Sniffing Duty

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Luna looked at the step counter on her wrist and it read ‘740 Steps!” That was 40 steps above the step schedule for that morning. Being a work-out coach had gotten her used to that daily routine, she wouldn’t even feel complete without it. She turned to the home direction and started jogging back.

Like many other fitness coaches, she looks very fit and stunning. But unlike many other coaches, she has a slave!

Jason had prepared her bath and breakfast, as it was customary of him to do. The reason why people have slaves is not just to have fun, but also to make their life easier and more interesting.

By the time Luna got home, she was sweating all over her body. Her armpits were wet and stinking. The excess sweat produced on her ass was absorbed by the jogging pants. Also, her feet got stinky and smelly too. As soon as she opened the door, Jason was already on his knees to welcome her back into the house.

She raised her right hand up and made him sniff her armpit.

“You do enjoy this, don’t you!”

“Yes, Mistress, I enjoy it!”

“Ok, çekmeköy escort go ahead and lick my sweat then, I guess I have enough for you this morning.”

After licking her right armpit clean, he sniffed her left armpit and afterwards licked it also.

She took off her sports footwear and made him sniff that too. The mixture of heat and stink that emanated from there was enough to make him faint. He choked on the hot stinky smell but had to pretend like it was some kind of cologne he was Sniffing.

She removed the socks from her feet and made him sniff those two. Then she got an idea.

Luna tied one of her socks over his nose and demanded feet worship.

“Can you breathe well now?”

“Not seamless, but I can manage.”

“How does the air feel like?”

“Mistress, it’s humid and very stinky!”

“Great! I want you to deal with that stinking smell while you lick and suck my feet!”

She stretched her feet on his laps. He took her feet to his mouth and started using his tongue to romantically massage her feet. cevizli escort

“Yeah, suck the toes, show me some love!”

“Aha, now, the soles!”

“How about underneath my nails, I don’t want to see any dirt left there!”

“Good dog!”

She kept him on the feet worship until she began to feel relaxed. After some time passed, she untied the sock on his nose.

“Now put your nose into my ass crack and sniff away!”

The stink of her ass crack was the worst of all the stink because of minimal aeration. But Jason enjoyed it. He had come to love the smell of her ass. He had sniffed it so much he had to get used to it.

“Get your face deeper in there!”

It wasn’t just the smell that raided his nose, the heat coming out of her ass crack was also giving him a tough time. He began to gasp for air. The mixture of bad stink and heat was robbing him of oxygen.

Just then, Luna decided to make the air better and fresher for him.


She blew a hot fart out of her ass. Now he didn’t erenköy escort have to deal with just her sweats and heat, loathsome gas was added to the already foul mixture.

She took her jogging pants off and exposed her bare stinking ass to him, so he could enjoy sniffing better.

“You know this is good for your health. It will help keep your mind balanced and your blood pressure optimum. Maybe I should forward the article to you later, I read on some blog that inhaling a woman’s scents and smell makes you men live healthier!”

Jason dipped his face deeper into her ass crack and continued sniffing.

“Put your nose on my anus, another fart is coming!”

Jason pressed the tip of his nose against her gaping anus.


It was even more stinking than the earlier farts. His lungs seriously burned

“Whew, you have no idea what this does to me, I feel so relaxed and my body feels lighter.”


She stood up and then went into the bathtub in the bathroom. She lay inside while he knelt beside her bearing a cup of pineapple juice and cookies on a tray to entertain her while she lay in the tub.

“Hmmm, life is beautiful!” she said as she took a sip and dropped the cup back on the tray.

“Be ready, slave, you’re gonna eat my pussy all day!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32