Sideline Reporter-Overtime

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As I read over my recent story “Sideline Reporter”, I realized that I had not done a very good job of in-depth reporting. There were definitely some depths that were reached in my encounter with Mr. Randy Jackson, the hung black defensive back. I had gotten so involved reliving the experience that I forgot some of the hottest and most important parts of the story.

First some additional background: I knew from an early age that I loved sports and writing and that I wanted a job combining the two. I also found out that the thing that hung down between guy’s legs could give them and me pleasure. My first experience was at age fourteen with one of my brother’s friends in the woods behind our house. Over the next few years I learned how to bring a guy quickly to climax or how to prolong the experience. I could make guys literally beg me to make them cum. I don’t know if any of them realized that I was getting as much or more out of it as they were getting. I developed a real taste for cum, especially that which had the consistency of vanilla pudding.

My brother’s friends called me a “hot piece”. I soon found out that I could get as much dick as I wanted or more accurately needed. I was addicted to cock and had absolutely no desire to treat my addiction. Bottom line, I loved pricks; seeing them, holding them, making them hard, watching them cum. I rarely found a guy that didn’t want my educated lips wrapped around their shaft. Even gay guys (I’ve had a few) let me suck them off.

I would go to the mall just to troll for man meat. I loved seeing hot guys wearing tight pants that showed the outline of their pricks. I could get off just seeing this and thinking about having their members in my mouth. I loved making eye contact, smiling, licking my lips and watching the reaction. Sometimes I would just be satisfied with this but at other times I might follow a hot guy into the restroom for my fix.

Eventually I found that guys could give me thrills by using their mouth and tongues on my pussy. I was definitely one of those girls that gave head to get head. Of course regular cock in cunt fucking was on the menu but it was rare that it was not preceded by some serious cock sucking and cunt lapping. There is nothing better than a stiff dick that has had a climax. In this case it is possible to have a long session of love making without the pressure of having to achieve release.

If you feel that you need additional background, please read “Sideline Reporter”, otherwise continue on from here. This story takes up approximately where the previous story left off and provides many more details.

Once Randy had let me into the now vacant locker room; I dropped to my knees and began some serious dark chocolate with milk chocolate head cock worship. Coming face to face with his beautiful member was mesmerizing; I didn’t know where to start. Here was a chocoholic and dick lover’s fantasy coming true. I wanted to lick it and suck it and eventually have this beautiful thing deep in my cunt.

My staring at it was causing pre-cum to coat the milk chocolate head which further was blowing my mind. I flicked out my tongue to touch the mushroom shaped head knowing that this would probably cause me to have an orgasm. When my tongue contacted the head, it was like an electric shock went all the way to my pussy. I had removed my panties prior to coming into the locker room so at least they wouldn’t get soaked by a now very wet and aroused pussy.

Regaining my composure, I plunged ahead licking all around the head especially the ridge under the head. I knew that the area under head especially on the bottom bursa escort was the most sensitive part. Swirling my tongue in this area caused his prick to become even harder and fatter. Pre-cum was flowing out of the slit in the head. My tongue instinctively probed the opening to taste this delicious nectar. From past experience, I knew that this drove guys, as well as me, crazy. From the way this was starting, I knew that there was going to have to be more than one “score” before this overtime was over.

I grasped Randy’s tight butt with my hands as I allowed his cock head to slip between my lips. It tasted absolutely delicious. What a sight this must have been, seeing this hot black guy having his dick sucked by this cute freckle-faced white girl. My luscious red lips were wrapped around just the head of his cock. I wished someone with a camera was recording this sight. What a great porno this would be.

I loved having just the head of his cock in my mouth. The head was fat yet soft and hard at the same time. It was also very tasty. I loved his pre-cum but I knew that I would eventually get the hotter and thicker real thing. I took more and more of him into my mouth. Since he was very big I had to proceed slowly. I did however manage to take about six inches into my mouth and throat. I gently guided his body forward as I encouraged him to fuck my face. He understood perfectly what I wanted. Unlike some guys, he somehow knew that ramming his cock into a girl’s face was not a big turn on..

