Kidnap Me Ch. 01: Initial Capture

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My best friend Trevor and I are close. We both live in the same state but miles apart from each other. We’re both single and too weird for the dating world. We play games online together and talk about comics and our favor fanfiction stories.

One day I was reading a really pervy fanfiction about one of our favorite animes. Where this and girl and guy are best friends but in the fanfiction he kidnaps her and makes her his captive. This fanfiction was riddled with lewd subjects, bdsm elements and sex. I couldn’t help but read it all.

That night my best friend called me and asked me if I saw the story. I told him I did. We both read all of it. Talking to him on the phone about it made my pussy grow in panties and I was unconsciously touching it under skirt.

“Hey what if you and I tried something like that” he says.

My hand quickly moves from under my skirt and I nervously respond “What if we try what?” My heads a little dizzy from the subject but I’ll try to answer honestly.

“What if you let me kidnap you?” He says calmly.

Mmm a slight moan in my voice as I heard him say those words. “You’d want to kidnap me?” I ask.

“Yes, I do.” He mumbled. “I mean, yes I would.” He corrected himself. My pussy is definitely wet now and I cant believe I’m talking to my best friend about this.

“You’d pick me up and drive me your place?” I ask nervously.

“Mhm I’d take you inside just like normal, I won’t kidnap you until you’re ready to leave” he says.

“And when I’m ready to leave?” I say curiously.

“Well, I would jump, blindfold and tie you up” he explains. My breathing gets heavy. I’ve never heard him talk this before. I’m getting so excited but I don’t know what to say.

“Oh..Oh my gosh, Trevor” I stuttered.

“Don’t worry I wouldn’t touch beyond that if you don’t want me to. I just want to keep your here” he says.

A big gulp goes down my throat as he begins to describe his kidnapping fantasy to me. I had no idea he felt this way about me. My hand moves toward my pussy again. I rub myself as he continues to describe, rope, tape, gags and other things he has at his house that he would love to use on me.

“Unf.” A small moan slips out once more and he pauses.

“Is this turning you on?” he whispered.

Now my daydreaming has escalated to a real possibility and involuntarily respond “yes”

“I’m…thinking driving over there right bursa eskort now.” He sounded nervous.

“What?” I say in disbelief.

“I just think maybe we could take a test drive…” he paused. “Are you home alone right now?” he cleared his throat. “Um, ya know like I could drive over and surprise you.”

I scoff. “Trevor, how it will be a surprise if-“

“Just trust me Debbie” he cut me off and continued. “I’ll come in really quiet…I’ll tape you down..and pretend I’m a stranger who wants your family fortune.”

I gulp.”… Trevor I haven’t ever done anything like this before.”

“I know.” He takes a deep breath. “Me either Deb, I just want to do this with you.” His voice sounds so genuine. I smiled ugh I can’t believe I’m a such pervert.

“Alright. Come over but don’t be too rough, okay?” I was nervous.

“You can trust me Deb, I won’t hurt you, not even close.” He was reassuring, if there was anyone I’d try this with, it would be him.

We hang-up. Trevor lives about an hour away and I’m starting to get anxious. I wonder what he will do. Or what we will bring. Instead of overthinking I decided to watch a movie.

About half way through I decide to shower I’m always wishy washy when I’m nervous. The water feels good and I’m relaxing the stress away.

“Mmh, this is what I need.” I thought to myself, just then I heard the front door unlock. And close. I knew it was Trevor, but I wasn’t expecting him so soon or had I been in the shower too long? I don’t know. I heard another noise and turned the water off.

“Trevor!?” I yelled with the door closed. I grabbed my towel and slowly opened the door.

“..Trevor?” I whispered I heard nothing. Maybe it was nothing and he wasn’t even here yet. I walk into my room to change. I dry off my towel and drop my towel on the floor. I decided to put on my tank top and some comfortable shorts.

I was all done changing so I decided to call Trevor to see if he was on his way. It went straight to voicemail. I scoff, he’s obviously playing too much.

“Whatever.” I thought to myself and make my way back into the living room to sit on the couch when I’m grabbed from behind.

Two big hands were shutting my eyes and mouth closed. Mmf I gasped. He was stronger than I remember. One hand quickly moves from eyes to around my neck and he whispers “Don’t fucking move.” into my ear.

