A Few Weeks of My Life

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Big Tits

This is a story of a few weeks of my life.

At the time I was quite down from the recent split of a long term relationship but figured I may as well make the most of it.

For quite a few years I had fantasies of giving another man oral sex and now being single and a change of responsibilities the thought of doing it was becoming an everyday occurrence so I decided to give in to my desires and decide if I enjoyed it or not.

A few nights later I was looking around the internet and came across a personals site for gays and bisexuals after looking through and not finding much that interested me

I placed an ad on it describing myself and what I was looking for, I put in that I was looking for a couple who would like oral sex thinking that I would find it easier with a man and woman for the first time then sat back and waited.

About a week later I received an email from a gay couple (guess that’s a lesson to being vague with what you are looking for) when I placed the ad that thought had never entered my head but the more I thought about it the more turned on I got.

So I sent an email back with my phone number on and asked them to call me which they did a couple of days later at first it was just general chit chat but then we got down to what it was that I expected I told them I wanted to have a dick in my mouth and to play with I didn’t mention that the biggest part of my fantasy was to have a man cum in my mouth.

I have tried tasting my own but was always a bit turned off after I came but when I was horny the thought of it would turn me on even more.

After a few more phone calls we arranged to meet at a pub near them on the next Saturday even though I was still nervous I think the excitement outweighed it.

All week at work I kept trying to talk myself out of it but then I kept thinking that I would know what another man felt like in my hand and mouth what it tasted like and what it felt like to have someone cum in your mouth.

When I woke on Saturday I was still not sure whether I was going to go through with it but I got up and got showered and after smoking way to many cigarettes I decided eskişehir escort to go.

I got to the pub half an hour early ordered a drink and sat at a table where I could see the door, after nursing that drink about 5 minutes before we arranged to meet I saw a couple of men walk in who sounded about right from the description they gave me I watched them walk to the bar and order drinks all the while I saw them looking round the room I was pretty sure it was them now all I had to do was go and ask them.

Easier said than done I was sitting there still thinking about leaving, I very nearly did but after what seemed like 2 hours but was probably only 2 minutes I went up to them and asked after they said yes we ordered another drink and went and sat down at the table I was still very nervous but was relaxing all the time.

When we were finished our drinks they asked if I wanted to go back to the house I was still reluctant but agreed anyway.

When we got back to the house we had another drink and chatted some more by now I was starting to relax and after a while they asked if I was ready to go to the bedroom to which I agreed I was starting to get horny just thinking that soon I would taste and feel another mans dick.

We got to the bedroom and they shut the curtains then came over to where I stood

(ok time to for some details and names) Peter was the older with white hair and a bit overweight, Bob was younger probably early 40’s with dark hair and reasonably slim.

So peter reached down and felt me through my jeans while bob started rubbing my nipples through my shirt I let out a sigh and I could feel my erection straining to get out then I felt my belt being undone while bob was starting to pull my shirt off over my head I reached down and felt bob through his trousers and I could feel it was already hard I wrapped my hand round it through the material and run it up and down a few times by now I could feel my trousers and underwear being pulled down to my ankles and I was topless I stepped out of my trousers and underwear I could feel my erection standing out in front of me bob was now gaziantep escort playing with my nipples while I felt Peter’s hand wrap around my shaft at this point I felt so horny I reached down and started undoing Bob’s trousers and reached into his underwear and felt his erection as I run my fingers over the head and down the shaft I wrapped my hand round it and started jerking it then I felt a warm mouth slide over my dick after about 5 minutes like this we started to move to the bed where peter and bob undressed fully while I watched Bob’s dick was about 5 ½ inches and peters was about 2 ½ at most, to be honest I was a bit disappointed but knew I still wanted it, when they were fully undressed they moved over to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed and Bob got down on his knees and took me in his mouth while peter stood in front of me and pointed his dick at my mouth I reached out and took it in my hands and guided it into my mouth I managed to get it all in without it even hitting my tonsils I wrapped my lips around it and moved my head back running my tongue along the underside until I felt the tip of my tongue touch the sensitive bit under the head and I heard him moan

I was getting really worked up with Bob sucking me he must of sensed this as he stood up and came round the side and put my hand round his erection as I carried on sucking peter.

I thought it would feel much like having my own in my hand but it felt different I could feel the hardness but it felt spongy as well and it felt hotter as well.

I started jerking Bob then running my hand round his balls before running my hands up the shaft and running my fingers over head after about 10 minutes I swapped and moved my head in front of Bob and run my hands all over peter’s dick and balls.

I could see a drop of precum starting to dribble out so I slowly lowered my lips over the head of bob’s erection and licked it off with my tongue it tasted very sweet but a bit salty I took him further into my mouth licking along the shaft as I went down I managed to get him all the way into my mouth as well but this time I could feel it hitting my giresun escort tonsils and I felt like I was going to gag so I moved back off it and brought it out so it was just in my mouth then sliding back down as far as I could I was moving up and down on Bob while my hand was jerking peter after another 10 minutes or so they laid me down on the bed and both got on either side of me round the other way and they both wrapped their hands around my erection and they started jerking it I reached an arm out each side and took each into my hand the faster I jerked them the faster they went on me I could feel a hand start playing with my balls I was moaning and groaning with the pleasure I was feeling this went on for a while every time I thought I was going to cum they would slow down and not let me release I moved my hands from them and turned a bit to my side and took Bob’s erection in my mouth again there was quite a lot of precum dribbling out now and I could feel it on my tongue after a few minutes I rolled to the other side and took peter in my mouth Bob got off the bed and stood next to it so I could take him in my hand I was jerking as fast as I could while peter was jerking me and I had peter in my mouth after a few minutes I heard Bob say he was going to cum so I roled back over and pulled him into my mouth Peter leaned over watching as I started moving my head up and down on Bob’s erection and running my tongue along it at the same time after a few sucks I could feel it start to pulse and then felt the warm liquid dribble into my mouth I swallowed all of it in one gulp I thought I was going to cum with no one touching me I was so turned on then I heard Peter say he was going to cum as well so I rolled back the other way and took him in my mouth just as his cum started to drip out Peter came more than Bob and it was thicker i let some dribble out my mouth but swallowed what I managed to keep in.

After that they both got up Peter took my erection in his hand but Bob moved to the dresser when he came back he started rubbing my asshole it felt quite nice but after a minute I felt him start to push a finger in I started to sit up but Peter held me down i felt 2 fingers enter my ass and it was hurting this I really didn’t want I should of done something but I didn’t not sure if I though it might get better or If I was scared possibly a bit of both after a while it stopped and we had another drink before getting dressed.

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