Morning News Ch. 02

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After the morning get together I had with Kelly and Laura, I started to see Kelly more often, especially since Laura had gotten more involved with Steve, the lawyer she had a date with that evening. We still saw each other, and it was not unusual for her to call me to come over after one of her dates to share her well used pussy in a round of sloppy seconds. It worked out well, as I got to feel the slickness of her well spermed cunt, and she got a second (or sometimes, third, if her date went well) big load to finish off her night. So as it turned out, that morning with Kelly came at a good time, just as Laura’s love life was headed in another direction.

Kelly’s husband was always careful to use a condom whenever they had sex, even if the timing was such that she wasn’t likely to get pregnant. Kelly liked her sex bareback. As a result, most of the time, she would take my bare cock in her unprotected pussy, even though she’d have me pull out and come on her, or take me in her mouth if she thought it was a fertile time for her. Not the best birth control method, to be sure, but she sure liked the feel of my cock in her pussy, and how it felt when it was spewing into her.

About three months after Laura, Kelly and I had our three way, we got an assignment to cover a major event in the state capitol, and would be gone overnight. A screw up on the part of our office staff left us with no place to stay that was in a reasonable distance. To complicate matters, one of our satellite vans was out of commission, having been hit by an inattentive driver during a shoot along the interstate. I came up with a solution. I have a camper van, which I use mostly on weekends and vacations. It’s not your typical “Mystery Machine” from the 70’s, and is fitted out much like a larger RV, only adapted to a chassis used for an airport bus, a Ford E350. It has a small stove and fridge, a bathroom, and a fold down bed. While I would have to make some accommodations for our equipment, it would work for this assignment.

I cajoled the station manager into letting me use my van, getting mileage and gas for the trip. I thanked him and beat a hasty retreat, wanting to get out of there before he changed his mind. “By the way,” he called out as I started down the hall, “You’re going with Kelly. Don’t get any ideas about any funny business, she’s a married woman, you know!!”

“Right, boss. Got it.” Getting Kelly in the van for some funny business was exactly the idea. The event was the next evening, so I called a buddy down at our affiliate in the capital and arranged to use some of their equipment. This would free up some space in my van, so that all I would need was a camera, tripod, and some cable. I advised Kelly of my plan, and told her I’d have a table set up so she could work on the script for her remote while we travelled, approximately three hours. She liked that, as it took some of the pressure off her. I went home and hooked the van to the 30 amp line, getting the air conditioning and fridge to temperature for the next day. Later, I’d stock the fridge so we had food and suitable beverages for the next night.

The next morning, we did our usual broadcast, then got set to go. Kelly had packed a bag, bringing it to the station with her, alleviating the need to stop at her house, which would save us the time to go to her home. We stowed our gear, and we were off by mid day. She really liked the van, and was impressed by how everything was laid out, making full use of the space. Once underway, she changed from the black dress she had worn for the morning news into travelling clothes, cut offs and a white tank. I suppose I should not have been surprised, as I had seen Kelly in various stages of undress numerous times by this point, and it was not unusual for her to go braless on the air, but when she walked up front to ask me something about power for her laptop, and I saw her shapely hangers filling out the thin white top, her big areolae and poking nipples clearly visible, I almost went off the road. I reached up and held her right tit as we chatted, making the nipple really stand up.

“You’re terrible!!” she teased me as she went back to work on her news copy.

I drove on, making good time. We stopped about two hours down the road for a quick grab and go lunch at an Arby’s. The air conditioning made Kelly’s nipples poke out prominently, and she had the attention of every guy in the place. It was hot to watch her knowing exactly the effect she was having. I kidded her about it when we got back to the van.

“I knew they’d all be falling on themselves. When I was in college, I used to do that in a white T shirt just to see the reaction of the guys on campus, or in a bar. It was quite a rush to know that I was getting them hard, and that they were thinking about what they’d like to do with my bouncing titties. It was a great way to pick up guys, too. If I saw someone cute, I’d approach him. Never got turned down.”

I laughed. “You really were a slut in college!!”

“Yeah, I was.” Kelly smiled distantly. “I Uzun porno had a lot of fun, though.”

Kelly sat up front as we ate our lunch, which allowed me the marvelous view of Kelly’s tits swaying as we drove. She noticed me watching. “You pay attention to the road. You’ll get to play with these later.”

