Therapy Ch. 05

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As Debra drove home she thought to herself, “I seem to be losing my underwear on a regular basis.” At least she didn’t need to worry about David being home. She knew he had left for the builder’s convention in Los Angeles.

She showered and wrapped up in a warm robe. She was happy she had some time to reflect on her future. Though painful, she had to admit to herself she allowed herself to fall into this abyss. Even with all the risks to her marriage and career this submissive urge, this need to humiliate herself had won over common sense. The most difficult thing for her to acknowledge was she wasn’t sure if she wanted it to end, even facing the realization it may change her life as she now knew it.

She decided she needed to explain everything to David. She hopped he would forgive her for holding back and accept what she has done. She then could face Julie and Frank with him. If things were to go on, as she secretly hoped, it would be with her husband’s consent. If not, well he would give her the will power she would need to weather the storm.

The phone rang interrupting her thought. When she answered she heard his voice. He was calling from his hotel. She felt happy to hear him.

“Hi, Babe How is it going?”

“Fine, well not so fine. I am waiting for you to get home. I want to talk to you.”

“You sound so serious, ” he thought she may be ready to expose her affair. “Can’t we talk now on the phone, you know I will not be back until late Sunday night.”

Suddenly she wondered what Julie had planned for her. If she told David now, it may end things. God! she thought, I am doing it again. “No, it can wait. I will see you Sunday.”

“I will be very late by the time we pack everything up. Why don’t you make us a reservation at one of the restaurants on Santana Row for Monday night. I will be rested and able to give you my full attention, we can talk then.”

“Okay. That will be nice. Bye. I love you.” She hung up the phone. At times the thought of her perversity made her ill, and then in the next moment, that familiar squishiness between her legs told her she needed to get off. She thought of the evil things Julie might make her do. Her hand slipped under the robe to her moist pussy.


On Friday she came to work and Julie greeted her as if nothing had changed. As was their usual routine she and her partner met before the first scheduled patients. They went over some orders needing to be made, then they both started to see patients. The only difference Debra noted was Julie seemed to be sure all of Debra’s appointments were in treatment room six.

Debra was in her office before lunch going over some charts when the door opened and she saw Julie walk in. She quickly rose and assumed her ‘position’ next to her desk. Julie smiled and walked up to her.

“I am glad to see you wore a dress today, Pet. I know I said only on Thursdays but I like your attempt to please me.” She leaned even closer and whispered, “Tell me what you have on underneath.”

Debra spoke softly, remembering taking off her panties in the garage. Somehow hoping this would happen. “Nothing Ma’am.”

Julie at that moment understood what a special gift Frank had given her. “Only a cheap slut with a bald cunt would go to work without panties, if she didn’t have to. Isn’t that right, Pet?”

Debra muttered ‘Yes’ softly.

“No. Say it aloud.” Debra’s face flushed in humiliation. She lowered her eyes and knew thinking it was easy, but now, being ordered to say it aloud brought her further degradation which she had become to thrive upon.

“Only a cheap slut, like me, would go to work with a bald cunt,” she paused at the word she had always hated, “and no panties.”

“Did you think of me last night while your husband was gone?”

She wouldn’t give her that satisfaction, “No, Ma’am. I went to bed early.”

“Somehow I do not believe you. Be on time tonight, Pet.” Julie turned and walked away. Debra felt almost disappointed she hadn’t been made to show what Julie made her say.

The rest of her day went uninterrupted. She had Julie cancel her last appointments. When he partner asked why she was leaving early, she explained she had some important business to take care of. As she walked by the front desk she noticed a sly, mischievous smile on her young Mistress.


The note Julie had given instructed her to be at a restaurant in San Francisco’s North Beach District. A description of the outfit she was to wear was included. Debra remembered wearing it to an open house they had at the office. Julie must have liked it to remember it so well. It consisted of a black pleated skirt, cut just above the knee and a matching short waisted coat. Instead of wearing a blouse underneath she was instructed to wear a black lacy push up bra. She was also to wear ebony thigh highs with Low-Rise Lace Trim Boy Shorts in black from Victoria’s Secrets. Julie also wanted black high heels with at least a four inch heel.

Debra knew the outfit was certainly stylish. Without xhamster porno a blouse it would show some cleavage and the higher heels would give it a bit of a ‘slutty’ look, but overall it wasn’t something Debra was embarrassed about wearing. She ignored her disappointment and headed to the mall to pick up the bra, panties and heels. Dinner wasn’t until nine so she had a bit of time to prepare.

While dressing she fought the urge to play with herself. She applied the make-up a bit heavier than normal and was pleased with her reflection in the mirror. She left early, heading to Columbus Street. The Rose Pistola was an upscale Italian restaurant, with a good reputation. Luckily they had valet parking and Debra noticed the looks she received by the attendants.

