Nude Day Texas Hold ‘Em Ch. 03

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Author’s note: Yes, this is Chapter 3 of the Texas Hold ’em story. For new readers this crazy sexcapade began when our heroine Alexis, a skinny, tomboyish girl of 21, found herself coerced into a strip poker game with her male friends. It was held on a yacht owned by one of the boys from Murphy’s bar, their mutual hangout. Wouldn’t ya know she lost the game and had to bare all, which meant exposing a bod that quit growing when Alex was 13? Although flat as the proverbial board, Alexis was blessed with an outstanding ass, nipples like hard Christmas candies and a Brazilian waxed pussy that accentuated her already youthful look.

The aforementioned poker game eventually lead to Alexis cruising to St. Lucia with Bryan, the filthy rich owner of the yacht and the lucky winner of Alexis’ body for the night (because she plays poker like Paris Hilton does calculus in her head). Their mutual friend, Meat, (a fellow Murphyite) went on the trip as well. If you are too lazy to go back and read the other chapters I will clue you in on a secret; Meat didn’t get this nickname from his mommy. It is his moniker from his locker room buddies. Use your imagination. I’ve seen IT up close and personal. ‘Oh la la’, as the Frenchies would say.

Ok, so Alexis, Bryan and Meat partied like rock stars amongst the rich and famous, yacht hopping every day. UNTIL SOMETHING REALLY, REALLY COOL HAPPENED! Alexis’ TV and movie idol attended the same yacht party as them. This idol is called ‘Jay’ to protect her identity from FRIENDS who may know her. Alexis could barely pick her chin off the teak floor of the yacht but ultimately managed to end up between the black, silk sheets in her idol’s stateroom bed AND between the shapely legs of her icon.

In the final paragraphs of Chapter 2, Alexis brought Jay to a climax that may have made her realize all those famous pretty boys she dated in Hollywood had the wrong equipment after all.

Oh, and by the way, I put this chapter in fetish for a good reason. If you don’t go for the kink, I’m trying to warn you before you jump off the high board into this murky pool of erotica. With that lurid picture painted with big, broad strokes, here’s what happened next…


“Oh honey, come to me”, Jay breathed as she held out her arms for me to join her in an embrace.

My face was wet and shiny from the love potion I had just been wallowing in. Jay held my face in her hands and licked the juices from my lips. She was making moaning sounds as the rapture of her multiple orgasms slowly abated. Our bodies were joined together like Siamese twins in a circus sideshow. Her sweet tongue probed between my lips gaziantep escort and darted into my mouth.

Jay’s fingers found one of my hardened nipples and pulled and twisted it gently. She slipped her knee between my legs and pressed upward until her thigh was touching my bare pussy lips. I squirmed in anticipation of what her actions portended. If I could peek over her shoulder at you right now, dear readers, I would silently mouth the words, “Oh my god, I believe my idol is about to pleasure me”.

Jay had revealed to me earlier that she had never been with a woman sexually but had at times felt strong feelings that way. She also said that because of her fame, she had to be extremely careful as to not create lurid headlines for the trashy media. For an inexperienced lezzie lover, she was doing just fine, thank you very much.

My nipples were aching to be sucked and sure enough, Jay slid down to my meager chest to accommodate my little darlins’. She vacuumed one nipple into her eager mouth and kinda moaned as she did. I told you in earlier chapters that God must have felt guilty about giving me such small breasts so she stuck some really long and sensitive nipples on me; kinda like that Mr. Potato Head game except with titties and genitalia?

Anyhoo, Jay was finding that playing with my nipples was like sucking teeny dicks. She was going back and forth between the two little soldiers, both patiently standing at attention until she came back to them. In the mean time, I was blissfully combing Jay’s long, blond hair with my fingers and squirming against her thigh with my hungry pussy.

FINALLY, Jay must have gotten the hint about sliding further south to take care of my nether regions (Ok, I’m not gonna lie, I was sorta pushing her down that way-hey, I have needs too!). I’ve got to admit I was thinking like a paparazzi (paparazzum?) at the moment I looked down and saw one of the most photographed faces in the world peeking over my bare little pubic mound at me with those gorgeous, green eyes (I wonder if this picture would make it into People Magazine?). We maintained eye contact as she tentatively probed between my sleek lips with her tongue.

I could tell she wasn’t quite sure what to do but familiarity with her own equipment led her to the right decisions. Jay was soon licking up and down my wet, pink slit like a kitten lapping up the cream from a bowl. She was also rubbing my bare pubic mound, probably wondering how I got so smooth (note to self-send flowers to my Brazilian girlfriends back home at the spa).

