Stacey Gets Out of Her Rut

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Everyone in this story, though fictitious, is 18 yrs old and over. Purely fictional story with no intention to offend viewers.


Stacey-Rae Keeton’s life was stuck in a rut. Worse than this morose fact was that not only was her life stuck but she was acutely aware of it. The plans and momentum she had felt building as her high school graduation came closer and closer had quickly dissipated as her gap year began to feel like it might become gap years. She had had a plan in the beginning. In fact it could even be more accurately described as a list. She had wanted to 1. Get a stable gap year job 2. Buy a car with stable gap year money 3. Work on her portfolio for art school 4. Get out of her parents’ house 5. Reach “serious relationship” status with her boyfriend Nick.

Now five months into the gap year this list was looking like a lost cause. She was still babysitting for a pitiful amount of cash. There was no way she could buy a car and was stuck with her older brother’s decrepit orange bicycle to get around. She couldn’t seem to produce any art worth saving let alone showing. Her parents stopped planning their expanded bathroom that was supposed to take away space from her room. She guessed that even they had no hope she would be moving out anytime soon. And finally Nick had dumped her two days after graduating. That was the failure that stung the most for Stacey. She couldn’t help but think back on that night at least twice a day. She had known that her conservativeness had been testing his patients for a while but she had thought that he had understood. Apparently he didn’t. He had taken her on a drive to the lake at sunset and a second after putting the car in park he was feeling her up full throttle. Not that this had bothered Stacey, but when he started pulling his pants off he had crossed the line she had tried to explain to him before- no ring, no sex.

Nick had tried to sway her views on the matter many times. Often he would joke about her virginal status in front of friends in the hope he would shame her into changing her mind. Far from making her sway all his antics had only made her resolve firmer. She would wait. Her parents were strict Seventh Day Adventists and many of their ideas rubbed off on her from a young age. Besides she had wanted to give herself to the man of her dreams, and in her imagination that could only be her future husband, her very own price charming.

Today the feeling of failure was particularly intense; it would have been her and Nick’s second anniversary. She had woken up with an empty feeling in the pit of her stomach. When finally she felt she could lay in bed no longer she had rolled straight to her laptop to look at his facebook page. She briefly considered sending him a message but the idea of trying to impress him quickly stifled that urge. How could she impress him now? His wall was stacked full of pictures of him and scantily clad college girls. They obviously were not raised Seventh Day Adventist. She sighed and rolled away from temptation. After getting dressed and evaluating herself in the mirror she couldn’t help but to compare herself to those girls. While they were tan and glowing she was petal-pale and freckled. Their hair was highlighted and wavy like mermaids and hers was Pin straight and carrot red.

Their blue/brown eyes were framed with glittering powders and mascara, her hazel eyes blinked at her makeup free, not even chap stick covered her puffy pink lips. She ran her hand over her flat, ab-less, stomach and groaned. They were Barbie, while she was Braveheart. Their bodies were rail thin and angular, and belonged on magazines. Her petite body was soft and curved. Her only consolation was her breasts. She felt dirty for even admitting it to herself but her tits were her favorite feature. They swelled to a healthy DD and were softer than a baby’s ass. Sometimes when she was alone in her room she would pull them free of her bra and massage them until her nipples were as hard as concrete. Thinking about it now made her blush in shame and excitement. She half wanted to pull them out now and play with their squishy handfuls but a look at the clock put her in check. She had half an hour to bike to the Elementary school to walk her Thursday, Friday kids home. She sighed and gave her mounds a wistful look before heading downstairs.

It took her twenty five minutes to get to the school. While she waited she pulled out her phone and played dozens of solitaire games, trying not to think of Nick. Not long later Luke and Leona, second grade fraternal twins, came running out of the doors at the sound of the bell.

“Hey superstars.” Stacey greeted them as they made it to her side. She grabbed her bike with one hand and Leona’s small hand in her other. Leona, knowing the familiar routine grabbed Luke’s reluctant hand. “One thing you learned today. Luke you’re first.”

“If you take the sticker off the book the buzzer doesn’t happen in the library.” He replied kicking pebbles as he walked.

Stacey, long used to Luke’s shenanigans only shook her head. “What about you princess?”

Leona gasped in escort bayan bursa excitement “I saw a butterfly being born.”

“Very cool.”