“Trevor!” I think bursa escort bayan to myself. He wrestled me effortlessly, gentle moving both my hands behind my back and turning me up against the wall. “Uhn.” The feeling singed me like a hot metal. So this is what having your hands behind your back feels like. My boobs and face were pressed against the wall.

“Mmh look who I found, home all alone” he says in my ear as he uses metal cuffs to secure my wrists. *click, click* A flow of wetness careens down my vagina and he turns me back around to face him. Trevor is pushing my shoulders back against the wall. I look at him wide eyed.

“What the fuck!?” I react to him. It takes me a second to realize he’s wearing a ski mask and all black. “Where the hell did he get that from?” I thought to myself. He says nothing he just takes his hand and presses his hands against my throat. “…What are you doing?” I stumble over my words. He says nothing and moves his hand to my mouth squeezing both sides with his hand. We stare at each other for an intense few seconds. Trevor takes out a red bandana from his pocket and ties around my mouth.

Trevor takes me by the arm into the living room and sits me on the couch. “Mmh, mmf!?” I try to say under the bandana. While I’m sitting there Trevor takes another bandana and ties it around my ankles. After, he lays me horizontal on the couch and looks deeply into my eyes. It was in his look that I could tell he really wanted to do this. He pulls away from my gaze and went into kitchen. When Trevor returns he brings a large kitchen knife with him.

“You’re in quite the predicament, Ms. Chase.” he twirls the knife around. He walks closer to me. “Now, don’t be afraid Ms. Chase this isn’t about you” He the large stake knife into the air catches it.

“When did he get so good at this?” I thought to myself as he inches closer.

“Well maybe it is a little bit…” He says grabbing my shoulder and I’m sitting me up on the couch. “You’re the special prize today Ms. Chase.” He points the knife at me. “Because you see Ms. Chase whoever wins today gets to keep you…”

“Mmhf?” I stumped. He’s trying the scare the fuck out of me and maybe it’s working. My panties were soaking wet.

This was Trevor turning me on without us ever saying hi or going through our normal friendship routine. No hello’s and no hugs. He was touching and having görükle escort his way with me. My backs pressed up against my couch and Trevor holding my gagged face in his hand with the knife in the other.

“See the thing is Ms.Chase. I don’t really want to hurt you. I just want to hurt your Dad’s pocket and if all goes well today then you get to go back in it.” He brings the knife closer to my face. My breathing is getting heavy.

“So you don’t really have to worry, I’m only going to hurt you, if he hurts me” he places the knife on my lips. The cold blade touches my skin and I whimper.

“See now that I’ve got you all tied up. We’re going to make a few phone calls together” he moves the knife away from my lips. I gasp and try to catch my breath. He walks over to the TV set and grabs my phone. Postures one leg on the couch and points the knife under my chin.”Don’t move” he says.

“Mmf, hmmph, unnf.” I muffled. I think I saw him quickly smile but he caught himself and put the phone to his ear.

“We’re gonna call your Daddy and talk to him about paying me.” I heard the phone ring and cut off. Trevor chuckles and looks down at it shaking his head, disappointed.

“Hmph maybe he’s in a meeting, because I don’t think Daddy would normally ignore a call from his sweet baby Debbie” he gets on the couch beside me.

“Because for every phone call he doesn’t answer, I’m going to use this knife to cut off a peice of your clothing.” My eyes widen as he slips the knife underneath my tank top strap.

“And if he still doesn’t answer, I’ll start sending him pictures of you with your cut off clothes” He smiles one of malice.

I shake my head “No!?”

“Let’s take one picture now.” So that I don’t move he puts the knife up to my face.

“Stay still. You wouldn’t want me to have an accident now.” I absolutely freeze. He puts the flash of my phone camera on and snaps a picture. He let’s me see it and it was the first time I saw myself like this. I looked sexy, hot, in distress and vulnerable. I’d never seen myself like this. He took the phone back and said that he was going to send it. I start to shake my head no again. He moves the knife in a threatening gesture and then places it under my chin again

“No struggling little Debbie” He says in an authoritative voice.

I furrow my brows and make defying muffled words under my bandana “But you cant” I wish I could say. He’s typing something on my phone and turns his to look at me

“How’s about I ask for quarter a million dollars in cash?” He smiles and leans toward me. The knife at my throat. “That way we only have three-quarters left” he says looking into my eyes. This was the beginning of our arrangement.

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