Sylvia’s Next Door Affairs

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The affair with Sylvia began in the week before Christmas.

Sylvia was just forty. I and Janet were both fifty one, and had lived next door since just after Sylvia’s husband had passed away two years ago.

When we moved in I had noticed how attractive she was, how could any red blooded male not notice her shapely ass, and well proportioned tits. Her red hair seemed to accentuate her green eyes, and even though she was left saddened by her tragedy, she always was immaculately made up.

Janet, of course, sensed straight away that I fancied her, and she wasn’t shy in telling me to keep my distance. However, that was difficult, because she and Sylvia, became best friends, and the two were always in and out of our respective houses. So much so that there were quite a few evenings where the two of them were chatting till late at night, or watching some film or other together at Sylvia’s.

One evening the week before Christmas, there was a tap at the side door to the kitchen. I was sitting on my laptop, and knowing Sylvia was the only person who used that door, I let her in, slightly surprised, because she knew that Janet was out at her firm’s Christmas party.

“Oh gosh Tom, I hope you don’t mind, I was just setting up my Christmas lights, and the whole bloody house has fused. You couldn’t come and have a look could you? I know you’re on your own, I’m so sorry to interrupt whatever you’re doing.”

I was hoping that Sylvia hadn’t realised that I was watching some porn on my laptop. I might have looked a little guilty, but I soon said, “Of course, just let me get my flashlight, and lock up.”

I was quickly following her in through her kitchen door, and it was a simple matter of flicking the trip switch, and the lights in the downstairs of the house came back on.

“Thanks ever so much Tom, I do miss a man about the house in moments like this”

“So where are these lights you were putting up? let’s have a look at them.”

“They’re in the lounge, above the fireplace,” Sylvia took me through.

“Would you like a drink Tom, I was having some wine?”

“Ok, yes please Sylvia, I’d love one.”

It only took a few minutes to secure the lights, and soon I was sitting opposite Sylvia, sipping a glass of red, admiring her legs, which were crossed, and revealing just a few inches of thigh below the hem of her tight skirt.

I must have finished the glass rather swiftly, because I watched Sylvia uncross her legs, and had to avert my eyes as she showed quite a bit of thigh. As she stood by my arm chair, and poured another glassful from the bottle, her calf made contact with my knee.

Instead of just moving her leg she seemed to press harder against me. Her hand shook slightly, and a splash of wine landed on my shirt.

“Oh god, I’m sorry Tom.” In a flash, Sylvia was kneeling down, dabbing my shirt with a tissue.

I managed to place my glass on the small table beside me, before Sylvia, fussing, and dabbing, giggled momentarily, and said, “Janet can do her best with that.”

Whether it was accidental, or deliberate, I wasn’t sure, but as she stopped her attentions to my shirt she dropped the tissue, which landed in my lap. As she retrieved it, her fingers grazed my cock beneath my trousers, at which, she blushed, and, strangely said, ” Oooh sorry.”

Our eyes met, and we both smiled. Nothing said, she rested her hand on my thigh, and lifted herself back to her feet.

I watched her ass, as she left the room, and went into the kitchen, and I heard the opening of another bottle.

“You’ll stay for another one won’t you Tom? Janet won’t be home yet will she?”

She stood at the kitchen door, and added, “I hope she won’t mind me borrowing her husband.”

“I’m sure she’s enjoying herself tonight. I don’t think she’ll be home early.”

Sylvia approached me again, and topping up my glass further, pressed her leg against mine. I looked up at her face, and this time she avoided eye contact, then after she’d filled my glass she just said, ” I’ll just be a moment.”

I saw her disappear upstairs, and felt a strange excitement. Why had she gone upstairs, the wine was making me light headed, and I just sat there waiting.

When Sylvia came back my jaw dropped, appearing, dressed in a silk dressing gown. It seemed an obvious ‘c’mon.,’ but I didn’t know for sure.

“That’s better, I feel more comfortable now,” Sylvia said, as she sat back down in her chair opposite me, seemingly completely unphased.

My head was spinning now. Was this a tease? Was it all in my mind?

Sylvia continued chatting, now changing the topic to Janet.

“How long have you two been married….. been together?

“Oh wow, twenty eight years, we met in a bar, in London, she was staying with an aunt, I was there with a mate. We had sex on the first night, in the next room to her aunt.”

A smile crept across Sylvia’s face, appreciating my frankness, brought on by the alcohol.

“A bit like me and Jack. We met at a party, and ended up having sex in the bathroom.”

