Daddy’s Candy

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“Yes! Yes! Fuck me!”

Geoffrey muted his television, hearing the weighted steps of his daughter on the staircase. What the hell, he thought. Ever since turning eighteen, she’s stayed secluded in that room of hers! Turning around, Geoffrey caught a glimpse of his daughter grabbing her coat. “Where exactly are sneaking off to?”

Rolling her eyes, Jamie folded the coat over her arm. “Daddy…, tonight’s Halloween! I’m going out! You know, with friends.” Walking into the living room, Jamie caught a glimpse of the television. Is Daddy watching porn? Oh my God! I bet Daddy going to jerk of—and do it with me in the house! Th-that’s kind of hot!

Noticing his daughter’s eyes had wandered to the screen in front of him, Geoffrey quickly shut off the television. Oh shit! Nervous, Geoffrey rubbed his neck to hide the brief shade of red working itself around his shirt collar. “I-I was um, watching a horror movie. Wait. Are you going out dressed like that? Sweetie, you look like a slut.”

“Yeah, isn’t it great? A couple girls and I are going out to a Halloween party. Daddy, all the girls dress like this on Halloween. You should be happy it’s not worse.” Looking down at her outfit, Jamie beamed with pride. While her shirt worked hard to contain her maturing breasts, Jamie’s stomach was bared to all by the cutoff tube top. “I had to search all over for this mini skirt. What do you think, Daddy?”

Clearing his throat, Geoffrey felt diminished erection starting to grow stiff again, requiring an unconscious s man-shift of his pants. This is my daughter; I shouldn’t be getting hard like this. Fuck! Why does she have to be my daughter? Shaking his head to rid himself of his perverted thoughts, Geoffrey tried to shift the conversation into more comfortable territory. “You’re not going out looking like that. Not tonight. Not ever. In fact, you’re staying right here at home.”

Groaning, Jamie stomped her foot on the living room’s hardwood floor. “But Daddy! I worked forever on this outfit. You can’t do that! Everyone’s going out tonight!” Seeing that firm look in her father’s eyes, Jamie’s anger boiled over. Saying the first thing that came to her mind, Jamie instantly regretted the next words out of her mouth. “This isn’t about me; you just want someone to watch you while you jerk off!”

“That’s enough, Jamie! Sit down, now!” Geoffrey’s voice boomed through the small living room, echoing into the dining room and kitchen, without Geoffrey even noticing. What’s gotten into her? What demented things have her friends been putting in her head? I don’t even know how to handle this! Trying to hide his confusion, Geoffrey regarded his daughter thoughtfully as she plopped down onto the opposite end of the couch.

Finding it hard to remain upset while being sucked into her oversized seat, Jamie sighed. “What now, Daddy? We just sit here all night?” Crossing her arms in front of her, Jamie nonchalantly accented her large breasts making them strain against the already tight top.

Clicking on the television, Geoffrey shrugged his shoulders. “What you do isn’t my problem, I’m going to sit here and finish this movie.” Despite his daughter’s loathing eyes study him for a weakness, Geoffrey hit the play button. I can’t believe my daughter thinks I was going to jerk off to this! It’s a Halloween horror Escort Maltepe movie, not some porn flick. Entranced by the seductive cinematic images filling his screen, Geoffrey paid no attention to the many protests from his daughter.

With nothing better to do than watch her father’s movie, Jamie couldn’t believe what she saw. Is that girl tied up? Oh fuck! Wh-what are they doing to her? Are they whipping her? Feeling the thin fabric of her panties growing wet, Jamie shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “Daddy, can we watch something else?”

Geoffrey looked over at his daughter, feeling the couch shifting underneath the both of them. To Geoffrey’s amazement, his daughter’s mini skirt had indiscreetly ridden up, baring Jamie’s arousal soaked panties to his eyes. Looking back at the screen, Geoffrey realized his daughter’s arousal had come purely from the unusually intimate sadistic scenes. Wow! This could get interesting, he figured. Plotting a creative way to punish his daughter, Geoffrey realized if he pulled it off that maybe he could get off at the same time. “Something else? But sweetie, you seem to be enjoying this one. Don’t be shy about what you like.”

