At The Mall

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Sonja gained much confidence in herself, in her awareness of how sexy she was. In her new way of flirting and teasing with our male friends and acquaintances she made it quite clear to them, without actually saying so, that she would let them get between her legs if she wanted to. They would drool and look at her with longing lust, as her outfits were now sometimes scandalous, usually showing a lot of thigh, and her mouthwatering breasts were almost always loose, bra-less and impudent, under clingy, sheer blouses often unbuttoned halfway down. She loved the hot stares and smiled and joked and to tease our friends even more she would ask if her skirt was too tight or too short or if her cleavage showed too much or if her shirt was too sheer.

She particularly liked the way men reacted when she wore one of her spectacular shelf bras that only held up the bottom of her breasts, leaving the rest uncovered, with a blouse that was clingy and transparent enough to highlight their jiggle, and her nipples invariably got noticeably hard as soon as they were put on display. With see-through blouses, she would sometimes put makeup on her nipples! I once got her a smaller B-cup bra as a gift, instead of the D-cup she was, and we both loved the way her breasts overflowed out of the undersize cups and moved naturally as if without any support, and her sheer unbuttoned blouses emphasized their every quiver and twitch. She just loved being provocative and showing off her fabulous breasts! We had a couple of real nice adventures that started because she was wearing a hot bra, but those are other stories, not this one.

We liked to go to a mall late at night when it wasn’t crowded, to try out some outfits that she wouldn’t dare wear elsewhere. On one particular night, she decked herself out with sexy little white cotton shorts, tight and stretchy enough for a modest camel-toe, a tiny tied up sleeveless blouse, no buttons, no bra, with her breasts snug in the tight thin cloth that allowed them complete free movement, and heeled sandals strapped halfway up her calves. Even before we entered the mall her nipples were already hard; showing off her body really aroused her. She looked deliciously slutty and almost illegal.

We were just walking around, checking out some of the people who were checking us out, and this guy comes right up to us and asks us if we would like to join a nudist club. Sonja and I look at each other and tell him that no, we really kaynarca escort are not into nudism (we’re not, we’re into sex). He keeps on talking to us, and he tries not to look at Sonja’s breasts too obviously as he realizes that she’s not wearing a bra and from up close where he stands her nipples are conspicuous and hard and poking against the tight thin cloth, and I notice that of course they get stiffer and harder as he looks or doesn’t look at them. Anyway, he soon enough lets on that he manages the mall and asks us if we want to see his office, because it has a big picture window from where we could see most of the mall. Of course, right away Sonja says we’d love to. He takes us up some stairs and Sonja goes up ahead first, purposely, I know, so we can watch her adorable ass and bare sexy legs. I’m thinking this is going to be fun!

He walks us into the office, and sure enough, there’s a nice view of the whole mall from the wall to wall picture window. His huge desk chair faces the view, but what we’re both watching is Sonja’s gorgeous ass as she moves around looking out, with the tiny shorts deliciously snug down the crack of her ass. Every so often she turns around to us to point out something in the mall below, and her loose breasts swaying this way and that makes me wish that they would just escape already out of the flimsy little blouse.

She finally calms down and looks at the desk, and casually tells us she’s never made out on a desk. As she says that, she sits right at the edge of the huge desk, opens her legs just enough for us to appreciate that there’s only a wisp of cloth where her shorts cover her pussy, and leans back a little with her hands on the desk, smiling at us. She is obviously baiting him to step in between her legs, so I tell him, suggestively, that she’ll lay down her ass just about anywhere she wants. She beckons him with her index finger, and she opens her thighs a little more, again teasing him to step in between them, then seductively, slowly, pulls him in, until his bulge comes tight into her crotch. They kiss, and with their mouths engaged, she undoes her blouse, freeing those succulent breasts for him, and his hands immediately go for them, palming and fondling and pulling and squeezing and toying and tugging at her erect nipples with his fingers.

