Lonely Beth Finds a Solution

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Close Up

Beth was the only child of a middle aged catholic couple. Brought up in the proper way Beth was raised strong in the faith, and schooled at the convent grammar in the nearby town. As bright and pretty as she was she did not have a lot of friends. Having to catch the bus to school meant that in the evening she would be isolated from her friends and an outsider to the few local children her age. After spending so many evenings alone reading, one thing she did have was a good imagination.

As a late teenager Beth had discovered the secret pleasures of self abuse. Even at a girls catholic school in the 60’s, naked pictures of men were often passed around. Girls would publicly giggle at the long hanging cocks but at night those images would return in their dreams and fantasies. Having been brought up in the knowledge that all sex was in some way wrong, dirty and wicked, Beth had had a horror of being found indulging her own pussy in the darkness. One picture in particular had a significant effect. It had shown a man and a woman together. The woman being naked on her hands and knees was letting this man put his stiff penis into her from behind. What puzzled her was how could she let him see her naked, never mind how he came to be putting that long thing into her. It all seem too weird and to rude to be true. The only thing that thinking about it did though was to get her panties all wet from her very aroused pussy.

The girls at school had speculated about how it could come about that man could enter a woman. Some thought that maybe the priest made you do things like that after you got married. Some girls suggested that kissing made you both drunk then you didn’t feel shy undressing in front of each other.

So the rude thoughts had made her inquisitive about her own pussy. Why did it get so wet? Why if she touched it pleasure shot through her body? Given time she had advanced her technique and had begun to rub her pussy more and more often, and with more and more vigour. But as she had started to masturbating she knew that if had to be done as quietly as possible in the middle of the night, or in strange isolated places where there was no chance of being caught.

At first she had only used her fingers to tease her sensitive nub but as her confidence grew she went on to slip more and more fingers up inside her tight hole. When this got routine Beth found it exciting to find random objects that could be substituted for the large, thick cock of an imaginary lover. In the cellar of her Grans house she had spent quite a few sessions on an old chair with her feet wide apart up on the wall, using a glass rolling pin as the shaft of a slave boy. Sweating and muscular, he was fucking her mercilessly with his black veined monster. These times would leave her exhausted, sat in a puddle of her own making.

All this was years ago though, she had married at 21. Then the 2 children came along and having time and opportunity seemed to evaporate, she hadn’t played with herself since she was 20. Now at 56 and her husband 2 months in the grave these thoughts had started to rear their heads once again.

Her husband hadn’t been the most adventurous lover but what he lacked in imagination he made up for with the size of his bulbous member. Not that long at 7 inches but he had a huge purple end. And as a slim small woman it was proportionally massive. When in full vigour, it had felt like he would reach her stomach as he thrust up her love hole. She always came.

Now laid on the bed, she casually turned the pages of some of his porn mags she had found when clearing the shed. She wondered if her husband had beaten his cock in his secret place while reading them like she had to do in her youth. After her shower Beth had gone to her bedroom with a distinct plan. She had taken care to shut the curtains without leaving gaps and placed the phone off the hook. Now naked on her bed she was free to turn the pages and let the fingers of the right hand drift across her pubis. Pictures of young women with their taught pussies being stretched by gorgeous hunks was doing something for her. Porn had come a long way from the 60’s. The one picture with the spent cock and dripping pussy definitely made her test just how slippery her pussy was. Yes her labia was wet, 2 görükle escort bayan fingers went easily in and she hardly noticed. She realised if she was going to fuck herself she would have to find something thick and long to do it. Looking around she spotted her hairbrush. The handle was smooth wide and long. Sliding it up and down her pussy gave her that thrill from her Gran’s cellar. As she worked it up she fell back and closed her eyes. That black lover was doing his magic. She spread her legs wider to make room for her phantom youth. But it wasn’t enough, Beth wanted more. On her dresser was a tall scent bottle 2 inches across, yes that was what she needed. She got it and lay down again. God she needed this! With abandon she drove it urgently home again and again. She wanted a fix now, this wasn’t the time for a slow build up. Beth wanted release. Drawing her knees together she went into convulsions as her first orgasm in months ripped through her body.

Slowly relaxing she lowered her knees and brought the offending bottle out of her sloppy cunt with a pop. This was good but she wanted to repeat it. Beth thought about finding someone but it was too soon after the funeral. Plus she really wasn’t that unhappy about being single. What she needed was a clean casual lover who would do everything she asked of them. It came to her as clear as 150 watt bulb in a cupboard.

There and then she dressed, choosing a top that made the most of her 38C bust. She hopped into the car and drove into town. Well prepared and with a plan, the only thing she had not done was put any panties on under her knee length skirt. It was late in the afternoon but she was targeting a particular shoe shop. She had been there the previous week just looking, and had being served by a very timid young man. As she entered she was delighted to see the same ungamely youth selecting items for an elderly woman. Pretending to be browsing their stock Beth waited until he became available.

