Straight Top to Gay Bottom Toy Ch. 05

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Candy spent a long day at the office after returning from a much-needed vacation with her best friend and neighbor Tina. The hectic pace of dealing with the backlog of work that built up for her, managed to distract her from reliving the best vacation of her life. She had been in her office for 10 hours and was planning at least two more hours before calling it a day.

She arrived home last evening around 5:00PM, thankful that her husband Andy appeared to have been as exhausted as she was. Allowing for a few quiet hours together and a good night’s sleep leading into this marathon day at the office. She and Andy, just snuggled up, legs intertwined with her head on his shoulder and right arm across his chest. They both slept soundly and awoke almost in the same position.

Candy needed these last two hours to prepare for opening statements of a wrongful termination case for her newest corporate client. Her colleagues had done a great job of research and prep during her absence and she felt confident she would be able to not only win but bring a counter suit to recoup her firm’s fees on behalf of her client.

She was happy to be back in the fray and feeling energized. It had been good being unplugged for a week, but also good to be back. The two hours passed quickly. Her arguments and thoughts were planned and organized, and she was ready to rock and roll. She felt prepared and headed home with a great feeling of confidence about representing her new client.

It was a case of a former executive that had made some bad decisions that cost the client, market share, profitability and credibility in the market place. They provided a more than fare separation package and released him with dignity. The arrogant twit decided he deserved more and brought forth an ill thought out wrongful termination suit.

She began her drive home reviewing her mental bullet points one last time before allowing her mind to switch gears and remove the legal hat. She began to recall the amazing events of the past week. After years of friendship, she and Tina, had not only crossed a line but went so far over it she couldn’t find it anymore.

She worried what the effect would be on her marriage, as her lust for Tina, seemed to block out all reason. Would she be able to continue to be attracted to Andy and give him the love and attention he deserves. Heaven forbid, if he ever found out. Trust and fidelity would be shattered forever. “He deserves better,” she thought consumed with guilt.

Although they had once considered including another couple into their love life to add some excitement, it was clear Andy was not comfortable with Tina’s husband Don being part of it. Don was too much of a macho jackass, for Andy to deal with, in a situation with that much vulnerability. Candy was not willing to take a risk with strangers, so they never brought it up again. She began to wonder if this might be the time to bring it up again. She had no doubt Andy would be all for Tina coming into their bed but doubted he would ever include Don.

Candy feared bringing up to Tina the possibility of pulling Andy into the picture without including Don. It would relieve Candy’s guilt over Andy, but would add to any guilt Tina was having, because brining a man into the mix would really be cheating on Don.

While Candy struggled with her secret, she was oblivious to the secret her husband Andy was keeping from her. When he picked the ladies up at the airport Sunday, the guilt he felt was almost overwhelming. Not only would his marriage be threatened but Tina’s would also be in question. He could not imagine Tina’s reaction if she found out Andy had sucked her husband cock at least once per day while she was away.

Every morning he would stop by Don’s House to service his big dick before going to work. Not to mention the lunch visit to his office and evening calls to service him.

His morning blow job services were suspended for a while with the ladies back at home. He actually missed his morning text telling him to come over for breakfast sausage. As he drove to work, he replayed the night he dropped the ladies at the airport. His cock stirred despite his shame of becoming Don’s man bitch.

He also thought about the discussion he and Candy had a couple years back while on vacation, about brining another couple into the bedroom. He preferred an unknown couple, but Candy would only consider it with Tina and Don. He would gladly accept Tina, but Don was too much of an asshole to consider something like that. Andy had many a horny thought about Tina and her incredible ass over the years.

Now that Don had the upper hand it would be too humiliating to consider a couples encounter. Don would totally use it as an opportunity to humiliate him further.

Things hit a new low last Friday. Andy received a text mid-morning…

Don: I need to cum in your ass Buddy! Come by the garage at 12:00. You know how I like fucking your executive ass while you beg for it.

Andy: I have a lunch meeting.

Don: Cancel

Andy: Escort bayan I can’t.

Don: Let me send these to Candy. (Attached was a still shot from the video of Andy sucking Don’s dick and another of his face buried in his ass.) She deserves the truth don’t you think?

Andy’s heart stopped…he struggled to breath. How did he ever let this happen, he wondered to himself.

Andy: Please Don, I’ll come by after work. It’s an important lunch.

Don: Noon or I send it to Candy and Justin. Get your priorities straight buddy!

