That’s What Friends Are For

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I wasn’t sure why I let my friend convince me to go along with him, after all, All week long, all he and his girlfriend did was try to convince me that what I needed was a piece of ass. It’s been several months now and at first I tried to convince them that I was still in mourning over my break up with my ex.

This story kept them at bay for a while but my friend was one of those “fall off a horse get right back on” kind of guys and my explanation was less than satisfying for him. They let me be over the holidays so they could lovey dovey and reaffirm there relationship, but I swear their new years resolution was to get me laid because January second they came back at me like a New England storm.

I had been so resistant that I started thinking maybe there was something wrong with me. Maybe I was living in denial. Not a bad place to be, I mean the rent is cheap and the view was nice. February was fastly approaching and I knew I would feel the pangs of loneliness on this holiday as well, so when Ben and his girlfriend Denise insisted that I go shopping with them I broke down and agreed.

We started late stopping to have a late lunch and a few cocktails, which I thought would be a good reason for me to bow out when the shopping started. But they would have no part of it. It was uneventful at first we stopped to pick up a few cards than to a candy store buying some chocolates and what have you. We meandered through a few knick knack stores and I had to admit even being the third wheel, Ben’s girlfriend had a nice way of making me feel like I belonged. I was just starting to think, “maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea” up until we stopped at a specialty store.

This was one of those fetish lingerie – clothing stores that sold everything you wanted from Victoria Secrets but were afraid to ask.

I tried to bow out at this point thinking, “Maybe they wanted to do this one by themselves.”

But Denise would have no part of it. And Ben, well he just nudged me in, saying he could use the company.

Inside was a plethora of leather, vinyl and shear. The sales girl was dressed in spiked heels and vinyl very short maids out fit so the bottoms of her garters peaked out from below her skirt holding up black fishnet stockings. Her skirt was Escort bayan so short the bottom of her round firm buttocks peaked out enough to create a stir in my belly… and below.

Ben just looked at me and smiled. Okay so maybe this won’t be so bad. Denise mentioned something to the sales girl then came back and told us that the sales girl was just about to close up but she has a lot to do in the back so we can be her last customers.

The sales girl locked the door and disappeared in the back room. I meandered through the store amazed at some of the outfits that people squeezed themselves into while Denise and Ben walked through the store shopping. I heard her squeal a few times at the different outfits that Ben had been pulling out for her.

Denise had an armload of clothes and her and Ben went through a beaded curtain into the changing area. I stayed out front and looked at the collection of sex toys and enhancements while I let my imagination run me through the gamut of possibilities. I don” know how much time had passed so I thought I might sneak over and try and rush Ben and Denise through… I felt that maybe we were taking advantage of the poor girl’s time.

I peeked in through the beaded curtain and Ben was sitting on a bench with a big grin on his face.

“Pssst, Ben what are you doing?”

“Hey Come on in here, Denise is modeling for me.”

I tried to back out but Ben jumped up and grabbed my hand and pulled me into the dressing area.


I sat slowly and waited for the inevitable scream when Denise walked out and saw me. The curtain opened and Denise stepped out in Spiked heels and a cris crossed latex out fit that raised her breast and out lined her perfectly shaved pussy. Her excitement was obvious as her lips were puffy and I caught her scent. I would have gotten up to leave but my cock rose to the occasion before me and I couldn’t move.

Instead of the scream of anger I had anticipated from Denise, She just smiled.

“Hello Mark” she said to me “What took you so long?”

Denise than reached down and ran her finger along the length of her pussy lips.

“Ben I think we have to buy this.”

I was too stunned to say anything. Denise just stepped Bayan escort to Ben and began kissing him. She slid her hand over and cupped my crotch. She moaned into Ben’s mouth and pulled away.

“The mind is reeling but the flesh is wanting… I like that”

Ben stood and began removing his clothes while Denise concentrating on taking off mine. My mind was numb; this doesn’t happen to me, this happens to people in magazines. Denise gently tugged at my pants.

“Don’t make me work for this, you’re not to big to be spanked.”

I’m not sure why, but I felt she meant it. I stood immediately and let her pull off my pants. My cock sprang out to point straight at Denise. She took my obvious excitement and slowly began to feast on it. I closed my eyes just as I saw Ben crawling under Denise to enjoy her delights. It felt like an eternity as Denise brought me to the brink and back several times. My knees were weakening tears were forming in my eyes, all I wanted was to cum.

She pushed me away and sat down hard on Ben’s face. He obviously was doing to Denise what Denise was doing to me. Only Denise took charge, pulled Ben’s face deeper in and came on his face with a loud scream.

She rolled down and around engulfing Ben’s cock in her mouth but not before telling me to mount her from behind. I made my move when she stopped me.

“Not from behind, in my behind.”

I was stunned but who was I to deny myself something one could only dream about. I looked at that magnificent ass and thought, “God loves me.”

I spotted my target when I heard from behind me

“You’ll need this.”

I turned quickly to see the sales girl bare ass naked holding a tube of lube and a life like latex penis. She tossed me the lube and I quickly squeezed out a generous gob, smoothing it into Denise’s ass. Her moans echoed out from her cock filled mouth. I slowly parted her ass cheeks and penetrated her ass.

Nothing in my whole life compared to the warm feeling surrounding my hard cock. If I died right now, they wouldn’t be able to wipe the grin from my face.

“You like that huh?” The sales girl asked.

I couldn’t even answer just continue my slow assault on my best friend’s girlfriend’s ass. I watched Escort the sales girl circle around stand over Ben and lower her pussy onto his face. I would be hard pressed to have to decide who was getting the better deal Me with my cock buried deep in Denise’s ass or Ben being expertly sucked on by Denise while savoring the delights of this beautiful women sitting on his face.

We moved like we were born this way moaning sucking and fucking. Denise let Ben’s hard cock pop out of her mouth and screamed.

“Fuck me!”

I though she was screaming for me but it turned out she wanted to be double penetrated. Ben slid his cock down and without me missing a stroke he raised himself into her dripping pussy.

Denise let out a long deep moan. The sales girl didn’t want to be left out. She laid herself out on the floor and began fucking herself with the rubber cock.

I had never seen a woman masturbate before and it was almost too much for me to bear. I pulled my cock from Denise’s ass and came all over her back. I completely forgot about Denise and Ben and left them to there own play and crawled over to the sales girl and replaced my mouth with the rubber penis. I licked and lapped until she came in my mouth. She pulled my head deep into her pussy locked her legs around me and tightened until I couldn’t move.

She screamed with pleasure and let me go. Pushing me on my back she slowly lowered herself onto my revitalized cock and began riding me. I was ecstatic; this woman had muscles that would make a mouth envious. I could feel every internal squeeze.

Than I felt something else. She had squeezed something cold down my ass. I was too enraptured to try and get away and continued to enjoy her sweet pussy riding my cock. That’s when it hit me. She had placed the dildo at the entrance to my ass and before I could move away she pushed. WHAM! She was fucking me both ways.

As soon as that latex toy hit my prostate I was a mad man possessed. I buck and pushed and she rode me like a bronco until I erupted like a volcano. The sales girl screamed in sexual pleasure, stepped off me, and continued to fuck my ass as I shot load after load of cum into the air. She lapped the cum off my belly and rested her head on my shoulder. All I could think was “Thank you Ben and Denise for caring.”

Amy and I have been together for almost two years now; She was Denise’s maid of honor and I was Ben’s best man. The wedding was fun but the honeymoon was fantastic. I can hardly wait for our wedding night.

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