“Could you help me please young man?”

“Yes madam of course.” answered the shy attendant. ‘Garth’ was on his name tag.

“Could you show me a selection of your black stiletto shoes size 4.” Beth sat in an upholstered chair. and took in the scene. Just Garth serving and another female assistant sorting out the days till receipts with her back to the shop.

It took Garth some 5 minutes to assemble half a dozen pairs. Garth returned and assumed his normal waiting on position kneeling down in front of Beth’s legs. As he went through his usual patter on comfort, style etc he became aware that this lady had parted her legs a little more than he would have expected. In the corner of his eye he thought he could glimpse stocking tops under the skirt. A little flustered he tried to avoid looking that way obviously but was constantly unconsciously being drawn to look again.

“These shoe with the thin straps would suits your narrow ankles madam.”

“Yes try them on me please.”

As he fumbled with the buckle Beth opened her thighs more. There was enough light that Garth had a clear view of a shaved 56 year old pussy. What’s more it appeared wet. In shock he instinctively looked up and was caught by Beth’s constant stare, he knew he been caught peeking.

“I like the look of these Garth, did you like your look?”

Garth blushed.

“Take a good long look Garth.” Beth encouraged. Garth froze as she leant forward and whispered “You can have a closer look if you have an hour after work to come home with me and help a lonely lady out?”

Garth hadn’t had much experience with women but he wasn’t gay, just not confident. He had done a lot of whacking off, and his bed sheets were often such a mess but real women, no. He had felt some girls tits at a party, and then only because she was drunk. Was he brave enough, what had he to lose. None of his friends would ever find out. Garth thought about it. She was smaller than he was so he probably wouldn’t be in danger, plus he could always run off. He was likely to be quicker than she was. In his mind he worked out that he couldn’t refuse this polite lady.

“Yes madam I finish in 10 minutes, I would like to help out.” Garth manage to say in a very sheepish fashion. With that Beth closed her thighs and altıparmak eskort the sweet scent of quim juice reached Garths nostrils for the first time ever.

Beth decided to buy a particularly tall pair of heels and told Garth that she would wait opposite the shop in her red Suzuki.

25 minutes later at the end of a very formal drive home Beth drew into her driveway just as darkness was decending. She unlocked the front door and went directly up stairs.

“The down stairs bathroom is there Garth if you’ll be so good as to wash, I’ll be down in a few minutes. Make yourself at home.”

“Thanks mam.”

“Beth Garth, Beth, you can’t be calling me madam or mam Garth.” She corrected him.

“Sorry mam, Beth.”

He went to the bathroom and washed his cock, it was so hard, It had been since the display in the shop. In the living room he sat in the light of the hallway.

“Oh you silly boy Garth.” said Beth returning and putting on some mood lights. Closing the curtains she returned and sat in an armchair opposite Garth. Her skirt was shorter with the same stockings only now she had on the tall heels.

“Did you like my little show in the shop Garth? Come and kneel in front of me. I hope I didn’t shock you too much Garth?”

“Oh no Beth, no it was, err nice.”

“Only nice Garth, really your eyes were so large and you got such a large bulge in the front of your trousers. Do you want me to do that for you again Garth, this time we can talk too?”

“Yes I think I would like that.” With that she pulled her skirt up and parted her thighs. She watched as Garths eyes followed her every move. Using just a single finger she stroked up and down her lips until they too were parted. Then she leant backwards for him to inspect.

“Can you see how you are making the juice run out of my pussy Garth. It’s you watching that is doing that. Shall I carry on?”

“Please Beth.”

“When I’m alone Garth I sometimes feel that I need a man inside me so I make do by touching myself.”

With that Beth found her love hole and pushed a finger up. Repeating the motion for a little while she withdrew it and then circles her clit before placing the finger in her mouth and sucking it off.

“What do you do Garth when you need a woman?”

Garth was in awe. The question took longer than usual to sink in.

“At night Beth I get terribly randy and have to rub my cock.”

“Does it shoot white cum out when you do Garth? Asked Beth while she tried 2 fingers for size.

“Yes lots, it can be 4 or 5 times each night. I catch it in tissues or else my bed would be soaking.”

“Why don’t you get him out now while you are watching me, I can see him try to escape now!”

With that Garth started to undo his pants and as he did Beth speeded up her rhythmic fingers a little. Soon his member was upright before him. He clutched it in his right hand while cradling his balls with his left. Garth was uncircumcised and about 6 inches. Beth wasn’t bothered by this. It was his presence and compliance she wanted, not length.

“Pull down on him hard Garth, I want to see how you abuse him at night. Have you had your cock in a girl Garth?”