Andy sent several more texts and got no response. He tried to call, and it went to voicemail. It was 11:05 and he had to act quickly to cancel the lunch time staff meeting. He was the boss, so his staff would have to suck it up. He told his secretary to let them know he had to leave but they could have the lunch meeting without him.

He spoke to his plant manager and told him the items he wanted covered and reported on when he returned. He let him know he expected him to keep it a productive meeting in his absence. The feeling of power gave him some relief in the face of the monster he had created that was now completely out of control.

His chest felt tight and his heart pounded as he drove to the garage where Don worked. He was angry at himself as his cock stirred at the thought of being ass fucked by his bastard neighbor with the porn star dick.

When he arrived, he saw Don in the shop putting a back at 1:00PM sign in the window. He waved Andy in with a big fucking grin.

He walked in and Don lead him down a short hallway into the office. It was a stereotypical grease monkey office. It had several dirty auto parts books opened on the desk with a dilapidated greasy computer, auto parts, and a half dozen golf Knick Knacks on the desk. There was an old leather sofa on an old dirty linoleum checkered floor.

“Frank’s in Florida for a month and he left me in charge. Do you believe it?” asked Don grinning.

Andy was dumfounded that Don would be anyone’s best choice to leave in charge for a month!

“So Glad you could make it Andy, I have been thinking about bouncing my balls off your ass all morning. In the future, I expect to you be a little more eager to please. I mean look at you, you horny little fuck,” he said pointing at his bulging pants.

Andy tilted his head ashamed.

“Take off your pants and show me your boner Andy,” he said holding up his phone with the pictures from earlier.

Andy kicked of his loafers and carefully removed his pants, folding them and setting them on the desk in the cleanest spot he could find. Without being told he took off his underwear, revealing his three quarters hard cock and rising.

“Are you getting hard thinking about my cock in your ass Andy?” he said smirking and sitting on the dirty sofa legs spread.

“Yes,” said Andy looking at the floor.

“What are you Andy?”

“I am your cock sucking man bitch,” said Andy disgusted yet getting harder with each humiliation.

“Are you ready to drop to your knees and service my cock?” he asked smugly.

“Yes,” replied Andy meekly.

“Tell me what you want Bitch,” said Don.

Andy felt his cock pulse with an inrush of blood. “I want to suck your big dick and feel you get hard in my mouth. And then I want you to fuck my ass and make me cum with your cock in my ass.”

“You are getting it Andy. I like it… Get these boots off, my dogs are barkin’ buddy,” said Don smiling and taking a seat on the couch.

Andy did as commanded and untied both work boots and slid them off. As the first boot came off, the scent was strong, causing Andy to cringe, as a bit of blood went out of his boner. The second turned the smell up a notch. Andy was feeling sick to his stomach but moved up toward Don’s belt leaning forward between his spread legs.

“Not so fast pretty boy, I don’t like that look on your face. Take off my socks and lick my fucking feet Bitch!” He said looking sternly at Andy. He held up the pictures for added effect.

Andy’s face turned red with anger as his rage grew and his cock softened. Don looked down at him and raised his eyebrows as if to say, “proceed.”

Andy waddled back on his knees, removed Don’s socks, raised his right foot and stuck out his tongue…

“Hold on Andy. How ’bout you ask me nicely?” Andy did not notice Don was holding the phone the other way and recording him.

Through red face and gritted teeth, Andy asked, “Can I please lick your stinky ass feet?”

Don grinned, “Why yes you may once you tell the camera what you are Andy.”

Andy began to tremble and his angry eye’s widened as he realized he was filming this, “I am your cock sucking man bitch Donny,” he replied drawing a tiny bit of satisfaction from calling him Donny, knowing he did not like that.

Don nodded his approval and Andy stuck out his tongue and began at the heel and licked firmly up the sole of his foot.

Don’s eyes closed, “Mmmmm, good boy Bayan escort Andy”

Andy repeated with the second foot and placed it on the floor, before moving back in for Don’s belt.

“Manners…” Barked Don.

“May, I please suck your cock to lube you up before you fuck my ass Donny?” he asked sarcastically.

“Why yes you may Cocksucker,” he replied. “But show us your boner first. (Don held out the camera.)

Andy leaned back exposing his hard-on pointing at about 2 O’clock. He was once again disgusted with himself for getting aroused by Don’s unrelenting humiliation.

