Black Journal Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Duncan Cyrus, age 20, Landlady

My first apartment. I feel peace here. It’s a two bedroom and one bath with a kitchen and dining area. How do I afford it? A job of course, my parents help out, and I get discounts by supplying my landlady the necessary fulfillment.

When I first arrived to look at the apartment I admit it had me at first sight. The size, the quietness, but the price was definitely up there for a college student. The manager was definitely trying to make a sale. My parents told me if I wanted it they would help, but only putting a hundred each. My job at a local flower shop at the time allowed me a few hundred a week. The rest was knocked off by knocking off my landlady.

After the first month I knew I would have to get a new job but no one was hiring. So I had to bite the bullet until the end of the semester at least. My landlord was a bit of a dickhead to say the least. Always trying to tell me I was overdue with my payments, messed up appliances, and other stuff. The man really doesn’t understand who I was born to. I made before and after of daily and weekly pictures monthly with every payment. Letters, emails, texts, and voicemails copied and printed to state I have contacted him of any problems promptly. The first month I gave him all the paperwork and he looked at me with annoyance. That’s right, you try to mess with my livelihood I’ll be sure to make your life hell.

His wife was impressed Gaziantep Anal Escort though. She told me this later when she came by to inspect my apartment. So there I was, dealing with another asshole with a significant other that is hot up for dick. Once a month I give her the business because her husband doesn’t have the decency as a husband to please her. Then again I only really do it to keep my rent down. This entry is about how my landlord tried to screw me over and I come back with a vengeance.

I returned to my apartment after class to head out to the gym. My place was disheveled. You know me, I’m an organized freak. Luckily, after seeing and hearing about my landlord’s shitty ways I decided to fully protect myself. Within two months moving in I had surveillance cameras set up in my apartment. Long story shorten, I got my landlord on camera for an entire month of trashing my place. The dirtbag had the nerve to tell me I was messing up my apartment on purpose so I didn’t have to pay rent and to pay extra for maintenance. I had everything documented and recorded from emails, voicemails, and texts. His wife gave me those.

By the end of the month I showed him the recordings. His wife watched them too. She was appalled and stupefied. I could take them to court and have a suit won in my favor and every tenant in the building. That’s when his wife practically told him to leave and to calm down, and she’ll handle the situation. That which lead to her blowing me, and I had it recorded just in case she tried to do something against me. I will say it was a very good blowjob. The kind only a seasoned veteran can pull off.

That day, she stroked and sucked with supreme balance. She enjoyed herself more than she wanted to but that’s good Black dick for you. It’s the greatest aphrodisiac on the planet. That’s not even the greatest part; she gave me pointers to make my dick taste better. She literally gave me a recipe book and foods to eat, even a certain soap and lotion to use. I’m a clean stud from head to toes but damn. This is still not the one I mean to exploit.

It was almost the end of the first semester of my junior year. By that time I already had a few chubbies come by my place to “chill”. I had them recorded, it was consented as well. They wore masks on some occasions and those I had my landlady, Gretta, look at them. I made her horny like this on purpose. After the third time I had her watch one of my escapades she practically begged for my monster to be shoved down her throat. I grabbed the back of her hair and had her gag on my dick. Up and down I forced her throat onto me.

She at first gave resistance because she wasn’t use to such treatment. I had her on her knees as I looked down at her obesed frame. She was out of shape, but she doesn’t really do much at age 55 for a woman like her. She mostly works the head office. Her curly mess she calls hair is disheveled because I grip tightly in it and pull and push forcefully her face to and from my rock. I finally stood up and told her to open her slut mouth. She did without question while looking up at me and her tongue hung out. I stabbed with maniacal coldness.

Want to know what she sounded like? Rrraaaarrgh! Guh-guh-guh! And gasping for air a lot. I got an hour long workout in. I kept her in her clothes too. Had her upside down and I did push ups on her face as well. Her frock was covered in drool, spit, and mucus. I did it all for the safety and security of my home, and to stick it to her husband as well. I finally came and I sprayed it onto her clothes. Have to keep her somewhat ladylike. I told her to go wash up in the bathroom. I also had a cam in there in case people do stupid shit in there. After she was done I told her that she can get this pole once a month. She tried to argue but she knows I have way too much leverage on her. I also asked for her measurements and she was very shy about it. Over 300 pounds, size 30 in pants, somewhat of a hump on her butt, saggy breasts, about 5’6″, and her bulgy stomach.

I do admit I love making that obese figure reflex like I’m giving shock therapy. She left and she kissed me on my cheek. She did that every time I rammed my monster down her throat. I told her to tell her husband that if there are any more stunts that he pulled like last month his sister is next. I closed the door on her surprised face. She doesn’t like to share.

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