Family Affair

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He greeted his wife and brother in law and made his way to the car. He’s going to be home alone for the whole weekend. His wife and her brother (his brother in law) are going to England this weekend to close a deal with some or other business acquaintances.

Bill is a 30 year old estate agent, his wife Amber is a 28 year old blonde bombshell who with her brother Chris will be taking over their father’s very successful business. The trip this weekend is to show their father that they are capable of doing business with very important clients.

Amber’s father doesn’t like Bill that much even though he’s a very good agent who always seems to be able to get rid of that property the other agents can’t get rid of. Bill and Chris gets along just fine, they understand each other and have a lot in common.

He’s got a few appointments to take care of but then his weekend starts. He wondered what to do as he drove off to his first appointment but nothing convinced him that he wouldn’t be bored this weekend.

He got home just after five in the afternoon and started making him something to eat. He figured that he would have supper, watch a movie or two and go to Chris’s house to see if Hannah is doing all right.

Hannah is a 25 year old blonde beauty who owns a beauty spa in town. She’s very successful with her spa and has a few important clients who come back to the spa every week. She doesn’t want to say what her secret is.

Bill quickly washed the dishes then sat down on the couch and started watching a new action movie he wanted to see when it showed in the cinemas but never went because Amber never had the time; so he waited for the DVD to come out.

It was just after 8 when he decided to go to Chris’s house to check up on Hannah. He got in the car and drove to her house thinking of her beauty. Her hair is always shining, she’s got a beautiful skin, beautiful smile and along with that a great body and round medium size boobs. He also thought about his wife; she’s the kind of woman that can get what she wants when she wants it by teasing the men with her body. She’s got a beautiful body, a great ass and nice big breasts which always seem to work in her favor with no matter what.

He brought the car to a stop in Hannah’s drive-way, got out and went to the front door. He saw her car in the back of the yard so she must be home. He rang the bell once and waited for about 30 seconds before ringing it a second time. When Hannah didn’t open the door he got the spare keys that Chris gave to him out of his pocket and quietly unlocked the door.

The house was quiet, the TV was off and everything was neatly in its place. He called out to her but didn’t get a reply. He made his way up the stairs and stopped when he reached the top of the stairs. He turned his head towards the master bedroom and listened. He could definitely hear something in her room. He slowly walked down the passage towards her room. He could hear her more clearly now, she was moaning softly over a buzzing sound. He felt his cock rise when his brain told him what was going on in the room.

He didn’t want to scare her or anything so he knocked on the door and waited for the buzzing sound to disappear but nothing happened, she didn’t even stop groaning. He wondered why she didn’t stop with what she’s busy with and decided to knock again but this time a little louder just in case she didn’t hear him the first time round.

Nothing happened after his second knock and he decided to enter the room. He turned the knob thinking it would be locked. The door opened to his surprise and he slowly pushed it open. When the door was open big enough for him to put his head in the room he peered around the door and froze with shock.

Hannah was lying on the bed totally naked with her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open and her arms and hands just lying on the pillow above her head. Bill look over her naked body; such beauty he thought to himself and felt his cock rising. Her legs were spread wide open on the bed and a vibrator was pushed into her wet open pussy. At first he didn’t see the earphones in her ears and wondered why she didn’t answer his knocks, then he saw the wire going from her ears to the computer which was on and a porno was playing on the screen.

He took his cock out of his pants and started stroking it without thinking. The girl on the screen was being fucked by a police officer while two other cops held her down. Bill was very hot and looked back at Hannah, she doesn’t even know that he’s here. He thought that he can have a few good minutes stroking himself while watching her before he’ll leave and go back to his house pretending he never saw her like this.

He was still busy stroking his cock and staring at her wet pussy when her voice brought him back to reality in a very harsh way.

“Bill! For fuck sakes what are you doing here!?” she screamed with shock and anger in her voice while grabbing some of her clothes and putting them on to cover her.

“Sorry I uh… you didn’t gaziantep escort answer me when I knocked and I came up to check if you’re all right.” He replied with a red face.

