A Year Ago Ch. 16

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This is an evolving story of Sara’s sensual investigations. Please review the first phases of the story . . .


. . Sara’s life change is very much hers

Maybe it was some sort of goal but having been with George allowed me to think more clearly about my sexual nature.

That Saturday morning we did things in bed that I enjoyed but slowly I’d come to realize that it was his cock that I wanted not George. He was special and nice but I was now certain I wanted a woman. There was no easy way to end this relationship but by three that afternoon I needed to get away. We were at the hotel pool and George was swimming. I’d been into the water but just to wet my feet. The wig was only one issue. My gaff kept the bits concealed but it was too much work so I just sat with a glass of wine and considered my next step. The sun felt good.

After thirty minutes of slow laps George stepped out of the water and approached. He could see that something was on my mind. As he used the towel he sat down across from me.

“I knew this part might be the most difficult Sara. You have my support and I know you may need to get away for some time. The lovemaking aside I’ve been with enough lovers to know when it’s real. We both needed last night. I needed to understand that I was capable of being with a woman. Your body is perfect. It held me and I enjoyed our sex. You needed to be with a man, be penetrated, prove to yourself that you could attract a guy and love a guy. Now I sense that we both need some space.”

He understood. I wasn’t in love but I needed to find out whether I was whole or just partially a woman. I learned for certain that I would never have reassignment surgery. A man had completely enjoyed sex with my body. I could see myself with my modest penis as female without being told. He said the most wonderful things that Saturday. I was glad I’d given myself to George.

Saturday evening I stayed in and relaxed with the light low and the soft music on my iPod filling the rooms. By Sunday morning I knew I had to call Cynthia but I waited until after my walk to make the call.

“Yes its me. No I’m fine. Yes I did. No he was great. Details? No way girl! Come pick me up. I’m walking back from the Park now.”

Back home she was clear. The tryst with George was essential. Cynthia and I spent the rest of the morning as well as the afternoon discussing my new world.

“You’ve created yourself Sara. You’ve made this all happen. You need to continue understanding who you are. Nothing, even my desire, should get in the way. We each have to establish our place. You are a woman, and you’ll find it’s a pain in the ass. Amazing too, but you need to keep your search going. Find out who Sara wants.”

She stayed as I showered, “I’m fine to go to dinner.”

Cynthia was wearing a pair of black skinny pants that stopped just above the ankle and tall pumps. Having showered I’d slipped on a pair of jeans. These weren’t easy to get into but they looked great and would help restrict my excitement. Being with her all day had been good but I was quite distracted.

During dinner she brought up Angelica, “You’ve got to meet her Sara. She may be the one, though I hope to god she’s not. But I have to stand the risk so you should call her.”

“Are you crazy? She may eat me alive! I want to be with you.”

She looked down while twirling her wine glass, “That’s the point. You’re at least a little curious about her life, her energy, her dominant behavior. If you won’t see her I think there could be negative consequences.”

I looked at her but she was still looking down. I couldn’t get her attention, looking toward her I said, “Look at me when you say that Cynthia.” She looked at me and I could see her love and the tear.

“Oh Honey, don’t cry,”

“Sara if you need something, someone like her in your new world I have to know. I can watch and be hopeful.”

She paused and more tears came, “It will hurt.”

I reached for my bag but she had a tissue already, “Your date Friday was difficult for me. I’m not certain how I could have gotten through today if you hadn’t called me this morning. Sitting around waiting for you to get fucked by a dick was horrible. But it was necessary. A woman needs to feel, to experience that kind of sensual lovemaking.”

I reached for her hand, “You are my girlfriend, who wants me to be happy and secure in my new life. I needed your thoughts today. I probably needed those prayers you made last night too.”

“He seems to have been very loving and all you needed, at least for last night. How many times did he fuck you?”

I giggled, “Three, no four, not counting the blowjobs.”

“What? He screwed you silly Sara! Aren’t you sore?”

I laughed to think of it but it was fun too. “It was important for both him and me. You’re right, but “

She interrupted, “You must continue to experience the sexuality you’ve encountered. Only when you’ve understood this can my love make any sense.”

I could see that this was necessary erzincan escort for her. That she was correct. I needed to speak with Angelica. I needed to tell her I wasn’t interested her, “So I’ll just call her,” I started to rise.