Eyes growing wide, Jamie couldn’t believe what her father was saying. “Daddy?” The word was all Jamie could squeak out, as she heard the moans coming from the television. Clamping her legs closed, Jamie fought the growing wetness. What’s Daddy doing? Why is he doing this to me? Fuck! What is this movie! Drawn back to the screen, Jamie watched as a woman was forced to endure her captor’s sadistic advances.

“She’s the man’s daughter; did you know that?” Geoffrey, carefully took in his daughter’s response. Unsure of how to gauge the way her eyes grew wider while her fingers played with the edges of her skirt, Geoffrey pushed the issue further. “I wonder how a daughter would feel being in that position. What do you think, sweetie? How should a father deal with his daughter when she acts like a slut?”

Feeling her mouth grow dry, Jamie grasped for a way out of her difficult situation. In defense, she licked her lips before attempting to answer her father. “I-I think a father would um, have to ensure his daughter didn’t have a reason to be slutty.”

Jamie emboldened by her father’s playful challenge, brazenly allowed her hand to travel a brief distance beneath her short skirt, determined to find out what the hell was going on in her Daddy’s head. Detecting no negative reaction, Jamie challenged him further by shamelessly pushing her skirt up while spreading her legs wide open. I wonder if Daddy is really serious! Does he really want to do something like that to me? she wondered, then pushed a bit harder. “Daddy, do you really think I’m still slutty?”

Unable to take his eyes off Jamie’s panties, Geoffrey pulled his daughter closer by her ankles. “Yes, I do. You’re a dirty little slut; and you need to be punished. Daddy’s going to teach you a lesson. You’re going to learn to be Daddy’s slut and only Daddy’s slut.” Hearing a groan escape his daughter’s mouth, he recognized the groan of arousal and knew his plan was coming together. Geoffrey reached out and began pulling off his daughter’s clothes, starting with his daughter’s shirt. His bravery grew as he received no resistance. In not much time at all, Geoffrey soon felt his daughter’s lower body pressing up to his own.

“Mmm Daddy, yes! I want to be your dirty little slut!” Now understanding her father’s real intention, Jamie reached up to make quick work of her father’s belt. Jamie’s eyes momentarily met her father’s in a passionate blaze of recognition, before she continued by unbuttoning her father’s pants. “Oh Daddy! I’m so wet already!”

Tossing his daughter’s shirt aside, Geoffrey tugged off his daughter’s panties. Geoffrey smiled down at his daughter, feeling the amount of arousal on the thin fabric. “Just like a dirty slut. You want to be tied up and tortured? Well, you may just get your wish.” Whipping off his belt, Geoffrey began fastening his daughter’s wrists to the living room end table.

Shocked to find her father tying her down, Jamie felt her heart beating faster. Oh God, I didn’t know Daddy could be like this! Hell, I didn’t know I would like this so much! Realizing the depth of her desire, Jamie turned her head catching a glimpse of the television. By now, the woman was being fucked, though far more brutally than Jamie had even known to be possible.

“You like that don’t you? Judging by the size of that soaking wet spot on your panties, you’re really getting off on your punishment.” Gloating internally over his daughter’s reddening face, Geoffrey threw his daughter’s panties aside. “I could always check your bare pussy to make sure, but I already know exactly how wet you are,” he teased. Undressing himself, Geoffrey watched his daughter’s eyes work mischievously down his body. “Come on, sweetie. Don’t you know how to make Daddy’s cock nice and hard?”

With the wide tip of her father’s cock pressing against her lips, Jamie shook her head. “Daddy, I-I don’t like going down on guys. Besides, you seem hard enough to me already.” Biting her lip, Jamie soon felt her father’s fingers tugging at her hair. Gasping in reaction to the brief pain, Jamie found her father’s cock invading her mouth.

“That’s a good girl. You know how all little sluts like it.” Geoffrey moaned from his daughter’s moist lips wrapped around his stiffening member. The sensation of his daughter’s tongue rubbing along his sensitive tip caused him to shove himself deeper inside Jamie’s eager mouth. “Ohh God, Jamie! You’re making Daddy so hot!”

