Rachel, Jennifer, , Leila Ch. 02

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After some time had passed the three friends were still as hot for each other as ever. They made love almost nightly, sometimes in pairs while one held a video camera, sometimes all three of them decided to try something new and ordered different types of toys like anal beads and vibrating strap-ons. But more and more, Jennifer started to become discontent with their lovemaking sessions. She loved Rachel and Leila dearly but after awhile it seemed all routine to her because she’d done most everything before. She needed some kind of challenge. She discussed this quietly after a late night pussy licking session from Rachel and got the idea to invite a fourth player into their little group to increase the excitement and so there was no “third wheel”.

“But who should we invite?” Rachel asked inquisitively, licking Jennifer’s sweet juices off of her own fingers.

“How about Suzanne? You remember, Tom’s secretary? I always got the feeling that she had a thing for me…” Jennifer’s mind trailed off into what could have been.

Suzanne was a semi-tall brunette with an ass to die for. She was on the skinny side but her back side jutted out in the most sensual curvature Jennifer had ever seen. She had quite a few fantasies about licking every inch of that beautifully rounded ass and was starting to get wet all over again just thinking about it. Jennifer put a hand between her legs and spread her pussy lips to insert a finger and slide it back out again then slowly pushed it against Rachel’s lips and tongue driving them both wild. They spent the rest of the night in a sixty-nine position while Leila brought herself to many orgasms in the next room listening quite intently. There were no secrets in this house!

The next day routine went as usual, the three women got some work done and cleaned up the house a bit. Jennifer broke from the other two and walked upstairs to make a phone call. After getting a bit of attitude from the receptionist, she was put through to a temp who was taking Suzanne’s place. The temp informed Jennifer that Suzanne was out of the office for surgery but would be returning next week. Stumbling over herself with confusion Jennifer requested that the temp take a message for Suzanne to call when she returns. When the temp heard Jennifer’s apprehension she started to get a little curious since she’d already heard all of the stories about Suzanne being the “office lesbian.”

“What’s this all about?” She asked Jennifer in a mock-serious tone. Jennifer was suddenly taken aback, she wasn’t sure how to answer that question for this temp. If she gave away to much she didn’t know what she was getting herself into. But as she quickly thought it over, it was kind of exciting to be challenged like this.

“Sex, just sex.” Jennifer was surprised at herself for uttering the words with so görükle escort much confidence. An abrupt gasp from the temp was enough for Jennifer’s gratification. But the temp was even more curious now, she wondered if this Jennifer was the one who used to work in the same building. She had seen pictures of the blonde vixen and her two hot partners but never thought she would actually be talking to her!

“Well why don’t I take her place, for now?” Another challenge.

“So you’re a temp there and you want to be a temp here? Who knows, maybe we’ll just hire you on as permanent.” The comment was thick with insinuation. “Do you know how to get here?”

After directions were given it was only a short time before Cynthia got off and was in her car to head over. Jennifer waited anxiously and kept thinking over and over again that she had no idea who this woman was, what she looked like, or even why she was so excited. When the doorbell rang she almost came from the shock, her pussy was so wet that she’d already had to change her panties once. But when the door opened and she saw a busty blonde with a gorgeous face and a nice trim body standing there in a very short skirt and low cut blouse Jennifer’s mouth began to water. 26-year old Cynthia was invited in and introduced to the other two girls who were lounging inside the living room and sipping on Merlot.

Jennifer’s eyes were glued on Cynthia, especially her chest. Every time Cynthia leaned over to pick up her glass from the table Jennifer got an intense view of her ample breasts which were threatening to burst right out of the top she had on. Their idle talk and banter quickly turned toward sex as the faint smell of wet pussy filled the room from both sides. Rachel and Leila were both smiling to themselves at how obvious the situation was, little did they know that Jennifer was planning something great. Suddenly, Jennifer challenged Cynthia again.

“You know, Cyn, if there’s anything that would make you feel more comfortable please make yourself at home.” Jennifer had a huge grin on her face.

Cynthia quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unclasped her bra, leaning back to do so. Her breasts fell free and into the open air bringing a gasp from all three of the other ladies. Even though they were quite large, they were real and they were spectacular. Cynthia’s nipples were rock hard and begging to be sucked as she closed her eyes and moaned at the comfort of freeing herself. She crooked a finger in repeated fashion to beckon Jennifer to her and all three girls moved in to make love to this busty goddess.

Being closer, Rachel and Leila arrived much quicker and each took a nipple into their mouth, sucking noisily and with much Sapphic fervor. Jennifer settled herself between Cynthia’s legs, lifting Cynthia’s knees over her eskort bayan shoulders and pressing her face directly into the soaked pair of panties directly in front of her. She inhaled the sweet scent of Cynthia and moaned to herself with anticipation for what they were all about to do. She saw Cynthia reach out each hand to rub the pussy of both girls sucking on her tits while grinning from ear to ear. Jennifer pushes Cynthia’s panties aside and immediately began licking up and down against her soaked pussy lips.