“Suck away Buddy,” he said grinning from ear to ear. “If you are good, I have a surprise for my little man bitch today. I know you’re gonna like it…”

Andy unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper, spreading open his flaps to expose a pair of white and blue striped boxers. His hands traced the outline of Don’s semi erect rod. Andy’s dick tingled at the warm firmness of Don’s cock. He gripped the waistband and pealed them back revealing his pinkish purple head.

He immediately pressed his tongue against the wrinkled crease of skin on his cock head below his helmet rim. The warm salty taste sent a bolt of tingling pleasure through his cock and balls resulting in a moan of pleasure. His tongue traced the rim of his head to the right and back up to the tip and down the left side of his helmet rim. The smooth warmth felt incredible as he pressed his lips against it and turned his head to the left. He drug his lips and tongue down the length of Don’s hardness savoring the salty warmth.

He backed up allowing Don to close his legs as he pulled the sides of his waistbands to remove his pants and underwear. Don lifted his ass and wiggled to allow him to pull them down.

After pulling them off and setting them aside, he turned his gazed back to the 10-inch glistening cock. His hands traced up the line of Don’s leg tattoos to his inner thighs. Then Andy spread his legs giving him access to his pink hairless balls. As his tongue touched, the scent of Don’s manhood sent him into a daze of excitement. The salty taste and soft wrinkled texture made him sigh with pleasure.

Andy’s tongue worked between his sweaty sack and inner thigh forcing it’s way in as the skin clung together with his moist salty sweat. He buried his face in the seam lapping up his manly flavor, before pressing his tongue against the bottom of his sack and working to the other side.

Don’s thighs were pressed between his ribs and inner forearms as he licked every bit of his hot sweaty balls.

“I love the way you lick my nuts Buddy,” he panted. “Get me lubed up so I can fuck that ass Andy.”

He moved back to Don’s shaft and saddled it with his lips and tongue as he slid slowly to the tip.

“Damn,” sighed Don, as Andy pressed Don’s cock into his mouth, pulling it toward the ceiling as he pressed it in.

Andy plunged it in and began to bob his head wanting Don’s cum in in mouth.

“Slow down you little slut, I want to enjoy this before I fuck your ass Buddy,” said Don gripping his hair and slowing the pace.

Andy jumped at a sudden knock at the door causing Don to push him back down on his cock.

“It’s ok don’t stop,” he whispered.

When Andy continued, Don yelled, “Who is it?”

“It’s me,” said the voice also whispering loud enough to hear through the door.

“Come in Danny,” said Don, pushing Andy’s head slowly up and down. “It’s Ok Buddy, you’re gonna suck Danny’s cock while I fuck your ass. So just keep sucking me for a minute and then you can taste Danny. He hasn’t had a chance to bust a nut for a while and I promised you’d help him out. If you do a good job, he’s gonna cover for me mornings while the boss I away.”

Andy, was trying to figure out how to protest when he felt Danny’s hand reach between his legs and cup his balls, causing him to moan and press back against his touch. His hand slid under running up Andy’s shaft.

“Wow, he is very hard,” said Danny. “He really does love to suck cock.”

His hand retracted and Andy could hear a belt unbuckling and jingling as Danny pulled out his cock and stepped up to the end of the sofa, pressing his thighs against the arm.

“Hands and knees on the couch Andy,” commanded Don, pushing Andy off his boner. Get him hard and we are gonna spit roast you.”

Andy’s boner throbbed, and his heart raced at the thought of two cocks at once. Don stood up and moved aside as Andy quickly hopped on the couch. Danny stood with his thighs against the arm of the sofa. His cock was about 6-7 inches and stiffening quickly as it’s slit pointed at him.

Andy gripped Danny’s half hard dick pointing it toward his eager mouth, while balancing on his left hand and knees.

“Manners!” barked Don as he was ready to make contact.

The young man that stood before him in the same green work pants and grey button-down work shirt that Don wore, was about 6 feet tall, slender and about 25 years old with escort a dark crew cut.

“Please let me suck your cock,” asked Andy stroking it slowly.

The smooth warm rod stiffened in his grip as he pushed his hand down to touch his balls before pulling it back with a firm grip. This caused a droplet of pre-cum to emerge on the tip.

“Tell him what you are Andy,” he ordered as his stiff dick pressed into Andy’s crack like a hotdog in a bun.