As florya escort she was speaking, she crossed her legs once more, the silk fabric of her dressing gown slipping down her thighs, before she pulled it back up.

“Do you still have sex with Janet?”

“Hasn’t she told you,” I smiled, “I thought women confided in each other about that stuff?” That’s confidential, but I guess it’s a lot less these days.”

I must have blushed, and I added, “It happens, but we get on ok.”

“Have you been faithful?”

“C’mon, you wouldn’t expect me to own up to that, you’d tell her.”

“You’re an attractive man, I’d expect you to have had opportunities.”

“Well the same goes for you, you must have been hit on?”

Sylvia slowly stood up, the silk dressing gown briefly showing the full length of her thighs. As she approached me, she said quietly, “It seems we’re in the same boat, and we both have secrets. Tonight might be another.”

Placing her feet either side of my outstretched legs, she lowered herself onto my lap, astride me, facing me, and then tugging her tied waistband, she let the dressing gown drop to the floor.

In an instant she was naked, sitting facing me, squeezing and rubbing her breasts, with her shaved pussy, pouting, just inches from my crotch.

My mouth must have dropped open, my eyes were wide.

“Don’t say a word,” was all she said, fixing her eyes on mine. Her fingers felt for my belt buckle, pulling it apart, then unzipping me.

My cock was responding, and she hooked her fingers through the opening of my boxers, and flipped it out into the open. Within seconds it stood up hard, wanting to be inside that pussy just a short distance away.

My hands couldn’t help but cup her breasts, and squeeze her nipples, and gently she raised her body, guiding my cock with her fingers between her pussy lips.

With a loud gasp she settled down onto my erection. I felt the smooth, wet, folds engulf me, I felt her muscles close around me. And then she kissed me.

Our lips played, our tongues flicked, our breathing quickened.

“Fuck me slowly Tom, hold it there, don’t move, just let me enjoy this moment.”

My hands moved to Sylvia’s hips, the kissing beginning again, we were both perfectly still, but I did so want to fuck her.

Sylvia knew that, and leaned forward, raising her body, and making her pussy massage my cock just a little. Her lips found their way to my neck, and her breath below my ear was starting to get faster.

“Oh god Tom I’ve wanted this so much, you didn’t seem to notice me, it’s wrong I know but oh wow, don’t cum yet…..please.”

All I managed to say was, ” Sylvia, I wanted you too……god, you feel so good.”

Still kissing my neck, and her naked boobs against my shirt, her body started to rise and fall. I wanted to be naked, but we were too far gone, and it wasn’t too long before Sylvia was panting, and gasping, “You’re going to make me cum, oh god Tom, I’ve wanted this so much, oh god…..oh yes……oh yes…….oh yes…..”

I felt the muscles of Sylvia’s pussy tighten, then in quick little pulses they seemed to squeeze the head of my cock beyond that point of self control.

With a stifled grunt, I began to ejaculate deep inside her. She pressed down on me, wanting every last drop of semen.

It seemed we both moaned a long sigh at the same time.

“Oh Tom, fuck, I’m not sure we should have done that.”

As she stood up, unsteadily naked, a few drops of spunk dribbled from her pussy, onto the very wet crotch of my trousers. My cock was still glistening from her pussy juices, and a drops of spunk were seeping out.

“Bloody hell, I’ve made a mess, don’t let Janet see that, what time is she home, we’d better clean those up?”

“I see what you mean,” I replied, struggling to my feet, and zipping myself up. “I guess I’d better get home and sort these out. Look I don’t want you to think I’m running off after what just happened, it was incredible. You’re silly to think I never fancied you, you’re so very sexy. I want you again.”

Sylvia had put her dressing gown back on and hugged me, and kissed me again.

“Look Tom, me and Janet are close friends, let’s be careful, it’s Christmas, we’re bound to see each other socially, we can come back to this in the new year. I want you too.”

And so I left, excited, slightly fearful, guilty, but wanting more.

I hurriedly washed my trousers in the sink, and hid them to dry in the garage. I showered, and was in my pyjamas when Janet arrived home in a taxi. She was very drunk. In a very garbled way, she described the evening, and in a short time had gone up to bed. By the time I turned in, she was fast asleep.

The only time Sylvia was mentioned was when Janet had a telephone conversation with her next day. Ending the call she said to me, “So you fixed Sylvia’s lights for her last night?”

“Yes she came to me in a panic, I went and fixed them, and we had a glass of wine together.”

