Spin the Bottle Party

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It was getting late and Sarah was frantically trying on different outfits in her bedroom. She kept tossing clothes to the corner of the room and cursing not finding anything suitable.

She had been looking forwards to this night for weeks because she would be soon arriving at her best friend, Amy’s house, for a Halloween party. Amy’s parents were much more liberal than Sarah’s and had said that boys could attend the event, but they had to go home by midnight and were not allowed alcohol or drugs.

Sarah had to find the perfect outfit because she would be competing for attention from other girls there, but she didn’t want to appear as though she was desperate. She was 18 years old and proud of her C-cup breasts, although in some bras she thought that her breasts were slightly larger than a C. This meant though that finding an outfit was particularly difficult.

She tried on tops with plunging fronts, that if she were to move just a little too sharply, her nipples could be slightly exposed or even a whole breast. Yet, she didn’t want to appear prudish.

Finally, after around an hour she decided upon a green flimsy top to match her short black skirt. Although the top was skimpy, Sarah decided not to wear a bra because it wasn’t see-through and she knew that she would get the most attention when the boys noticed her breasts bouncing around under the material as she danced or moved around.

Her dad dropped her off at Amy’s at 7pm and even though she thought that she was late, it turned out that she was one of the first to arrive. Amy answered the door herself and happily greeted Sarah,

“Hi, you look wonderful. I love your top.” Sarah knew that this meant that Amy was jealous. Amy too had perfectly shaped breasts, but hers were a B-cup and Sarah could see that she was wearing a bra under her tight white T-shirt. On numerous occasions Sarah had told Amy not to wear a bra at a party because the boys would be unable to look away, but Amy was far too self-conscious despite being painfully beautiful. It wasn’t that the girls were interested in each others breasts, but there were times when it was unavoidable not to take a glace at the competition (especially in the gym changing room).

“Are your parents in?” Sarah enquired, still stood on the doorstep.

“Oh, you just missed them. They’re going to the movies and then for a meal so we’re good to have fun until at least 11.” Amy smiled and ushered Sarah in to her house where 2 people from her class were already sheepishly chatting amongst themselves.

Around 20 minutes passed until the doorbell rang again. Up until that point Amy had been desperately trying to get the party going and break the ice amongst the 4 people who had turned up. Amy ran to the door and welcomed in 2 people who Sarah had never seen before. She assumed that they went to a different college and were just friends of Amy.

One was a girl who had ignored the rule, which Sarah had adhered to, of not looking desperate by wearing an almost non-existent top that accentuated her ample breasts and a tiny skirt that rested high against her tanned thighs.

She was accompanied by an unbearably handsome boy who wore a top that showed off his toned stomach and large arms. Sarah hoped that the two new guests weren’t a couple because she really liked what she saw in the athletic build of the boy.

Amy was clearly disappointed that only 5 people had shown up to her party, but she accepted that the date had clashed with some major sports event that was taking place in the town centre. It cheered her up to think that more people would have turned up if she hadn’t arranged the party at a time when most people would want to watch the local football time in the state final.

Amy was determined that the night would not be ruined. After all it was not every weekend that her parents went out and let her have the house to herself for a night.

Amy spent time going around the room, offering snacks and small-talk.

“Don’t you just hate Science class?” Sarah too was determined to make something out of the night and tried to get a conversation going with the group.

“Yeah, I can’t stand it. I hate our teacher. Oh, my name’s Andrew by the way and this is Claire my work-mate.” Sarah was relieved to find out the name of the boy who had just arrived and overjoyed to discover that Claire, in her revealing outfit, was just a colleague and not a girlfriend.

“Our teacher is awful too.” David was in the same class as Sarah and it wasn’t like him to speak out in groups. Usually he was shy and quiet, but on this occasion he was quite open.

The group began to ease and talk openly about college, their part-time jobs and anything else that took their fancy. Only John remained quiet. Like David he was in the same classes at college as Amy and Sarah, yet he was even shyer than David.

The group just sat around talking aimlessly about anything and everything for about an hour.

Andrew sat himself near to David gorukle escort bayan and John and they happily chatted about sports and Andrew’s job at the mall with Claire.

