I Can See You

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Years ago, I attended a large Big Ten university. Big classes. Big dorms. My dorm room was on the seventh floor, which was at the top of the building. Directly across the Quad from us was another dorm that was a mirror image of mine. The difference was that it had all women. This was some time ago, before there were coed living facilities. The buildings were only about 150 feet apart, and due to the miracle of modern optics, I was able to see deeply into every room across the way. I could even see the posters on the walls of the rooms. Most of the women were well aware of that and were careful about closing the blinds in their rooms. Still, it was a surprise that I didn’t flunk out, with all the time I spent “exploring.”

One warm spring evening a few weeks before finals, I turned off my lights to avoid being backlit, and began scoping out the windows opposite mine. Not much was happening. I was about to call it quits for the night when I saw a lit-up, open window directly across the way, also on the top floor. When I zeroed in on the room, I saw someone move. Focussing in more closely, I saw a woman using binoculars and looking out of her window. She was staring out at the men’s dorm!

Well, this was different. Women didn’t usually do that. She was standing slightly back from the windows, so no one could see her from anywhere below. But my window was at the same level as hers, with an unimpeded view.

The longer I looked, the more I thought I recognized her. She had been in one of my classes the previous semester. We had never met or talked (thank you, 400-person lectures), but it sure seemed like it was her. She was about 5 feet, 5 inches tall and had long wavy brunette hair that she wore pulled back in a loose ponytail. Her eyes were almond shaped, and I think brown. Four rows apart was the closest we had ever sat, so how would I know what color they were for sure?

She had sort of a Roman nose, but it was thinner. She had seemed to have a nice figure. Last winter in class, she had always worn big, bulky sweaters, but I could always see the hint of curves underneath. And she definitely had a sweet, round butt that her tight jeans hugged and accentuated. You might not call her beautiful; you’d call her handsome. She was the type that would be a stunner when she was dressed and made up. Tonight, as it was balmy out, she was wearing a white, sleeveless, collared, button-up blouse and khaki shorts.

My, my, my, this was interesting. She must have found someone to watch, because she was locked in, staring without moving. Oops, now she moved. While holding her binoculars with her right hand, her left hand slipped over to her blouse and undid the top two buttons. Her hand then glided into her shirt and began to caress her right breast. Her breathing became faster and heavier.

Jeez, I’d been looking almost the whole school year Escort bayan and it wasn’t till now that I was finally getting a show this hot. Suddenly, she pulled the binoculars away from her face, and I could see her grimace and almost hear her say, “SHIT!” Her shoulders slumped a little, and she then started looking over again, sweeping from one end of my building to the other. Apparently, whomever she had been watching must have ended the show.

But I didn’t want her to stop, so I hoped she would find someone else that tickled her fancy, or I guess, someone else that made her want to tickle her own fancy. I had an idea. As I said before, the men’s and women’s dorms were mirror images of each other. Each room had a phone, and the numbers were in order. If you knew any room’s number, you could figure out the number of all the other rooms. I knew the girl who lived three doors down, so I could figure out the phone number of my little voyeur.

Grabbing my phone, I dialed her room. I saw her startle when she heard the ring. She cocked her head to the side and seemed to be deciding whether to answer or not. “Come on, come on!” I urged her. Finally she pulled her hand from her blouse and hoisted the receiver to her ear.


“I can see you. You’re peeping.”

“What? I am not. What are you talking about?” she managed to choke out.

“Don’t try to bullshit me. I see you watching. You’re so obvious. Don’t you realize what kind of trouble you’re in? Some guy was expelled from the dorm last week when he got caught peeping.” I really poured it on. “All I have to do is call your RA next door, tell her, and you’re up shit’s creek. Think you can hide your binoculars quick enough? I can get five guys to say they saw you and your binoculars. It’ll sure be tough to study for finals when you don’t have anywhere to live.”

She was frantically looking all over, trying to find where the call was coming from. She looked worried. Her voice was edged with panic, “You wouldn’t tell. Tell me you won’t tell!”

“I don’t know if I can do that. It’s not fair that men get in trouble and women get a free pass when they do the same thing. I think the University would like to have a woman to crack down on to show how even-handed and fair they are.”

“I’m so sorry,” she said in a voice edged with panic, “It’s just that I can’t help it. I try not to do it, but I can’t stop. Please don’t tell. What can I do? What can I do so you won’t tell?”

Oh my God, this was going better than I had hoped. My mind was racing a mile a minute. “If you don’t want to, why do you look? That doesn’t make sense. Why won’t you stop?”

I could hear her breathing heavily. She didn’t say anything for so long, I thought she might hang up. Finally, she almost whispered, “It excites me. Watching people when they don’t know they’re being Bayan escort seen. Seeing them do private things. Seeing what they do when their guard is totally down. I feel like I’m seeing deep within them. It’s feels so forbidden…it’s so sensual.”

“Are you excited now?”

