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One word. That’s all it took was one word and I could feel the tingling between my legs. That one word and my pussy knew I was no longer in control. As I knelt down with my knees spread apart, arms clasped behind my back, eyes down, I became ready to do as I was told. I didn’t know what was going to happen, I never did. I heard him walk around me, could feel his eyes on me. It made my nipples harden and my pussy become wetter.

How did I get here? What led me to the moment that I would do whatever this man asked of me? That’s simple! He gave me the best sex of my life and showed me what I was missing, what I needed. He showed me that I was submissive and that it gave me pleasure to submit. To worship him and do as I was told. Punishments were bound to happen but they always left me soaked. He knows what I need, probably better than me. He is my master and I obey him in every way.

“You’ve disappointed me,” he says bringing me back to the present. “I expected better from you. After all this time and you still question me.” I quickly try and think of what happened, how did I disappoint him. Think slave, think!

“I’m sorry Sir.” I’m quick to apologize. I never want to disappoint him. He doesn’t deserve it and I will take whatever punishment he gives, I deserve it.

Master is standing in front of me now. I see his bare feet and jean covered legs as I still look down. He brushes a piece of hair back out of my face. “Apologizing travesti porno so quickly. What is it you are apologizing for?”

“Sir, I’m apologizing for disappointing you. There is no excuse. I only wish to please you and make you happy with me. I’m sorry Sir.”

He leans over and runs a finger from both hands down my cheek, my neck and to my nipples. He circles one then the other making them harden even more. He lightly brushes over them, I want to clench my thighs together. I can feel myself dripping. Suddenly he punches my nipples hard. “Eyes,” he says and my eyes snap to his. “Stand,” and I rise while he is still holding my nipples increasing the pressure as I stand up.

“Still so much to learn,” he said as he let go of my nipples. The sensation was so intense but i knew better than to make a sound. He turned away and went to the bench. On the bench was a variety of toys he would use at different times. Clamps, whips, paddles, rope, dildos and butt plugs of different sizes. I could feel my pussy throbbing in suspense. There was no denying my enjoyment in the situation. I just hoped I would be able to cum soon.

Master turns back around. I can see the paddle he is holding. A nice leather paddle with buttons on it that increase the sensation and leave my as tender. He also has a butt plug and nipple clamps. My pussy throbs more. The sensations are going to be intense with the cramps on and the plug in.

“Hold güzel porno out your hands,” he said as he walked back over. He placed the paddle and plug in them. “You’re punishment is simple. You will take you it without complaint.” Master was pulling on my nipples as he spoke and then suddenly he put one clamp on then the other. I wanted to moan, make a noise something. I’m about to cum and he hasn’t touched my pussy at all. Master takes the plug from my hands and rubs in between my legs. If only there was more pressure. If he would touch my clit I could come.

“I bet you’d like to come wouldn’t you? Well that’s too bad.” He inserts the plug and fucks me with it to lube it up. I’m so close a couple more strokes… but master pulls it out. “Turn and bend over.” I do as I’m told still holding my hands out with the paddle laying on top. Master inserts the plug slowly. He knows how close I am and that when the plug is inserted I will cum.

He starts to spank me. Lightly while holding pressure on the plug. He increases the the the spanking a little harder each time. Suddenly he pushes the plug all the way in and I cum. It is humiliating how i get off to the pain. How wet I get before being touched in any way. Master takes the paddle and begins alternating sides. With each smack of the paddle my tits swing adding to the feel of the clamps. My ass tightening around the plug. It’s not long before I’m coming again. Over and anal porno over master uses the paddle, my tits swinging and I keep coming. I feel it the wetness dripping down my legs adding to my humiliation. My legs begin to shake with how many orgasms I have had. It is near impossible for me to stay quiet. I’m close to begging for more with the noises that are coming out of my mouth.

My ass feels like it is bright red, the clamps are painful and i still cannot stop coming. Suddenly master stops. “Kneel!” I kneel down as he unzips his pants. He pulls out his rock hard cock. “Please master may I please you?” I practically beg.

He thrusts in my mouth fully. “Keep your mouth open and your teeth covered.” He grabs onto the back of my head and begins to fuck my mouth. I want to taste him and give him the pleasure he deserves. He knows this and that is why he is doing this. He continues to fuck me increasing speed, spit drooling out of my mouth down my chest. Tears forming in my eyes from the intense fucking and my pussy is still dripping. I can tell he is getting close and just as suddenly as he entered he pulls out and comes overs my tits.

He reaches down and takes off the clamps. The feeling of blood flowing back to my nipples is too much and I come again. “You will keep the plug in until I say and you will leave my come on you as a reminder that i know what is best.”

“Yes Sir,” I respond. “Thank you Sir for punishing me. I will do better to make you happy.”

“You make me very happy. That punishment was because I wanted to. You were so quick to apologize without knowing what you did wrong. You have realized that I know what you need and didn’t even question me. That is a true slave,” he said and kissed my forehead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32