Air Hostess Swings in South Africa

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Authors Note:

To all my dear fans, welcome back for my fourth story and a kind welcome of course as well to all those who have come across my work for the first time. For those of you who have not read any of my other stories, my name is Madeleine and I’m a flight attendant for a large French airline. Ever since my first flight, I’ve experienced an almost uncontrollable boost in my sex drive when soaring off into the air. My stories detail the numerous events in which I’ve dealt with those desires, both in the air and away from home during layovers at many different international locations.

At 5’6″ I have a cute little frame that emphasizes my feminine curves perfectly. I’ve never had much trouble enticing my victims. A seductive sway of the hips in my uniform or a deliberate partial exposure of my firm 34D breasts always seemed to have had an effect on men. Besides these fine feminine physical attributes, people always have been captivated by my facial appearance. Many have been surprised that behind my innocent brown eyes and sweet lushes lips lies such a horny and naughty woman. With long wavy dark brown hair just a few inches past my shoulder blades and olive skin it does not take much effort to look the part of a desirable woman. Using the lightest touch of makeup and some nice red lipstick I can rope in interest most days. As for my physical condition, I do take efforts to stay in good shape. I just turned 31, and I’m proud that I’ve managed to maintain the youthful fitness I had 10 years ago.

This story relates an encounter during a layover in Johannesburg and though it stands on its own, you might want to read some of my earlier works as well to get some more insight into my personality and how I started on the road to sexual hijinks. Please note that to ensure the privacy of others, I’ve changed the names of people that appear in my detailed recollections, but all other facts are as close to the actual truth as I can remember it. I hope you enjoy reading this story. Please feel free to leave a comment or to send me a personal feedback. Bisous Madeleine X


Chapter 1, Some Fun At The Race Track.

During my first few years of flying and the early stages trying to fulfil the needs of my growing fetish, I was still innocent and unsecure about my feelings. Sometimes I acted on them, which in some cases even turned out for the worse. Flo, one of my best friends and colleagues, has been a tremendous help and for a long time was my sole confidante in whom I could find comfort and self-confidence. However much I enjoyed the sensation that was caused by flying and the extreme pleasure I got from engaging sexually when mid-air, I also started to think that there was something wrong with me. As soon as I arrived at a destination, I would withdraw to my room and refrain from engaging in many of the activities most other crew members enjoyed together. From simply having dinner together, going to the beach or taking tourist sightseeing trips, to some of the wilder and elaborate evening parties.

It was Flo who urged me to come out to one of those parties when we were together in Johannesburg one time. Besides the fact it was the first time I joined fellow crew members for some fun, this evening in particular lingers in my memory for some other first-time experiences. The kind of sexual endeavors many enjoy as fantasies, but seldom participate in. It all just started with a day out to the race track in Midrand, where one of the English Formula-One teams was testing their F1 cars for the new season. The F1 crew was staying in our hotel, which basically was fully booked with four of our crews and all the technicians, engineers, managers and drivers of the F1 team.

One of the pilots of another crew had already met with this team and had managed to get an open invitation for all of our staff to visit when they were test driving on the track. During race seasons these men are surrounded by hot-looking pit girls all the time, so in a way we were the substitute eye candy during the training sessions. Being mid-February, it was high summer in South Africa and with temperatures well above 90F it was perfect weather for some scanty outfits. Flo joined me mid-afternoon to get changed and get ready to go to the track. She ended up wearing a short skirt and light t-shirt, which she had tied in a knot just under her perky boobs while I had opted for some hot pants and a bikini top. After applying some makeup and fixing our hair we arrived downstairs to join the remaining members of our crew to take the last van to the race track.

Out at the track there were about 30 other crew members. Mostly female flight attendants, who just like us, were dressed up for the occasion or should I say dressed down; because of the heat everyone had plenty of naked flesh on display. The first two hours were quite boring actually. Only the few pilots, who had also showed up, were very much absorbed by the whole racing thing with those brutally loud cars. The noise was feriköy escort exciting though, which just made my groin rumble when one of those cars drove down the straight and I felt a definite tingle between my legs. But it just lasted a few seconds and I had to wait a few minutes before another car would flash by again. Every couple of rounds the car would go into the pits and the waiting was even longer.