The walk to the Devon’s house took no less than five minutes. And from the moment they made it to the door the day began to slip by in that comforting normal way. Stacey got to homework, play, dinner, bathes, and bed without a single thought of Nick. But once Seven-thirty hit she felt restless. She began looking around the house for something to do. Soon looking became cleaning. She began wiping tables with paper towels and straightening chairs and cushions. A loud slam of the front door startled her so much that she knocked a vase off the mantle and it shattered on the floor.

“Is everything okay?” Mr. Devon called, jogging into the living room.

Stacey blushed a deep scarlet. Not from her clumsiness but from the dozens of condoms that were strewn throughout her mess on the floor.

“Oh, sorry about that Stace.” Mr. Devon laughed easily. “Let me help you with that.” He walked to the kitchen giving Stacey-Rae a chance to compose herself. She was flustered to say the least, but quickly dropped to her hands and knees to start scooping up the mess. She heard footsteps behind her and glanced back to catch Mr. Devon looking right at her ass. She dropped her eyes back to the porcelain-condom combination. A second later he was on the ground next to her with a trash bag and a zip lock bag. “We put them here so the kids would stop finding rubbers in our bedside drawers. Never thought about the jar knocking over.” He started sorting the condoms into the zip lock and the broken pottery into the trash sack.

“I am so sorry Mr. Devon.” She began to say, her voice shaking slightly. It was so embarrassing, what was worse was the stupid blushing she couldn’t contain each time she grabbed a condom for the save pile.

“Don’t worry about it honey. Not much of a use for them lately anyways. Tatiana and I are in a bit of a dry spell.”

All Stacey could think to respond with was a small squeak of acknowledgment and a nod of her head. She couldn’t help but feel that every once in a while Mr. Devon’s eyes would dart down her shirt as she leaned forward. The thought of him sneaking a peek at her tits made her shiver with an unknown emotion. They quietly continued to pack away the mess and then Mr. Devon went to throw the trash sack into the disposal leaving Stacey to hold the bag of condoms awkwardly. He strode back in a second later. His tie had disappeared and the top button of his collar was undone. Stacey found herself staring at his dark chocolaty neck wondering briefly if his skin was as soft as hers. She blinked, amazed at her disgusting curiosity. Looking back at his face she knew he had seen her gaze.

“Come on to the kitchen Stace, you deserve a refreshment after I startled you so badly.” He turned back to the kitchen and Stacey automatically trotted after him. When passed through the doorway Mr. Devon passed her a beer.

“Oh, um Mr. Devon I’m not old enough to drink.”

He gave his head a small smack in what seemed to be shock “I keep forgetting. You seem older then nineteen-”

“Eighteen.” She corrected.

He laughed a little and shrugged “Well I won’t tell if you don’t. You earned it honey.” He pressed the beer more firmly towards her and with a buzzing in her head Stacey grabbed it and took her first sip. “Not that good I know, sorry.” He said after she coughed at the burning in her throat.

“It’s,” she cleared her throat. “Very good. Thank you.” She took another swig, this one bigger than the last.

“Do you mind if I turn on the news for a couple of minutes before I drive you home?”

“Um, no that’s okay.” She replied. Secretly she was glad to have time to finish her drink. The warm glow it was filling her with was also filling the hole that Nick had been boring in her mind all day.

He walked back to the living room and waved for her to follow. She plodded back into the living room, still holding the bag of condoms, and plunked down on the couch. A moment later Mr. Devon sat down right next to her and flipped the channels to CNN. Stacey didn’t really have that much interest in the news so she continued sipping at her beer like apple juice and looked at the way their thighs where brushing each other. Stacey looked at the clock when she had finished her bottle. Somehow it was already eight forty.

“Is Mrs. Devon working another double shift at the hospital?” She asked Mr. Devon unthinkingly.

He looked away from the TV and his dark brown eyes bore into hers. “Yeah. I think she will be working a lot of long days from now on.” Stacey had known there was tension ever since Mrs. Devon had become a nurse and was spending so much time away from home but the sadness in his voice shocked her. She wanted to console him as his wounded tone pierced her girlish heart. “It’s been really lonely here. It’s been nice to have you here though Stace.” He pat her on the knee and left his hand there. Stacey didn’t respond. She felt like a deer caught in the headlights. bursa sinirsiz eskort She wasn’t sure, but it felt like Mr. Devon was flirting! With her!

