Gail’s Coming Out

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Pam sat at the kitchen table snuggled in the warm woolen robe. A cup of steaming coffee sat in front of her as her mind replayed the scene of a few moments age. Walking toward the bathroom she and her daughter Gail shared she stopped in the doorway. Left partially open by Gail she peered in. Gail was standing at the sink naked brushing her brilliant red hair. Her firm young breasts were standing high on her chest. But the most noticeable feature was the flaccid 9″ cock hanging in front of her.

4 years ago Gary then 14 had decided that he was a woman trapped in a man’s body. Months of counseling could not resolve the young boy’s conflict and it was finally decided that a transformation was the only answer. Gary’s parents, Pam and Mark, argued during the entire process, they were long and heated arguments that often lasted late into the night. Mark eventually left the marriage, blaming Pam for his son’s problems. Pam understood her son’s dilemma and supported his decision to become the person he really wanted, Gail. The past 4 years had been hard on them, they had to move to a new city, Pam found a new job and after long and sometime painful treatments, Gail emerged into the beauty she was today. In her last year of high school she was a well-adjusted young lady who though fairly popular only had one close friend, Brittany. She as Brittany were very good friends who did everything together. Brittany had often flirted with her indicating a desire to become more than friends and many times asked Gail to spend the night, however, Gail always made excuses to avoid that situation. Her fear of discovery by Brittany and the boys at school kept her from experiencing some of the things truly normal teens do. This fear left her sexually frustrated. She was unhappy with the fact she had never touched or been touched by another person. Masturbation had been her only relief from the emerging sexually energy most teenagers go through.

Pam loved her daughter but this morning seeing her standing there ignited new feelings deep within her. Pam had not dated since her husband left and with the exception of some very discrete encounters with her twin sister Julia and her collection of personal toys, she hadn’t been properly fucked in a while. As she sat there drinking coffee her mind conflicted with new emotions, however, her body was responding to hidden desires. She didn’t hear Gail enter the room and jumped when a hand gently touched her shoulder.

“Morning mom, sleep well?” Gail asked as she walked over to the counter and looked for a coffee cup.

Pam looked up at her, a large white towel wrapped around her body. Reaching into the cupboard for a cup, the towel rode up exposing a portion of Gail’s cute ass and the balls that hung between her legs. Pam felt the juice in her pussy start to seep out.

“Good morning sweetheart. Yes I did sleep well, how about you?” She answered watching as the girl poured a cup of coffee.

“Just fine thank you. Why aren’t you at work?” Gail inquired as she moved to sit at the table opposite her mom.

“Decided to take the day off and relax. It’s Friday and there isn’t much to do at the office.” Pam said as she looked at her gorgeous grown daughter. “What do you have planned for the day?”

“Not much, no classes until Monday so I thought I’d just hang out around here.” Gail pleasantly stated.

Pam smiled. “Why don’t we go shopping and do girl things today? Just the two of us.”

“That sound like a great idea.” Gail beamed as she sipped her coffee.

The two made idle chitchat while they drank their morning coffee. Finished, Pam gathered both cups and walked to the dishwasher. Putting the cups inside she turned and headed for the door. Gail got up from the table and headed toward the stairs.

“Hurry up and get dressed.” Pam instructed as she climbed the stairs 3 steps behind her daughter. Looking up she had a good view under the towel wrapped around the young girl’s body. It took all of Pam’s self-control to keep from reaching up and fondling the nut sack that hung between the girl’s legs.

“Damn, stop thinking like this…she’s your own daughter for Christ’s sakes!” Pam silently thought to herself as she reached the landing and turned into her bedroom. Reaching into her closet she selected a very casual jogging outfit and began to dress.

Fifteen minutes later Pam stood in the living room waiting for Gail. “Come on Gail, we don’t have all day.” She shouted upstairs, giggling at what she had just said. In fact they did have all day.

Gail came bounding down the stairs. Pam took one look at the girl and sucked her breath in. Standing before her dressed in a white tank top, black leather micro skirt, long sheer black pantyhose and black pumps, Gail looked as sexy as any woman she had ever seen.

“Ready mom.” Gail said as she headed down the hallway toward the garage. Pam stood transfixed to the spot as she watched her daughter walk down the hall, her cute young ass swaying back and forth under the extremely alt yazılı seks short skirt.