After the testing was finished we were allowed to enter the pit area. It was one of those rare occasions where with three flight crews present, the men actually still outnumbered the women and to say the least, they were all very good looking as well. You might think these racing folks are just geeks and dirty car mechanics, but nothing is further from the truth. The garage, or paddock as they call it, was spotless, as if they needed to perform surgery any minute. All the mechanics wore white overalls which, beside all the sponsor labels, were also immaculate.

The courreurs were unfortunately already gone, but that did not spoil our fun. Had I mentioned F1 is one of the richest sports in the world? Well it showed. They had a massive air-conditioned, hospitality trailer behind the paddock, where we were invited to mingle with all of the F1 crew, managers, engineers, mechanics and the lollipop man. The last guy, whom I learned has just one job. He just put up a sign, the lollipop, which designate where the driver has to stop, but yet he is as important as any other member of the team. Besides the large numbers of males, food and drinks were also generously provided, which obviously helped spark the flirtations between the marginally clad flight attendants and all the hunky guys around.

The booze certainly helped me to relax and mingle among the crowd. After a short conversation with the Lollipop guy I met Leroy, who besides being the only black guy around, also stood out because of his height of nearly 6’8″. Not only was he tall, but he was also well-proportioned. His broad shoulders and strong arms stood out in the clean short sleeved polo shirt he was wearing. He happened to be the local PR manager for the team and told me that today was the last day for track tests. Everything had been going so well the past week that he had managed to convince the team director to plan a little reward for all the hard work. Knowing that they shared the hotel with a number of flight crews of a French airline, just provided the perfect opportunity to get all the guys to relax a bit before their flight home the next day.

“You see, they hardly get a chance during the racing season to relax and appreciate all the lovely ladies who walk around the circuits,” Leroy explained, while I tried to pay attention and not get distracted by his very masculine appearance. “It is a constant rush from setting-up and preparing for the race; then as soon as it is done we have to pack up and get ready for the next race.”

He must have caught me staring as he paused for a brief moment and looked down at me. My eyes gazed up past his broad chest and caught his eye. His smile made me melt and when he let his fingers briefly grace along the side my arm I could feel the all-familiar sensation in my loins starting to build up. The looks of this guy made me wish he would take me right there and I could feel my panties dampen. The bikini top I was wearing did not help much to hide my feelings. The small triangular pieces of cloth barely contained my heavy tits and the contours of my hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. This obviously had not gone unnoticed by Leroy who had his eyes focused on my bikini clad breasts.

He continued saying, “I’m sure I speak for all the guys here by telling you that we really appreciate it that you girls came over to join us and took the effort to look as hot as you do”

“And just how big is this appreciation of yours?” I heard Flo comment, who had sneaked up behind me with another glass of Champagne to replace my empty glass.

She was not ashamed of using this double-entendre while looking right down at Leroy’s groin and neither did it seem to bother Leroy, who just reached out his hand to introduce himself properly. He looked at me and asked who my lovely friend was. The ice seemed to have been broken, or should I say was melting rapidly as our conversation was becoming more open and very flirtatious. The cream started to seep from my pussy, soaking my panties even more. Flo must have had the same thought as I did and was all over him while we continued our chit chat. The effect of our efforts soon became clear as the outline of his wonderful cock started to show down the left leg of his khaki cargo pants.

“Maybe we should go somewhere private so I can share my appreciation,” he suggested to us as the heat was clearly getting too much.

Fully aware of our intentions, he led us back behind the paddocks and found an empty stall. Once inside Leroy did not waste any time. He reached gülbağ escort around Flo’s back to grab her ass and pull her towards him for a passionate kiss. It did not take much effort for his fingers to dig under the hem of her short skirt and to find her naked, round butt cheeks. I’ve always been amazed and still wonder how such a pale, blonde-haired girl, got such a great, curvy Latina ass. There was no mistake where this was going to go. Flo’s skirt was up around her waist; from the side I watched how Leroy slipped a finger into her panties. Even before Flo had shown up I had imagined getting a taste of my first black cock but the way things were going, I needed to jump in fast if I did not want to be left out.