Jay was also probing my velvety vagina with a couple fingers while she licked and nipped at my engorged giresun escort clitoris. She was pressing up with her fingers inside me and down with her hand on my tummy. Students, do you remember anatomy class? There’s an organ called a bladder in that mess inside us that fills up when you’ve been drinking all day. I also have this embarrassing bodily reaction when I’m close to an orgasm that I want to pee. Are you getting the picture?

Ok, turn your head if you can’t bear to watch a train wreck. I was rocketing down the railroad tracks toward an orgasm to end all orgasms. My writhing body couldn’t have been pinned down by a squad of collegiate wrestlers. Poor Jay was hanging on for dear life, while probing and pushing with fingers and tongue. I tend to get a little vocal (I hope this room is soundproof!) in the midst of ecstasy so I was screaming like a drill sergeant at new recruits.

Wellllll, between my full bladder, an eminent orgasm and the pressure Jay was putting on my skinny little torso I let loose. Not just a tiny little squirt; it was an authentic geyser. A fireman’s hose couldn’t have put out more water. I screamed as waves of pleasure coursed up and down my body. I’ve never had such a monumental climax in my short sex life.

As I came down from the incredible high I was experiencing, reality crept back into my mind, clearing the fog away and informing me what I had just done to my idol. Uh oh.

I slowly raised my head to see better, expecting disgust and anger on Jay’s face. If this doesn’t get me expelled from lesbian school, I don’t know what will. Instead, I saw delight on Jay’s face as she writhed between my legs, soaked with my girl cum and hot pee. The black, silk sheets were drenched and slippery and Jay was rubbing her breasts and hard nipples against the wet fabric. She had one hand between her legs and was plumbing the depths of her sweet pussy.

Jay shuddered as she attained another big ‘O’. She laid her head on my thigh, her hair damp and stringy because of the unexpected shower she just took between my legs. I swear I’ll never forget this moment the rest of my life. Jay looked up at me with her famous face dripping and glistening from my explosion and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Whoa. Did Alexis just avoid a major catastrophe? Am I in a parallel universe where everything is backwards? Is Alexis, Queen of the Caribbean, just about the luckiest little girl in the world? Um, did I just pee on a famous movie star?

I reached down and pulled Jay up across my body, our mutual fluids recreating the water slide my daddy used to set up in our yard on hot days. She slid up face to face gümüşhane escort with me and I began to kiss and lick her face and neck, our bodies slipping around like nude mud wrestlers in a strip joint.

Finally, we both paused and looked each other in the eye…and started giggling. And then, really hard laughter. We were both crying happily from the absurdity of what we had just done.

Jay gasped for breath and blurted, “I’ve got to pee now!”

I looked at her with wonder and said, “Stand up and go for it, sweetie!”

Jay looked at me with a devilish grin and said, “Why not? The maids are going to freak out anyway!”

She stood up shakily and straddled my chest. Now you boys out there in Literotica Land have the right equipment to write your name in the snow or sand if so moved (I’ll bet you have tried it!). We girls don’t have quite the aim, if you know what I mean.

This funny look came across Jay’s face as she concentrated on what she was about to do. A little like the connection between pleasure and pain. She was rubbing her clit which was still wet from her recent orgasms. All of a sudden she groaned and she began gushing her pee on my chest. I wasn’t expecting any sexual reaction on my part but it was terribly erotic to watch this perfect woman standing above me kneading her clit while she peed on me. I started to get into the game by rubbing the hot liquid over my taut nipples. Then I did something that surprised even me (I’m kinda loose on the sex rules as you may have noticed by now).

I slid down the bed further to allow Jay to pee directly on my face. Her urine felt white hot as it splashed across my face and entered my mouth. I didn’t drink it but allowed it to flow out and spill over the sides of my mouth. I was fingering myself while I got my first golden shower and I was very close to cumming yet again.

Jay too was squirming like she was close. I reached up with my other hand and inserted three fingers into her wet pussy, letting the final spurts of her pee run down my arm. Jay screamed and I felt her pussy contract around my probing fingers. I was bucking against my own fingers as we both reached a perfectly timed climax.

Needless to say, we were both completely spent after this little rodeo. Jay collapsed back onto the soaked bed and hugged me close. She looked me in the eye and said, “Honey, that was the most intense experience I’ve ever had. My mind is totally blown.”

“Jay, I’m in the same boat (same yacht anyway) as you. I’ve been with a few men who made me crazy but that was incredible,” I responded.

“Let’s think about this while we have a regular shower, shall we,” Jay said with a grin.

So that’s the sordid little story of what happened with my famous best friend. Of course there’s more to come (naturally!); do you think I’d leave it to YOUR untrained imagination to work out the future of our skinny little girlfriend, Alexis? Stay tuned, sports fans.

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