Monday at the Bathhouse

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On Mondays it only costs $1.00 to get into the bathhouse, so it usually gets pretty crowded. There’s always someone there I know, and this past Monday was no exception.

Paid my dollar, got my locker key, stripped down…I always get such a charge out of being naked, even if it’s just for a second. Wrapped myself up in a towel, and left the locker room. I had hoped it would be busy, and I was not disapointed.

The lights are always dim in the bathhouse, but not too dim; it’s easy to see what’s going on in the shadows and steamrooms. Dimly lit figures writhed in the corners, and behind the outcroppings – asses, the backs of heads, towels in heaps.

I walked around for a bit. Stopped in the steam room, the sauna, the shower – any excuse to get my towel off.

I was leaving the video lounge when I felt his fingers dragging lightly against my hip. A bolt of electricity shot through me as I tried to see him in the dim hall. He passed near a yellow light, and I instantly figured out who he was, and the shock of recognition stopped me in my tracks. Even though he was barely touching me, and with only one finger, I felt myself being pulled toward him. We found ourselves face to face. I shocked myself Avrupalı porno by kissing him – long, deep kisses. I felt his lips, his unshaven face. I broke off the kiss, and looked at him. Even in the dim light I couldn’t stop looking at him. Thin, wiry, muscular. Smooth skin – I can’t explain it, but it felt tan, even in February, with a hint of a tan line that drove me wild. Some body hair, just enough. I couldn’t help myself. I took a step back from him, and let my towel fall to the ground. I was rock hard, and a bit embarassed about it, but his kisses turned me on so much, and I had to show him. I felt him look at me, which got me even harder. Then he stepped back, and dropped his towel too, and I realized I had nothing to be embarassed about – he was just as hard as I was. His cock was smooth and thick, and it stood straight up into his abdomen. My gasp was audible, as was his little giggle. I let him press me up against the wall, not hard, as we started kissing again, tongues sliding back and forth into each others’ wet warm mouths. My hands moved over his chest, and I played with his nipples. My lips moved to his neck, and then they joined my hands on his nipples. I flicked Video porno each nipple with my tongue as my hands moved to his firm but soft ass. I massaged his ass as we pressed against each other, our cocks grinding into our hips. His cock was bigger than mine, and with each thrust I felt myself moaning louder and louder.

My eyes were closed, and suddenly I felt myself alone. I opened my eyes in a panic, but immediately saw that he was in front of me, just not touching me. He motioned me over to a corner, near a mat on the floor. this time he was the one against the wall, and I was on my knees in front of him, his cock right in my face. Up close, it looked even bigger as it throbbed and pulsated. I grabbed the throbbing cock in one hand as I brought it to my lips. With one fluid motion, I took it into my mouth. I felt his whole body jump as my wet warm tongue wrapped around it in my mouth. The cock FILLED my mouth. I moaned and sighed as I worked my lips to the base. I wanted more, I had to have more.

But he wanted more, to, and I was only happy to oblige him. I felt his hands from above, pulling me up – I let him. We kissed some more, then the only words of our encounter were spoken by him:

“lay down”

And I did. And he laid down next to me. And took my cock in his mouth.

My back arched as I fed him my rock-hard cock. My hands were in his hair as I gave him more and more of my pulsating dick. A crowd had formed around us – men stroking their cocks watching us. I felt every single eye on us as I tried to get my cock even deeper into his mouth. He welcomed each thrust – his body begged for more and more of my cock. As well as I thought I sucked his cock, he did it 10 times better. I fought the urge to cum so hard – my whole body wanted to cum. Just as I couldn’t fight it any longer, he knew it was time. My cock snapped out of his mouth. He grabbed it and stroked it a couple of times.

Couldn’t fight it any longer…

felt it rush through me…

whole body…

I shot a GIGANTIC load all over my belly.

He kept stroking my cock as more and more cum shot out, all the way up to my chest. I laid there, covered in my own cum, as he got up. I moved to him, eager to repay him, when he picked up his towel and walked away. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at me as he walked through the door and down the steps. To me, the smile said “next time.”

And then I realized I wasn’t alone – I remembered that I was on the ground, covered in my own cum, with a bunch of stroking guys around me. I got up, gave a theatrical bow, and headed for the locker room.

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