Round Two with Luke

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Some of you have read about the first time I met a man from a gay site. His name was Luke and the first meeting turned out great. He is an older guy, around 55 and a total top. He told me that he is bisexual and just loves fucking. I can testify that he does love fucking. It had been several months since I was able to meet him again, due to his and my own work schedule. My work finally began to slow down and I knew that soon we would be allowed to leave work early, giving me the time to stop by my friends house and enjoy some guy activities.

I called Luke and left a message on his voice mail telling him that I hoped to be able to stop by sometime in the following week and hoped he would be able to fit me into his schedule. I didn’t have to wait long for an answer, maybe an hour. Luke called me back and told me that he was free the entire week in the evenings and to just call when I wanted to head that way.

As fate would have it that first night work was slow and I left about 2 hours early. My cock had been hard most of the evening, thinking about being with him again. I almost ran to my car and called him as I drove from the parking lot. I innocently asked if the invitation stood for that evening, he laughed and said sure thing, whenever you like. I laughed back and told him that I was half way there and should be there in ten minutes. My car couldn’t drive fast enough, didn’t want to get stopped and couldn’t explain why my cock was out and leaking precum.

I pulled into Luke’s drive and stroked my cock a couple more times, tasting my precum as I pulled my jeans up. I walked up to the door and Luke greeted me there, smiling and commented how quickly I had gotten there. I just nodded and smiled and walked into his house, closing the door behind me. Luke walked past me, sliding one hand along my crotch as he passed to lock the fulya escort door. My cock jumped from his touch and I knew I was leaking more precum. I turned to face him and he kissed me roughly and deeply. I usually don’t get into kissing, but the feel of his unshaved face made my legs quiver. We kissed deeply again, our tongues fighting for dominance, when he reached and took my ass in his hands, squeezing it hard. My knees gave out and I found myself on my knees facing his crotch. I licked at his cock through his jeans and he moaned lowly.

Luke pulled me to my feet before I could undo his jeans and we kissed again. He pulled my t-shirt over my head and I took the clue and unbuttoned his, removing it slowly. His nipples stood proud as I tongued them lightly. Luke moaned again and unsnapped his jeans pulling them down and stepping out of them. His cock was tenting against his tidy-whites and looked lovely, leaking precum quickly, from the large wet spot that grew in front of my eyes. I quickly stepped out of my jeans and pulled my boxers down, allowing my cock to spring free.

I rubbed Luke’s cock and he held mine and slowly stoked it. He told me that he couldn’t believe that he finally found someone that had more precum then him. I laughed and said it was his entirely his fault. He grinned and took some pre from my cock head and offered it to me. I licked his fingers clean and sucked them into my mouth, causing him to moan again. Luke stepped back and slid his underwear down, stepping out of them. I fell to my knees and was sucking him before he could stop me. He thrust into my mouth and I did my best to take his cock deep. I licked at him and sucked his cock till he was hard and I knew ready.

Luke pulled free from my wanting mouth and moved to the bedroom. I followed along like a lost pup. Luke bomonti escort laid back on the bed and I joined him, taking my place back at his hard cock. I continued to suck him and he reached out and slowly stroked my cock. I was hard as a rock and leaking precum like crazy. Luke just moaned from my head job and I was in heaven from the hand job he was giving me. Finally he pulled me off his cock and asked if I was ready to get fucked. I laughed and told him that was why I was there. Luke got off the bed and I took my position kneeling at the bed edge.

Luke was very gentle and lubed my ass well with his fingers then with his lubed cock head. He gently worked his cock into my ass and slowly began to fuck me. As usual I was uncomfortable at first but he was gentle enough and gave me time to get used to his girth. He constantly asked me if I was ok, and I told him yes several times.

Luke felt me accept his meat easily and finally was fucking me deeply with all of his cock. He continued to fuck me slowly, building speed slowly. He commented how sexy I looked my arms wrapped around a pillow; my broad back at it’s widest. Luke began to pound me harder and I begged for him too. The bed was rocking again, covers and sheets shoved all over, the mattress slipping off the box spring. Well it wasn’t slipping; it was being driven off with the ungodly thrusts Luke was giving me. Almost ready to fall I placed a foot on the floor to steady myself. Luke never missed a stroke and continues to fuck me like a wild man.

He held my hips in a death hold and rammed his cock into me again and again. I was moaning from the fucking he was giving, my cock rubbing hard against the sheets with every thrust. After 15 minutes my legs couldn’t take it anymore and I had to beg for him to stop, my legs were cramping and shaking kurtuluş escort from the fucking I was given.

Luke slowly pulled his cock from my battered ass and sighed, saying what a tight and great fuck I was. I smiled and told him he was a great top and could have my ass anytime. Luke took me up on my offer and told me to get on my back. I did as told and Luke grabbed my legs, threw them over his shoulders and slid his cock easily into me. He began again with slow thrusts, thinking I needed the time to readjust. I smiled and asked if that was all he had? He responded by holding my legs higher and really fucking me hard. My ass was off the bed as he fucked me. My cock was bobbing with every thrust, wanting to be released. Luke really began to deep fuck me and I knew he was close to climax. He bellowed like a bull and pounded my ass deeper then I thought possible, I tried to tighten my anal ring to help but my ass was no match to his hard meat. Luke moaned loudly and I knew he wanted to cum. I reached for my cock wanting to cum at the same time as him. I stroked hard and Luke plunged once more into me, moaning loudly. He dropped my legs, his cock popping free. He aimed his cock at my face and jerked it several times. His eyes rolled back in his head as the first spurt of cum shot out onto my chest. My own cock was spurting cum almost as high. The feeling of both of our cums on my cheat was unbelievable. My climax let up but Luke shot three more huge spurts onto my chest.

Spent, Luke fell to the bed beside me, still holding his cock, milking the last drops of his climax. I reached over and stroked his cock gently and Luke returned the favor. Then he brought his hand up and rubbed the cum together on my chest, mixing it. His hand was covered in the sticky stuff and I licked his fingers clean, sucking each one into my mouth. Luke then pulled me onto him and we kissed deeply, our tongues intertwined. We finally broke our kiss and Luke looked at me and laughed, asking if I wanted a shower. I nodded and followed him to the bathroom.

This story is true and I hope to get with him again soon to have more fun and to get sucked silly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32