“I am a cock sucking man bitch,” said Andy, looking in the young man’s, blue eyes.

Danny smiled as he pressed his hips forward allowing Andy access to his sweaty cock. With a firm grip on the base, Andy pushed the young dick toward his mouth and sucked the glistening head into his lips, swirling his tongue against his tip. The mixture of sweet pre-cum and salty sweaty cock, sent a tingle through Andy’s cock and balls making him fully hard.

As he pressed himself on Danny’s cock, he could feel the silky-smooth skin of his cock head. The rim around his head was very pronounced. He stopped with his lips suctioned onto the plump head and wiggled his tongue around it’s ridge, slightly bobbing his head on Danny’s tip.

“Oh yeah,” sighed Danny. “That feels good Cocksucker.

Danny reached down with his right hand and gently grabbed Andy’s tie. Next, he handed it between his legs gripping it with his left hand behind his back. He pulled the tie upward gently pulling it through his ass crack, as Andy took his cock deeper in his mouth.

Danny’s cock was silky, with 2 or 3 veins prominently running its length and circumference. Andy could feel them as he took Danny’s full 8 inches into his mouth and throat. His diameter and length were a perfect fit for Andy’s mouth. His practice with Don’s bigger cock taught him how to relax his throat and breath calmly through his nose. He could not believe he was now sucking a complete stranger’s dick. Even worse that his own raging hard-on showed how much his twisted mind liked it.

As his lips reached Danny’s dark bush, Danny moaned with pleasure, pulling the tie firmly up his ass crack, holding Andy in place with the cock lodged in his throat. He tried to focus on steady breathing through his nose, when Don pressed his saliva-soaked cock head against his tight asshole, pushing slowly but relentlessly in.

Sharp pain radiated from his sphincter causing him to freeze and stop breathing. His high-pitched wail was muffled by the hard cock lodged in his throat. The stiff dick pushed all 10 inches deep in his ass, with relentless pain as it pushed. His lack of air began to cause a panic that overshadowed the pain in his ass.

He struggled against the force of the tie holding the cock in his mouth and straining his neck. In the back of his panicked mind, he felt the warmth of Don’s pelvis on his ass, with his cock fully inserted.

At that moment he felt a release of the tie and pulled back with only some resistance as Danny released his grip. Danny sighed at the feel of Andy’s lips and tongue sliding off his raging hard-on and the silk tie caressing his asshole.

Andy opened his mouth to gasp for air. After two quick breathes he sucked back onto Danny’s cock head and worked his tongue around his pronounced helmet.

Don pulled slowly back out, filming the skin of Andy’s sphincter clinging to his thick cock. “Fuck Andy, you feel good Buddy!” he groaned.

He panned the camera up to capture the look on Danny’s face as he pulled the tie and pushing his cock back into Andy’s mouth. Danny’s eyes closed as he felt Andy’s warm rough tongue wiggling as he slid deeper in his hot mouth.

“Oh yes take that fucking meat Cocksucker,” he moaned resting his right hand on the back of Andy’s head. “Nice and slow Mr. Werner, I want to enjoy this a bit. That’s it, all the way in… Oh, fuck that’s good.”

Andy extended his tongue to touch Danny Balls as he took him all, causing a stream of spit to escape down his chin. Don extended the phone out to get a side view of Andy sucking Danny’s cock. as he shoved himself back in to the hilt.

This time the pain in Andy’s ass was significantly less. As Don’s hot cock filled his back side, Danny, released the pressure on the tie allowing him to pull back and tease Danny’s head with his tongue again. His own dick had begun to soften from the pain of Don’s movie cock stretching his asshole. But as Don began to pull back out, the pain was lessening and the perfect fit of Danny’s steel hard cock in his mouth combined with the scent of Danny’s sweaty cock was exciting him again.

Don and Danny were getting into the slow steady rhythm as Andy moaned his pleasure. Danny pulled his tie and released after a brief pause. Andy wanted to reach around and grip his ass for more control but needed both hands on the arm of the sofa to steady himself. The feel of a hot hard cock in both ends filled him completely.

His cock stirred and tingled as they moved from alternating penetration to penetrating together. They maintained a slow and steady rhythm pulling out to the tip and back in to the hilt. He could feel Danny’s balls on his chin and Don’s on his taint as they sandwich fucked him. His own hard-on waived in the air as they rocked him. It tapped his stomach as they pulled out with just their cockheads remaining.

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