“Me and Claire work at the new music shop at the mall…that’s where we met Amy. She came in shopping and invited us both here.” Andrew explained why exactly he was present at the poorly attended party whilst David and John listened.

Meanwhile Claire sat with Amy and Sarah talking quietly about which of the boys they fancied. All 3 of the girls were virgins except Claire had given her ex-boyfriend a handjob, so she thought of herself as the expert in the group.

“Andrew has the best body, but I wouldn’t say no to David or John.” Claire made her feelings known to the girls and they took turns to take sly glances at the boys and sum them up.

More time passed and Amy was worried that the two groups were not mingling. She had hoped for at least 50 people to turn up and now she just wanted for the boys and girls to sit together and maybe snog.

Eventually Claire spoke out to the group in a bid to liven things up a little,

“Everybody, why don’t we play spin the bottle? I know it’s a bit childish, but it could be fun.” Claire’s suggestion was met with nods of approval from the entire group who were thankful that they would be able to get a snog without the effort of small-talk and flirting.

“Come on everybody, sit in a circle. You all know the rules don’t you?” Claire smiled and looked around the circle.

“Ermm, if the bottle points to you then you have to snog the person that the bottle points to on its next spin.” John’s version of the rules made Claire burst out laughing although nobody else seemed to understand what was so funny. John went red and went back to being quiet and shy.

“When I was younger I used to play that version, but now its strip spin the bottle. It’ll be fun.” Claire explained her intentions and nobody wanted to be the one who wussed out and said no so she continued with the new rules,

“It’s an easy game. If the bottle points to you then you have to remove one item of clothing. Socks, shoes and jewellery are not included as clothing though.” She smiled again and asked if everybody was okay with the game. Once again she assured everybody that it would be fun.

Everybody was unsure about the idea of taking of their clothes in front of a room full of their peers, but nobody could be the one who raised the concern. All of the boys were virgins too and had fantasies of moments like this occurring, but now that it was happening they all got the shyness of John.

Amy went to the kitchen and got a small coca cola bottle and handed it to Claire.

“Ok who wants to spin first?” Sarah volunteered. She was petrified that the bottle would land on her first as she wasn’t wearing a bra and didn’t want to be sat there in her tiny black panties in front of these 3 boys.

She span the bottle and time stood still as it went around the circle. It landed on John. He was too shy and taken aback from his humiliation of saying the game was about snogging to refuse to comply. He removed his shirt. All of the girls took short glances at his toned chest and began to get hot under the collar.

John took the next spin and it landed on Andrew. He was proud of his body and so took of his shirt without any delay.

“Looks like this will be a good game for us,” Amy was loosening up as it was the boys who appeared to be coming off worse.

Andrew took the next spin and it landed on Claire. She stood up in her place and unzipped the back of her short skirt, letting it slip over her tanned, beautiful legs and land on the floor. None of the boys knew where to look. Just before she sat down again and crossed her legs, each of the boys had a look at her small pink panties that only just barely covered her pussy and displayed most of her toned buttocks.

Claire spun the bottle next and the group waited until it landed on David. Like the two boys before him he opted to remove his shirt.

He took the next spin and it landed on Sarah. She was glad she wasn’t the first girl to expose her panties, but knew that she was only one spin away from revealing her perfect breasts to the group. She too stood up and slipped her black skirt to the floor. All of the boys shyly looked at the thin fabric that came between them and Sarah’s pussy. She quickly sat down and crossed her legs.

Sarah’s spin of the bottle landed back on Claire who remained seated. She lifted her top up over her head and the boys were left to glance at her bra clad breasts. It was a mystery how they didn’t just burst out of her bra. Every breath she took made them heave upwards. David was certain that he caught a slight glimpse of her nipple poking through the thin fabric of her bra, but looked away quickly out of shyness.

She spun and it pointed directly to Amy. Amy wasn’t going to be the one to break the tradition of the night and so she stood nilüfer escort bayan up and removed her skirt. It fell to the floor and the boys all looked up at the white lace panties that only just covered her pussy from their gaze. She sat back down like Claire and Sarah and ten spun the bottle.

It landed on John. It was obvious from the look on his face that he was going to protest.

