May Showers

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Dave was spading the flowerbed along the fence but his attention was on his wife who was planting flowers in the bed around the fountain. At forty-five, Jane was still a very impressive woman, especial bent over on her knees with her ass up in the air.

The old cut offs she wore showed more than a little of her ass cheeks and allowed the plump outer lips of her sex to peek at him. The tent in the front of his shorts was a jutting testimonial to her sexiness.

Dave stuck the shove to the ground and stepped on it, driving it deep into the soil. As he lifted and turned it, a large cold raindrop hit him in the back. He looked up. The sun was shining brightly but the edge of a dark cloud was moving over their backyard.

Jane straightened and sat down on her bare feet looking up also. The hiss of falling rain made both of them look toward the low fence and the open fields next door. A gray wall was moving in their direction. Dave dropped the shovel and ran toward the gazebo in the corner of the yard.

Jane was right behind him and they were both soaked by the time they reached they small round building. They were both laughing like two school kids. Jane shook her head, water flying everywhere from her wet hair. Dave grabbed her and pulled her close.

“So much for the gardening and getting anything planted,” he said eyeing the rain.

Jane snuggled up against her husband and sighed as he hugged her tight. Her wet white t-shirt felt cold where her body wasn’t touching his. She became aware of the hard-on in his shorts and grinned. “Is that a shovel handle in your shorts or are you just glad to see me?”

“Darling, I’ve been watching your beautiful ass all morning. It’s a wonder I haven’t cut my foot off with that shovel.”

Jane laughed and rubbed her hips back and forth against his. “You could always plow and plant my garden or is that plant and plow?”

Dave laughed and then kissed his wife’s wet hair. “Out here in front of God and everyone?”

“Please!” Jane said with a laugh as she pushed away from her husband and whipped the wet t-shirt off over her head. She tossed it over her shoulder out into the rain and went to work on the snap and zipper of her shorts.

Not needing another cue, Dave’s t-shirt joined his wife’s in the rain and his shorts were not far behind hers going the same way. The kiss that followed was hot, heavy, and far more passionate than any in a long while. Two pairs of lips, two tongues, four hands, and bahis siteleri two bodies were making the most of it.

When Dave’s hands ended up cupping and squeezing Jane’s ass cheeks, she moaned softly and lifted one leg to hook it around his thighs, pulling them tighter together. His hot dick pressed against her mound, sent a shiver that had nothing to do with the cold, down her spine.

Dave shifted one hand to her raised thigh and lifted her off the ground. Jane wrapped her legs around his ass as he walked forward. His hard thick dick was now pressed to and moving in the slippery trench of her sex. She flexed her hips rubbing herself on him.

Jane whimpered softly and then moaned as her back made contact with the slippery, cold, and wet, redwood post that held up the roof. The cold rain was hitting them both as Dave lifted her higher and then lowered her onto his dick.

They both moaned loudly as they joined together. Dave’s dick felt wonderful to Jane as it slipped in to the hilt. Even after twenty-five years of marriage that first plunge always took her breath away. Outside like this just added to her excitement.

With the kids grown and out on their own, their sex life had blossomed anew. Maturity, leisure time, and no fear of pregnancy took their lovemaking to new and more adventuresome heights. Jane gasped and lost her train of thought as Dave flexed his hips.

Dave fucked his wife with full slow strokes. They both enjoyed it that way to start. His wife was almost as tight now as she was when they married. Two kids had left stretch marks that even time could not erase but he considered them badges of honor for the wonderful mother she was.

He had had a few flings in his youth and had much more experience on his virgin bride. His love for her had over come his lust in those early years and she had learned to enjoy sex fully and openly. He was still reaping the rewards in so many ways.

Jane tried to flex her hips but could not move very well. Dave caught the signal and moved his hips harder and faster. Jane bit her husband’s neck gently as a surge of heat flowed through her body. His shaft was rubbing right on her g-spot and the head was rubbing deliciously on the front wall of her pussy.

The cold rain felt good and made both their bodies feel slippery and cool. This contrasted greatly with the heat where they were joined. A rising heat as they both soared toward orgasm.

Jane’s orgasm slipped online casinolar up on her. One minute she was in heaven from being fucked outside in the rain and the next she was jerking and moaning as her orgasm washed throughout her body. Dave continued to fuck her but he slowed his pace and let her ride out her storm.

