Sisters’ Misters Ch. 04

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Cum Between

Mom’s Attitude Adjustment

Three weeks had passed since 18-year-old college freshman Chelsea visited her 22-year-old sister Jennifer and at the new apartment Jen shared with her black live-in boyfriend Jamal. Jennifer and Chelsea’s mother, Katie, called Jen to see if she and her husband, Bill, could pay them a visit too. They lived four hours away.

Katie told Jennifer that Chelsea had raved about her recent visit, saying she had the “time of her life.” Of course, Katie didn’t know that Jennifer had set Chelsea up with Scoot, a virile young black guy who fucked her silly. Jennifer immediately said her mom and dad were always welcome to visit. Katie and Bill would arrive Thursday afternoon, since they both had that day off, and they would catch up with Jennifer after she got home from her teaching job. Friday they could stay at the apartment or maybe look around town until Jen and Jamal got home from work.

On Wednesday, Katie called Jen to say that Bill wanted to beg off because he had too much to do.

“Your father says he’s too busy but I’m sure he’ll find time for golf,” Katie told Jennifer on the phone, obviously perturbed. “Well, if it’s okay with you two I’ll just come alone.”

Jen was disappointed that her dad wouldn’t be coming but she said it would be fine for Katie to come by herself.

On Thursday, Katie made the drive and arrived at about 4 pm, shortly after Jennifer got home. Jen showed her mother the apartment, which Katie thought was very nice, and the two sat down at the kitchen table to catch up.

Katie got a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator and brought two glasses to the table.

“You know your father doesn’t really approve of drinking so we don’t keep wine in the house, but I’ll have half-a-glass, thank you,” Katie said, adding, “you’re certainly all grown up now, serving wine to your mom in your very own apartment.”

After about 30 minutes, and a refill of the wine glasses, Katie brought up the subject of Jennifer’s mate, Jamal, whom she hadn’t met yet.

“Your father and I were a little surprised, you know, that you moved in with a black fellow,” Katie said.

“Well, I love Jamal and I think you will too. He’s handsome, smart, ambitious, great with kids, and he’s really good in bed!” Jennifer said giggling, just to get a rise out of her mom.

“You had so many nice white boyfriends in high school and college, dear, and I’m surprised that you couldn’t find someone like that to settle down with,” Katie said condescendingly.

“I didn’t want someone like that!” Jennifer said, raising her voice a bit. “What’s the matter with me loving a black man?! I didn’t know you were so prejudiced, Mom.”

“I’m certainly not prejudiced,” Katie protested, “but it seems to me that it’s always a lot easier for everyone to stick to their own kind.”

“Well you sure sound prejudiced to me!” Jennifer shot back, “You probably never dated a black boy!”

“You know I didn’t, Jennifer,” Katie said. Feeling a little loose from the wine, Katie went on to say, “Your father is really the only guy I’ve ever been with. We’ve never talked about it, but you’re 22 years old and we’ve been married 22 years with our anniversary six months before your birthday. You no-doubt figured this out a long time ago; I got pregnant at 18 and had you – the most wonderful daughter in the world. Then four years later we had Chelsea, another wonderful girl. I would like for you to be with someone as nice as your father.”

“You mean someone as white as my father!” Jennifer said angrily. “I think we better change the subject, Mom.” Jennifer then polished off the wine bottle by filling both of their glasses to the rim.

“I think you’re right, Jen,” Katie said. A few moments later she asked, “Is that a tattoo on your ankle?”

Jennifer thought to herself that her Queen of Spades tattoo was not likely to change the subject but she tried to sound chipper and said, “Yes. Do you like it? I got it a few weeks ago.”

“Your little sister, Chelsea, wanted to get a butterfly tattooed on her shoulder last year, but I wouldn’t allow it,” Katie said. “Your tattoo looks like a spade symbol. What’s it supposed to mean, anything special?”

“Yes mother,” Jennifer answered, now a bit aggravated, “It’s a Queen of Spades and it represents my love for Jamal!”

“Oh,” Katie said, “Queen of Spades. I get it. Okay. To each his own. Do you know whether Chelsea has any tattoos? I halfway expect her to get one now that she’s 18 and away from home.

“Uh, yes, she has one. It’s small,” Jennifer answered.

“Probably a butterfly, right?” Katie asked.

“No, Mom,” Jen answered. “Not a butterfly. You should really talk to her about it.”

“Well, you can tell me,” Katie persisted, “I’m not a prude you know. I know that lots of girls have tattoos nowadays, so what on earth did Chelsea get?”

“You really need to talk to her about it,” Jen said.