” If that skirt were any shorter, Gail’s secret would be publicly known in an instant.” Pam thought as she finally moved from the spot and followed Gail into the garage. Sliding into the driver’s seat she glanced over at her daughter. Her long shapely legs exposed from under the skirt started to have that nagging effect on Pam’s body again. Backing the car out of the garage she fought to push her secret desires back into her mind.

The girls spend the entire day shopping at several area malls. Stopping for lunch Pam was aware of the looks her daughter was receiving from all the men and many of the woman in the restaurant. “If they only knew the truth I wonder how they would look at her?” Pam smiled as she drank her ice tea. Finishing lunch they continued shopping for the afternoon. It was the most pleasant day either one of them had experienced in a long time. Tired from shopping they decided that a quiet dinner in their favorite restaurant would cap off the day perfectly. They ate at Mario’s, their favorite Italian bistro, talking about the day’s events and enjoying a bottle of good wine. Dinner having been taken care of, they drove home in silence listening to the soft music of the radio.

Once in the house they headed to the respective bedrooms to unload the day’s loot. Pam pulled the items from their bags and laid them on the bed. She had found some nice business suits, a couple of casual outfits, 2 pair of shoes and a set of rather scandalous lingerie.

“Gail, care to show me some of the things you bought today?” Pam called down the hall to her daughter.

“Sure mom, give me a minute to change.” Gail replied as she pulled the tank top over her head. Unzipping the micro-skirt she dropped it to the floor and then removed her pantyhose. Pulling a silky black short negligee from the bag she removed the tags and slid it over her head. Next came a pair of black crotch less pantyhose that allowed her sex to tangle free. Slipping into a pair of black strap sandals she looked in the mirror. Still too young for breast transplants her own breasts were like many young teenage girls, conical in shape and capped with 2 very large puffy nipples, which showed thru the material magnificently. Pleased with the look she called out to her mom.

“Ok mom, I’m ready. You can come in now.”

Pam hung up the skirt she had in her hand and headed to the girl’s room. Pushing the door open she entered. Nothing could have prepared her for the vision standing before her. Gail stood there in the transparent outfit, her hands on her hips in the most seductive pose Pam could have ever envisioned. Immediately, she felt her breathing starting to shallow as moisture crept into her pussy.

“Oh god honey, you look so sexy in that outfit.” She whispered as she crossed the room and stood before the girl. “Turn around and let me see the rest of it.”

Slowly turning Gail let her mom drink in all the beauty she possessed. She herself felt the stirring of emotion as the mature parent gazed on her form. Her young dick started to stir and she fought the desire, afraid her mother would not approve.

Pam stared at the beautiful young woman, her cute little ass peeking out from under the gown, her firm breasts glowing behind the soft flimsy material and the hard nipples pressing the cloth. But the most erotic thing was the large soft cock hanging under the negligee.

“Oh mother, stop staring you’re embarrassing me!” Gail squealed as she felt her mother’s eyes burning into her flesh. Afraid her arousal would give her away she whined; “Fair is fair, your turn to model something for me.”

“Ok, give me a minute.” Pam responded as she turned and headed back to her own room. Entering the bedroom she found it difficult to breath and she was trembling uncontrollably. “Get a hold of yourself!” She breathed as she started to strip off her own clothing. Searching the bed she picked out the only outfit on the bed, a very business-like outfit and dressed herself in it. Walking back to Gail’s room she stepped in and asked. “Well, what do you think?”

“Oh very nice, but mine was a lot sexier. Didn’t you buy anything sexy?” Gail pouted in her best little girl voice.

“Yes dear, I did but some sexier things but I don’t know if I should be modeling them for you.” Pam said with a slight hesitation in her voice.

“Oh please, mom, please!” The girl pleaded.

“All right, stay here until I call you.” Pam relented. Returning to her room she removed the suit and hung it in the closet. Stripping off her bra and panties, she opened her drawer and extracted the red satin bra, panties, nylons and garter belt. Starting with the nylons she pulled one onto each long slender leg, next she fastened the garter belt around her waist and clipped the stockings. Pulling the red thong into place she adjusted the back strap sliding it comfortably into the crack of porno 92 her ass, finally she slid her arms into the low cut red lace bra and fastened the front. Her 36D breasts fit nicely in the garment and just the right amount of cleavage appeared at the top. A new pair of red pumps finished the look. Gazing in the mirror she trembled slightly, her hardened nipples poking thru the material of the bra, wondering about her daughter’s reaction.

