Chinese Turn-out Pt. 03

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I crashed harder than anytime ever in my life and my dreams were fucking vivid.

I dreamt of being fucked. And of sucking huge cock and getting face fucked so hard that I was cock drunk and high from holding my breath so much. But so really horny from him doing that, so into that cock.

Of Jax fucking me so hard that it is still in my head.

In me.

I hurt.

My ass hurts, the ring, deep inside sort of throbs and feels used. And my hips hurt and other places feel bruised from his fingers gripping me.

And my jaw hurts, it’s really sore. My lips feel puffy from the friction but not in a bad way.

Honestly everything hurts as well like I had the hardest workout session and I’m in recovery mode.

And hungover.

And it’s not that much of a bad thing.

Because Jax is spooning me with his big massive arm draped over my side and he’s snuggled right next to me.

Which is surreal feeling him being there, like this after the wild hard fucking he gave me.

But it’s nice too.

I close my eyes and just try to get my bearings or footing in my head.

Me in bed with a guy.

An if I’m honest really hot guy.

With a huge cock.

That fucked me hard, like hardcore porn hard.

And I liked it?

Well I’m certainly feeling the after effects.

The most is this feeling of my insides.

Fucked, fucked, used touched, stretched and made to do things I never thought of.

I lay there just feeling the whole situation.

Is this a bad place to be?

I mean I was lit and so much went down last night that was not fucking normal.

I could probably bail and it would be just a fucked up night.

But he feels good here where he’s at and warn, heavy in this good way too. Like solid.

And laughingly his bed is better than mine.

Seriously nice sheets, really high end mattress.

I even doze off again.


“Mmm…Jax..?” He’s stroking my hard cock because the viagra I took is still working.

That’s what woke me.

Jax is hard too I feel his eight inch monster throbbing between my asscheeks.

But his hand… “Jax…” I whisper his name.

“Morning Pan.” He kisses the back of my neck and that’s sending this excited jolt through my skin to my cock.


“Relax beautiful, relax I’ve got your clitty.”

Another kiss to the back of my neck and more thrills. It’s an alien experience like all of it and what he called my cock.

“Oh, oh fuck.”

“No, relax, you’re tensing into it, you don’t have to, let me rub your clitty until you cum Pan.”

It’s weird at first.

I mean when haven’t you had that tension while hard with fucking or jerking off? That pushing against everything we always do.

We I do relax though holy fucking, fuck it’s pure sensation, it’s someone else doing all the moves and I’m just feeling all the pleasure.

Cumming felt legendary, wild spurting by surprise.

“Fuck, fuck , fuck Jax.”

“That’s it Pan cum for me.”

“Fuck…fuck me Jax shove the big cock in my ass.”

“Are you sure?”

I’m not.

Hell I’m not even sure where that came from.

Wait yes I do.

I want to cum clenching my insides around his huge dick because that was better. Even better than this was.

“Yes, bağdatcaddesi escort come on Jax.”

He gets something from the headboard and start lubing my asshole as I grab the water from the nightstand and drink and moan a little as Jax’s fingers sink into to me and I hiss because I’m sore.

“Sore? I could stop.”

“Mmmm…please don’t.”

Truth is that would be the smart thing to do but I’m sober now and I’m fighting with what really happened last night with this right now erotic stuff going on.

Truth is my body is very much still feeling the fucking I got last night and a big part of me wants to know more. I want to know if it was that good?

“Oh…oh…oh fuck Jax.”

I’m sucking breath in as I’m saying that and that big fucking knob isn’t just at my little asshole but pushing through, stretching me open and he’s fucking huge!

Like shoving a beer bottle up your ass huge!

And with this sort of pop my his cockhead slips past my asshole and it closes around the shaft.

I felt the different and I feel it as that big knobby cockhead is pushing unstoppably into my insides.

It’s such a fucked up feeling I literally feel my insides spreading out of the way if the invasion.

