Katherine’s Exquisite Encounter

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The car journey to the ball had been uncomfortable to say the least for Katherine. Her exquisite dress of deep green and black crumpled by the journey. As she arrived at the party she quickly made her way to the ladies to compose herself.

She stood before a long mirror and adjusted her dress, smoothing out the wrinkles that had formed in the material. The dress she thought to herself was stunning, strapless held in place it seemed only by her breasts which heaved against its uppermost edge. The dress hugged her slender figure down to her curvaceous hips then flared out keeping the secret of her shapely legs hidden from view.

Her dark hair held up atop her head with silver pins allowing an unobstructed view of her slender neck and shoulders, drawing any admirers’ gaze to the tops of her breasts as the dress pushed them up. Between the two pale mounds laid a small silver pendant. Pressing it gently against her chest she gave herself one last seductive smile and blew a kiss from her ruby lips into the mirror before heading for the party.

Grasping a glass of champagne from a waiters’ tray Katherine entered the ballroom and surveyed the scene before her. Under the magnificent domed ceiling and glittering chandeliers her fellow partygoers moved. Men dressed smartly in their black suits the odd splash of colour from the occasional daring waistcoat but between them moved the women, dressed in fine gowns and sparkling jewels.

Taking a deep breath in, lifting her chest and pressing it forward, Katherine entered into the crowed. As she moved she drew admiring glances from men she passed, some she ignored, to some she just smiled an acknowledgement, others that caught her eye she engaged but only long enough to let them look deeply into her green eyes, and then she moved on.

Katherine’s eyes caught a woman a short distance away from her, their eyes locked and they made their way towards each other.

“Katherine you look exquisite.”

“And you,” said Katherine, drawing close to her friend. Nicole was somewhat shorter than Katherine and her blond hair made a stark contrast. They kissed lightly before Katherine wrapped her arm around Nicole’s slender waist and moved her to the edge of the room.

They took seats in two comfortable armchairs. Nicole crossed her legs and adjusted her flowing black dress before turning to Katherine, “well, what do you think?”

A thin smile passed Katherine’s lips, “perfect, have you seen anyone you think will suit?”

“A few, you see there,” Katherine’s eyes followed Nicole’s as she spoke, “with the short hair.” The man singled out by Nicole noticed the attention he had received and look in their direction. They both just smiled back at him and then at each other.

“I think we need to make sure he is suitable,” said Katherine with a gleam in her eye.

Getting up from her chair Nicole turned to Katherine, “leave that to me.”

Katherine watched as Nicole moved across the room to where he stood, moving closely to him her black dress flowed round his feet as she moved behind him. He was a slight over six foot, still considerably taller than Nicole and she had to stand on tiptoes to whisper to him.

As her heals fell back to the floor the man smiled and taking Nicole by the hand strode across the hall and down a corridor. Katherine smiled to herself as she took a sip of her champagne, “does that girl have no shame,” she though. Then she thought, tonight was no time for shame.

As Nicole and her new found man closed the door behind them Nicole spun round pinning the man up against the back of the door with her body. Placing her hands on the mans shoulders Nicole sank to her knees tracing her hand down his body and she went. Her face level with his crotch and her hands on his waist.

As she glanced up her eyes met with his, he opened his mouth to speak but Nicole placed her finger across her lips. He understood, remaining quite her watched her remove her finger from her mouth and touch it to his front of his trousers. He could not help himself as she touched the underside of his cock through the material, he let out a slight moan and could feel the blood rushing to great her touch.

She too could feel the rush as his dick grew engorged beneath her touch, she slowly moved her finger up and down as if trying to estimate its length. Leaving his growing excitement for a brief moment she reached up to the waistband of his trousers and pulled down his zipper. Her hands dove in at once and parted his trousers and shirt, her hands on either side of the now growing bulge.

He looked down as her face edged nearer he felt her warm breath on his cock through the material. He felt her lips touch, Escort Pendik with her head to the side she moved up and down his length her warm breath exciting him further. He now so badly wanted to feel her touch on his skin.

