Random Facebook Encounter Becomes Real

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Nicole met this guy online, Jacob. She thought he was personable, funny, sweet, and intelligent. “Can you believe it? An intelligent man online,” she told her closest friend.

Nicole met Jacob through a random post on her Facebook page. They bantered back and forth all day. The conversation culminated in one naughty conversation that left Nicole weak from her orgasm and Jacob covered in his cum.

After several aborted attempts to recreate the same cyber magic, Nicole received an email. “Hey beautiful. I am coming in to town this weekend. Would you like to have dinner? It was hard to tell who was more surprised, Jacob or Nicole, when she replied, “I would not miss it for the world.”

Nicole dressed carefully that evening. She didn’t want to seem too prim or too sexy. “Whatever, I am going to blow his mind anyway,” she thought. So, she picked out a black skirt that was short enough to be sexy, but not so short as to seem slutty. Nicole grinned as she thought, “I’ll save slutty for later.”

She added a white blouse accentuated her firm, perfectly rounded breasts while showing a hint of the lacy bra underneath. She unbuttoned one button more than she would for a first date and added 3-inch heels to complete the outfit. Nicole felt wonderfully sexy as she drove into the city.

The closer Nicole got to the restaurant the faster her heart beat. Little did she know, Jacob was just as nervous. “Shit. I hope I picked out the right shirt. I wonder if she will mind khaki slacks – maybe she is just a jeans girl?” Jacob was driving himself crazy second-guessing his decision to wear khaki slacks and a white cotton dress shirt unbuttoned just enough to show off his tanned, muscled chest.

Nikke sat there waiting for Jacob to come into the restaurant wondering if he was really as cute as he seemed. Her breath was coming in little gasps and her palms were sweating. “I can’t believe that I am doing this. I am a 35 year-old mom. He’s just 23, a kid. But, that is one sexy kid, though,” she pondered.

As soon as Jacob stepped into the building she saw him. Nicole thought her heart would beat out of her chest. “Wow, he is just plain hot.” Jacob smiled. “Oh my, that is one fine woman,” mused Jacob. Fortunately, both managed to breath again and say “Hello.”

Nicole liked it that he seemed so confident. He grinned and said, “Hi, baby! I have dreamed of this meeting.” All the while Jacob was thinking, “I hope I can handle her — she is all woman.” He began to feel stirrings below as he undressed her with his eyes.

The got to the restaurant and ordered. Both were still a little nervous. They chatted over lunch and had a lovely time. All their erzurum escort nervousness seemed to melt away over the meal. Occasionally, throughout lunch, Jacob would reach over and place his hand on Nicole’s knee or touch the back of her hand. “His touch is so hot, it burns,” she mused. Every time it happened, Nicole felt her heart race and her nipples begin to get hard. She wanted him so badly. Jacob did not miss her hardened nipples. He felt some hardening of his own.

When lunch was over, they went back to Nicole’s car and Jacob looked at her with desire in his eyes. She felt the same thing. Jacob leaned toward her and his hot lips touched hers. Nicole melted into him as she felt his tongue caress my lips. “Oh, Jacob.”

The sat in the car and kissed. His hand was on her knee and began to move upward. Nicole could feel herself getting hotter and wetter. She was so excited, but so scared. “Am I really doing this?” she wondered. “I don’t do things like this, but I like it.” The thought was lost as their tongues danced against each other — taking turns sliding into each other’s mouth. Neither could utter a word as they kissing hard and deep.

His kisses were so warm and wet and inviting. And, his hand on the inside of her thigh was making Nicole wet. Gently, Jacob eased her legs apart. Then he said, “You said in our chat that you were always wet. Can I see if you were telling the truth?” Nicole moaned, “You had better — I have been waiting all day for this.”

Jacob pulled her tiny thong to the side as his hand kept her legs spread wide. His fingers began to explore her wet crevasse as his hot mouth covered hers. Jacob’s hand quickly began to play with Nicole’s wet pussy. She arched her back and moaned as his long finger slowly entered her. “Oh my, he feels so good.”

Before Nicole knew what was happening, Jacob’s thumb was circling her clit. She gently whimpered as his finger slipped in and out of her tight pussy. Her clit throbbed with every pass of his thumb. As he slipped a second finger inside her, Nicole knew she was going to cum soon. She began to gently rotate her hips, fucking his strong hand.

“That’s it, baby. Fuck my hand, fuck it hard,” Jacob whispered. He looked into her deep, round eyes as he began to move his hand faster inside of her. His two fingers bumped against the swollen spot inside her pussy. “Oh shit, he found my g-spot,” she thought, “What guy does that the first time?”

Moaning aloud Nicole began to buck her hips hard against him. Nicole panted, “I’m cumming, Jacob! I’m cumming.” Ooohhh” she moaned as her orgasm overtook her; her pussy pulsating against his hand. As her orgasm passed, bodrum escort her breathing slowly began to return to normal. Jacob was transfixed by the site of her skirt bunched around her waist and her smooth pussy slick with her cum. He slowly licked his two fingers, tasting her for the first time.

