Daddy’s Birthday Girl

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I was just getting to work when I sent a text to my daughter.

‘Happy birthday baby girl’ I smiled down at my screen. My little girl just turned 18 today and she looks just like her mother before she died. Curves all in the right places, blond hair that shimmers and big blue eyes behind black frames.

Work in the morning went by in a blur. Many of my coworker kept coming by my cubicle saying,

“Hey Tim. Tell your little girl I said happy birthday for me.” Or something like,

“I’ll be by tomorrow for the party, save me a plate of birthday cake.” I loved my job. I just hated the people I worked with. I leaned back in my chair and laced my fingers behind my head. I looked at the clock. Cara should be getting back from her run right about now.

She would take off her running clothes to go take a shower.

I caught her in the shower once I got home. She was washing her long toned legs. She had one foot on the edge of the tub massaging her calf with her soapy fingers. She had her back towards me so I could see her shapely ass. I had felt my cock grow hard in my sleep pants, I rubbed myself through the material. I moved away from the door when she turned around to wash her other leg. I walked back to my own bedroom. I shut the door and walked over to my bed.

I pulled my pants down, turned back the blanket and climbed in. I reached over to open my nightstand drawer. I pulled out a roll of condoms and tore one off the row. I ripped it open and rolled it to the base of my cock. I held the bottom of the condom to my dick and started to stroke myself with my other hand. Fuck this felt good. I closed my eyes and saw Cara. I saw the water running down from her hair over her back and down the crack of her ass. I bit şişli escort my lip and let my imagination go further. She bent over and reached up between her legs. The water was still running down her ass and now up her arm as she was rubbing her clit. With her other hand she held onto the wall of the shower, holding herself up so she doesn’t fall. The next thing I know; my imagination took a left turn. I saw her on her knees with my cock in her hand looking up at me with her glasses on.

“Daddy I love your dick.” I bit my lip harder and stroked myself even harder.

“Baby girl what are you doing?” She smiled up at me while she slowly put her mouth to the tip of my cock. I saw that there was no condom on me and I groaned. I watched as she sucked me in her mouth. She took all of me into her mouth and silently gagged a little bit when she reached the base. When she pulled back almost to the tip, her cheeks caved in and I almost came right there. She pulled back completely and jerked me while she looked up at me.

“Daddy will you fuck your little girl? Please daddy?” Oh fuck! I couldn’t hold it in any longer and shot my load all over her face. It went in her freshly washed hair, over her black framed glasses and over her tongue ring. I didn’t want her to have it at first but now it felt so amazing on the underside of my dick.

I opened my eyes and looked down. My spent cock laid in the condom full of my own jizz. I took the condom off, tied off the opening and tossed it in the trash bin next to my nightstand. I took a tissue from the box and cleaned myself up a little bit. I laid back against the pillows after I turned the light off. My beautiful daughter was sleeping next door in her bed. She slept in the same positon istanbul escort every night. On her side with her right leg bent by the knee and her hugging her pillow. I hissed through my teeth when I thought about her sleeping like that.

I got up and put my pants back on. I tiptoed out my door and walked the couple feet to Cara’s room. Her door was slightly ajar so I just pushed it open all the way gently not to disturb her. Her bedside lamp was still on and I looked over at her. The blanket was pushed down over her legs so everything from her thighs up were exposed. She was wearing those cute little red boyshort panties that said ‘New York’ over her ass cheeks and a black camisole. I loved her in those panties. I catch myself watching her breathe and sometimes shuffle to get comfortable. I start to get hard instantly again. I reach down and rub myself through my pants. I take a step forward, then another until I’m next to her bed. I swiftly take my pants off and bared my cock to the cold air. She sniffled and I stiffened in more ways than one. I gripped my nut sack in my hand and massaged it. She flipped over on her back and her camisole rose up a little bit. I reached my hands out and traced the top of her panties from one side of her hips to the other. I ached to run my tongue over the same path my fingers took. I gently pushed my fingers underneath her waistband and started to pull them down her legs, stopping every so often to make sure she was still sleeping. Once they were all the way off I ran my hands up and down her legs from her hips to the tips of her toes.

She moaned and bit her sleep. I ran my hand up the inside her thigh and traced her slit. I stopped and made sure she wasn’t disturbed. I pushed my finger beşiktaş escort a little bit deeper and brushed against the tip of her clit. She moaned again. I pressed my finger all the way inside her and felt her pussy dampen drastically. I moved it in and out of her and sure she wasn’t going to wake up, I got up on the bed being as careful as I could be. I put her legs on either side of me and gently pulled her down by the tops of her thighs. The tip of my cock rubbed against her slit. I ground my hips against her clit. I moved my thumb up and down her little button while I inched my way into her pussy. I was bottomed out when I felt a change in her. I looked up from where we were joined and saw that Cara was awake.

“Oh daddy that feels so good. Please don’t stop.” Her little voice just confirmed what I was dreaming of. I moved my hips back and forth so that I was fucking my little girl.

“Baby girl, your pussy is so fucking tight.” She arched her slender back. I pounded her tight pussy harder, making sure I bottomed out and ground my pelvis against her clit. She cried out.

“I always knew that you’d be my first daddy.” Her confession made me go harder and deeper. I was my own daughter’s first. I groaned as I flipped us over so I’m on my back. I guess my daughter watches a lot of porn because she knew what to do right away. She swayed her hips and rode my cock just right.

“Slow down baby girl or else I’m going to explode.” She just grinned and placed her hands on my chest and went faster.

“That’s what I want daddy.” She leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“I want you to make me pregnant.” I came right then and there. I shoved myself deeper inside my little girl and shot my load into her. After I was done, I felt my cock being milked by her pussy walls. She laid her head down on my chest and tried to regain her strength. I just wrapped my arms around her and traced patterns over her creamy back. My cock twitched inside her ready to go for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32