Temptation at the Movies

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I was waiting in line at the theatre when I felt a tap on my shoulder and as I turned I was greeted by my favorite nephew.

“Hey how are you?” He asked giving me a big hug. I laughed and told him I was fine. Looking over his shoulder I saw you and gasped.

“What?” He said pulling back from me. I looked up at him trying to hide my surprise.

“Nothing I’m just happy to see you.” I said grinning at him.

“This is my friend Josh,” he said introducing us. You smiled at me and took my hand as if we had never met before. I looked down at our fingers enclosed in each others and felt my body begin to tingle all over. Slowly you let go of my hand and we walked towards the concession stand. As I ordered popcorn and a soda I watched and listened to the two of you bantering back and forth, smiling at the things you said to each other and drinking in the pleasure it gave me to have you so near.

Secretly we had been flirting, nothing serious, just harmless words over the computer. You were a young man, and I was a married woman and years older, we had discussed our ‘turn-ons’ and teased and flirted but that is where it stayed at least for the most part. Yet here you were right next to me, it was hard to have temptation so close.

My nephew, Mark, followed me into the theater but somehow you maneuvered to sit next to me and you smiled when a girlfriend of Mark’s caught his attention, he caught my eye and gave me a shrug of his shoulders to let me know he was dissing his auntie in favor of the hot chick. I smiled and winked at him to let him know I would stay out of his way. Little did he know I was thrilled to have his attention elsewhere. You sat down next to me and pulled up the arm between the seats setting your drink in the other holder to block his view. You crossed your legs and pulled your coat over your knees casually, and then smiled at me letting me know exactly where your mind was. Your eyes moved to my skirt and then slowly back to my eyes, silently asking me what was under it. I was glad the lights started to dim but feeling wicked I leaned over and whispered,

“Nothing”. You groaned as an answer and your fingers clenched digging in to your knee. As the lights fell I shivered as you leaned over to me as if to tell me something, but when you got to my ear you just nipped it with your teeth. It was my turn to whimper and then we both turned hoping my nephew hadn’t seen anything. He had his arm around the girl and was turning the other direction. We both sighed with relief.

“I didn’t know you were one of Mark’s friends,” I whispered letting my lips touch your ear. You nodded and turned back to me

“He’s a few years younger than me, don’t worry, I can tell you are, but don’t, you can trust me.” I couldn’t see your eyes but I could feel their heated gaze. I let my hand move between us and our fingers touched again. You stroked my hand with yours, soothing and exciting me at once. You pulled your coat towards me spreading it over my thighs and letting your fingers graze my skin. I sighed and looked again over at Mark. He was now kissing the girl and paying absolutely no attention to us or the movie. I bravely moved my hand and touched your chest, I could feel your heart beating acıbadem escort quickly, almost as fast as mine. I let my fingers trail downward, letting them trace the line of your ribs until they found the waist band of your jeans. I hooked just one finger over the edge and rubbed back and forth. You groaned almost inaudibly. Our eyes met and I knew I was in trouble. I wanted this as much as you did, but I was still scared. I turned back to the movie, my eyes not even able to focus on what was happening on the big screen. You leaned towards me again, I felt your breath tickling my skin, you moved even closer and nipped the skin just below my ear. My eyes closed and I savored the sensation. Then you whispered.

“Let me touch you.” And I nodded barely. You glanced over at Mark as you took a drink of your soda and put it back in the holder. He had obviously forgotten we were only a few seats away. You ‘accidentally’ dropped your coat and leaned forward to pick it up. Your fingers touched my knee and practically burned the skin. The light touch sent a flame leaping through me. Then you slowly moved your fingers upward we both watched as you pulled up the hem of my skirt to the top of my stocking, your fingers played with the lacy edge. I could feel myself getting wet and I wanted to squirm in my seat. You smiled knowingly and then tugged the skirt higher until it was as far as it could go. Your fingers slide over my thigh and between them.

I knew I must be going to hell when I opened my legs just a little. My hips practically bucked when I felt your finger slide along my bare slit. You murmured something I couldn’t understand and I bit my tongue to keep from whimpering as the tips of two of your fingers slid inside me. You rubbed them back and forth a couple times until I squirmed and lifted my hips for you. Slowly you pulled your fingers back, leaving a wet trail along my thigh. You licked your finger tips and just stared at me. I glanced at Mark and looked back at you. I wanted to kiss you, wanted to taste myself on your tongue. You grabbed my hand and leaned over to me.

“Let’s go!” You whisper pulling me to my feet. I glance back at Mark who was still engrossed in his latest girl and follow you out of the theater. We make it just past the doors before you push me against the wall in the dark hallway and press your knee between my legs. Your lips come down on mine, your tongue pushing into my mouth. We both groan at the taste, and the contact. You press your knee hard against my throbbing pussy as your tongue rubs against mine. Your fingers trace the waist band of my skirt and then slide up my ribs until your fingers are tugging my bra out of the way. You pinch one nipple and then the other. I groan. And you whisper.

“Ah Lily, I gotta have you now.” You move closer dropping your knee and rubbing yourself against me. I can feel the entire length of you and I whimper and whisper.

“Where can we go?” I feel myself giving in to the moment. Ready to go where you say and do whatever you want. You straighten my skirt and tug at my sweater and give me one last lingering kiss. I love the way you take charge, you seem so aware of how much it excites me.

“I know just the place.” you whisper. atalar escort We leave the movie theater. The sun is almost gone, the sky is orange in the distance as we half run to my car. You take the keys and shut my car door, within minutes you’re pulling me back out of the car near the top of Mt. Tabor.