“Then why the fuck are you masturbating and looking at me!?” she asked angrily.

“Uh… I don’t know okay, I couldn’t help myself, what the fuck was I supposed to do?” was the best he could come up with.

“How the fuck did you get into the house in anyways!? She asked again after making sure he cannot see any part of her female parts.

“Chris gave me the spare keys and asked me to check if you’re all right.” He said. “Why the fuck are you watching a porno with earphones in anyways, and you should’ve locked your door!”

“Just get the fuck out!? She screamed.

He turned around, went downstairs and locked the door behind him and walked to his car. What the fuck went wrong from the moment he thought he would see a good play in front of eyes to walking to your car feeling like shit and having a boner in your pants that hasn’t been stroked long enough. He could feel the need for release as he drove home.

He stripped the clothes from his body and got in under the hot water of the shower, his cock started rising again. The image of Hannah pleasuring herself wouldn’t disappear. His hand gripped his cock and he closed his eyes to the wonderful sensation. While stroking his cock he could see her naked body in front of him, so beautiful, so hot, so fucking amazing.

The release was brilliant but then the guilt hit him. Here he was thinking about another woman, he’s sister in law to be more precise and he’s masturbating while he’s thinking about her and his wife is God knows how any miles in another country working her ass off.

He finished showering and went of to his room. He must forget about what he saw. In the morning he’ll go to Hannah and ask her for forgiveness and also ask her not to tell Chris or Amber about what happened. He got in under his sheets and went to sleep.

He woke up just after 8 from a knock at his door. He got up to go and open the door but saw the erection greeting him and begging him for attention. He quickly put a pair of jeans on and went downstairs, hopefully the person at the door won’t see his erection.

He opened the door and his face immediately turned red. Maybe it was a bad idea to open the door he thought because he didn’t think about how he was going to apologize to her but here she is, standing in front of him.

“Hi.” Was all he could get out.

“Hi, can I come in?” she replied.

“Yeah sure.” He stepped aside and closed the door when she was inside. “Listen I wanted to come to you later on and…”

“What, to see if you can find me naked and hot again?” she snapped at him.

“Okay, I deserve that. But no, I want to apologize for last night.” He answered thinking it’s going to be very difficult convincing her he wasn’t spying on her or something like that.

“What were you thinking?” she asked. “Were you thinking at all?”

“I wanted to see if you were all right. When I saw your car in the backyard I knew you were home but when you didn’t open the door I got worried. I used the spare key Chris gave to me to unlock the door, then I went upstairs after searching the whole place downstairs. I heard a noise coming from your bedroom and at first I thought you had another guy over for fun and I wanted to make sure of things. I found it strange that you’re door wasn’t locked but what the hell, when things get rough we don’t always think straight. I pushed the door open after knocking twice, when nothing happened I went inside and there you were, my brain froze. Look I know I did the wrong thing but I couldn’t help myself.” He said and hoped she would understand.

“Okay, it sounds as if you didn’t stay there on purpose.” She said.

“Not at all, I felt really shit when I left your house.” He replied. “Please forgive me.”

“I won’t tell Chris and Amber if that’s what you’re worried about.” She said.

“Thanks. I’m really sorry.” He said with a relief.

“No problem. Just to show that we’re all right, why don’t you come over tonight? I’ll make us something to eat. Since Chris asked you to keep a eye on me I’ll do the same for Amber.: she said smiling.

“Okay that would be nice.” Bill replied not believing how easy it turned out to be.

“Be there at six. See you later.” She said and walked out.

Bill was smiling from ear to ear. He didn’t even go to her house, hell it was easy he thought to himself.

He arrived at her house just before six. She opened the door after he knocked the second time. He went inside after greeting her and they went into the living room. She offered him a glass of wine which he gladly accepted. She told him that she would be back in a few minutes and went into the kitchen.

She looked hot and bill’s mind played games with him again. He could feel his cock rising as the image of her naked body slipped into his mind. He couldn’t hatay escort help thinking of her in that way.