“What? No Sara. You need to be with her. It’s possibly more important than sleeping with George.”

I sat back down, “Do I really have too?” She wasn’t crying now. She squeezed my hand tightly.

“She may be exactly what you need Sara. The last time you saw her there was more than just desire working. I’d also suggest that I won’t be sleeping with you unless you see her, and maybe even the maid. What was her name?”

“Jenn, Jennifer.”

She paused, “Yeah another bitch after what I want, shit, Jenn,”

I said, “When you mention her I can understand your position. Love aside the experiences may change me. Is that what you’re saying?”

Her mentioning Jenn reminded me of the partially written letter. I could enjoy seeing Jenn, at least I thought so today. Cynthia was pushing me to be patient and somehow she felt comfortable with the idea that other women might be the road back to her.

After dinner we drove to her house and sat talking late into the night. I enjoyed her company but I did not spend the night. Cynthia was truly falling in love. She required that I continue to understand the life decision that becoming a woman entailed. Her patience was remarkable.

On Sunday morning I re-read my letter to Jenn and realized that fulfilling my lust for her was not the next step. I picked up the phone. Angelica’s respond to my text was short :

‘Good Girl. Come to me now.’

Considering how I should dress for her I reviewed the various outfits in the closet. I was drawn to her personality just as Cynthia suspected. Angelica might be able to get me to do anything she wanted. It frightened me more than a little. Was she a violent mistress? Or maybe her actions would be to humiliate me? That I couldn’t allow so maybe I did have a limit.

An hour later I’d selected my outfit and was clean and made-up. Standing at the hall mirror I considered myself carefully. I looked quite femme’ and my long dirty blonde wig was up in a knot which I felt made me appear a little submissive. The outfit was the same as I’d met Lynn in months earlier, except for the wig, and I had my diamond earrings and ring as well as my bangles. The red dress had felt perfect for that important meeting with Lynn so I decided it would be good for this afternoon too.

Beneath the sleeveless dress I wore rose’ lingerie touched with ivory lace and the nude Secrets-In-Lace stockings with a seam. The bias welt was black and getting the seams straight took five minutes. My chemise was light rose’ too. I selected a new heel with three straps. I was quite pleased with my hair and the soft tone of my eyes.

I grabbed the Audi keys and my bag. I’d decided a few extra things would be sufficient. I slipped the clean panties and a pack of condoms in the side pouch of my knock-off Birkin.

Driving in these 4 ½” heel was tricky, but worse I could smell my perfume. Maybe I’d used a bit too much White Linen. I open the windows in the rear doors a bit to get some air without wind.

I was surprise how I wasn’t nervous as I drove passed the spot where the Audi had died during my visit to Angelica’s. I wonder how that man who helped me was doing; Joe had been so nice to pick me up.

As I parked at the door I wondered whether I’d be met by Jenn on this visit. No one was at the door. In fact it was open.

“Hello, It’s me Sara.”

My heels making more noise than a doorbell as I walked through the Hall. As I reached the Kitchen I saw that Angelica was on the terrace and the door was open.

Turning to see me approach she said, “I caught your scent. The soft breeze carried it from the Hall. You look lovely in red Sara. I’m so glad you’ve come.”

She stood and we embraced, then she moved while holding me about the waist, “I won’t kiss you until we understand each other.”

Her body felt so good, her hips against mine as she continued, “I want you as my lover, my friend and my consort of sorts. I will expect you to attend to my requests but I will not hurt you nor is it my intent to humiliate you. I will be treated as your Mistress and you will pay close attention to my needs.”

She shifted closer as she said the last. Our breasts were now touching.

“I love what you are Sara, yet I will change you as well; we will change each other. Your character as well as your beauty is what I’m attracted to. Please realize that I can be hurt.”

Now her lips were so close as she had drawn me to her. She smelled wonderful and I felt wonderful in her arms.

“So please respect that my feelings come from my heart and my head. Yet love I can be aggressive as well.”

I was watching her eyes but her mouth too. Her hip was sensually rubbing against mine.

“I will love you each and every day you are with me. We will be erzurum escort seen about by others but that will not be your prerogative.”

Then she kissed me, lightly at first. I was signaling my assent as I slipped my tongue across hers. She pushed her warm tongue into me and said, “Your breasts feel so right. Thank you for coming to me as I requested.”