Quickly I took off my hot pants and panties before stepping in. Facing Flo, I wriggled between Leroy and her to embrace her and take over pleasuring her sweet wet cunt with my fingers. Watching us kiss like that must have been just the thing that got him going even more as I heard him undo his pants, which then fell around his ankles. The outline of his cock in his pants had looked impressive earlier but was hardly anything close to reflecting its full size, which I was about to experience. With his hands on my ass he pushed his hips forward grinding his groin against my butt as I felt his massive hard piece of meat probe between my legs.

Being quite a bit taller than me, I felt the pressure of his cock parting my pussy lips as his entire shaft pushed forward till its dark bulbous cock head appeared between my legs below. It was shiny with my pussy juice and his precum. I reached down with one hand to get a feel just how big and hard Leroy was, stroking his cock as I started to grind my hips back and forth, sliding the cleft of my pussy forward and backward along his shaft to make it all slick with my juices. It was like riding astride a thick, hard rubber rod. Just the teasing of his wonderful cock like that would have been enough to make me cum, but Leroy had clearly other ideas. He placed his hands on my ass and pulled me back slightly so I could steady myself leaning into Flo as he spread my legs apart and got me to bend over slightly from the waist. His cock pulled back till just its head was nestled between my pussy lips, than with no further warning Leroy held onto my hips as he thrusted forward and his big thick cock almost split my pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… fuckkkkkkk..!” I shouted out loud as he hammered his cock into me.

It felt like he had hit home completely with his first thrust, but Flo was looking over my shoulder and told me that his cock was just over halfway in. She held on to me while Leroy started to shove his meat in and out in a steady rhythm. With each thrust he kept driving his cock deeper and deeper, causing me to shudder and moan constantly.

“You are loving this, aren’t you?” she asked blatantly. “I can’t wait to get my share of that massive black cock,” She smiled at Leroy who leaned over to pull her t-shirt up over her breasts.

“eeeyouch nooo..!” I yelped as his movement caused his body to push into me and his cock to sink in so deep that it hit my cervix.

He backed off a bit but kept his pace, fucking my pussy while cupping and playing with Flo’s tits. Hers are about a cup size smaller than my own, but very firm and perfectly shaped with small pointed nipples jutting out from puffy cone- shaped areolas. I was getting so horny and wet that finally my pussy got accustomed to the size of Leroy’s cock and I was able to take all of him in. His heavy balls slapping against my swollen pussy lips as he drove his cock all the way in. As much as I wanted to enjoy his lovely fuck pole for a lot longer, suddenly my whole body started quiver as I was about to cum.

“Ohhhh my gooooddd… yesss… Yesss fuck you are making me cum…” Were the first and last words that I managed to say before only loud sighs and moans of pleasure took over while I was hanging on to Flo for dear life.

My legs were trembling and Leroy had to grab hold of me before I would collapse. Holding me by the hips Leroy guided me back and forth over his rod while my orgasm ripped through my entire body. My pussy clamped tight and some fluids gushed out from my swollen pussy lips which were sealed around his cock. For a moment I must have passed out, because the next thing I remembered was a cold feeling on my bare ass as he sat me down on a wooden work bench that was located in the corner of the room. Flo was standing beside him with her tits still on display and a wicked smile across her face.

“Fuck Maddy..!” she said out loud in amazement, “That was one hell of an orgasm. I never saw you squirt before.”

“Hmmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it,” I confessed with a deep sense of satisfaction still burning inside of me. “You should have a go as well.”

Flo leaned in for a comforting soft kiss and a hug, confessing with a whisper in my ear how wet she had gotten kağıthane escort watching me getting pounded like that. Flo is even a few inches smaller than I am and has a very petite frame. After what I had just experienced I was slightly worried she would end up like a chicken on a skewer if Leroy would pound her as he had done me. But I should have known better as I was aware just how well Flo likes to be in control when it comes down to sex and sure enough she had no problem convincing Leroy to lie down on the floor so she could mount his still rock hard cock.