“No Beth, never.” Garth was beating his cock now without any qualms.

Beth reached under a cushion and pulled out the glass perfume bottle. Slowly working it in she prised open her pussy and start to fuck herself with it. While it was being guided in and out her left hand was kneading her clit.

This was too much for poor Garth.

“I’m going to cum Beth, ohrrr.”

“On this Garth, shoot it over my bottle.”

Garth clambered forward between Beth’s legs just in time for the first stream of semen to shoot over the bottle held out in front of him. Other jets went over Beth’s skirt and thighs as he continued to pump it out. The white globules caught the light on her dark skirt and sickly smell of sperm invaded the air. His viscous seed covered the bottle and Beth returned it at once up her dripping opening.

Beth motioned for him to come and stand next to her in the armchair. Leaving the bottle nested deep inside her Beth took his balls in one hand whilst pulling his foreskin back for her to lick the drops nilüfer escort off his swollen end. Carefully she lifted the salty drops off one by one as she milked them out of him. Then she suddenly took the whole cock to the back of her throat. and started to fuck him with her mouth. With this she returned to pounding her own pussy with her toy, finally tensing and spasming like Garth had never witnessed before. She stopped sucking him and seemed to melt in front of him. Garth was left standing there his eject cock ready to go again. Beth push the bottle into his face and told him to lick it. Garth was happy to do as he was told. Covered in her sweet juices it only hardened him to lick them off.

Putting the bottle down Beth was still on fire.

“Garth would you like to put your fingers in me? Come between my legs.”

“Of course. Anything for you.” Garth knelt down and for the first time got so close to her pussy that he could smell both her cum juices and his. She had shaved, not totally, just her lips, leaving them exposed for his viewing. He had never seen a real pussy so he wasn’t sure just what he should touch. Beth guessed this and got hold of his hand.

“Here, this is my clitoris, you only ever stroke this gently, and now use your fingers between my lips, see, slip them right inside, wet and hot isn’t it?”

Beth took control of his hand and used it like her bottle, finger fucking herself. He look into her face and saw such ecstasy as she rode his 2 fingers. Without talking she slid the straps of her bra down and brought her large round breasts out of their hiding. Each nipple was hard and aroused.

“Suck these Garth and use another finger.”

Garth took over the pussy duties and finding 3 fingers tighter had to work harder at fucking her. Sucking a woman tits was a dream, at 56 they were still firm and sensitive. Each time he changes teats Beth would gave another low moan. After a few minutes Beth took his head.

“It’s time Garth, it’s time that you put your big cock in me.”

Beth pulled his hand slowly out of her quim and got onto all fours on the armchair. With her perky ass in the air she looked at Garth.

“Not too fast Garth, lick me first.”

Beth had reached behind her and was pulling her ass cheeks apart. Both her pussy and anus where there for his choosing.

“You want me to lick you Beth?”

“Yes lick eat probe. Do as you please.”

Garth positioned himself with his mouth open on her pussy. His tongue found her hard bud and from her moans he knew he was doing something right. Round and round he worked his tongue while she pushed back forcing his nose in her love hole. All his senses were being taken to the max. For the first time he noticed how erotic a woman anus could be. Beth’s was pulsating as his tongue lapped her clit.

“Can I kiss your bottom Beth?”

“Yes Garth, you can kiss it, tongue it, even put your fingers in.”

Garth pushed his fingers inside her wetness and started to tongue her anus. He felt her cunt oozing juice as he fucked her with his hand. The deeper he got his tongue the more she squirmed.

“Now Garth, take me, fuck me. I need to cum so badly.”

Garth stood up and took hold of her hips before sinking his cock up. Beth took control of the pace bouncing back onto his cock, all the while franticly rubbing her own clit. God she was close but it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t as big as her husband. Quickly she changed her mind.

“No Garth put him in my ass, funk me in my ass.”

With this she reached over and got the perfume bottle quickly pushed it all the way in, then proceeded to fuck herself. Garth put his cock at the entrance to her colon and pushed. This was by no means the first time she had taken a cock up her ass, and a much bigger cock at that. But Garth’s was good. His fucking her ass took her over the edge and she slipped into an abyss. The orgasm took over and she gave in to it, as it subsided she became more aware of Garth, still in his final throws of thrusting into her anus. He gave a grunt and tensioned. She felt the pulsing of his cock as it delivered load after load into her rectum. After the last effort he slumped on the floor behind her.

Experienced at anal sex Beth waited with her ass upwards. What Garth missed was the sight of Beth’s open sphincter slowly closing on the trail of white semen leaking out from her anus. Well what a plan, How well had she executed it. She turned over and sat watching his creamed cock twitch. That had been fantastic and maybe there was another one or two left in him.

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