“Well, how about a preview??” I teased. Kelly smiled, put her chicken cordon bleu sandwich down, then reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, her tits bouncing into full view.

“These breasts ain’t chicken!!” said Kelly, picking up her sandwich. She rode topless while she finished her lunch. It was better than a Jamocha shake. When she was done, she grabbed her top and went back to finish her script, letting her tits shake in my face as she leaned over to kiss the top of my head. I gave her a squeeze as she stood up. She smiled and walked back to her perch on the rear seat.

I let her know we were getting close to our destination when we were about 20 minutes out. She yelled thanks, and I saw her put her tank top back on, then reach into the closet where she had hung her outfit for the remote. The field reporter’s “on location” clothing is one of our royal blue polo shirts, which has the station logo on the left breast. The men usually wear gray or tan slacks; the ladies have the option of slacks or a skirt. I loved going on location with Kelly, as she usually wore a white mini skirt. She looked good in it, as it showed off her toned legs well, and I was often on the receiving end of a panty flash some time during the shoot. Kelly dropped her cutoffs, revealing a pair of sheer light blue panties, then stepped into the skirt, finishing off by pulling the polo shirt on over her tank top. She looked professional, but I’d be thinking about those unbound tits swaying under her station shirt and a thin, white tank top as she did the live part of the assignment.

We got to the capitol and set up, doing our report on the event for the 6 PM newscast, then going to dinner before coming back for the 9 and 10 PM reports. Kelly didn’t disappoint, and I got an eyeful of blue panties while we were being seated for dinner. After we wrapped the last broadcast, we got our stuff together and went back to the van. I stowed my gear while Kelly went in and changed back to her cutoffs and tank. Once I was set, I got in and we headed to a nearby campground, where I had already reserved a spot. I picked up my paperwork and site number, and rolled slowly to the site and set up. Once plugged in, I started the air, much to Kelly’s relief, as it was a warm night.

“I was wondering if you were going to get AC on,” she said, a little apprehensively. “And where are we going to sleep?? We won’t both fit on this rear seat.”

“Fear not, my lovely lady. Watch and learn.” I pulled the table I had set up from its mount in the floor and stowed it. I held out my hand to Kelly, pulling her up so we were standing together. I then hit the button for the seat, folding it out into a bed. I put down the pad, then laid out a pair of sheets and blanket, making up the bed for us.

“Wow,” said Kelly. “That’s cool!! I have to get one of these.”

“Ain’t it great?? All the comforts of home-even a bathroom. It has enough space to live in, and is small enough to take almost anywhere. You’ll sleep well tonight.”

Kelly sat down on the bed, feeling around to see how it felt for cushioning. “I think I will. This is pretty comfortable.”

Satisfied that I had made the van comfortable for Kelly, I got my shower bag together, telling her I was going down to the men’s room for a shower to wash off some of the sweat I had accumulated during the day’s activity. She said that was fine, as she had to get some of her report posted to the station website and social media feeds. I gave her a quick kiss and a squeeze, and I was out the door.

About 30 minutes later, after the usual things you do when in the bathroom, I was brushing my teeth when I heard footsteps outside the door. “Hey Tom!!” I heard in a loud whisper. It was Kelly. I had a mouthful of toothpaste and didn’t answer right away. “Hey Tom, you in there??”

“Yeah,” I called back. “Everything OK??”

“Just fine. Are you alone??”

“Yup.” As soon as I said that, Kelly appeared through the door. The entry jogged left, then right, as you came into the men’s room, and I watched her come around it to me, still in her cutoffs and the tank. I was at the third of five sinks on a long counter. Opposite the counter were the toilets and showers. She boosted herself up onto the counter in the space between the third and fourth sink. I finished brushing my teeth and rinsed.

“So what brings you down here to watch me clean up??” I asked.