I wanted him to last as long as possible since I was enjoying this as much as he was. I knew he was getting close to an orgasm when his balls began to tense up. I felt the cum surging through his cock just before it spurted into my throat. What a large hot delicious load he gave me. It was my very favorite vanilla pudding consistency.

Reluctantly I let his cock slip from my mouth but only after I was sure every last drop of his cum was safely in my mouth or down my throat.

Randy looked at me with a big smile on his face and said, “Peggy that was awesome. I can’t remember ever cuming that much.” He took my face in his hands and gently kissed me tasting his cum in my mouth. What a turn on, I loved it when a guy did this. I always wanted to kiss my lovers when they had eaten my pussy but this was even better. This guy really knew what turned women on.

I was totally on fire. Flattered but shocked, I said, “How do you know my name? I am sure I never mentioned it.”

“You’re not the only one that can do research. Many of the guys were wondering who the hot reporter chick was and hoping they would do something that got you to interview them. Your name is Peggy Reynolds, 25 years old, unmarried and between boyfriends.”

“Are you saying that the guys talk about me in the locker room?’

“They sure do, they watch the sports show after the game and hang on every word out of your luscious lips. They also pay special attention to your bedroom eyes.”

“I hope they also appreciate my skills as a reporter.”

“They definitely do, I see them paying attention to your every word. Your literary skills seem to have an uplifting effect if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I can see that this discussion seems to be having a similar effect on you. If you could see my nipples you would notice it’s also affecting me.”

“Enough talking.’ he said as he picked me up and carried me into the training room. After stripping off all my clothes he laid by back down on a padded training table.

He gently began kissing my face and neck working his way to my hungry mouth. He licked my lips bursa escort with his tongue before kissing me gently on the mouth. His tongue probed my mouth as our kisses became more intense.

After a few minutes of passionate kissing he began working his way to my breasts. By now my nipples had extended out to at least an inch. Since I have very sensitive nipples, when he sucked on one of them, I immediately had a massive orgasm.

“Easy baby.” he said as he slid my body down the table until my butt was right on the edge. My legs were hanging off the edge and spread giving him unlimited access to my pussy.

“Just relax and let me show that I can be almost as good at pussy eating as you are at cock sucking. I don’t imagine that I can match your skills but will give it the old college try.”

He began by gently kissing my inner thighs working his way slowly to my cunt. He licked the outer lips and tenderly nibbled on them. His large tongue was driving me crazy as he licked, kissed and sucked on the inner lips, my clit and the opening of my pussy. He drove his tongue into me. He did the whole alphabet several times as he made love to my cunt. When he had finished, we kissed passionately and I was able to taste myself on his lips.

I honestly don’t know how many times I came. It seemed that each was better and more intense than the last. Finally, we rested both knowing that the main course was next on the menu.

It was time for some serious big black cock in tight white pussy action. We went searching for an appropriate location. We found a sofa in one of the coach’s office that would be perfect. I sat down with my back resting against the sofa’s back. I moved my ass forward toward the edge of the sofa as I leaned back. I spread my legs and brought them up and back toward my head, holding them in position with my hands on my calves. My pussy was now at the perfect height so that Randy could line up his prick with my cunt as he supported himself on the sofa’s back.

My anticipation was out of sight. I knew from sucking his cock that I would never be able to take all of him but I certainly was going to take all I could. The head of his cock was going to feel so good as he entered me.

Randy sensed that I was apprehensive and said “Baby don’t worry I will be very gentle. I know you won’t be able to take all of my cock but I promise you that you will feel very full and very well fucked when we are done.”

Stroking his prick to get it really hard, he lined up with my waiting hole. I think I held my breath as he placed the head at the entrance and tenderly pushed. Very slowly I could feel the head slipping past my inner lips. As the head pushed past the entrance I felt my cunt close around it and was sure I heard the pop as it entered me. I had rarely felt as full as I did and there was much more cock to come.