“Errm, do I have to take my trousers off? I mean it, err…” before John had a chance to explain himself, Claire interrupted,

“What’s the matter John? Us three girls are sat here and you’ve seen all of our panties. You’ve also seen the majority of my tits. So it is only fair that you take off your trousers or else you should have opted out at the start of the game.”

Gingerly John stood up and unbuttoned his jeans letting them fall to the floor. He seemed frozen in front of the group as the girls all blatantly stared at his bulging underwear. John sat down and crossed his legs, but it made no difference because his excitement could still be seen by anybody looking his way.

In an attempt to pretend that he didn’t have a throbbing hardon he spun the bottle. It landed on Amy. She felt much better in taking off her tight, white top now that John had just stood up with a bulging hardon in his pants. She lifted her top over her head and revealed a smallish, yet perfectly full set of bra clad breasts. She took her spin of the bottle and it landed on Andrew.

He stood up and revealed the same bulge that John had done previously except that his looked even larger. He quickly sat down and took the next spin. It landed on Sarah. Her heart sunk, but she wanted to get it over with quickly so she peeled off her loose green top and revealed the most perfect set of tits that the boys had even seen.

Amy noticed Andrew and John’s pants were moving as their hardon’s raged at the sight of Sarah’s perfect, young breasts. As she went to spin the bottle the boys watched her tits move and jiggle. This caused more visible throbbing.

It landed on David. It was an easy task for him because John and Andrew had gone before him so he stood up and revealed another bulging crotch to the room. He took his seat and then his spin.

It landed on Claire. She reached around and unclasped her bra, freeing another pair of large, perfect tits to the boys and their covered erections. She spun the bottle and it landed on Amy. Just like Sarah and Claire she chose to reveal her tits and leave her pussy hidden. Her tits were perky and her nipples were slightly puffy.

The three boys sat there in awe, looking at the three sets of beautiful tits that sat before them. No real conversations had taken place since the game had commenced and so it made people jump when Amy spoke,

“Looks like the game is about to get interesting!” Everybody else thought that the game was already interesting, but they knew what she meant.

Amy took her spin and it landed on John. He was fed up of being the first, but thought better of complaining. He stood up and took of his underpants. His erection sprung free and stood out pointing at the girls. He sat back down, but the girls could still glance at his hardon pointing up to his belly-button.

“Can I get dressed now?” John asked.

“Haha, no way, if it lands on you now you have to do a forfeit. The person who spins gets to choose the forfeit.” Claire’s further instructions left John sat in front of the group with his fully erect penis on display.

John took his spin and it landed back on Amy. Once again she might have resisted, but she glanced at John and his hard cock and then slipped off her panties. The boys didn’t get to see much because she remained seated and crossed her legs quickly. She spun the bottle and it pointed to Andrew.

He tried to adopt Amy’s method of staying seated, but his large erection pointed right up from behind his crossed legs and so the girls got to see everything anyway. He spun and it landed on Claire.

Claire had been the most outgoing all night and so it was no surprise that she stood up to remove her panties. The boys all stared at Claire’s completely shaven pussy and Amy noticed Andrew’s erection throbbing against his stomach.

Claire took the bottle and gave it a spin. It landed on Sarah who was too shy to stand. She removed her panties and the boys got no joy in seeing what she had to offer. She took her spin and it landed on David. He stayed sat down and lifted his pants over his hardon that bounced free and pointed skywards.

The 3 boys and 3 girls sat there for a moment, glancing quickly at the naked bodies in front of them. The girls looked at the three erections whilst the boys sized-up the 3 sets of perfect tits that sat before them.

“Ok David, give it a spin then. Remember, we do forfeits now.” Claire reminded David that the game was yet to continue.

David gave it a spin and it landed on Sarah.

“Now what?” David bursa otele gelen escort bayan asked.

“Give Sarah a forfeit David. It’s easy,” Claire said.

“Yeah, but like what?”

“Anything you like. If she refuses to do whatever it is then she admits that she is frigid and a loser. If she does it then she stays in the game. Really, it’s easy,” Calire urged.

David understood the rules, as did everybody else, but he was too shy to just dare Sarah to give him a blowjob so he kept it simple.