“Gail, you can come in now!” She spoke, a quiver in her voice.

Moments later Gail entered the room, still dressed in her negligee.

“Jesus mom, do you look hot in that outfit!” Gail sang out. Her mother’s body seemed to glow in the soft red outfit. Her lush breasts pushed up slightly by the bra, the hardened nipples visible thru the fabric. The thong showing wisps of hair along the sides added to the sexiness of her mother.

“Alright, turn around and let me see the back.” Gail commanded.

Pam turned slowly to give the girl ample time to inspect her completely. She was becoming aroused at the little game the two were playing. “Damn, I hope this thong doesn’t show my wetness too much!” She worried. When her back was facing Gail she stopped and waited.

Gail sighed as the sight of her mom’s firm ass came into view. The white fleshy cheeks separated by the thin red band of satin. Gail’s emotions kicked into high gear, her cock slowly starting to grow under the gown. Walking up behind her mom she reached around and cupped the woman’s bra covered breasts with her hands, squeezing gently.

“Gail, what are you doing?” Pam spoke trying to pull away from the girl. “Honey, this isn’t right…we’ve let this get out of hand!”

“Oh mom, I love you so much and you’ve done so much for me.” Gail sighed as she maintained a firm but loving grip on the breasts. She could feel the hard nipples against the palm of her hands as she gently kneaded the fleshy globes. “Don’t you like this?” She whimpered.

“Yes sweetheart, very much. But are you sure about this?” Pam tried to reason with the girl.

Pulling Pam back against her, she pushed her negligee covered rigid penis into her mom’s ass. “I’ve never been surer of anything in my Life!” She answered as she pushed her hardness deeper into the crevice.

“Ohhhhh, that’s so nice!!!” Pam moaned as she felt the rigid cock against the band of red material. Pushing back she closed her eyes and reveled in the feelings of the delicate hands fondling her tits, the soft material rubbing her nipples and that magnificent cock nestled in her butt. Her pussy was hot and wet and for the moment she didn’t care.

“You need to tell me something sweetie, have you ever been with anyone before?” She asked softly thru the involuntary moans.

“No mom, I haven’t. I’ve been too afraid that people would not like me if they knew the truth. I love being a girl but I am so frustrated and don’t know how to remedy the problem.” Gail answered, a tear gently falling from her eye.

Pam sensed her frustration and pulled away far enough to turn around. Cupping her daughter’s face she gently brought her lips to the Gail’s and kissed her gently. Pulling her their breasts crushed together she pressed the kiss harder. Her hot wet tongue licking Gail’s full red lips as she now felt the pressure of the rigid dick against her stomach. Pushing her tongue past Gail’s teeth she explored the inside of her mouth with a passion only a mother could have for a daughter. Their tongues dancing in each other’s mouth fueling the growing flames of lust within each of them.

Pam slowly ran her delicate fingers down over the soft silky material until a firm pert breast hit her hand. Rubbing gently, she massaged the globe with the smooth material. The puffy little nipple hardened against her palm as she moved from breast to breast.

“Mmmmmmmm…that feels so nice!” Gail cooed as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of her mother’s soft loving hands. Moving her hand away, Pam moved her mouth to the exact spot and sucked the morsel, material and all into her mouth. Sucking gently she felt Gail’s body quiver. That quiver was replaced by shaking as she reached down and softly stroked the rigid member standing straight up from her daughter’s groin. Wrapping her delicate hand around it she very lightly began to stroke it up and down.

“Ohhhhhhh!!” Gail cried as for the first time in her life someone other than her was touching her young cock. The feeling was indescribable as her knees weakened and she fought to maintain her balance. The soft feather light touch was beyond anything she had ever imagined.

Pam sensed her young daughter’s unsteadiness and pushed her back onto the bed. Lifting the top over Gail’s head she marveled at the firmness and shape of the girl’s breasts. Immediately her hot wet mouth clamped onto one of the erect nipples. As she sucked the nub her tongue traced circles around the hard cap. Her hand still stroked the rock hard cock as she sucked and teased xvideos porno the girl’s little tits. The cock felt hot and very hard and pulsed with every stroke.

“Are you ok honey?” Pam whispered.

“Oh god yes mom! It feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life!” Gail moaned as she basked in the erotic fluid of the moment.

