustic operator at an aluminum extrusion factory just outside of town. The job was hard and the hours long, but the pay was good, and I was able to keep my nose clean. The hours were especially long in the summer and I was often working ten to twelve hours a day with only one weekend off a month. Because of this, I would usually get home from work between midnight and three in the morning. With my parents both fast asleep, I would usually hang out in the garage with Aunt Jenn. She was thirteen years my senior, yet always down to earth and still young enough to retain her sense of humor.

We would often stay up and shoot the breeze over a couple of cold beers. She would wait up for me knowing my dad didn’t permit alcohol in the house, especially when it came to my drinking it. Like me she worked second shift in a factory, so we would usually just kill an hour or two talking about our jobs. It was nice to have someone to talk too, seeing as how my parents were still not on speaking terms. I knew that despite anything Aunt Jenn may have said, she was lonely and enjoyed speaking to someone who treated her as an equal, rather than a victim.

It was one night we were hanging out that she let it slip that she was actively looking for men. I made the suggestion that she get a Tinder account. After about ten minutes of explaining how dating via social media worked, she dismissed the idea as kinda creepy. I, on the other hand, started giving it some serious thought. As a college athlete, I had no trouble meeting women for either a relationship or a one-night affair. However, since I had come back home, I have had nothing but my right hand to satisfy my urges.

I had always viewed such apps as bull shit, at least for the male subscribers. I had learned at an early age that a girl could have sex anytime she wanted. The problem wasn’t her ability to get laid, rather than finding a decent stable partner. Men on the other hand, Escort bayan if they lacked the instincts, looks, or courage than they would swiftly be passed by. I had believed that it was for such men, that these hookup apps were invented. Nonetheless, I downloaded an adult chat app that same night after I had gone to bed.

One app showed the most promise, but I wasn’t about to spend money on the upgrades that seem to guarantee success. I still owed a considerable amount of money for court costs, fines, as well as the repairs to the property I damaged. It was waiting for responses that ultimately steered me towards the other. I joined under the screen name HokiePokey96 and swiftly joined every No Strings Attached group within fifty miles. It was for the most part, exactly as I had expected. All the guys were acting like rambunctious grade-schoolers, demanding sex, and filling the chat with dick pics.

The women were not much better. Just about every girl under thirty was flashing their tits, proclaiming how horny they were, how nasty they could be, and finally vanishing. I admit that I too was one of the many dudes begging for a private chat, well aware that the girl was nothing more than a tease. The older women, on the other hand, they seem to be no-nonsense. Just as inclined to show off their bodies, but like the men, they were after the real experience. From what I could gather, most of them were unsatisfied housewives seeking to fill a void in their lives, however, unwilling to abandon their responsibilities.

At first, I was quickly dismissed by this demographic, so I opted to watch the chats progress with minimal interaction. I may have been in college on a football scholarship, but I majored in behavioral psychology. I had always wanted to be a police detective and such degrees would have greatly expanded my chances of doing so. Within a week or so I began to recognize certain patterns. Even in a sex chat, there was an expectation of small talk, charm, humor, and romance. I discovered that these women weren’t interested in jumping on the biggest cock that passed, rather they were all looking for the same guy. The perfect lover to in an uninhibited tryst.

For the first time in six months, I found myself studying my overpriced and probably now outdated textbooks. There were five cougars in the group, two of which were too old for me. One of the remaining three appeared to lack the courage to actually hook up with someone from the group. I could now concentrate my efforts on the final two. I created a false backstory based on the conversations they would have. I was now a recently divorced twenty-three-year-old who married too young. The story was that we couldn’t keep our marriage going after the third year. I wanted to start a business and she wanted to party. After the divorce, I was broke and had to move in with the parents. I would spend all of my breaks, as well as the late hours after Aunt Jenn would turn in, living this second persona online. Finally, one Friday night I received the PM from the screen name SimplySasha84.

“Hey HokiePokey96, I’m new to this stuff. Age/Location, and what you are looking for?” Sasha wrote.

“23/Reed City/Sex. You?” I replied.

“36/F/RC SAME!” Sasha typed.

We then spent the next three hours exchanging messages, tit and dick pics, and fantasies. She didn’t want to exchange numbers or face pics. She was worried that they would get out and people would find out what she was doing. Sasha wasn’t looking for a relationship. All she was after was sex. She said that her husband never was interested in whether she came and that the craving had become insatiable. I had ejaculated three times in the conversation we had.

The following afternoon I was in the yard dressed for work and drinking a monster while I was waiting for my ride to pull up. Aunt Jenn was off due to some kind of maintenance on her line. She saw me and was smiling gleefully as she came up to me. She was planning on having my dad grill some chicken on Saturday and wanted to be sure I would be there.