“Well, just tell me that she didn’t get a Queen of Spades,” escort bursa Katie said with a chuckle.

“Talk to Chelsea, mother!” Jennifer said, gritting her teeth.

“Oh my god!” Katie exclaimed, “Don’t tell me! She did?! Tell me she didn’t! Why would my baby want something like that? What are people going to think? Please don’t tell me that Chelsea likes black boys too!”

“Well, what if sweet little Chelsea does like black boys?!” Jennifer almost screamed. “There is nothing wrong with her liking blacks!”

“Yes, there is!” Katie hollered. “I can’t believe it! All of my grandchildren will be Mulatto!”

Katie then started to cry and rushed off to the bathroom to wipe her tears.

Jennifer picked up her iPhone, sending a text to Jamal that read : Mom needs attitude adjustment. Call your friend Trey ASAP.

After she hit the “send” button, Jennifer felt a twinge of guilt, but then told herself that Trey would give her mother a new perspective on black-white relations, and at the end of the day, her mom would really enjoy getting to know Trey.

Jamal’s friend Trey was a big man with a deep ebony complexion, in his mid-thirties, possessing an engaging smile and a personality to match. He was the top salesman at a Cadillac dealership. Trey’s hobby was seducing and then fucking women, especially middle-aged white ones. He prided himself on his ability to literally charm the pants off any woman regardless of her age, race or sexual orientation.

After Katie composed herself in the bathroom she returned to the kitchen and apologized to Jennifer, saying she never meant to insult her and only wanted the best for her and Chelsea, adding that she loved them both more than anything in the world.

When Jamal arrived home Katie embraced him warmly and did her best to be friendly toward him, though in her mind she still couldn’t see why her gorgeous, blond haired daughter would choose him over all the other white guys she could have.

Jennifer fixed dinner and she and Jamal chatted with Katie and glanced at television for a few hours before Jen announced that it was bedtime for working teachers.

Jennifer made up the sofa-bed in their second bedroom for her mom. If Mom only knew, Jen thought to herself, that Chelsea had repeatedly fucked Scoot in that same bed.

The next morning, Katie heard Jennifer and Jamal getting ready for work and she shuffled into the kitchen to see them before they left.

Jen poured her mother a cup of coffee, then left the kitchen and returned with a fishing rod, which she stood up in the corner.

“I hate to impose, Mom,” Jennifer began, “But Jamal’s friend Trey asked to borrow his fishing pole. He’s going to drop by and pick it up.”

“Oh, that’s no problem, dear,” Katie said, “I’m just going to hang around and do some reading. I’ll give the pole to Trey.”

Jennifer and Jamal left for work and Katie decided she better get dressed, in case Trey came by early.

There was a knock on the front door at about 9:30. Katie looked out the peephole, saw a large black man, and assumed it must be Trey. She opened the door.

“Good morning,” Trey said with a smile. “I’m Trey. Jamal is loaning me some fishing tackle.” Katie immediately noticed that Trey was wearing a cologne that made him smell real nice. Her husband Bill didn’t care how he smelled.

Allowing him in, Katie was cordial. “I’m Jennifer’s mother, Katherine. Everyone calls me Katie. Nice to meet you.”

“You look like a Katherine,” Trey said, “in fact, you look like that Katherine Heigl, the movie star, except you might be a little prettier. I bet you’ve heard that before.”

Katie couldn’t help but blush. “Well, once or twice. Thank you for the compliment.”

“Do I smell coffee,” Trey asked. “I’m haven’t had any today. Could I trouble you for a cup?”

“Oh, no trouble at all,” Katie said, thinking to herself that Trey should have stopped at Starbucks.

Katie set Trey’s cup at the far end of the small table and sat down with her own half-cup of lukewarm coffee. Trey picked up his cup and sat in a chair much closer to Katie than she had intended.

“You have such small hands,” Trey said to Katie. “Just look at these big old mitts of mine!” With that, Trey reached over the table top and took Katie’s hand in his.

Katie immediately recoiled, pulling her hand away. Trey left his hand where it was, palm up on the table.

“I’m sorry, Katie,” Trey said. “Did my big old hand scare you?”

“No,” Katie said, “It’s just that I’m a married woman and I don’t hold hands with other men.”

“It’s not because I’m black?” Trey asked.

“No, not at all,” Katie insisted, “Some of my best friends are African-American (which was not true), but I don’t hold hands with the male ones.

“Well, I’m going to double-dog-dare you to reach out and touch my hand just to show me that you don’t hate me,” Trey said, employing some of his best tried-and-true techniques.