After seeing a small dark spot seep through the material at the top of his bulge Nicole knew he was ready. She had teased him sufficiently; it was time to move on.

Grasping to the top of his trousers she pulled them to the floor taking his underwear with them. There it stood before her, now free, his erection jutted out proudly from his body his balls hung beneath.

She moved forward her tongue extended from her glossy lips met the wrinkled skin of his ball sack. As she touched it she saw it contract drawing his balls closer to his body. Moving on her tongue traced the underside of his rigid member, he let out a moan as she reached the tip. A trail of clear liquid stretched between the tip of her tongue and the tip of his pulsing cock.

Looking him in the eye drew her hand up his thigh grasping his balls, her hand then enveloped his shaft slowing moving up its length. On reaching the head she skilfully twisted her hand and descended back down. Gripping the base of his cock between her thumb and forefinger she cupped his balls with her remaining fingers.

Keeping eye contact Nicole slowly lowered her mouth down onto his hardened shaft only breaking the gaze when her lips reached her fingers. She closed her eyes and began to work.

Without seaming to move Nicole had her man on the brink of orgasm within seconds. Her mouth enveloped him but always moving the tiniest sensations of pleasure all along his length. Her hand moved in almost unperceivable ways her fingers massaged his balls and up to his anus.

Her man gasped as he felt his orgasm approach. Nicole released her lips and drew back air. The cold air rushing up the around his organ brought him to the edge. Thrusting her mouth back down his shaft she squeezed his balls and just as her lips reached her fingers she felt it start.

Wave after wave of hot seamen rushed into her mouth and down her throat. Drawing her mouth back to the head of his dick she held his shaft in her hand and opened her mouth to allow him to see the last salty drops of cum flow onto her tongue. She kissed his tip before closing her mouth lifting her head and swallowing.

She then proceeded to lick his deflating cock clean before standing.

“You’ll do,” she said, “by the way do you know anyone for my friend.”

Smiling the man simply said, “ yes.”

Returning to the party Nicole parted company with her man with a knowing smile. She returned to her and seat Katherine eyed her mischievously. Nicole simply drew her bottom lip into her mouth before kissing the air before her, “perfect,” she exclaimed.

Katherine smiled, her emerald eyes fixed on her friend envious of the tryst she had just enjoyed.

As her thoughts began to wander they were interrupted by the return of Nicole’s new man and his would be accomplice.

“Ladies,” spoke Nicole’s man, “I do not believe we have been properly introduced. This is David,” he said motioning to the man stood next to him, “and I am Marcus.” David stood a slight shorter than Marcus, he had fair hair and piercing blue eyes. He smiled to each of the women in turn.

“Katherine,” said Nicole nodding to where she sat, “and I am Nicole.” Both girls smiled at their men.

Marcus extended his hand to Nicole and David to Katherine, the girls rose from their seats. David turned and let the couples out of the hall.

After wandering around the corridors of the building they found a suitable room for themselves. Locking the door behind them they put on the lights and looked around.

They were in what appeared to be meeting room. In the centre stood a large highly polished table surrounded by twenty or so chairs. Above the table was a small chandelier, around the walls of the room stood tall plants in large pots and several sofas and easy chairs.

The girls broke away from their partners and leant with their backs against the table. Smiling seductively at the men they had found the girls glanced towards each other smiled and then turned to look once more upon their chosen partners. Their smiles then quickly faded.

Katherine with a stern look across her face ordered, “take off your clothes.”

Marcus and David stood momentarily dumfounded by the sudden change in atmosphere however Marcus shrugged, “what the hell,” and began to loosen his tie. David joined in and soon the men stood naked beside the door.

Katherine smiled once more, walking forward to David she brushed her arm around his torso, feeling the ripple of his muscles. David could not resist her touch and his breathing increased and his erection began to rise.