“I got done with my postings, and thought I’d come down and surprise you. It’s pretty quiet. I thought we could, ya know, play a little.” She pulled me to her, kissing me, long, hard, and deep, at the same time rubbing my growing cock through the tan shorts I was wearing, as Öğrenci porno I was out in the open part of the room. She felt me stiffening, and broke the kiss long enough to get a look down at my shorts, noting the bulge. She ran her finger around the prominent outline of the head of my cock. “Well, someone else is ready to play, too. Look how you’re standing out. If I’d known you’d look like that, I’d have teased you a lot more. It would have been a treat to see that fat head bulging against your shorts while I was doing my report. “

“Aren’t you the adventurous one,” I said. “As it turns out, you’re right on about it being quiet. Campers are like birds, up with the sun, down when it’s dark. So we might have time for a little fun.” Kelly rubbed my cock a moment more, then opened my zipper, letting it emerge from its confinement, the head now full blown. She stroked me as we kissed again, and pulled my balls out through the fly, fondling them as our kiss deepened. I pulled away from her face, lowering mine so I could suck on her tits through the thin tank, making the nipples stand up. Kelly grimaced as I lingered on them. I went farther down, pushing the leg of her cutoffs aside to find her bare pussy underneath.

“Someone lost her panties,” I said, licking around her dark pubes.

“I didn’t lose them. They’re back in the van,” said Kelly, smiling down at me. I looked up, licked my lips, then dove into her dark haired muff, already partly open. I went straight up the middle, licking her inner lips, and up over her clit. She jumped as I hit it, letting out a yelp. After a couple of passes, she was ready, her labia now wide, ready to accept a stiff cock.

I stood up, looking at Kelly, planning to put the head at her opening and push in deep. It turned out the counter was just a little too high for me to do that comfortably, but I was able to get the head in, and about half my shaft. This actually was a pleasant surprise. The angle and penetration I was able to get hit Kelly in a good spot, and she immediately started to moan softly as I slowly drew the head and as much of my shaft that I could get in her over her clit, and found a sensitive spot inside her. It didn’t take long before she was shaking as a soft orgasm overtook her, and I felt her pussy get really wet around the head of my cock. I held it in her as she came, slowly moving in and out just a little to rock her clit.

When Kelly came down, she looked up at me. “That was hot. I didn’t expect it to happen that way. Usually, my husband pounds me deep, all the way in, almost all the time. I had no idea I would come so good from your cock just halfway in.”

I looked in Kelly’s eyes. “I’d have put it all the way in, but as you can see, the counter is just a tad too high for that. But, there’s lots of ways to get off, and that one was a pleasant surprise. All of them are fun. Stick with me, we’ll find all kinds of ways to give each other pleasure.”

Kelly looked up at me, her brown eyes glowing. “Can you do something??”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Remember that day Laura and I came over to your place, the day I spilled coffee on my dress and you washed it?? The day we all took a shower together??”

“Sure do,” I replied. How could I forget, coming in each of them ten minutes apart?

“Remember how you came in Laura, not your whole load, just letting it seep into her??”

“Yes, I do. As I recall, you wound up wearing some of it.”

Kelly laughed. “Yes I did. Can you do that for me??”

I was planning on it anyway, but I wasn’t going to turn down a request. “I’d love to. I just need you to help out a little at the right moment. I’ll let you know when.” I started to push my cock in and out of Kelly, teasing her clit with the head before putting it in as far as I could comfortably reach. Kelly looked down at my dick going in and out of her. Five minutes later, I was getting close and slowed my pace. I stopped for a moment, gathering my composure. Kelly noticed I was swelling inside her. She looked into my eyes.

“That feels so good,” she said, looking slightly dreamy. “I can feel you pulsing. Are you coming??”

“Not yet. I’ll let you know when it’s about to happen.” I slowly started moving again, letting just the head and about two inches of cock go inside her. The head pushing past the opening to her pussy while poking her clit was making her moan.

“God, that feels so good!!” exclaimed Kelly, then letting out a yelp as I pressed on her clit with the head of my dick. A couple more strokes and she was creaming all over my cock. I was now ready, and held the head just inside her pussy.

“Don’t move,” I said, relaxing my ass so it wouldn’t clench and spill my whole load. Our eyes met. I looked deeply into Kelly’s eyes as I felt the come start to move up my shaft and into her waiting twat. Kelly felt the heat as soon as it started to flow inside her.