Katie bursa merkez escort apprehensively extended her hand and rested it on top of Trey’s. Trey gently wrapped his fingers around it. Katie wanted to pull away again but left her hand in contact with Trey’s to prove that she had nothing against him.

Trey looked Katie in the eyes and smiled, causing her to smile too. He said, “Well you’ve proven that you don’t mind touching a black guy, but I bet you’ve never kissed one.”

“No, I have not and I’m not going to,” Katie said, still smiling because Trey kept beaming his infectious smile at her.

“Just one little kiss,” Trey said as he moved his face closer to Katie’s.

It had been over 22 years since anyone other than her husband asked her for a kiss, and she had never been asked by a black man. Katie tried to act nonchalant but her heart was racing with excitement. One little kiss wouldn’t hurt, she told herself.

With her eyes wide open, Katie quickly jerked her head forward and gave Trey a fast peck on his lips. Even though it only lasted a half-second, the kiss felt amazing to Katie. It was so naughty and so wrong, but it had been so long since she had been approached like this.

“Let’s do it again,” Trey said softly.

Katie moved her head in slowly this time, and when their lips met, she closed her eyes and held the kiss for a few seconds. She could feel Trey’s coarse whiskers rubbing against her face and it felt so masculine to her. Her husband, Bill, had very little facial hair and his face was almost as smooth as hers.

“This is wrong,” Katie said.

“It doesn’t feel wrong, does it Katie?” Trey then moved toward Katie’s face and she met him more than half-way. They touched their lips together, then opened their mouths and began to kiss passionately. Trey poked his tongue into Katie’s mouth, and when she extended her tongue to meet his Trey knew that he had scored another victory. Katie would be spreading her legs for him very soon.

Meanwhile, at the school where she taught, Jennifer ran into the assistant principal who was her boss. Jen told the A.P. that her mother was visiting. The A.P. said there was an unassigned substitute teacher on campus and suggested that Jennifer let the sub take her class so she could go home and spend more time with her mom. Jen thanked her boss and left to drive home.

Katie and Trey continued their make-out session in the kitchen chairs, kissing non-stop, plastering their lips together, tangling their tongues and quietly moaning in unison.

Trey placed a hand over Katie’s breast. She instinctively reached and removed it. Trey repeated the move and Katie did nothing to dissuade him. She had conceded to herself that she wanted him to fondle her, and more.

“Let’s take off your blouse,” Trey whispered as he began to unfasten her buttons, starting at the bottom of the garment. Katie started undoing the buttons at the top. When her blouse was wide open Trey eased it off her shoulders. Trey looked at Katie and smiled, signaling her to remove her bra. Katie reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, then allowed it to fall free.

Katie sat there for a moment with both her breasts exposed and available. Trey said, “I love the tan lines that white women have.” With one finger of each hand, he traced the tan lines down her shoulders and around her tits, meeting in the center below her boobs.

“It’s like someone took a highlighter pen and traced your most beautiful parts,” Trey whispered. He then took a breast in each hand and massaged them masterfully, then he moved his mouth to Katie’s nipples, one and then the other, causing her to moan loudly. After some time, Trey released the boobs and stood up. He pulled down his pants and allowed his 10-inch cock to hang in front of Katie’s face. She gasped at the sight of the biggest, blackest penis she had ever laid eyes on.

“Go ahead and touch it,” Trey said.

Katie was a bit awe-struck, but she said, “No. I shouldn’t. I’m thinking of my husband.”

“Your husband isn’t here, is he?” Trey answered with a small smile.

Katie thought to herself that no, her husband wasn’t there, and he should have been. If he had made the trip to Jen’s place, instead of canceling to do who-knows-what, she wouldn’t be staring at a black man’s cock. She opted to proceed, partly out of spite.

Katie reached out and touched Trey’s cock. Her fingertips sensed power. She took hold of it. She released her grip and began to stroke it slowly. Trey put his hand behind her head, gently grasped a bunch of her blond hair, and pulled her face to touch the cock. Katie smelled it and loved the scent. She brought her lips in to kiss it, then to lick it, and finally to pull it into her mouth.

“Mmm, Mmm, Mmm,” Katie uttered as she tried to take in as much of Trey’s dick as she could, moving back and forth. Trey pulled his cock away from Katie’s face and signaled for her to stand up.

“Take your bursa yabancı escort pants off, Katie,” Trey softly commanded.