She squatted down over him facing his feet and guided his cock towards her longing cunt. Her short skirt was hiked up. She must have lost her panties while I was being taken earlier as I watched her glide his fat cock along her clean shaven mount. Grasping his shaft with one hand her fingers barely made it halfway around his girth.

“Ohhh fuck he’s so fucking big, you better come down here and give me a hand,” she instructed while beckoning me to come near.

I faced her and knelt between her stretched legs to grab hold of his cock with both hands and press the thick bulbous head between her pussy lips, causing them to spread and allow me to guide his cock towards her tight little opening. Feeling the pressure, Flo slowly lowered herself onto the massive pole and I watched in amazement how her pussy lips stretched around his thick cock as its head disappeared between them.

“Aughhhh yeah!” She puffed as she slid about four inches down onto his cock before moving back up.

Another loud sigh came from her mouth while the dark rim of his cockhead reappeared from between her pussy lips. Again and again she squatted up and down like this, panting loudly with each move. Her inner folds stretched around his cock like a seal, each time she pulled up, leaving a seethe of milky cream streak along his black cock. I could not resist and leaned in to lick the sweet nectar from his shaft while Flo managed to take more and more of him in. The limits of her pussy were being expanded by her growing excitement. Soon, she was able to take seven or so inches of his thick meat, leaving a good two inches of his cock for me to nibble on and of course I could also lick his heavy sack which was bursting full of cum.

Slowly her pace increased and while licking and sucking Leroy’s magnificent balls and cock I was rewarded with a close-up view of her tiny cunt being fucked. The shear ecstasy of his thick shaft stretching her tight pussy made her legs quiver and shortly after she collapsed on her knees with her hands resting on my shoulders, forcing me to continue to pleasure Leroy. He started to flex his hips, forcing his cock into her as he held her steady by her hips. Each time Flo flinched and her hands grubbed my shoulders tight, telling me she was in turmoil between pleasure and pain, with his cock now surely hitting against her cervix and stretching her vaginal cavity. Barely able to breathe with both their legs around my head I could not see just how far he got, but I could tell by the generous amounts of her cream running down his balls into my mouth that she was enjoying it tremendously.

“Holy fuck, yessss ahhhhh,” she yelped repeatedly; between thrusts she tried to make a full sentence, “I’ve never had, ohhhhh… had my pussy fuck, ahhhh… fucked with suchhhhhmmmm… big cock…”

Like me, there was no stopping her from cumming. The quivering of her legs transformed into a spasm through every muscle of her body. Her nails dug painfully into my shoulders as she wailed loudly from pleasure while Leroy held her tight. She stayed like this for close to one minute before she let herself fall sideways off his cock. It didn’t even seem to bother her that she was half naked lying on a painted, cold concrete floor.

Leroy got up and I was able to catch my own breath, if only for a minute, before he took hold of the nape of my neck and directed his shiny cock towards my awaiting lips. After satisfying us both with his lovely rod, it was only fair to give something back in return and I let him fuck my mouth for as much as I could take it. Even if I had mastered deep throating at the time, I would not have been able to swallow his thick cock whole. The pressure of his swollen cock head against my throat caused me to gag and saliva was running down from my lips along his shaft. Flo soon joined me and together we were working his shiny cock with great vigor using both our mouths and hands. Two hands wrapped half around his shaft, pumping it with forceful strokes while our lips and tongue each worked a side of his bulbous head. His cock was throbbing and his head seemed to swell even bigger as his orgasm was fast approaching.

“Oh yeah that is it! Right there, wrap those lips around my cock, here it comes! Oh! Oh yeah! Aughhh!” Leroy gasped as his rigid shaft stared to squirt ribbons of cum.

With both our lips close to his erupting cock he managed to get our hungry mouths filled, but still a generous amount of his cum was spilled across our cheeks. He then took control and directed his cock at Flo’s tits to cover them with the last remains from his testicles. Licking and kissing around his cock we made sure to collect the last drops before we attended to each other to clean some of it off our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32