As she recovered, Nicole noticed the bulge in Jacob’s slacks. “Oh, baby. Do you need me to take care of you,” she teased. Nicole’s hands found their way inside his pants and pulled his cock out, stroking it. The foreskin mesmerized her as her petite fingers slowly pulled it back to expose the round head. “You have such a beautiful cock, Jacob.”

Jacob moaned as Nicole began to slowly stroke his cock up and down. Her warm hand found its way between his legs and began to massage his balls. Jacobs cock twitched in her hand as she rubbed him. His hands began to massage her breasts as she slowly jerked his cock.

“Put it in your mouth,” Jacob said with authority. “I need you to suck my cock.” Jacob knew from their conversations that Nicole loved to suck cock, or at least she said she did. “I guess I am about to find out.”

Nicole leaned over and slowly licked his cock; tracing the shaft and circling the tip. “Mmmmm,” Jacob moaned. His hands began to slide through her hair. Soon he had a firm grip and Nicole realize what that meant, “he wants to fuck my mouth.” She lowered her mouth over his swollen cock sucking him fast and deep.

Nicole stopped only to move her blond hair out of the way so he could watch. “Yes, baby. You look so good with my dick in your mouth,” Jacob said as he started to pump his cock into her mouth. “Mmmmmm,” Nicole could only moan as Jacob used her mouth for his pleasure.

To Nicole’s disappointment, Jacob pulled his cock from her mouth and pulled her onto his lap. He slipped his tongue into her ear and whispered, “I have to fuck you. Right here, right now.” The two of them moved quickly to the back of Nicole’s SUV. As soon as they were in the back seat, Jacob’s hands ran up the back of her thighs, pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties down her smooth, round ass.

Nicole continued to stroke his cock as Jacob’s hands ran up and down her thighs and ass. His hands played with her ass as his fingers slipping back inside her hot, wet pussy. “Fuck me now, Jacob. Please fuck me.” Nicole desperately wanted to feel his cock inside her.

Jacob quickly flipped Nicole onto her knees, pushing her face into the cool leather seat. Her ass rose high in the air exposing her slick, glistening pussy and her tight little ass. Jacob leaned down and ran the tip of his tongue from her pussy to her ass. “Oh,” Nicole eskişehir escort moaned as she felt the head of Jacob’s cock pressing into her.

With a delicious sense of pleasure and a little hint of pain, Jacob’s swollen cock slid into Nicole’s tight pussy. “Ummmm,” Nicole grunted as she got used to his cock. It felt so much better than she ever imagined! Nicole’s hips rocked up to meet his; her pussy dripped with desire for his cock. “Fuck me hard and fast,” she panted. “Please Jacob, fuck me hard!” He was happy to oblige.

Jacob grabbed Nicole’s smooth, round hips. She was so petite at a size four he could move her with ease. He began to pull her back onto his cock, feeling the entirety of his shaft enter her. Jacob established a rhythm as he fucked her from behind.

From their chat, Jacob knew Nicole sometimes like a little rough sex. Jacob asked, “Do you want me to fuck you hard, baby?” Nicole moaned, “Yes, treat me like your little slut. Just don’t stop fucking me.” Jacob grabbed a handful of Nicole’s beautiful blonde hair and pulled her head back. His cock began to piston deep inside of her. He teased her by pulling his cock all the way out and then sliding it roughly back inside of her.

Jacob grabbed Nicole’s hips and rolled her over. “Get on top and fuck me hard, baby.” Nicole climbed on top of his beautiful cock and slowly slid down on it. Her pussy was dripping wet with wanton lust for his cock. She rode it hard and ground her clit into him. “I’m going to cum, baby. Cum with me, please,” Nicole begged.

Nicole could not help herself. She rocked her hips faster and faster. She bucked up and down as she moaned. “Oh, I want to cum all over his cock,” she thought. Nicole lost control and began to cum. Her juice soaked them both, running down her legs and onto his belly. “Oh, baby, I’m cumming. Cumming for you.”

As Jacob felt Nicole’s juices running down his belly, he felt his orgasm rise inside of him. The site of this beautiful 35 year-old mother of two on top of him moaning as she came was too much to take. Jacob started to moan and grab Nicole’s tight ass. “I’m cumming,” he said. “Ugghhhh,” he groaned.

Nicole pulled off of him and dropped her face to his cock. Just as he began to cum, she put her mouth over his slick cockhead and jerked his cock. His cum spurted all over Nicole. It was on her smooth, tanned belly and soft, round tits. “Cum on me,” she whispered as she jerked the last of his cum onto her face. Nicole felt it hit her face and land in her hair.

Jacob groaned, “That was so good, baby. You are such a little slut.” Nicole grinned wryly and thought, “I’ll show you what a slut I am.” She began to lick the cum from Jacob’s cock tasting their combined juices. She continued licking and sucking until every drop of Jacob’s cum was gone. By the time she was done, Jacob’s cock was hard and aching to be inside of her again. Nicole winked, “So, Jacob, what do we do now?”

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