Katie did as directed and dropped her shorts, and then her panties, on the floor. She stood there, naked and vulnerable, but willing. Her vagina was ringed by a large mound of pubic hair. Trey took her in his arms and picked her up, as if she were weightless. As he carried her to the second bedroom, he said, “I need you to shave your pussy before we fuck again. It’s much better when it’s smooth.” Katie smiled and nodded her head, but thought to herself it was odd that Trey was planning their next intercourse before they’d even fucked for the first time.

Trey placed Katie on the bed with her head on the pillows. On her back, Katie moved her legs far apart, inviting Trey to invade her with his rock hard cock.

Trey asked, “Do you want me to fuck you?”

Katie answered, “Of course I do.”

“Tell me what you want me to do,” Trey said.

“I want you to fuck me with your big black cock,” she said, but then she panicked. “But I’m not on birth control. My husband had a vasectomy after our daughter, Chelsea, was born. You’ll need to use a condom.”

“I don’t have a condom. I don’t wear condoms,” Trey informed her. “Do you still want me to fuck you?”

“Yes!” Katie pleaded. “I need you to fuck me! Promise me that you’ll pull out before you cum inside me.”

“I will do whatever you want, Katie,” Trey stated, asking again, “Now, do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, yes! Fuck me, Trey! Just don’t cum in me, please!,” Katie pleaded.

Trey moved into positon between Katie’s legs and eased his cock into her pussy. Katie watched him enter her and moaned. Trey pushed in further and Katie gasped.

“You’re too big!” Katie screamed. “Oh my god, I’ve never felt anything like you, Trey! Katie pushed her cunt against the big cock, driving it deeper into her. “Oh, yes! Oh fuck me with your big black cock!”

Outside the apartment building, Jennifer arrived and saw Trey’s red Escalade parked in a guest spot.

Jen said to herself, “It looks like Trey made it here. I wonder how it’s going with Mom? I think I’ll sneak a peek.”

Jennifer approached her front door, quietly unlocked and opened it and peered inside. She immediately noticed a blouse and bra on the floor along with a pair of men’s pants. Then she heard her mother moaning and saying “fuck me with your big black cock!”

Jen was thrilled! She pulled out her iPhone, switched the camera to video mode, and tiptoed toward the noise. Stopping short of the bedroom where her mother was fucking, Jennifer held the iPhone out a few inches and pointed it toward the sofa-bed. Jen pushed the record button and shot video for about a minute, her hand shaking but still capturing the action. Fearing she’d get caught, Jen silently backtracked from the doorway and out of the apartment.

Jennifer hurried to her car and moved it to an apartment building across the road where she could wait and watch for Trey to leave. While she waited, Jennifer repeatedly replayed the video she just shot. It was almost unreal, seeing her mother fucking a big black cock and obviously enjoying every second of it!

Back in the bedroom, Trey had managed to fully enter Katie, who was experiencing orgasms one after the other. Katie and her new lover were moving in rhythm when suddenly Trey pulled out.

“What are you doing, sweetheart?” Katie shouted. “Put it back!” Katie grabbed at Trey’s cock with her hand and scooted her ass toward it, desperately trying to reinsert it in her hungry pussy.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” Trey panted.

“I don’t care!” Katie shouted. “Put it back inside me! Please, Trey, please!”

“You want me to cum inside you, baby?” Trey panted.

“Yes! Yes! I want to feel you cum inside me! Just don’t stop fucking me!”

Trey pushed his cock deep into Katie.

“Ahh, yes!” Katie grunted. “Don’t ever take your cock out of me again!”

Trey pounded Katie harder and harder, causing her to squeal and scream out loud. Then, Trey said, “I’m cumming Katie!” With a series of grunts and roars, he blasted her pussy with a current of cum.

Katie shouted, “Oh god, I feel it. It’s flooding me! Oh it feels so good!”

Katie and Trey stayed linked to one another and gradually slowed their motion. Katie smiled and kissed Trey on the mouth, telling him that she never knew sex could be so good. Trey stayed with her for a few minutes, then got up and headed toward the kitchen to retrieve his clothes. Katie stayed in the bed. She discovered that she could easily put four fingers into her enlarged cunt. Her fingers felt slimy, soaked by the huge load of cum that Trey had deposited.

Katie removed her hand from her vagina and closely examined the semen clinging to her fingers, marveling at how it looked and felt exactly like her husband’s, but she knew its DNA was very different. Any egg that it fertilized was destined to produce a baby with Negro features and very dark skin. Also, her husband’s cum was sterile and she had to assume that Trey’s was not.

Trey came back to Katie to kiss her goodbye.

Katie said desperately, “Trey, sweetheart, I have to see you again. I have to fuck you again!”

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