Her suspicions solidified as he began to run his hand up and down her leg. She tuned to him to tell him to stop, stop acting like an unmarried man. When she did she couldn’t find her voice, he was looking right at her body with a feral hunger she had never seen before. Her body responded automatically, her nipples hardened and she felt a tingle between her legs.

“You’re so silky feeling, Stace.” He brought his other hand onto her shoulder and started lightly massaging it. It felt so good to have his large hand rub her sore neck.

“This is, is wrong Mr. Devon.” Stacey said barely louder than a whisper.

He leaned over her and put his lips to her ear “Then tell me to stop.” His breath tickled her ear and she squirmed. He took it as a sign of encouragement and pulled her toward him. “Come sit on my lap sugar. You will be more comfortable.”

She couldn’t believe this was happening, as he pulled her to sit on his lap facing him. His hands cupped her round ass and pulled her close to his firm torso. As he did something hard bumped against her nether regions. She looked down and saw the strain of his cock against his pants.

“Looks like someone want to come out. Why don’t you take a look baby, tell me if you like it.” He grabbed her right hand and guided it down to his fly.

“Your wife! You’re married! I’m, I’m” She sputtered at a loss for words. She let him guide her hands all the same.

“We don’t love each other anymore baby. I need to feel another person again.” He leaned forward and began kissing her neck.

Stacey’s breathing increased and she thought of Nick how he would laugh at her prudishness. That thought sent a flash of angry fire at her and she shocked herself, grabbing the sides of Mr. Devons face and kissing him. His shock turned to joy and his tongue slipped into her mouth deeply. His hands started squeezing her breasts that seemed to have longed for this all day. She started to instinctively rub her hand over the bulge in his pants. Little moans snuck out around their tongues and this sent Mr. Devon into a frenzy. He roughly grabbed her face and pulled her head away from his then tore her shirt right off her down the middle.

“Take this off!” He demanded, nodding at her bra as he undid the buttons of his shirt as fast as he could.

Stacey told her mind to shut up and focused only on the heat she was feeling burning deep inside her, in a place it had never burned before. She unsnapped her bra and let her tits swing free. Immediately his mouth was there, sucking on the left tit and squeezing the right one. His free hand grabbed hers again and placed in firmly on his pant zipper without room to question what he wanted her to do. She felt empowered watching his suckle at her nipple and unzipped his pants. She carefully pulled down the waist band of his boxers and something rock solid sprung up. Mr. Devon let out a growl and threw her off him to stand up and shimmy out of his bottoms. When he did Stacey was eye level with the gargantuan beast of a cock. It was darker than the rest of his body and had huge veins running down it tip to shaft. It had to be nine inches long and a terrifying two and a half inches thick. It twitches like a snake ready to strike.

“Open your mouth baby girl.”

Stacey felt her first real wave of fear. That monster would break her jaw. “It’s so big. I can’t. I’ve never done this before.”

“You’ve never sucked dick before little mama?” He said eyes widening.

“I’ve never done anything before.” Stacey almost wailed.

He brushed his fingers over her lips and then inserted a finger into her mouth. “We’ll just have to fix that baby. Now just like a big ol’ lollipop. Open those rosey lips of yours baby. That’s it. Now just suck it like a big chocolate lollipop.” He guided the tip into her mouth. She could only manage a couple of inches and felt a strain of her jaw muscles at its girth. She started trying to suck on it, “Bob your head now baby. Up and down. Uh, yeah, up and down. Fuck yeah.” She began to bob back and forth. She used her shaking hands to grab his firm round butt for support as Mr. Devon swore and moaned. “Uuuh, uuh shit fucking cock sucking bitch. Uuh you uh fucking suck that cock in your mouth slut, suck that cock you fucking cunt.”

Stacey had never been called any of those things but it sent a wave of excitement through her. She started to jerk her hips against the cushion of the sofa while she sucked harder on his dick. He gave a loud groan and grabbed he head, starting to shove more of his rope down her throat. Her nails ran into his ass cheeks and he pounded into her mouth making her gag and choke. Finally he threw his head back and hot liquid shot into her overflowing mouth.

“Fuuuuuck.” He cried out releasing her head. Stacey swallowed as much of the foreign goop as possible but it stilled streamed out of the sides of her mouth and dripped onto her hard escort bayan tits. She looked at Mr. Devons cock. If anything it seemed even bigger now. She didn’t think it was possible. He seemed to be even hornier then before he came and her aggressively began pulling her jeans off. She thought of protesting one final time as her think panties were torn off her just like her shirt but then his fingers started rubbing over her clit and thoughts of protest vanished.