He let me get used to it before he slowly inched more and more of his delicious cock into my very willing pussy. As each inch of his cock entered me, I had a mini orgasm. After maybe ten minutes and who knows how many mini quakes, he bottomed out and we rested briefly. Feeling him all the way in my trembling pussy with his big fat beautiful prick was truly mind blowing. Curious as to how much of him I had taken, I reached down between us and was able to wrap my hand around the part of his prick still outside of me with even a little left over. I was able to caress his balls as they hung down between us. What a fantastic feeling!!!

There was no way his cock could slip out of me as my cunt was grasping it as tightly as it could. He leaned down escort bayan and we gently kissed several times. Coming up for air, I said “Please Randy your cock feels wonderful but I need to feel it sliding in and out. FUCK ME now, FUCK ME slowly, FUCK ME fast, FUCK ME hard but please please I’m begging you just FUCK ME and make me your personal fuck doll. I need your cock deep in my pussy filling me up. I want you to shoot your hot jizz into me.”

He slowly pulled his cock part way out and pushed back in. Gradually he progressed until he was pulling his prick out almost all the way until just the head remained. He would then push it back in all at once. All this time I still had one hand around his cock and was able to give him a hand job as he fucked me. Not only did this guy have probably the biggest prick I had ever fucked, he also knew how to use it to satisfy a lady.

Finally, he was rapidly thrusting in and out of pussy as I was screaming “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, faster and deeper, don’t ever stop, I’m cuming, I’m cuming. I love your big thick cock, ram it into me deeper. I swear I can fill it in my stomach. Please cum and shoot your hot spunk into me. I can almost taste it.”

As he was plowing his prick into me he was groaning from the effort and saying “Your pussy is so tight, you’re going to suck all the cum out of me. What are you doing with your cunt? It is squeezing my cock. I am going to cum and fill you to overflowing.”

We must have kept this up for fifteen minutes, almost reaching the top but never going over. I don’t think either one of us wanted this to ever end. It was one fantastic fuck. Finally it did end as he shot several loads of hot cum into me. I was able to feel the cum surging through his cock, with my hand that was still wrapped around him, before I felt it hit the bottom of my cunt. We lay there completely spent as his hot juice leaked out of my very well fucked cunt. His cock was equally well satisfied. I cleaned it up, tasting the combination of our juices—yum yum. Afterwards we cuddled and talked for a while.

Although Randy did not have a regular girlfriend, he had dated one of the cheerleaders several times. When he described her to me, I realized that he was describing Maria Rodriquez. She was a milk chocolate black girl who was absolutely gorgeous. I had seen her on the sidelines on several occasions and had lusted over her. She had a hot body, sexy pouting lips and dark green eyes that drove men and some women crazy. Why do you think guys loved to see two hot chicks kissing and making out? The hot women making out frequently were enjoying themselves and not just prick teasing the guys watching.

I wanted to taste those sultry lips on my mouth and feel them on my pussy. She had confided to him that she was definitely bi-sexual. I asked him if he would be interested in getting together with us both. He verified that her meat was definitely dark and thought he could probably arrange a threesome. I was getting hot at the prospect.

I knew that I had to have some more of his chocolate satisfier and wanted to see what dark pussy was like. The next time I planned to invite him and hopefully Maria to my house. I knew that if we made love in my bedroom I would be able to see him entering me in the mirror over my dresser. I had to see that black destroyer sliding in and out of me. I wanted to see the color contrast as he plunged his black prick into my white pussy with its pink lips. I just knew that watching my pink pussy lips clutching his black dick would be a beautiful sight. Watching as he fucked Maria would give me another perspective.

We left it at that. We exchanged phone numbers and snuck out of the locker room. We shared several lust filled kisses before going our separate ways. I sure hope he calls so that I can share with you the continuing adventures of Peggy, the intrepid sideline reporter.

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