I told her that I had to do a twelve-hour shift Friday night, but would be free all weekend. She had to work a double on Friday to compensate for her unexpected day off, and my parents were going out of town for a revival after Church on Sunday. The entire time we stood in the yard talking, my mind was wandering to thoughts of Sasha. I was hoping that this would be the weekend in which we both have our needs satisfied.

It was a typical Wednesday evening at work. I was sweating my tail off in a one-hundred and thirty-degree shop. It was my job to break down the used dies and soak them in acid until they were clean. It was the hardest job in the factory, but the macho jock in me loved it. It wasn’t until I took my lunch break, that I noticed that I had a private KIK notification from Sasha. The message consisted of a pic of her large voluptuous breasts and five words that would Bayan escort ignite a fire in my loins.

“Need your dick! Free Friday?” Sasha wrote.

“Can’t, probably working.” I replied.

As I cycled through the many provocative images of Sasha’s body, I couldn’t help but hate myself for rejecting her invitation. I had become infatuated with a ghost. I knew every inch of her thick beautiful body down to the Tattoo of Marvin the Martian on the inside of her right thigh. However, without a single image of her face, even a partial one, I couldn’t pick her out of a crowd. Nonetheless, I wanted her so badly that I could taste it.

“That’s too bad. I will be able to slip out unnoticed Friday after midnight, but the rest of the weekend is family time. I am so wet for you. Please say yes.” Sasha wrote, her words causing my cock to swell.

Without hesitation, I ran to the small air-conditioned office at the Factory’s center. I asked my boss if I could work my normal eight hours on Friday as opposed to the twelve I was scheduled. At first, he was reluctant to permit my absence, but when I told him that I had a hot date he approved my request with a big grin on his face. I was told that I would have to take a point for attendance, although, with the right work habits I would have no problems. I was as giddy as a child on Christmas morning when I thanked him. It was with that same level of excitement that I sent my response to Sasha.

“I can meet Friday night after my shift. I can’t host. Maybe split a room?” I wrote, almost shaking with anticipation.

“I can’t host either…I am completely broke this week. No way you can get a room solo? I really need it bad.” Sasha replied almost instantly.

I suddenly felt heartbroken. Just like Sasha, I too needed to unload. Unfortunately, I only had twenty dollars to my name. I knew that there was no way I could get away with bringing a girl to the camper. Even if I could, it would be an overwhelming turn-off for even the least picky of partners. Yet, if I were to cancel now, then I may never get a second chance.

“I’m tapped out, but open to suggestions. I want you so bad, I can almost taste it.” I typed somberly.

“Almost? We meet and you can eat the whole thing. I got an idea, but you have to have an open mind.” Sasha replied.

“I’m game. What are you thinking?” I asked.

“I know of a spot. It’s on the hiking trail in the park, Under the bridge by the party store. At night it’s almost pitch black and more importantly, deserted. We could meet there at around one in the morning. I hear that we should be getting a couple of nice boomers, so you should be able to really give it to me and no one would hear us. What do you think?” Sasha wrote, her words causing my heart to skip a beat.

Even with me trying to play it cool, I could not have agreed any faster. My lunch break ran ten minutes over as Sasha and I made the plans for our secret rendezvous. In just under twenty-four hours I would be balls deep in my sweet sultry Sasha. Although I was the stereotypical popular jock in high school, I had never had sex in a public place. An encounter like the one that Sasha and I had planned would be the most taboo thing I had ever done.

That night I was walking on clouds the entire way home. When I arrived at the house, my parents were already asleep. Aunt Jenn was waiting in the garage with a six-pack of beer. It had been the same since the first that first week after she moved in. I was excited to tell her about the plans I had made for the following night. However, she had a sorrowful expression on her face, that led me to keep my news to myself. Nonetheless, I was always happy to see her in any mood.

After a few minutes of shooting the breeze, I found out that she had been arguing with my parents. It seemed that my dad was especially apprehensive about the cookout that Aunt Jenn had planned. She did eventually get them to agree to eat with me and maybe even clear the air. However, all of the heated words exchanged had left her feeling stressed and fatigued.

I was fortunate to have someone like Aunt Jenn looking out for me. The time I spent working in the factory had given me some clarity. I could now see how hard my parents had been working so that I could have a better life. I didn’t only squander my chances of succeeding in a top-rated school. I also wasted twenty plus years of back-breaking labor. I had been working these past six months to earn back their trust when I should have been trying to make something of myself and return their investment.