“Here?” I ask suddenly unsure. You just grab my hand and a blanket from the back of the car and pull me forward. We walk in silence up a darkening path and I wonder if I’m crazy for being here in the first place. It was almost like you understood. You paused and turned back to me looking me in the eye and smiled one finger reaching out to push back a stray curl from my eyes. I can’t help but smile back. Your arm pulls me close and we walk the rest of the way together.

It was a perfect spot, off the trail, hidden in thick underbrush with a soft floor of moss and ivy and a view of the setting sun. Your hands tug away my sweater as my fingers stumble pulling away your shirt. When my hands finally touch your bare skin I’m trembling with need. All the teasing for so long and here you were right in front of me. You turn me in your arms until my back is against you. I feel you tug on my skirt until it is wadded around my hips. I lean back against you as your arms pull me closer, your hands move from my waist up to cup each breast, and tug on both nipples, you let go of the right one, grinning at my moan, then you slowly lower your hand until your finger tips rest on my clit. Your fingers feel rough as they circle the tender skin making it throb and ache for you. I can’t stop my hips from rubbing against you as you push your fingers deeper until I’m gasping. I turn around and tug at the belt of your pants, I can’t wait any longer to touch you. Grabbing the zipper I slide it down and let my fingers press against your stomach tugging at your jeans and boxers at the same time.

“Oh my god.” I whisper seeing you like this is so much more than the pictures you sent me. I pull again until your pants slide down your legs. I can’t help but kiss you now, rubbing my tongue against yours, licking your lips and nipping at them. I look down between us and see you throbbing right there. My fingers slide down and around you touching your thighs, and hips barely grazing your sack as I watch your cock jump at the touch.

“Don’t tease me Lily, damn it, now!” you ground out and I smiled and wrapped my fingers around the length of you. Your groan of pleasure had my fingers stroking the length of you. I sank down until my mouth was inches from you. Blowing a warm breath over the length of you I breathed in your scent. Nipping and licking the base of you, as I hold you in my hand and then ease my fingers away to let your cock slap against my face. My tongue flicks over you, lapping at you, rubbing you and wetting you until your throbbing, then I pull back and look up at you.

“I have to taste you now.” I whimper, looking into your eyes I open my mouth and suck the tip of you between my lips. Your hands move to my hair, urging me closer. I flick my tongue around your hot dick letting it circle you and rub against the under side. Then I suck in another inch of you, still watching your eyes.

“Take it aydınlı escort all in your mouth Lily,” you demand on a groan.

“Ohh!” I cry out, my mouth full of your cock. I slowly suck until you are deep in my mouth and I can feel the hair at the base of your hard dick tickling my lips. I pull back and you tug on my hair and push your hips forward sliding back deep into my waiting lips.

“That’s it Baby suck it!” you say and start to rock in and out of my mouth, in slow aching strokes. My fingernails lightly scrape down your thighs. I let one finger rub your sack and I feel your balls tighten for me. My hands move to your ass cheeks pulling you closer as you speed your strokes back and forth sliding in and out of my lips.

With a quick jerk you pull back and away and take my hands pulling me down the rest of the way to lay on top of you. Yanking my skirt out of the way you rub your cock between my thighs as I straddle your lap. Rubbing and teasing both of us with the head of your wet throbbing cock. With a quick swift thrust you push deep inside me. I cry out your so thick and hard. I’m so excited my pussy convulses around you, squeezing you and milking your dick as you thrust in and out of me.

“Oh baby I’m going to…” my voice trails off caught in my own pleasure as waves of heat roll through me and you stroke into me. I can feel my cream dripping over your cock, still deep and hard inside me. You stay still, letting me ride the wave of it, my pussy sucking on your cock as it spasms over and over. I look in your eyes and see you smiling back at me. You press a finger between us, coating it with my liquid, and bring it to my lips; I kiss it and lick the length of your finger on a whimper. You lean forward and share my flavor, your hands moving around me to hold me tight. We roll then side by side, you pull away even though I try to hold on to you. “What?” you ask curious what I’m after now. I blush and stare back at you. You laugh and roll me onto my side and press against me from behind.

“This is what you want?” you ask me.

“Yes.” I whimper as you push my legs apart and shove into me pulling my legs apart spreading me wide, your cock pushing into me from behind, my leg wrapped over yours, you grab my hand and push it against your cock, as it slides into my pussy, its covered with my wetness and I hold your dick as it strokes in and out of me.

“OH fuck me harder!” I demand, slapping my hips back against you, and rubbing my fingers over the length of you as you push deep inside me.

“More baby.” I whisper, my hips jerking back and forth. “Oh you’re so hard inside me, it feels so good!” I moan as you pick up the pace. I look down and can see your cock shoving deep inside, sliding in and out of my wet swollen lips.

“I love the way you fuck me!” I cry out and you slam into me, harder and faster.

“Ah fuck!” you groan as your dick grinds into me, exploding inside me, you push me forward, onto my face and stay inside me pushing me flat down and pistoning your cock into me harder and then circling and grinding until you feel my pussy grip you hard cumming all over you again. I feel your hands on my back soothing now, rubbing softly, touching and stroking moving slowly over my sides caressing my ass cheeks.

“You should go to the movies more often.” you say nipping your teeth into my shoulder and giving me a last squeeze as you pull me back and toss the blanket over both of us, pulling me against you and holding me close.

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