I tried cihangir escort to be nonchalant with my reply, and Janet just said, “I hope it was just one.”

I made no comment, and conversation moved on.

In the run up to Christmas day, last minute things were completed, and food prepared. Christmas day itself was a visit from the in laws for lunch, and then too much food, drink, and television.

Boxing day brought the local social highlight of Christmas.

The ‘Wrights’ who lived in a big house opposite, always invited neighbours in for a buffet lunch, which usually turned very boozy, and went on until the evening.

Janet hadn’t enjoyed last year’s get together, because Mr Perkins, from three doors down, had had rather too much to drink. and had tried to kiss her. I hadn’t told Janet that his wife, Cynthia, had tried the same thing with me.

After much persuasion, we arrived at 12.30pm, and happened to enter just as Sylvia was shouting up the path for us to wait for her.

“I’m so glad you waited for me,” she said, slightly out of breath, “I want to keep out of the ‘Perkins’ way, he’s a bit of a lech.”

Janet laughed, “You too, I know what you mean.”

The two women embraced on the doorstep just as Mrs Wright, Sue, opened the door.

“C’mon in, seasons’ greetings.”

Sue was a striking blonde, in her late thirties, dressed in a clingy red dress, and a pair of party antlers on her head.

We were soon given a glass of champagne each, and the house was full of people of all ages, and a few kids coming and going, from a room set aside just for them.

Conversation was loud, and after a few ‘knowing’ glances from Sylvia, I left her and Janet to go and talk to the ‘Gibsons’ who were another set of neighbours from our road,

Mick Gibson ran the local football team and his wife was a PE teacher at the local secondary school. We always had a bit of banter about sport in general, and after some time I managed to return to Janet and Sylvia, who were sitting together in one of the lounges.

Both of them were tipsy and giggly, and it was quite amusing to hear the two of them acting like schoolgirls, whispering about the other men at the party in quite a frankly sexual way.

“I bet he’s good in bed,” remarked Sylvia, about John from up the road, “I’ve heard he had a fling with that woman who works in the post office.”

“Noooo,” whispered back Janet, “Well his wife Debbie was having it off with the builder doing their extension.”

Both of them erupted in giggles, clutching onto each other, and it was a bit disconcerting knowing that I had been fucking my wife’s best friend the week before.

I left them to it once more, and went to find some food in the kitchen, where dishes were laid out on every available surface.

As I was filling my plate with salad and cold meat, I felt a hand brush my left buttock, it felt almost deliberate, and sure enough I turned and saw that Mrs Perkins was standing next to me.

“Hello Tom, long time no see, that invitation still stands for you and Janet to come round for dinner. Maybe in the new year?”

As she was speaking, somehow she had managed to press her thigh up against mine, and was holding eye contact in the most extraordinary way.

“Yes, I’m sure we’d love to, January is quite busy for us,” I said lying, “but I’m sure we can fix something.”

As I filled my plate Cynthia Perkins followed me into the conservatory, and helped herself to the seat next to mine on the sofa.

“Hope you don’t mind me joining you, David’s off trying to chat up whoever will talk to him, now tell me how has your year been?”

Again, Cynthia’s thighs were hard up against mine, I could see her dress riding up slightly, exposing her knees. Between mouthfuls of food she would turn towards me, and I felt her eyes drilling into me.

When we’d both finished eating, she put her plate on the table beside her, and proceeded to squeeze my knee with her hand. I needed to escape, and thank god, David Perkins appeared, and obviously knew his wife was predatory, like himself.

“Hi Tom,” he said, “is my wife entertaining you? I haven’t had a chance to talk to your Janet yet, but I will.”

At that point I made my apologies, and went to find Janet.

She and Sylvia were together in the dining room, and I found them holding hands, perhaps confiding in each other about something. As soon as I’d entered, they let go, which seemed strange, but I didn’t comment. Janet blushed slightly, which I thought might be the alcohol.

The party started to break up late afternoon, and I left with Janet and Sylvia, both of them walking unsteadily back home. Having said our goodbyes to Sylvia, Janet spent the evening asleep in the armchair.

New Year approached and we had a family get together on New Year’s eve. On New Year’s day I was due to go to a football match, and I’d arranged afterwards to have a boozy evening with my mate. Janet told me that Sylvia had invited her round for a chat, mecidiyeköy escort so there wasn’t going to be any chance of me meeting up with Sylvia alone.