“I think he likes what he sees,” said Katherine, stroking down towards David’s hardening cock. “Do you want to fuck me David,” said Katherine looking him directly in the eye.

David captivated by the emeralds of her eyes, glanced down toward her cleavage and her silver pendant.

“Well,” said Katherine, a huskiness to her voice that David found almost irresistible

“Yes,” said David panting.

“Then follow me,” Katherine turned and walked back to the table leaning her body over it raising her ass toward David. Then with one quick movement she flicked the hem of her dress up over her ass, the material falling wildly over her back and head. David stood captivated, Katherine’s perfect legs clad in black stockings that stopped high thigh and above them nothing. David could see her pussy, a small hit of her dark brush, and its lips already beginning to open, inviting him.

“Lick me David,” commanded Katherine from under her dress, “you have to make me want you now.”

David needed no second invitation he fell to his knees, taking in the musky scent he dove into her pussy kissing and caressing it with his lips. Katherine let out a moan and rocked her hips back onto his face.

Nicole looked on with excitement in her eye. Turning to Marcus, “I’ve tasted you now you must taste me,” she said mockingly. Pushing two chairs out to either side of her she sat on the table placing a foot on each chair. Nicole lifted her dress, to reveal that she too wore no panties just stockings. Her excitement from watching Katherine had already made her moist.

As soon as her dress was up around her waist Marcus began kissing up her leg from her heeled shoe, up the inside of her calf and thigh before reaching her shaven pussy. Marcus began licking all over enjoying the smoothness. Nicole grasped his head forcing him to where she wanted him most.

Not wanting to disappoint Marcus went where his was ordered his tongue probing the folds of flesh seeking her clitoris. Once locked on he never let go, Nicole began to let out small screams of excitement.

Katherine stood up forcing David back; he looked up at her his face dripping with saliva and her juices. As she turned round her dress fell back to cover ass, lifting the front she touched her fingers to her dripping pussy, “you have done well,” she said smiling, “I might have to reward you.” She offered her glistening fingers to her mouth and he obediently licked them savouring the taste.

Pulling over to one of the sofas at the edge of the room she laid him down on his back his throbbing erection standing proud of his stomach. Katherine knelt down beside him on the floor, looking across he could see her breasts heave against her dress as she drew in heavy breaths.

Gently stroking him David let out small moans of pleasure, she then grabbed him squeezing his hardness. He groaned at her forcefulness and then sighed as she dropped her mouth onto him. She quickly began bobbing up and down his cock dripping with saliva as she fucked him with her mouth.

Pulling her head back she gasped wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. His hardened dick glistened before her. She quickly stood throwing her leg and dress over him. Searching under her dress she grasped his cock and pushed it where she wanted it most.

Moving her body over it she began rubbing his tip across her dipping pussy, rubbing her clitoris. She then in one smooth movement sat down on him. David let out a gasp as he felt his penis suddenly engulfed by the wet warmth of Katherine’s pussy, she almost screamed.

On the table Nicole had begun to wail as Marcus continued to probe her with her tongue. She leant back on the table on her arms, arching her back thrusting her chest in the air, with her thrashings her right breast had come free and her hardened nipple exposed.

“Fuck me,” she panted, “fuck me now.”

Marcus needed nothing further; he stood up his aching penis just inches from her warmth. His face reddened and glistening he grasped Nicole by the hips and thrust with one smooth stroke he entered her fully.

Nicole cried out and lifted her legs from the chairs and locked them behind his muscled back as he began thrusting deeply. He grasped at her free breast squeezing it and flicking the nipple with his thumb.

It was not long before Nicole began to convulse with her first orgasm, Marcus felt her insides clench against him and he began to thrust harder and harder.

On the sofa Katherine bounced up and down, beneath her dress David’s cock sawed in and out of her. Katherine reached behind her pulling her zipper down she pulled the top of her dress down allowing her tits to bounce free. David grabbed her breasts in each and pushed them up. Katherine enjoyed his forceful grip and could feel the cold of her pendant crushed between her mounds.

