Punished For Playing

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“You’ve been a bad girl, Kayden Renee.” He said it matter of factly, but Kayden didn’t miss the undertones of desire in his voice. Looking at her, he knew he couldn’t be blamed for his inability to keep the desire out of his voice when he was upset with her. Her long, brown hair fell straight and thick over slender shoulders. Her perky chest was being pushed up in a pink lace bra and, as his eyes traveled over her tight stomach and curvy hips, he noticed her panties matched as well.

Her green eyes didn’t look as contrite as he thought they should but that would change after her punishment. Her full lips were in a pout and there was some color in her cheeks. He smirked knowing there would be color in the others soon.

“Well?” He implored impatiently when she remained silent.

“Yes, sir, I have.” Was her only response. She kept her eyes downcast and caught her bottom lip with her teeth.

Cameron raised one eyebrow, sharply. She knew better than that. Sometimes, he wondered if she did it on purpose. “Well?”

She hated this part. Where she had to confess. Kayden had hoped her admittance of misbehaving would be enough but, apparently not. “I … ” She always had a hard time saying it out loud. “I touched myself.”

“And?” He pressed, his tone thick with impatience.

“And, I came.” Kayden found she couldn’t look him in the eye.

Cameron shook his head and smiled. He had such a naughty girl on his hands. “And why don’t we do that?”

“Because my zorla sex pleasure belongs to you, sir.” It came out as a whisper, but Cameron did not make her repeat it.

“Come here, little girl.” Kayden immediately obeyed, coming to stand on his left. She was already wearing nothing but a bra and panties, so no time was wasted. He pulled her over his knee and began. The first few swats were gentle – they always were. He would pause between swats to caress her ass. She really did have a lovely full ass, he mused.

He loved spanking her and she loved being spanked. He took great care to make sure she felt it in every spot from the top of her thighs to the roundest part of her ass. After her upturned bottom became a pretty shade of light pink, Cameron quickened the speed and force. Kayden knew better than to beg, but she couldn’t stop the ooh’s and ouch’s as the tempo and force continued to increase. When he moved to her thighs and sit spot, the tears began.

Over and over he spanked her. He was consistent and relentless. Each smack was harder than the first. He had been going at it for a while so there was no place that he hit that wasn’t sore. By this time, all that Kayden could think of was the pain and regret. She had displeased him and she felt horrible about it. Kayden’s cries turned to sobs and it took her a few minutes to calm down and realize the hand part was over. She knew it would make it worse, but she begged anyways. “Please, sir. Cameron. I won’t porno indir do it again.”

She shivered when she felt the cool brush rest against her hot ass. She really did hate the brush. He usually reserved it for when he was incredibly upset with her and Kayden’s tears continue to flow freely with that knowledge alone.

“Mm. Yes you will baby, but at least next time you’ll think first.” And, with that, he began spanking her with the brush. Not only did it hurt, but it was loud which made it worse. Smack after smack, Cameron became harder and harder and his anger dwindled. When he was over it, and she was at her breaking point, he stopped. He rubbed her back for a few minutes and allowed her to regain the majority of the control of her breathing before he lifted her up. He pulled her onto his lap and pulled her close.

“I’m sorry, baby.” She managed through tears. She loved the idea of a spanking but always forgot how much she hated the process.

“I know you are, Kayden.” Normally after spanking her, the sex was rough and quick, allowing her no release. He wasn’t feeling that way this time. “Let me show you why you may not touch yourself.” He said as he laid her onto the bed. “Why I want your pleasure.” Kisses rained down her face, neck, shoulders, chest. Just with his lips, he was bringing pleasure. Kayden arched her back in response to his touch and Cameron took that moment to undo her bra. His teeth grazed her nipple while his hand pinched ensest porno and tugged on the other.

Kayden moaned and dug her nails into the sheets. “Ohh, God.” She could feel him everywhere. His mouth, his hands, his skin on hers. Everywhere. And then he was inside her. One finger, then two. A relentless movement that left no room for thought as she was instantly thrust over the edge. Reflexively, her hands dug into his back in an attempt to brace herself as she fell.

Not letting her catch her breath, Cameron pulled out his fingers and thrust into her. Hard. She screamed out in shock and pain, but it quickly dissolved into a moan of pleasure. Kayden moved to pull him closer but he shook his head. “I will stop to tie you up if I have to, Kayden.” His voice was husky with pleasure. “And I will spank you again if you come without permission one more time.”

Oh, God. She was horrible at holding back an orgasm. She tried to focus on not coming. As usual, he was relentless. He was moving slow, but it was so deep. Her hips matched his stroke for stroke. As she was on her back, she was reminded of her punishment every time he moved. Every stroke reinforced that she was his; that he owned her. “Who does it better, baby?” Cameron demanded.

He stopped when she remained silent, lost in the pleasure. “Who?” He snarled, pulling a leg up to smack her ass sharply.

“You!” Kayden cried out with the pain. “You do it better, sir.”

Further and further under he drug her until he knew she could take no more. He then thrust into hard one final time meeting her eyes and nodding. He was still and silent in his release while she thrashed around him and moaned his name over and over again. Pulling out, he kissed her forehead gently. “That’s right.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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