I know she’s enjoying his hands all over her, and their kissing turns more intense. After some time, she undoes his belt and küçükyalı escort down go his pants and underpants, and she lovingly caresses and fondles his cock and balls, and she keeps at it for the longest time, on and on, because, I know her, she wants him to come fast when they fuck. She’s not wearing any panties and there’s not much of her shorts where her thighs meet so she doesn’t even take them off, she just presses the head of his cock right against her wet pussy lips, and plays with it there, moving just the head in and out and all over the entrance to her pussy. I can faintly hear the squishing noises and all this is getting him, and herself, and me, really really hot. After a while she can’t stand it anymore, and she just slides his cock right into her tight wet pussy. It goes in real easy like, and they both gasp.

I know this is not going to last too long, because she brags about how fast she makes guys come. I’m tempted to dive in, but settle for letting her do her thing.

The guy thrusts into her pussy while she bucks, they’re still tonguing each other and her shirt is undone and her mouthwatering breasts are out in the open and his hands are fondling and feeling and stroking them and all her other delicious body parts. Right then an office door opens and some attractive female assistant starts to come in but instantly freezes at the sight of the two of them fucking against the desk. There are now two of us watching this lively sex show. Sonja makes eye contact with the assistant and this takes her over the edge, and she starts coming in slow spasms against his cock, moaning into his mouth, while looking straight at the female assistant. Sonja’s coming makes him stiffen up and shudder and come too, right into her, and she keeps looking at the cute assistant and her slow moans just don’t seem to end. She is still kissing him and moaning as he pulls out, the come and juices spilling out on her shorts, and she squeezes his cock and wets her lips with some of his come, all the time keeping this hungry eye contact with the young female assistant. As they separate, I’ve got to taste her come covered lips. She fondles my cock through my pants, but pulls away and whispers to me that we should go and she’ll do me in the car, right in the parking lot. She hasn’t taken her eyes off the assistant all this time.

Our spent friend slumps back into his office chair, exhausted, and Sonja, saying we got to go and sancaktepe escort still teasing and flirting with her eyes and shiny come-wet lips at the assistant, feeds her delicious breasts into our friend’s mouth, one and then the other and back, letting him mouth and suckle on them, and gives his shining and still hard cock a couple of longing, goodbye caresses and sloppy wet kisses, getting the last of his come all over her hands and lips, never taking her eyes off of the assistant, obviously doing all this for her. As she walks past the open-mouth, still-in-shock assistant, she’s pulling here and there on her little shorts and tying up her shirt and covering and accommodating her breasts, and she winks at the assistant and stops and kisses her hard on the lips, tonguing her, I notice, and after the initial advance she slows down and they get into real serious kissing and tonguing. The assistant, of course, melts in Sonja’s arms with Sonja’s tongue in her mouth and Sonja’s practically naked body pressed tight against her. Sonja finally steps back, running her hands up and down the assistants body, lovingly squeezing and caressing her wherever she wants. The assistant looks like she desperately wants more and is reluctant to Sonja’s pulling away, but I think Sonja is not really ready for girl-on-girl.

As we get to the car, I have my arm wrapped around her and am fondling the skin of her ass under the waistband of the little shorts, and I want to do her even before we get in. I’m loosening my pants as I open the door. In the car, I kiss her and tongue her, tasting in her mouth everything she’s just done, and undo her blouse, and mouth her from her neck on down to her breasts, inhaling her sex smell, and suck on her sticky sweet nipples, and she tells me in her husky sex voice that she needs a cock in her mouth as she pulls my cock out and wets her lips and lowers her open mouth to it. As always, her mouth, lips, tongue are exquisite and electric. My hand has gone between her thighs and when she feels my fingers in her pussy she starts coming again, groaning and impatiently writhing her ass and her very very wet thighs and pussy against my hand, and even as I ask her to take her time because I want to enjoy her mouth and not come right away, I give in and come, spurt and spurt and spurt, all into her coaxing mouth. She keeps on whimpering and twitching after my last spurt, and she digs into my lap with her mouth and face and licks and slobbers my cock as her orgasm takes full hold of her. She finally unclenches her hands, tired, but keeps rubbing my cock, wet with her saliva, all over her face, popping it in and out of her mouth like a lollipop to keep it wet.

We both love this. There is nothing like sex.

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