We seemed to be alone in the great house. She kissed me while softly exploring my body. My hands stayed at her back and I could feel the impression of her suspender belt beneath her black dress. I was slightly taller in my heels but our kiss was perfect. My body was moist and yet restrained by the thong. It seemed like we kissed for ten minutes. Her mouth and tongue were all.

“Let’s go upstairs my Sara,” she simply took my hand and we walked to the back stair.

The room had a large glazed wall overlooking the Garden and there was a suite of room, well large closets is a better description. Each had a soft sky lit light with few shadows. She walked me through these holding my hand. We entered the large bath. There was a generous tub raised for a view of the Garden and two sky lit showers. I had never seen such a glorious dressing and bathing suite. The bath was connected to the bedroom with a small but comfortable Library which is where she paused.

“Let’s sit here and I’ll pour us a french white Sara. This one is actually a Bordeaux. My husband introduced me to the whites from the region several years ago. It’s a dry white.”

As she served the wine she spoke of the house and the arrangement of this suite. I watched her moving around. She wasn’t self-conscience of the elaborate spaces. I wondered how she would initiate our affair.

“We’ve got all the time we want to play Sara,” she said sitting beside me on the sofa.

I sipped the wine as her hand came to rest on my hem, “Delicious Angelica.”

She rotated to her left hip so that she was close and looking at me, “I was thinking how our affair began. The patience attention without too strong a push has you near.”

I turned placing the wine on the table to my left as I reached to touch her. “Do I call you Mistress or Angelica? Do I wait for your instruction? Should I “

She placed her finger to my lips and I was quiet.

“I want you to enjoy the Bordeaux. Then I want you to stand and remove that lovey frock so that I can see your lingerie. But please, let’s relax and it will always be Angelica.”

Her hand stayed in my lap as I drank again. I looked at the décolleté of her bosom and wondered if her breasts were smaller than my own. The gold necklace she wore fell into the space.

“I am interested in literature, fashion, sex and wine. But the order depends on each day. I’m re-reading Lady Chatterley for it was the basis for my de-flowering at the age of nineteen.”

I moved a little closer as she continued, “She was a friend of my mother’s but I’m certain my mother was unaware that she was a lesbian nor that she loved aniligus. My world swelled with her in it. I’d met lots of women, all before college, including several earlier transwomen and I slept with men; a lot of men. My mentor was a true bisexual. This without my straight mother understanding her girlfriend was my mistress.”

“D.H. Lawrence was the impetus of my sexual longing and the anal world was upon me from the moment I finished ‘Chatterley’.”

She kissed me lightly, “Yes I love that you are a woman, that you long to be filled as a woman. Sara I want you both inside me and atop my phallus.”

I smiled as she said this,

“Please stand and do as I’ve asked; remove the dress.”

She kissed me again and I stood. Somehow her review of my body intrigued me. I stood with my back to her and undid the zip which exposed my rose chemise. I didn’t realize that my actions were more of a striptease then simply undressing. As the dress hit the carpet I turned to see her smiling.

“You’ve quite a figure. Do you know your measurements Sara?”

Quietly I said, “Five-nine, one-twenty-five, thirty-five B, twenty-five and my hips are thirty-seven, Ms. Angelica.”

She frowned, “No Ms. Now drop the slip,”

I did so and spun slowly, “Now the brasserie, please.”

As the garment fell away she said, “That’s remarkable Sara. After how many weeks?”


She stood and came to me, touching my soft nipples. “The shape is great. The nipples are nice too,” she had the left in her fingers. Then her fingers drifted to the lower surface of the right breast and I moaned. “I love to be touched here as well,” she kissed each nipple while gently massaging my breasts.

Standing erect she offered, “Can I removed your thong?”

I nodded my head as she lower it and my semi-petite clit was free but the panty was about my thighs. She grasped me and then bent to kiss my clit. “What do we call this Sara?”

“Oh, my clit Angelica.”

I was still soft but she had me in her mouth. Slowly my penis responded and after her kiss I was nearly bursa escort six inches. Pausing she said, “That’s a very fine clitty Sara. I’ll enjoy all of you, but turn about. I must see how tight you are.”

The thong was still within my cleft and as I spun slightly her hand moved the panel to the side then down a bit, “Bend slightly Sara.”