“Oh,” she said quietly as the flow of my semen began to fill her. “OH!!” she said loudly, her eyes getting big, as she felt more come seeping from my cock. She smiled then grimaced. “Ohhhhh…your come is so hot, your cock is so hot in me, I feel it throbbing as your come fills me. Oh, that’s so hot!!” I pulled out to let my come ooze over her clit, allowing the some of the come I had just deposited to drip back out, making a puddle on the floor. Kelly yelped as the heat and the slickness of my seeping cock hit her. I pushed back in, holding my cock inside her til I felt the flow stop. I pulled back out, once again teasing her clit, which made her jump. I stepped away, holding Kelly’s hands. She squeezed mine tightly.

“That was SO hot!!” said Kelly, her grip firm on my hands as she shuddered, feeling my come leaking out of her and down her ass. “How do you do that??”

“It’s really not hard. I know how I will respond when I’m having sex, and most of the time I can control how. It helps if I haven’t come in several days, or if I’m really turned on. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I could do it almost all the time, but I produced a lot more come in those days. The trick is to hold off when I feel I’m close to coming, and to relax my butt so I don’t blow the whole load. As you saw, once I’ve come like that, I can go on for a while once I’ve backed off from the edge of the cliff, as it were. In fact, that practice is known as ‘edging,’ following that concept.”

“It was so hot feeling your come just flowing into me, your cock pulsing as it filled me. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt.” Kelly thought a moment. “I wish I could teach that to my husband.”

“You’ll have to get him to come inside you, and not in a condom. It works with a rubber, but I find I don’t have quite the control. And there’s always the possibility of leakage after.”

“Yeah, well, good luck with that,” said Kelly with a laugh.

As Kelly finished speaking, we heard footsteps on the gravel leading to the building. I looked at her. “Someone’s coming,” I said. I pointed to the showers and mouthed, “let’s go.” We ran into one of the shower stalls and held each other, trying not to giggle, hoping we would not be seen, or better yet, that whoever was walking up was going to the ladies’ room. We got lucky, as it turned out to be someone for the second option. We put ourselves together and got out of there, soon deep in the darkness of the campground.

We got back to the van and stowed our stuff, then climbed onto the bed. I had removed my shorts, and Kelly removed hers, leaving her tank top on, since the AC had chilled the van some while we were gone. We lay close, kissing softly, resuming our conversation. Kelly was playing with my balls, which were now hanging low, relaxed following their release, occasionally taking a stroke on my once more hard cock. She’d giggle as she felt a drip of my come escaping her. She dipped a finger in her pussy, licking the come from it.

“I can’t believe how hot that was, you coming in me like that. If only I could get my husband to do that.”

“He really won’t give up on the condoms, will he?? He really fears getting you pregnant that much??” I asked.

“He thinks we shouldn’t have a baby til we’re ready. We’ve been married almost eight years. First it was, let’s both get good jobs. We did that. Then it was, let’s get settled in a house. Did that too. Now it’s, let’s be more financially stable. Always something.”

“It always will be. If you wait til everything is right, you’ll be retired before you have the baby.”

“That’s the thing that pushes me,” said Kelly, looking a little wistful at the idea. “I’ll be 34 in a month. If I get pregnant on my birthday, I’ll be almost 35 when I have the baby. Not that 35 is so old, but I am feeling some time pressure, as most women do by this age. I don’t want to be one of those women who has a baby at 43, then is going to high school football games at 60. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that, I just had hoped to be in a place closer to retirement by then.”

“Yeah,” I said, “and not looking at paying college tuition with your Social Security. Maybe you can get hubby to come inside you as a birthday present.”

“I may not wait that long.” Kelly was holding my balls, fondling them, feeling their weight in her hand. “Your balls!!” she said.

“What about them??”

“They’re so heavy. I bet you’re making lots and lots of sperm.”

“They’re pretty relaxed after coming just now. But you’re probably right about them making lots of sperm. You’ve been playing with them the whole time we’ve been talking. It’s a real turn on.”

Kelly looked at me, kissed me, then eased me onto my back, climbing on top of me, her open, slick pussy sitting right on the base of my cock. She slowly slid up and down, coating my shaft with her juice and the leaking come from our round in the men’s room. She took my hands and looked into my eyes.

“Breed me, Tom. Fuck me and breed me with all that hot sperm I’ve been churning up in your big heavy balls.” She slid up my cock far enough so she could impale herself on it. I felt her come slick labia take me in, the head spreading her easily, then the plunge as my cock passed through her slippery portal. A moment later, her ass was resting on my balls, the head of my cock poking her cervix.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32