“Yes, I am.”

I took a deep breath. “What got you so excited? What did you see?”

“On the fourth floor. There was a guy who was lying on his bed. He was naked. He had a magazine open in front of him. He was…playing with himself.” Her voice became very shaky, like she was having difficulty breathing. “It was so intense…he was pleasuring himself. Then someone must have knocked on his door. He jumped up, stuffed the magazine under the mattress, put on his clothes, and went to the door. I couldn’t see him after that.”

“Is that why you unbuttoned your blouse? Is that why you felt your breast?” My voice was low and, I hoped, reassuring.

It was so quiet that I thought she wasn’t going to answer. Then in a soft, choked voice, she simply said, “Yes.”

“Don’t stop if it feels good. Keep doing it. Put the binoculars down, and feel yourself. Do it, and maybe I won’t call the RA.”

Her hand hesitantly moved into her blouse. I could see her arm move as she caressed her breast. I encouraged her; “Don’t you think it would feel better if you unbuttoned your blouse? Maybe take it off? It’ll be easier to touch yourself. And you’ll feel the air on your skin. You’ll you feel exposed, just like the people you watch. Think of how hot that is.”

As if in a trance, she unbuttoned her shirt and shrugged it off her shoulders. She was wearing a white lace bra. The curves that had been suggested beneath her winter clothing earlier in class were exposed. While they weren’t enormous, they were impressive. Her waist was narrow, almost wasp-like. Her waist flared out to round hips. Her hand resumed caressing her breast. It moved, and her fingers disappeared inside her lingerie.

“What’s your name? What shall I call you?” I asked her.

“Call me…call me Eve,” she responded.

“Eve, I know how good that must feel. Think how it would feel if you took off your bra. You could feel yourself so much easier. And you would be exposed to me, a stranger, someone you can’t see, but can see you. Just like when you watch. Think how that turns you on. Think how much it will turn me on. Do it. Do it now!”

I stared across the Quad as her hand snaked behind her back and undid the snap of her bra. She slumped her shoulders forward, and the bra slid down her arms. She shook it off. After hesitating a moment, she stood upright again. Her breasts were firm and there was no sag to them. The aureoles were pink and puffy. Her nipples seemed erect, but even with my binoculars trained on them, it was really too far away to tell. But they must escort have been erect. She was really turned on.

I was, too. I wished I had another set of hands so I could imitate the same movements she was doing on my own suddenly sweaty body. Her hand returned to her breasts. She circled her nipples with her fingertip. Slowly, sensuously, her fingers rotated. She began tweaking her nipples and lightly twisting them. She massaged her breasts. She cupped them in her hand and squeezed. I could hear ragged breathing over the phone line. I could hear ragged breathing in my room. It was my breathing. If I get any more turned on, I thought, I’m going to faint.

While I was entranced with the vision before me, Eve slid her hand lower. She brushed over her stomach. Her middle finger glided over, and momentarily stuck in her belly button. She stroked it and then her finger dove down inside the front of her shorts. Over the phone I could hear “Mmmm. Mmmmm.” Her hips swiveled in a languid circle. My hands longed to plunge into my shorts. But between holding the phone and the binoculars, I was helpless.

“Eve. Eve. You’re so turned on. Go with it. I’m seeing your private moment. I’m stealing a glimpse into your innermost being. Think of how you feel when you see someone opened up like this. You’re that person now. And it feels so good. It feels so good.”

“Yes…yes it does,” Eve gasped. She suddenly unbuttoned the top of her shorts and unzipped them. They slid down her legs and landed on the floor. Her panties were white lace. They were V-shaped and rose high on her hips. She half-fell, half-leaned back against the wall, unable to stand on her own. She seemed transfixed. She stared off into space, her eyes almost closed. Pre-verbal, guttural sounds were coming over the phone. I could see her hand moving up and down, up and down in the front of her panties.”Eve, how good does this feel? Has anything ever felt better?”

“No…no…yes…yes!” She suddenly convulsed, and nearly collapsed. Leaning back against the wall, she heaved huge breaths with her eyes shut. She removed her hand from her panties and languidly moved it to her mouth. Sucking her fingers into her mouth, she licked them clean. On the other side of the Quad I was dying with desire, unable to do anything about it.

“Eve. Thank you. This was incredible. Don’t worry. I’d never tell anyone about you. That was so beautiful. I think I saw into your soul. You know how turned on you get watching someone else? I think I was turned on that much, too.”

Suddenly, the line went dead. The light in Eve’s room snapped off. It was over. I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to take in enough oxygen again. I hung up the phone and took care of myself…several times.

A few days later, before starting to study for a psych final, I picked up my binoculars and took a quick scan at the opposing wall of windows. I didn’t see anything of interest. I guess I was a little careless, as I forgot to turn my room light off first. I was about to put the binoculars away when my phone rang. I picked it up.

“I can see you.” A familiar voice said. “You’re peeping.”

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