Her finger ran down the narrow and rested atop my anus, “A perfect analflower.”

I took this to mean the taut membrane about the hole. Her finger kissed the flower. She had me about the waist and with her other fingers moist she slipped into me. “Quite tight yet Sara. We’ll need to train this muscle to respond to my will.”

Her digit was at the first knuckle, “Amanda my mentor showed me that my back opening could be enjoyed without becoming pregnant. There were boys and then men in there from then forward.”

I could partially see her in a nearby mirror as she bent slightly and licked my puckered opening.

“We share this hole Sara. You’re quite clean. Tell me of your procedure.”

Her two longer fingers were slipped inside and she was massaging me. I was surprised when her third finger entered.

“So you find having a clean bottom important. Do you like this?” Her fourth finger, well really most of her hand was in me. I was breathing slowly for I was concentrating.

I didn’t answer and the fingers slipped out, as this happened I slightly ejaculated.

“Sara I’m glad I didn’t cause you to orgasm but I wanted to taste you,” and she licked the small discharge from the underside of my semi-erect clit.

As I settled my thong back into place I saw that Angelica was unzipping her dress, “Your seed is sweet dear. Come help me with the clasp please.”

Still nearly naked I moved to her back and released the small hook.

“I want you to learn my pussy’s rules.” She stepped nearer and now I was close. “First hold my breasts in your hands. I think we’re very close in size. I like that you didn’t go for an un-natural sized implant.”

I quietly agreed, “But I like your nipples Angelica. They’re much larger.” I had each in my fingers. “Are they sensitive?”

She turned toward me and my hands fell about her waist, “You must remember this. My mouth does the talking. Your mouth licks me, kisses me, smiles and answers my questions.” She had moved her hands to mine, placing them at my side and then she directed me down to my knees.

I saw the black and rose’ brassiere and then her suspender and then her taut panty expressing the puffy lips the material concealed. “Use your tongue to kiss this every day. Listen to how my body responds to your attention. I want your tongue to learn to love my body. Then we’ll have a chance to share your needs Sara.” I pushed her thong lower and saw her mons for the first time. There was a small tuff of soft light-brown hair; she was shaved clean below the mons.

I hadn’t licked a pussy since Lynn’s which was very different; her lips were smaller and the button less prominent. Angelica’s clitoris was quite large and the labia appeared as wings. Before I kissed her body I enjoyed just looking at her sex. My hands moved to her thighs near the top of her stocking welts and my fingers touched the projection of the clasp buttons lightly. Then I moved close to inhale her scent. The musky and fresh smell drew me to rub my lips across her mons before my tongue reached for her lips. I though of Ms. DelBene and her lushest Juliette from de Sade’s story. I thought of their ‘gamahuche’, or their oral sex.

‘It is impossible to work more earnestly to give pleasure to a woman’

“What a good girl. You like my pussy Sara. Now show me how you’ll keep me sated.”

I looked to her face and said, “Juliette wanted Ms. Delbene’s body as I want yours.” I moved my tongue to the lower edge of the right wing. My light touch caused her a subtle quiver.

“You’ve read de Sade! You’ll enjoy my bum as well. Then I’ll fuck you and secure you. For my loving of your bottom will show you the depth of my love Sara.”

As my mouth engulfed her sex Angelica again moaned softly, “Ohh yes Sara, kiss my body, yes there”. Her hands had dropped to my shoulders but the right began to shift me. By slowly moving per her direction her moans increased.

“Shit my new lover is good, quite good,” she released my head as I continued. “Now move to my back along the crease, but softly play your tongue on my flower. Ohhh.”

My right hand cupped her bottom but with my long finger near the opening. With the left I teased her right nipple.

“Push you finger into my bottom girl, now, oh yes. That’s good but slip another inside too.”

My tongue and fingers loved my Mistress and her moans turned to panting, “Yes dear, yes Sara, deeper dear, yes,” And then she was quiet as her legs quivered. Her orgasm had begun. My tongue stayed at her pussy but stopped moving and my fingers remained within but I just held her as she came.

On my knees I supported Angelica as she began to relax. I slightly stood to holder her close and then we both collapsed to the carpet.

Her eyes were still closed as I held her and licked her mouth. She responded and our tongues shared the sweetness of her essences. I was quiet and her arms now slowly came about me and we hugged.

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