“I’m gonna cum,” shouted Marcus.

Nicole sprang back to life and pushed him back forcing his dick from her with a sodden plop. Following him she fell forward from the table falling to her knees before him, her mouth open in anticipation.

She mistimed just slightly and the first spurt of cum splattered across her face before she could thrust her mouth down onto him. With her hands she continued to pump at his cumming cock squeezing the last drops from him and drinking them down.

Katherine watched on in excitement as she continued to rock backwards and forwards on David’s dick. As Nicole brought her hand up to wipe the cum from her face, “come here.” Katherine commanded.

Nicole smiled and standing up walked over to Katherine, wrapping a hand around her neck and one on her breast Nicole offered her face to Katherine. Katherine with her long tongue licked the warm cum from her face finishing at her mouth they began a long kiss, both savouring the taste of cum.

This was too much for David and with a loud grunt he began shooting up inside Katherine. Breaking her kiss she grabbed his body forcing herself down onto him, clenching with her muscles drawing the cum from him.

When David finished Katherine turned to Nicole, “are you ready?”

Nicole just smiled, tapping David she indicated that he was to move off the sofa. Lifting her dress, Katherine drew herself of his softening cock and threw herself backwards. His dick flopped out covered in her juices and his own cum David pulled back off the couch and watched.

Katherine, one leg on the back off the sofa the other on the floor touched her fingers to the lips of her pussy drawing them open, it glistened with hot sticky cum. No sooner had it started to run than Nicole placed her head between her legs and touched her tongue to Katherine’s dripping pussy.

Nicole sucked and licked the cum from Katherine once all that was gone she moved to her clitoris and started working Katherine to a frenzy. Soon Katherine came and grasped the edges of the sofa, her pussy throbbed and Nicole lapped at the juices running from it.

By know the guys were hard again. David watching Nicole’s ass sway as she sucked at Katherine lifted her skirt. He pushed his dick to her pussy probing the folds of flesh before driving into her. Nicole’s scream was muffled as she drove her face into Katherine’s pussy.

Katherine leant back pulling Marcus by his dick she led him to her mouth. She opened widely for him and Marcus soon began thrusting deeply down her throat.

David thrust wildly into Nicole his balls swinging furiously his hips slapped loudly against the globes of her ass. Nicole reached under her and began rubbing her clitoris furiously as he thrusted and she soon began to come again. As soon as her pussy began clenching against him he lost it and came loudly, grabbing her hips he pulled her back onto him as he emptied his load.

Katherine approached her second orgasm and Nicole despite her exhaustion continued to tongue her furiously. As Katherine came she pulled Marcus’ cock from her mouth to let out a scream, as she held it in her hand he too began to come. Too dazed to co-ordinate herself Katherine just allowed his come to pour out over her face and tits.

As David pulled his limp cock from Nicole’s pussy his cum ran down her thigh onto her stocking, some dripped to the floor. She looked up at Katherine as she squeezed the last drops of Marcus’ cum on her chest. Leaning over her Nicole began to lap the sticky cum from Katherine’s face and chest. On her chest Nicole drew Katherine’s pendant into her mouth, cleaning the cum from it.

Finishing at her mouth they kissed deeply savouring the salty taste between them.

Nicole stood back letting her dress fall back around her ankles, she tucked her breasts back into her dress. Katherine sat up brushing her dress down over her legs, tucking her breasts back into the top of her dress she turned allowing Nicole to pull the zipper back up.

Nicole and Katherine took one last look at their men, stood there in the middle of the immaculate room naked their limp cocks glimmering with their cum and the girls juices, smiled and walked from the room.

As the girls walked down the corridor back to the foyer they made the best of their appearance. The doormen however could not fail to notice the crumpled dresses and dishevelled appearance of the girls, and that glowing look of just having been fucked, as they helped them into their waiting cab.

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