Cynthia moaned with ecstasy and pressed her pelvis against Jennifer’s face, wanting more pleasure. Lightning bolts were shooting through her nipples as the now expert pair of lesbians were doing a serious number on them. She thought she was wet before but once Jennifer reached her clit and began to press her tongue against it Cynthia couldn’t hold back and started to orgasm in wonderful fashion. She began moaning louder and louder and her body shook until she felt the convulsions of her cunt stop. Her eyes were closed and she lay poised, enjoying the moment, until she realized that neither of the other three girls were stopping what they were doing.

“Hold on, Ladies!” Cynthia said. The other three women paused and backed off allowing Cynthia to remove her skirt and panties to lie naked in front of them. Of course without delay they followed suit and soon there were four beautifully naked women pressing their bodies against each other as well as their tongues. Jennifer knew what she wanted and right now she didn’t care for what Rachel and Leila were going to think, she pushed Cynthia down and turned around to straddle her head while diving her face into Cynthia’s pussy. It happened so suddenly that Rachel and Leila could do nothing but watch this beautiful sixty-nine happen right in front of them.

But of course, they didn’t want to be excluded. Rachel signaled for Leila to go grab “the toy box” while Rachel knelt above Jennifer’s squirming ass. The sweet and familiar aroma of Jennifer’s pussy juices filled the room now as Cynthia lapped them up. Rachel snaked her tongue out to lick near Jennifer’s pussy making small contact with Cynthia’s tongue and sending shockwaves through both women. After what seemed like an eternity Leila returned with the box and opened it for Rachel’s selection. Rachel quickly grabbed what she wanted, a tube of lube and a set of medium sized anal beads that she knew Jennifer loved.

Jennifer was completely lost in Cynthia’s cunt and the pleasure of her own. She was a bit startled when she felt the lube hit her asshole and especially surprised when she felt a dainty finger invade her but knew exactly what was happening when the first sphere was pressed against her anus. She moaned louder as Cynthia focused on her clit. Rachel slowly altıparmak escort pressed the beads in one by one until the entire set was in, then she grasped Cynthia’s hand and instructed her to pull the beads out of Jennifer. Cynthia waited until Jennifer’s orgasm was building to its peak and then began to pull the beads out. The pleasure was so intense for Jennifer that she screamed over and over again as she came, her juices dripping onto Cynthia’s face. Then the pleasure was too much, Jennifer passed out and fell onto her back, dazed.

Leila immediately took advantage of this opening and pressed herself onto Cynthia. She began licking Cynthia’s lips and face, tasting Jennifer’s wonderful juices. Then Cynthia felt something hard against her thigh and realized that Leila was wearing a strap-on dildo! Cynthia grinned with excitement when Leila asked her to turn over so she could fuck her doggystyle. Leila had lubed up her dildo quite nicely and it slid in very easily into Cynthia’s sopping pussy. Rachel just watched and rubbed her pussy intently, seeing this beautiful scene unfold in front of her was too great to interrupt. She pressed three fingers into herself and moaned along with Leila and Cynthia.

Faster and harder, Cynthia begged for Leila’s fake cock to fuck her. She moaned a million unintelligible phrases. Over and over she begged to be fucked, harder, she moaned to Leila to give it to her. Leila was more than happy to oblige as she grabbed Cynthia’s wonderful hips and began pounding the dildo into her as hard as she could. Over and over again she pulled almost all the way out and then slid all the way back in all at once, stroking the full length of the dildo into Cynthia. Cynthia began to scream and Leila knew she was cumming again. She kept a steady rhythm all through Cynthia’s orgasm until Cynthia toppled over toward Jennifer, spent.

Rachel grinned with delight as she grabbed a double dildo out of the box and lubed it up. She wanted to fuck Leila so bad that she was dripping wetness all over her invading hand. She laid down on the floor on her back as Leila removed her straps and returned, sliding herself onto the other half of the dildo. Sliding themselves all the way onto it until their pussies were touching, the girls began to press against each other and rub their tits, moaning as they felt their asses press against the other’s. Jennifer and Cynthia watched, still a bit dazed, as the other two ladies fucked back and forth, moaning, until they decided that they should help. Cynthia crawled over and began to devour Rachel’s nipples while Jennifer did a similar job on Leila’s and it wasn’t long before both women were screaming in orgasm and squirming all over the floor.

The night didn’t end for quite awhile yet, Cynthia considered Jennifer’s proposal to come work with them but needed some time to think it over. Even though Cynthia was a great lover, Jennifer couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen when Suzanne came back and was available. It still made her wet just thinking about it. Oh well, Jennifer grinned and waited for next week to come.

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