She wore a white dress, a short dress that showed her breasts quite nicely and barely covered her ass. He had a full erection now as he thought of the vibrator pushed in between her pussy lips. My God he would love go have his dick between those beautiful lips he thought and didn’t even try to think his erection away.

They ate a light meal and enjoyed some more wine. Hannah was sitting on the couch opposite Bill, her legs slightly apart allowing him to see her white panties. He couldn’t stop the erection building in his pants.

After their fourth glass of wine they started talking about the previous night again. Bill was very horny and couldn’t get the image of naked Hanna out of his head, even if he wanted to.

“So Bill you promise you didn’t stare at me on purpose last night?” she asked.

“I promise.” He replied.

“If you had control over yourself, would you have stayed to watch or not?” she continued.

“No I would’ve left you to your business.” He said feeling the effects of the wine.

“Why, didn’t you like watching me?” she challenged him.

“No… I mean yes but…?” he struggled for words.

“Bill, I’m willing to forgive you if you do something for me. Will you do that something for me?” she asked.

“Anything, just say.” He replied not knowing what she was going to ask.

“I want you to masturbate in front of me.” She said with a smile on her face.

“What!?” he asked with a shock.

“You heard me, take it out and stroke it.” She replied.

“I uh…” he didn’t get far before she interrupted.

“If you want me to forgive you then do it, or do you want me to tell Amber you watched me fuck myself with a vibrator and you masturbated while watching me?” she said.

He looked at her not knowing what to say. He didn’t want Amber to know. He remained sitting when she started talking again.

“Look, you watched me do it and know I want to watch you do it. I think it’s fair, we’ll be quits after this.” She said trying to convince him.

“Yeah okay but you don’t tell Amber about this.” He replied.

“Cross my heart. Okay, take everything off and sit on the couch, spread your legs and shoe me what you’ve got.” She said with a smile.

He got up, removed his shirt and shoes then removed his pants and underpants. His cock sprang out when he pulled his pants down. Hanna stared at his seven inch cock for a while before looking at the naked body in front of her.

He sat back down on the couch, opened his legs and started stroking his cock. Hannah pushed her hand in under her dress and panties and played with herself while watching him. Pre-cum started appearing on the tip of his cock after about one minute.

The pre-cum ran down his shaft covering his whole cock. Hannah got very hot and stood up and walked over to where Bill was sitting; she went down on her knees and took his cock in her hands. Her hand slid over his wet cock. Bill loved the feel of her hand on his cock and sat back and watched her. After a minute or two she dropped her head and stuck her tongue out. Her tongue slid over his wet cockhead a few times and then down his shaft. She closed her lips over his head and gently sucked and licked his head

Bill closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling. He could feel Hannah’s lips moving farther down his cock. Her tongue now circled the area just underneath his cockhead. She started moving her head up and down, what a great feeling this is Bill thought.

Hannah moved her head up and down a bit faster know, her left hand played with his balls. She wanted this cock very much. Her left hand dropped from his balls and went to her wet pussy. She pulled her panties down with the one hand and started stroking her clit. She started groaning from the pleasure she was giving herself and also started sucking Bill’s cock with more passion.

Bill also started groaning softly. He didn’t know she was playing with herself but she gave him a mean blowjob.

Hannah lifted her head and stared into Bill’s eyes. She lifted the dress over her head and lowered her upper body again. She didn’t continue sucking him, she started rubbing the valley between her breasts against his cock. She started groaning a bit louder and got to her feet. She pulled the panties down from her knees and threw them on the couch behind her.

Bill stared at her wet pussy and knew what was coming. She got onto his lap and positioned her pussy over his cock and sat down. He didn’t penetrate her; his cock was wedged in between her pussy lips. He put both of his hands on her hips and helped her to move even though it wasn’t necessary.

Her pussy slid over his shaft with ease. He was dry humping her but there was nothing dry about this and no clothes either. His right hand slid over her sexy belly and went down to her pussy. Her clit was standing out and he started rubbing his finger over it.

She hatay escort groaned louder and increased her pace.