Jamie worked her father’s shaft deeper into her mouth, fighting the reflex to gag. The more Jamie worked of her father’s cock inside her mouth, the more her father moaned in approval. Tugging instinctively on her wrists, Jamie found there was little else she could do for additional stimulation. In her current position, going down on her father became her only source of pleasure. Despite no other stimulation, Jamie found her pussy starting to throb. I want Daddy’s big cock inside me! I wonder, will Daddy really fuck me?

Pulling himself out of his daughter’s mouth, Geoffrey noticed his daughter’s chest heaving and falling. “That’s right, little one. Just catch your breath. I didn’t know you were such an obedient slut.” Running a tormenting finger along his daughter’s pink pussy lips, Geoffrey enjoyed the flood building between his fingers. “Mmm, sweetie. You’re already so wet. You’ll have no problem taking Daddy’s cock, will you?”

Shaking her head, Jamie groaned in anticipation. “No Daddy, I won’t have any problem. I want you. Please fuck me like a slut, Daddy. I’m so horny!” Jamie spread her legs wider, thinking her father might need the encouragement. “Please Daddy! Oh God, it feels good just to have you touching me like that!”

Lining his cock up to penetrate into the delicate pool between his daughter’s legs, Geoffrey began rubbing himself against his daughter. The stimulation made Geoffrey moan, as his daughter’s wetness began coating his shaft. “God, Jamie. Halloween did always bring out your inner slut. Beg for your treat, sweetie. Beg to be fucked like the slut you are this year. It’s trick or treat time.”

Meeting her father’s eyes, Jamie found herself too horny to be ashamed of begging. Tugging on her binds, Jamie fought to shove her father’s hard cock inside her. “Please Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck you’re dirty slut! I want your cock inside me!”

With a single brutal thrust, Geoffrey entered the folds of his daughter’s tight sex. The way Jamie’s pussy began gripping his cock made Geoffrey groan in surprise. “Oh fuck! Sweetie, you’re so tight!” Surprised by his daughter’s ability to give even further sensation to his warmth enveloped shaft, Geoffrey found he needed to slow down his thrusts far more than he’d ever anticipated.

“Yes! Oh fuck, Daddy!” Jamie felt her father’s cock forcing its way repeatedly inside her, making her moan. I can’t believe my Daddy is actually fucking me! Oh yes! Grinding her hips against her Daddy’s lower body, Jamie felt the head of her father’s cock sinking into the deepest depths of her wet pussy. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me like that girl was getting fucked!”

Taking hold of his daughter’s shoulders, Geoffrey couldn’t resist entering his daughter’s sex repeatedly. The way his daughter fought to hold him inside her, only prompted his climax into surfacing. Struggling against a climax too soon, Geoffrey quickened his thrusts. “You’re going to let me cum inside you, just like a kinky slut aren’t you?”

“Yes! Yes! God, Yes! I want you to cum inside me, Daddy! Cum inside me!” Moaning from her father’s rough thrusts, Jamie worked hard to keep her own climax at bay. I want to cum with Daddy. Oh God, feeling his cum inside me is going to make me cum too! Encouraging her father’s climax while desperate for her own, Jamie soon felt her father’s cum filling her body. “Oh yes! Give it to me, Daddy! I want your cum!”

“You fucking ssssslut!”

His seed spent into his young daughter, causing him to nearly collapse. Geoffrey braced himself against the living room end table, and mumbled, “Oh fuck, sweetie!” Moaning from the way his daughter’s pussy tightened repeatedly around his cock, milking ever last bit of his cum, Geoffrey realized his daughter had cum as well. Trying to catch his breath, Geoffrey reveled over his daughter’s satisfaction he could see from her smile.

Tugging on her wrists, Jamie looked up at her father and giggled. “Alright, Daddy. Untie me.”

Seeing her father shaking his head Jamie felt her heartbeat quicken. “Daddy? Come on. Untie me.” When her father didn’t immediately untie her, Jamie found herself getting aroused again. “Daddy?”

Smirking, Geoffrey looked at his seductive daughter. “Oh no, sweetie, you had your treat. Now for your trick. I’m not going to untie you yet. This is Halloween, and the night isn’t over yet, is it? I told you, you’re staying right here with me. And that means all night.”

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