“Sarah, your forfeit is to squeeze Amy’s boobs.” It was the best that David could think of.

Sarah looked at Amy and then leaned over and cupped both of her tits and squeezed and kneaded them for about 20 seconds.

Sarah then took her spin of the bottle and it landed back on David. She knew why David had given her such an easy dare, but he had a throbbing erection, so she thought better of giving him an equally boring one.

“David I dare you to play with and suck on both of Claire’s tits for 2 minutes.” David stood up and walked across the circle with his hardon pointing straight ahead of him. He sat next to Claire and cupped her warm, ample breasts and began squeezing them. He licked her nipples and sucked them. The rest of the group just sat there watching.

After around 2 minutes, David released Claire’s nipple from his mouth and went back to his place in the circle.

Claire took her spin of the bottle and it landed on Amy.

“Amy I dare you to give John a handjob for 2 minutes.” Amy had never touched an erection before and so she was nervous of the challenge set before her. She stood up and walked over to John. This gave the boys a chance to look at her perfect, shaved pussy and firm ass. She sat next to John who sat with his legs outstretched in front of him. Amy put wrapped her soft hand around his erection and began to give the handjob.

Suddenly, on what must have been only her 5th stroke, John sighed quietly and spurt after spurt of his warm cum was pumped around the circle. Most of it landed on John, but a large proportion landed on Amy’s tits and stomach.

Once again John was left embarrassed at being the first, but everybody else was now much more relaxed. Amy went back to her place in the circle and sat down. She was far too excited and curious to bother cleaning the cum of her body and so she sat there with it rolling around her puffy nipples and on to her flat stomach.

John, who still had an erection, took his spin of the bottle. It landed on Sarah. He really was unsure what to dare her. After all he had just been made to cum in front of the group and was now sat there was wads of cum on his cock and chest. He shot a glance at Amy and saw that his cum was still glistening around her tits and had made its way down to her legs and inner thigh.

“Ok Sarah I dare you to finger Claire.” Time stood still.

“No way, I’m not a lesbian,” Sarah protested. “I’ll do anything, but not touch another girl.

“I’ve just been made to cum in front of you all and your complaining that your dare is too harsh! Doesn’t this mean that she is out of the game Claire?”

“I’m afraid so Sarah.” Claire was happy that Sarah wouldn’t do the dare, as she too was uneasy with being touched by another girl.

Sarah took a deep sigh and walked over to where Claire was sitting.

“Fine, fine, I’ll do it because I’m not a wuss John!”

Uneasily Claire opened her legs and the boys got a first class view of her pussy. It was as perfect as her breasts. Completely shaved and smooth. Sarah ran her fingers over Clair’s pussy and easily slipped one finger in.

Sarah could not believe how wet Clair’s pussy was. Sarah knew that her own pussy was wet from watching John cum all over Amy’s tits, but this was far more.

She moved her finger in and out slowly, carefully brushing against Clair’s clit with her thumb. This show, like John’s, was short lived as Claire was unable to withhold a moan as she started to orgasm in response to Sarah’s hand touching her sensitive clit.

Sarah removed her now wet finger and went back to her place in the circle. She prayed that the bottle would land on John so she could get revenge for her lesbian show. It hadn’t really sunk in that she had just made an attractive girl orgasm by fingering her pussy in front of a three boys with hardons. When she began to think about it, her pussy became like Claire’s and she ached to be touched.

Sarah took her spin and it landed on Andrew. Sarah thought for a moment of what to dare. Should she be cruel and make him do something gay or be selfish and ask him to be the first boy to lick her pussy or let her friend Amy have some fun?

“Andrew I dare you to suck on Amy’s clit until she cums.” Not even Claire could believe how outgoing Sarah had become, but Amy was secretly ecstatic.

John walked over, his erection moving to and thro, and sat in front of Amy. He urged her to open her legs and took a little lick at her pussy. Then he licked her whole pussy before finding her clit and doing as he was instructed by Sarah.

Unlike Claire, Amy was unable to stay quiet during the act and moaned loudly whilst Andrew’s tongue circled and flicked her clit. Amy came even quicker than Claire and her moans almost became screams of ecstasy.

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