“Oh my God… oh my God I’m going to cum.” She groaned and pushed her pussy down on his cock.

Her cum covered his cock and balls and also dripped onto the couch. Bill gently continued rubbing his finger over her clit. He gave her a minute to come back down to earth before pulling her closer.

His mouth found the smooth silky soft skin on her breasts, he circled his tongue round her nipple but never touched it. She begged him to suck her nipples but he wanted her to beg some more.

After circling his tongue round her nipples and licking the valley between her breasts he finally took her nipples into her mouth. He sucked on the left one for three minutes before going to the right one.

She was moving her pussy over his cockhead while he sucked her nipples. Bill moved his right hand over her ass and in between her legs. His fingers found her pussy hole and he pushed one finger inside her. He continued sucking her hard nipples while he fingered her. A second finger made its way into her pussy, he pushed her back and told her to fuck his fingers.

Hannah bounced up and down on his fingers. Both her hands played with her nipples while she fucked his fingers. Bill used his other hand to play with her clit again.

She fucked his fingers while he played with her clit; still bouncing up and down on his fingers she came with a soft groan. Bill allowed her to calm down before he pulled his fingers out of her pussy. He brought his wet fingers to his mouth and licked her cum off of them.

Hannah got up from his lap and went on her knees in front of him. His cock was wet with cum. She lowered her head and slid her tongue over the length of his cock. Her tongue licked his balls and returned to his head. Her mouth closed over his head and he could feel her sucking the cum from inside him. He wanted to cum very badly but knew that he could hold on for a little while longer.

She pushed his cock further down her mouth but only reached halfway before knowing that she wouldn’t be able to take his whole cock in her mouth. She moved her head up and down again while her tongue played around on his cock.

Bill told her to stop. When she lifted her head he told her to go to the two seat couch. He followed her and lied down on the couch and motioned her to get on top of him. When she wanted to get on top of him facing him he told her to get into a 69 position, she moved quickly and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. Her mouth repossessed his cock and she continued where she left off.

After bobbing her head up and down for a while she took his cock out of her mouth and licked his shaft for a few seconds she licked his balls and then moved back to his shaft. Her tongue slid back up to his head and her lips closed round his head again. She continued stroking his shaft with her lips and played round with her tongue.

Bill’s tongue licked her pussy lips on the outside then his tongue slid down over her crack and back to the outer parts of her labia. He slid his tongue from the beginning of her bush down to her crack and stopped at her clit. His tongue circled it before he took it in his mouth. Hannah also started rubbing her pussy against his mouth.

After bringing her close to an orgasm he allowed her clit to leave his mouth and his tongue continued its adventure farther down. He moved his tongue round her opening and entered it, she tasted so sweet and was hot on the inside. He fucked her for a minute or two before taking his tongue out. Her pussy lips were spread nicely and he stared at her opening before diving in again.

His hands found their way to her ass and he played with her asshole for a while before sliding one of his fingers through her wet pussy and returning it to her ass. After making sure that her hole was wet he pushed one finger inside her ass. She groaned with his cock still inside her mouth. He was now licking her pussy while fucking her ass with his finger.

Bill felt the urge to cum but wanted her to cum with him; he returned his attention to her clit. She rubbed her pussy over his face and told him she was going to cum and returned to sucking his cock.

His cum shot out into her mouth but she continued moving her head up and down. She swallowed all his cum and enjoyed the feeling of having her pussy licked while she came.

After about three minutes they got up from the couch and just stared at each other. Hannah was sitting on the couch they were sitting on earlier and Bill remained on the couch they just had fun on. Bill still had an erection and wondered if he could have another go at Hannah. Hannah on the other hand felt great and wanted more but she also felt a little guilty seeing that the man in front of her wasn’t Chris.

She quickly got rid of the guilt by telling herself that it meant nothing and it was just to relieve her. She is a woman with a good sex drive and she only did it to satisfy her needs.

After talking about the situation for a while they came to making a date for the next day. Bill needed to get home and he also needed some rest; tomorrow will be the day. He got up from the couch and dressed before saying goodbye to Hannah and left.

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