“What are you, ummm, doing to, uh, me?” She moaned, arching her back into the cushions.

“Getting you ready for my cock in your little virgin pussy. Spread your legs.” She obeyed and spread her legs open. He dragged her butt to the edge of the sofa and got to his knees. His massive sword poked at the entrance of her virgin hole. “You’re so wet for my cock baby.”

Stacey nodded nervously. “Uhhuh. Go slow Mr. Devon. Please.”

“Shhh, baby. Daddy is going to take good care of you.” He started pushing the head of his cock into her tight hole. Her forehead creased as she felt the enormous knob push into her. She whimpered as the head sunk into her warm folds.

“Uh, it’s so big. I’m full of your c-cock.” She stuttered on the last word. She had never called a man’s rod a cock before. She felt like such a slut saying it.

“You aren’t full yet baby girl.” He moved her slightly to the side and turned her head so she could see in the reflection of the TV his cock entering her. So much of his rod was still sticking out. “I’ve got to push that inside you.” He bent over her and licked her stomach up to her right tit and sucked on it for a moment before pulling his head back and grabbing either side of her hips. “This is going to hurt for a little bit.”

“No I don’t want it to hurt.” She protested, feeling panic bubble in her gut. What if he split her in two?

He grabbed onto her hips firmer still, her fear seemed to fuel his lust. “Just for a little bit, then it’s going to feel real good down there. On three. One… Two!” he thrust in with all his strength on two. Thankfully he covered her mouth with his hand right before she let out a scream of shock and pain. There was so many sensations happening all at once it was overwhelming. Tears were forming in her eyes as her pussy throbbed, burned, and stung. She felt like her organs had been punched up inside her. Her chest was heaving like she had run a marathon and sweat dripped between her breasts and on her brow. It felt like his dick was going to burst through her stomach. He pulled back slightly then rammed forwards again. Once more she let out a little scream muffled by his huge fingers. He began to do rough pumps in and out of her slowly, making sure to stretch her wider then she knew was possible. She felt him hit her cervix with each deep push. She stopped yelling and began to moan against his hand, then she started sucking on his fingers. Mr. Devon watched her suck his fingers with more and more enthusiasm and began to thrust faster and faster.

He was thrusting so hard the whole couch began to scoot backwards and almost tipped over and one massive push.

“Uhhh, God. Your pussy is so tight. I could fuck it until you die from cumming too much.” He scooped his hands under her, and with impressive strength lifted her and still inside her carried her down the hall.

“mmm don’t stop.” Stacey heard herself moan like a slut.

“Don’t worry baby, daddy will take care of you. I’m going to ruin your pussy fucking it so much. I’m gonna fuck you until it’s so stretched out you can’t fuck anymore.” He carried her into the master bath and placed her on the counter. He put her feet on either sides of each sink like stirrups so they were spread wide. There were mirrors everywhere. Her back rested on a mirror, opposite of her behind the tub there was a wall of mirrors so she could watch as he re positioned his cock and pushed it back inside her. On the counter he could thrust into her as hard as he wanted without fear of things tipping over. He grunted like an animal as he pumped faster and faster, grabbing her ass harder and harder. Stacey rubbed her tits as they bounced wildly. She was panting like a dog and moaning like a slut. Her hips bucked up to shove his cock further into her. They fucked each other like wild animals in heat. Each making ungodly noises that reverberated off the tile. You could hear the wet smacking of his balls against her ass as he nailed her shaft deep.

He began to go so fast his thrusts where more like circles and it hit a sacred spot inside her.

“Holy shit. Oh God, what uuuuhh, what is this, fuck fuck fuck, it’s ummmm, more more!” Stacey cried at his cock rubbed her G spot.

Her pussy tightened around his cock and he felt a tsunami of a wave coming towards him. He plowed into her so hard the mirror started to creak and he began to let out the most guttural cry Stacey had ever heard. He pulled her upper body to smash into his as he thrust harder than he had ever thrust before. The friction of her tits on his chest, her clit rubbing his base, and his cock ruining her forever sent her into her first ever orgasm. He didn’t cover her mouth this time as she screamed out for God, he was curved over her, his cock twitching as he shot hot cum inside her. He kept pushing as his cock kept shooting cum even though her wave had ended and his thrusts now were a painful pleasure that made her shake and buck wildly.

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