And then there’s the feeling that’s right along with it of those wide thick inch after inch of him sliding into me.

The size filling me in this crazy way.

And the friction too, I’m really aware of that too that sensation at my entry of all that flesh sliding through it.

I’m going to be honest with myself about this.

It’s a yes.

I like this.

No matter if it’s a gay thing or a tranny thing or what.

Sober and a little hungover I like Jax’s cock inside of my ass.

It’s filling me up and stretching me wide and I don’t know just sexy, erotic?

It gets better as he starts moving too.

The deepest, thickest, powerful massage and inside of me.

And fifth, sixth strokes through me and in me Jax hits that electric spot inside me and there’s that jolt of pleasure.

I cum, I spurt this little shot of trapped cum that was still inside me out with this really pleasurable pop that went with the second time he hit that spot.


“Tight, you’re such a tight little Chinese bitch.” He says and he kisses the back of my neck again and then there’s teeth grazing my skin and he’s sucking on my neck.

Giving me a hickey as he pounds his cock into me, into my spot.

“Good, good, fuck Jax, your big fucking cock feels so good. Fuck my tight little ass.”

I pitched my voice party like softer and femmy like last night.

“Come here.” Jax growled as he rolled us over with his cock lodged inside me so we’re in the middle of the bed and I’m face down again. He pulls out long enough to get up on his knees and he spreads my legs and then my asscheeks and he sinks that huge thick cock into me again.

“Oh…oh…fuck me…”

“Better Pan?”


And yeah it’s better, that cock sank in me even deeper and Jax’s hands are holding me with all this strength and control and he’s fucking my little ass so good.

Steady deep strokes filling my with that cock.

Steady strokes hitting my spot getting me hard again and filled with all this pleasure as each hit sends jolts through beykoz escort my body and through my cock from inside and I can feel everything getting stickier as I can feel Jax pumping pre-cum and then cum out of me.

And not like spurts but like this long oozing pumps that feels like I’m having this long cums. It’s making my cockhead feel crazy as it is me cumming and it feels that good but it’s like all of that is making my cum hole super sensitized and that’s mixing with my ooze and the sheets grinding my cock to more pleasure and it’s all building up like last night inside of me too until the pleasure inside of me peaks and I spurt of a gob as I have one of those inside me orgasms.

Which has my body ass kegel clench around Jax and I’m super aware of the beer bottle hot hard thick monster inside me and I whine.

I cum, whine, femmy swear in the few chinese swear words that I know and fist the sheets all over again and curl my toes.

When it passes Jax starts moving again inside of my as my cock softens and so do my muscles and insides.

Jax fucking me gets better? Different?

Slower, and steady, my body is tired it a good way from that burst and it’s shifting to this relaxed nothing but sensation kind of fucking that has my feeling it being so much more about him fucking, no…yes…making love to me?

It’s hot, it’s hot and super sensual right now.

And oh wow Jax has such staying power too he fucks me until I cum inside myself again and moan high and slow as my insides hug his huge cock then he keeps going as he fucks my until I’m hard again and he’s fucking more cum out of me.

I’m more vocal this time.

I can’t help it too I feel like that bliss burst that you feel from the tip of my cock is becoming this long steady slow experience as he fucks the cum from me. It feels crazy good.

And as we het to me popping the last goo out he gets faster and faster and starts fucking me harder and harder driving that cock in faster and faster just hammering that spot inside of me until I’m high pitched crying out again and swearing again, fisting my sheets and…I pop.

I pop my load and cum inside myself right along with it as my clench takes me over the edge.

And then there’s that growl and swelling inside me as Jax is on top of me hugging me hard. His teeth into my shoulder and I feel this rush of hot bursts inside of my ass, bathing my insides.

Oh…bareback, this was bareback.

Jax’s cumming inside of me!