My Aunt Jenn could see that I learned from my mistake and was now trying to show my parents the same thing. It amazed me that Jenn had never had children of her own. She was filled with natural maternal instincts. It had been the general consensus that Uncle Sheldon never wanted to have kids. It was a shame considering her present situation.

I awoke Friday morning Escort feeling more excited than I had in years. Aunt Jenn was already gone when I had left for work. I had wanted to thank her properly for all she had done. She had become the best friend I ever had. I had to find a way to show her how much I valued her but as far as today was concerned, Sasha was at the top of the list.

It was by far the longest eight hours of my life. However, I made it through my shift with enough time to spare for a shower and a change of clothes. I didn’t like to use the showers at work. It was strangely different than the similar scenario of showering with the team after a game. No one was in decent shape and the eyes of my coworkers had a tendency to linger. Sasha, however, was worth the ten minutes of discomfort. I was doing well on time, leaving the shop at almost midnight.

The walk to our meeting place would only take twenty to thirty minutes. I could have run it in just over ten minutes, but I wanted to save my strength for my lady of the night. I had also forgotten to bring my deodorant with me to work and didn’t want to stink of body odor when she arrived. However, I could hear the rumbling of distant thunder along with small droplets of rain. There was a storm brewing just as Sasha had predicted. I could only hope not to be caught up in it before I reached the bridge.

Just as Sasha had said, the trail was deserted with barely any light to find my way to the bridge. I was careful not to use the flashlight on my phone, for fear of being seen by a cop. I as I stepped under the bridge, I could see the silhouette of a short thick woman. I was hesitant to call out her name since we were just beneath Chestnut Street and the roar of the river would surely drown out any whispers. It appeared that just as I had spotted her, she too saw me.

Soon the short feminine shadow approached me. I didn’t speak as she wrapped her slender arms around my waist, pressing her impressive bust against my diaphragm. She began placing soft wet kisses on my throat. I placed my hand on the back of her head just below her ponytail, tilting it back so that I could lean in for a kiss. I could feel her excitement as her tongue aggressively slathered over and around mine. I traced my other hand down her soft round hip, grabbing a firm handful of her ample ass.

“You’re early.” Sasha said with quiet desperation.

“I was so hard for you that I just couldn’t wait.” I replied as I pressed my concealed erection into her plush belly.

“How hard is it Baby? More than a mouthful, I hope.” Sasha asked seductively.

“You’re welcome to see for yourself.” I said playfully.

Sasha was all business as she immediately released her embrace and slowly descended to her knees. I was surprised at how strong she was for her size. She seemed to swing my entire body back and forth as she was wrestling with my belt. Within seconds Sasha had my hard cock free and buried all the way to the hilt in her hot salivating mouth. This was a new experience for me to have been blessed with an eight-inch dick. No other girl who had gone down on me was able to get all of it in. Most would choke and gag trying. Yet, she was able to get the entire length of my rock-hard dick into her mouth and throat with no problem.

With the feeling of Sasha’s moist mouth and tongue quickly sliding forward and backward on my pole I know that I could never again trust my dick to a younger mouth. Her fingers were digging into my ass cheeks as she was pulling me in deeper. My stomach muscles were getting tighter and I could feel the suspenseful building of my oncoming orgasm. I told Sasha that I was getting close, but she didn’t let up. In fact, my warning only caused her to suck harder and faster.

I could feel it as each of three potent bursts of semen surged through my cock into her waiting mouth. She was still sucking my cock with tenacity moments after she swallowed my entire load with a single gulp. I pried her hands from my exposed ass and pulled her to her feet by her nimble wrists. Again, I leaned into Sasha and kissed her forcefully. Even though I could taste my seed in her drooling mouth, I still hungrily shove my tongue in her mouth.

Her hands were rustling around trying to open her zipper on what I could surmise to be a hoodie. As I heard the zipper sliding down I moved my hands to her lavish breast only to find that they were now bare. We were still locked in a passionate kiss while I was squeezing and fondling Sasha’s massive buxom tits. Due to the pants that were now snuggly around my ankles, I almost fell over when Sasha pushed me away.

“I want you to use your mouth on me. It’s been so long since I felt a man’s tongue in my kitty.” Sasha said panting.

Entranced by her yearning and her lust, I gradually knelt before her. She then turned around and placed her small hands on the cold cement wall leaving her round ass only inches from my face. The rumble of thunder was drawing closer and the rain began to come down in a furious torrent as I was clumsily feeling around in the darkness. Upon finding the waistband of her velvety sweatpants I realized that she was far better dressed for the occasion than I was.

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