In the end, Dave had to stop moving and just hold his wife. She had a death grip on him with her arms and legs. He stood there holding her and enjoying the spasms of her hot velvety sex gripping and releasing him.

It was a good thing in another way. At his age he had a one shot pistol and he was not ready to fire so quickly. He had other plans and wanted to make damned sure his wife got her fill, no pun intended. Spontaneous sex was a good thing and he wanted more of it.

Jane relaxed her grip on his neck and leaned her head back against the post. With a deep contented sigh, she opened her eyes, and grinned at her husband. “Wow! That snuck up on me.”

Dave grinned back at her and flexed his hips slowly. Jane whimpered softly, closed her eyes, and bit her lower lips. “We’re not done yet by a long shot,” he whispered to his wife as he watched the emotions slid across his wife’s face as he moved his hips again. “The rain storm isn’t over and we’re continuing as long as it does.

Jane moaned and relaxed. Who was she to argue with him, especially since it felt so very good. She let the feelings flow as they would and was surprised as another small orgasm rippled through her body. She sighed again and then leaned in to kiss her husband.

Somewhere during that kiss, Dave ended up sitting on the bench by the back rail of the gazebo. Jane noticed when her weight came down on his thighs and he was driven deeper into her pussy. With a groan of pure pleasure, Jane broke the kiss and leaned back.

She smiled and whispered, “We sure are getting around out here.”

“Wait until we get to the grand finale.”

Jane laughed and whispered, “That should be interesting. Where’s it going to take place, the front lawn?”

Dave laughed and shook his head. “Close but no cigar.”

“The roof is out of the question. We’d slid off and hurt ourselves.”

Standing up, Dave whispered, “Hold on tight, we’re going for a trip.”

Jane squealed as her carried her out into the pouring rain and started across the yard. “Dave, we’re naked.”

“Yes we are. Isn’t it wonderful.”

Jane laughed gerçek para casinoları and then whimpered as Dave’s dick moved around inside her more as he walked farther. The cold rain hitting and running down her body, the fact that they were naked in their backyard, the way her clit rubbed on his pelvic bone, and his moving dick all conspired to slap her with another orgasm.

She was coming like mad, as she felt Dave go to his knees. The shock of the cold puddle he laid her down in jolted her system. She yelled once and then Dave was fucking her as hard and fast as he could. The cold water, the rain in her face should have distracted her but it didn’t.

In fact, it had just the opposite effect. Her orgasm shot up a notch and kept right on climbing the longer and harder her husband fucked her. She was now matching him stroke for stroke and pounding her heels on his ass to egg him on. She had never felt this wanton and out of control.

Suddenly Dave rolled them over and Jane found herself straddling her husband’s hips. She groaned loudly and started to rock her hips back and forth rapidly. His dick was rubbing all the right spots inside her and her clit was grinding against his pelvic bone.

The impending orgasm was of earthshaking proportions and still building as she realized she was fucking her husband in the middle of the backyard and didn’t give a damn who saw them. That last revelation pushed her over the edge. She was coming like never before and pounding her ass up and down on her husband’s dick.

Dave was slightly taken aback by his wife’s wild reaction to his rolling them over but that did not keep him from lifting his hips to meet her. His wife’s pussy was usually nice and slippery wet but now it was a flood. He could feel a liquid flow around his dick before he came.

Then he was coming. His wife yelled out and slammed her hips down, driving him as deep inside her as he would go. She rocked her hips like mad and then collapsed on top of him. All he could do was to try to catch his breath and hold her.


“Oh my God,” Jane whispered between ragged breaths.

All Dave could manage was to nod.

A moment later, Jane pushed up with her hands and smiled down at her husband. She leaned down and kissed him on the end of his nose. As she sat up she whispered, “Asshole! You dumped me in a damned mud puddle.”

Dave tried to laugh but ended up making a croaking chuckling groaning sound.

“Don’t you die on me you old fart,” Jane said with a laugh. “You’ve got to wash all the grass and mud off my back and out of the crack of my ass first.”

Dave did manage to laugh then. Jane chuckled along with him and then leaned down to kiss him passionately.

Life was good, very, very good.

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