Sliding her mouth down the girl’s stomach she left a wet trail with her tongue. Reaching the pantyhose she licked down along one thigh to the foot and then back up the other one. Her tongue making the nylon material sticky as she tried to massage the hose into the smooth creamy thighs under her. Looking up she saw the impressive 9″ rod lying against Gail’s hose covered stomach. Inching her tongue along the side of the member she licked the underside very lightly from the base to the tip. Working down the other side she repeated the maneuver over and over. Teasing the young girl, driving her into a torrid frenzy until she finally found the head and very gently ran her tongue around the ridges. Blowing hot breaths into the helmet her hands softly stroking the underside of Gail’s balls.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god!” Gail sighed waiting with trembling anticipation for the feeling of Pam’s lips and mouth on her sex. She didn’t have to wait very long.

Pam slowly lifted the magnificent young rod off Gail’s panty hose, wet her lips and slid the head into her mouth. Sucking ever so softly, she ran her tongue along the top playing with the small slit. Tiny drops of pre-cum formed and she used her tongue to scoop it into her mouth. “God it feels so good to finally have a hard cock in my mouth again.” Pam thought to herself as she worked the head with all the love and passion she could find. Slowly she sank her mouth down the length of the shaft. Her tongue explored the underside tracing all the veins and ridges until the entire length was enveloped. The head nestled in the back of her throat she sucked the young dick purposely coating it with her salvia.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” Gail cried out, her hands gripping the sheets of the bed. She had never expected the sensations coursing through her body as the very wet and warm mouth caressed her cock. It felt like her dick was floating in warm oil as she could feel every nerve ending and the electricity that flowed thru it. She felt the familiar tightening of her scrotum signaling her immanent eruption.

“Ohhhhhhhh mom… I’m going to cum soon if you keep that up!” She tried to whisper between the gasps of breath she took. Her body was shaking as sweat poured from her pores. Nothing in the world, not the pictures nor the books nor her own manipulations prepared her for the surreal feelings she was experiencing.

Pam immediately sensed that her young daughter wouldn’t be able to last too long. She recognized the subtle pulsing of the meat in her mouth, the tightening of the sack in her hand. Determined to make this the most memorable moment of the young girl’s short life, she slowly started to bob her head up and down. Pulling her mouth to the head she paused to suck and then sealing her lips around the shaft literally sucked the cock into her throat. After only a few minutes of this treatment she hear Gail’s moaning voice.

“Mommmm…better stopppp, I’mmmmmmmmmm goinggg to cummmmm!”

Hearing the words only enflamed Pam’s desire to finish the job. Feverously she began to bob her head up and down. The feeling of the young hard cock fucking her mouth intensified Pam’s own desires. Faster and faster she bobbed, her hand now squeezing the soft nut sac. Suddenly she felt the hot cock spasm as the first stream of hot milky cum erupted into her mouth.

“Oh god mom, Oh fuck I can’t hold back I’mmmmm cummmmmiiiinnnggggggggg!!!!!!!! UNGH…….. UNGH……….. UNGH………. UNGHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!” Gail screamed as her teenage body tensed and she pushed her cock deep into her mother’s willing mouth. Wave after wave of sperm shot from her dick as she experienced an orgasm more intense than anything she ever fantasized about.

Pam was a pro at cocksucking and quickly allowed Gail to jam the exploding member deep into her throat. Using her throat muscles she struggled to drink down all the hot fluid being sent into her mouth. The hot seed swelled up around the throbbing rod, coating it as it mixed with the saliva. Swallowing rapidly she manage to keep any from escaping past her lips as she squeezed the girl’s balls milking the remaining drops from the reservoir. As soon as the spasms subsided, she gently started sucking extracting any remaining sperm. Using her tongue she cleaned the tool until it returned to its flaccid state. Removing her mouth, she slid up along side Gail leaned over and meshed her lips onto her daughters’. Her tongue easily passed into the girl’s mouth as she let her taste her own cum. Breaking the kiss she wrapped her arms around the girl and headed her head on her chest.

“Oh mom…I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to cum in your mouth! I just couldn’t stop it. It felt so good!” Gail tried to explain to her mother as she softly stroked the woman’ hair.

“Shhhh…baby. I wanted it worst than you. You have no idea how good you tasted or what a turn-on it was!” Gail responded relaxing as the delicate fingers toyed with her hair.

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