I swear I have another inside of me cum as the feeling of Jax’s hot spunk inside me fires the sexy idea of it now inside of me and I shiver shake from it all like a small sex seizure.

I am lost in this erotic place as Jax hugs me tight enough that it’s bone creaking good. Like he came so hard he needs my body to hang onto. And he’s grinding into me, rotating his hips, stirring his cock in my cum soaked insides as he’s love biting me.

I feel like my insides are melting and my brain with it.

I’m panting and shivering from the fucking and I can feel Jax getting hard again.

That cock might kill me but I laugh as he’s getting harder. “More, you want more of my ass Jax? C’mon baby, give me more fuck me more.”

He bites me again and laugh growls.

“Eager little bitch aren’t we?”

I swear in what chinese I know caddebostan escort and then say in english. “Well I’m not here to play cards.”

We both laugh and my laugh becomes a cry out of “Oh!” as Jax pumps me with a hard starting thrust.

He’s fucked me a few times now and I’ve sucked his cock, I’m getting over the shock of getting fucked by a guy.

I’m starting to get into getting fucked by this guy and wanting more.

I start pushing my ass back sinking onto that big cock as it fills me and pushes through my insides.

Eight inches of big thick cock massaging and reshaping me.

Driving into my joyspot.

Giving me so much pleasure.

And dick fever.

You know, that sweaty delerium where all you want is the next fucking stoke pushing deep inside of you.


And you know that think about cumming curing a headache?

Well it’s true for a hangover.

At least for now.

It’s so goddamned good.

Each stroke, how fucking powerful Jax feels.

All that raw power bent on fucking me and getting me to cum.

And the ease of it now, my ass full of his cum making me super slick inside and the idea of his cock working, massaging his cum into my insides is one big fucking turn on.

I get hard again.

And Jax’s hand finds my cocklette and he just adds more strokes in time with the way my body is moving until I whine and get close then he buries his cock inside me and jerks the cum out of me.

Which makes me clench inside as I’m spurting what little cum that I have but that literally blurs out as my body is screaming in joy as all I can feel is his monster cock in me and I cum again but that inside of me orgasm.

“Aaaah, aaaaah, fuck Jax, god, fuck, jesus fuck!”

He grunt groans really into it and just drilling my tiny little ass.

I fuck back as hard as I can.

“Harder Jax, harder, faster, fuck, fuck.”

He growls again just lost in that animal fuck-brain and it’s so hard the shockwaves of force are half of the sex.

“When…fuck…when you get close to cumming ram it in me Jax fill my ass before you cum inside me.”

Thirty, forty more hard fast fucking thrusts and he growls. “I’m gonna cum Pan, I’m gonna cum.”

“Drive it in, bury it, fucking fill me Jax,”

He drives that monster inside of me and wraps me in his arms crushing me into his hug and I feel it.

I feel him starting to cum and I clench down on purpose.

Seize my tiny body around that cock as he’s cumming and I twerk, I try and twerk, that hip sort of booty shake thing and jack him off inside of my body with my body.

Jax cries out, gripping harder as he’s shooting, gushing load into me.

“Pan, Pan, oh holy fuck girl!”

I’m making his hands and fingers spasm as he cums that hard.

And me?

Like I said before I’m filled with this huge cock and it’s got my body wrapped around it until it’s becoming like my whole new center. And this time it’s cumming, filling me, bathing my insides in his sticky, hot, boiling cum.

And that’s all boiling to a peak with my own sissygasm and the knowledge that I did this for him, to him that I’m that kind of hot little bitch.

The ego boost is fucking amazing.

We fall on the bed with his weight over me and he’s holding me and as much as my body is still doing this virgin to hot gay sex freaking out he’s shivering and twitching too.

“Stay, Stay the weekend Pan. Be my girl, I’ll treat you right.”

“Okay, yeah okay…Jax?”

“Yeah Pan?”

“I’m new to all of this, show me a new world okay?”

“Okay, I promise.”

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