When New Year’s day arrived I was all set for a ‘boys’ night out, but on my way to the match I got a phone call from Stuart, my mate, saying that he’d got the worst stomach upset ever, and wouldn’t be able to have that night out. It couldn’t be helped, and so I went alone to the match, and afterwards had a quick pint , before making my way home.

The house was empty, and I knew that Janet was next door, but I couldn’t help thinking about whether I’d get to see Sylvia anytime soon. The longer I sat and thought about it, the more I wanted her. Finally I got to the point of just wanting to see her even in my wife’s company.

I thought that if I went next door I might at least be invited in to have a cup of tea.

I went via our kitchen door to Sylvia’s side entrance, and her kitchen door. I could see lights on, but no sign of life. I tried the handle, and it opened, making a mental note to tell Sylvia about her security, I crossed to the lounge door.

I wasn’t sure whether to make a deliberate sound, like a cough, or a shout, so as not to startle them, but for some reason I didn’t. As I got to the lounge I heard sounds from upstairs.

My whole body froze. It was clearly the sound of a female, the sound of a female about to have an orgasm. And it was a familiar sound to me, because it was Janet’s voice moaning, and repeatedly uttering little stifled cries of pleasure.

In those few seconds I had a vision of my wife being fucked by some hairy assed guy, at the same time thinking it served me right. It was like some people describe how your life flashes before you in some terrible accident.

But then I heard Janet’s voice plainly and clearly.

“Oh god Sylvia, don’t stop, do it again.”

I didn’t know what to do, my hand was gripping the bannister, as I was deciding whether to make my presence known.

“Oooooooh yes….go on…go on…”

I took one step and then another, up the staircase. By the time I’d reached the tenth stair, my head was level with the floor upstairs. I was able to see through the half open bedroom door, and the reflection of the wardrobe mirrors. Janet and Sylvia were naked, and intertwined on the double bed, Sylvia’s arm appearing to move rhythmically with her hand somewhere between Janet’s thighs.

With a gasp, Janet came a second time, and then amazingly I saw her roll over, thrusting her head between Sylvia’s legs. In the few moments it took for the first gasp of pleasure, I seated myself on the stairs, transfixed, watching it all unfold.

Sylvia’s head was stretched backwards on the edge of the bed, eyes closed, mouth open, the sound of breathing becoming quicker, an almost strangled moan emanating from her throat.

“Ahhhhhh, fuck Janet, oh fuck.”

My mouth was dry, my whole body tense.

And then Sylvia’s eyes opened wide, flickering, then closing with pleasure, then in a moment they were suddenly staring into the wardrobe mirror, staring at me. I wanted to duck down, but some magnetic force held our gazing eyes together.

I watched as my wife brought Sylvia to the edge. Her eyes were knowing, knowing she’d had us both. With a cry, her eyelids fluttered, and she shook. I watched her cum, I smiled, and retreated back down the stairs, and returned home.

Two hours later Janet came in, slightly surprised at finding me there, and at first she stumbled over her words.

“You’re very early, didn’t you go for a drink?….I’ve been having a girly evening with Sylvia.”

Janet looked flushed, and started to tidy the kitchen needlessly.

I explained about Stuart being ill, and I’d come home early.

“You’ve had a good evening, I can tell,” I was probing.

“Errr yes….Sylvia is fun….we get on well together,” I could sense her awkwardness.

I didn’t push it anymore, but in my mind I was wrestling with this idea of my wife, and indeed Sylvia, being bisexual.

Next morning was the return to work. The day was incredibly busy, and there was little chance to dwell on what had happened, however, that evening, as I pulled onto my drive, Sylvia was just putting something into the recycling bin.

“How long has that been going on?” I asked immediately.

Sylvia looked guilty and replied, That was the first time, it happened out of the blue, I’m sorry if it shocked you, but I’ve always been bi. It was Janet’s first time with a woman.”

“Yes, I was shocked, but it turned me on a bit, look, when can I see you again?” I was being totally selfish.

“I have the day off on Monday, can you get any time off?”

“I’ll try, I might be able to take the afternoon off, I’ll let you know over the weekend.”

That night Janet and I had sex for the first time since before Christmas. It was mechanical sex, we both knew our triggers, we both just wanted physical release. Just before I came, I was thinking of Sylvia, and how she had made us both cum, and as we both turned over to sleep, I found myself getting hard again.

Monday seemed like it would never come, I did manage to give a thumbs up to Sylvia when I briefly saw her outside on the Saturday, but was taken aback when Janet said that she was seeing Sylvia on Monday evening for a night in watching a dvd.

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