Debra arrived early and sat at the bar, ordering a Lemon Drop Martini. She reflected on what was ahead and fought her guilt for looking forward to the evening. She consoled herself with the thought of how she would feel so much better after Monday night. Once David knew of her deceit they both could face her ordeal together. She had faith in the man she loved so dearly and hoped he would forgive her for not being open with her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice, “Hello, Pet. My you must be eager, you got here before me.”

Debra looked up and saw Julie and two other women standing by the bar. The three of them were dressed in what many called ‘casual elegance’; designer jeans on Julie’s two friends and cropped tank tops showing a glimpse of their midriffs. Julie had black leather pants and a white T-shirt with a black leather vest. She looked a little ‘dykey’ but Debra felt very overdressed compared to the other three.

“This is Anna and Fran. You will, of course, show them the respect they deserve and refer to them as Miss Anna and Miss Fran,” her voice showed an air of superiority more to impress her friends than to scare Debra.

“Yes Ma’am,” Debra answered as she rose she greeted each woman with a handshake, then stood next to Julie. Both women smiled at her compliance. Debra told her friends to check on their table.

When alone she whispered to Debra, “I am pleased with how you look. If you follow my instructions to the letter, Pet, this night may be enjoyable for you. If you disobey me, or my friends, even just a little, “she hesitated and put her lips to Debra’s ear, “I will make you wish you never saw Mr. Pearson’s cock.”

They were soon seated and the three girls chatted and essentially ignored Debra. When the waiter came they all ordered and before Debra could speak, Julie ordered her a small dinner salad and some plain Pene pasta. They went back to their discussion, again leaving Debra to sit alone.

When the waiter brought the salads, Debra was ready to eat. She was hungry, having skipped lunch. Just as she picked up the fork she heard the familiar voice.

“Pet, put the fork down. Sluts eat with their hands. They are dirty creatures who finger pussies and rub cocks. They eat cum and rim asses; they do not need utensils.”

Debra’s eyes darted around the room and was relived no one, except those of them at the table, seemed to hear the conservation.

Before she could think she uttered, “But, Julie you can’t be…..” the look on Julie’s face was enough for her to know she had made a mistake.

Her voice was louder this time and it was easy to see by the furtive glances around them she was overheard by fellow patrons. “Pet, do not talk back to me, EVER!”

Debra could feel the reddening of her cheeks as she muttered, “I am sorry, Ma’am.”

“Sorry is not enough. Unbutton the top button to your jacket.”

The jacket had only three buttons and by loosening the top one the coat would gape at the slightest movement giving anyone nearby a flash of her black bra and tops of her creamy white breasts.

Arguing would be pointless and probably cost her another button. She quickly unbuttoned it and went about eating her salad with her fingers. By keeping her head down she hoped people would not notice her.

Julie’s friend Anna reached into her purse and whispered to her friend. Julie smiled and took the item in her hand. She reached out to Debra and handed her a small collapsable scissors.

“To be sure you understand the seriousness of your infraction Anna thinks you should cut the button off the Jacket. The rest of the night you will be reminded of your insolence.”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you for the suggestion Miss Anna.” Debra cut the thread and placed the button and scissors in her purse.

When their dinners arrived, Debra didn’t have to ask about her Pasta. She silently thanked Julie for ordering it plain. She slowly ate, noticing how the three girls would watch in amusement as she sucked each tube of pasta into her mouth. They had ordered wine but none was offered to Debra. Midway through the entree, Julie asked Debra to hand her the empty wine glass in front of her.

Julie raised her wine glass and proposed a toast to her friends, saying may this night be memorable erotik porno for all, especially their Pet. All three girls took a sip of their wine, then, as Debra watched Julie spit her wine into Debra’s glass. She handed it to Anna, who in turn gave it to Fran. When the glass finally was placed in front of Debra each women had added a mouthful of their wine to the glass.

“Drink, Pet. Drink it all at once. Perhaps tonight you will be drinking something else of ours that is golden.” Julie and her friends laughed as Debra swallowed the white wine in one long gulp. Her heart beat fast at that thought.

There were three more toasts and three more glasses of wine for her to drink. She was feeling a bit numb from the alcohol and didn’t hear Julie’s question.

“I am sorry Ma’am, I didn’t hear you.” she giggled a bit from the buzz she was feeling.

“You are sorry, how sweet Pet. I am glad you find it funny,” Julie retorted, “see how funny it is with the bottom button off your jacket! Cut it off now.”

Debra quickly began to sober up, “Yes Ma’am,” she replied as she removed the scissors. The second button joined the first in her purse.

“I asked if your husband knows you fuck men at the office.”

The enormity of the statement brought back reality to Debra. This was not a no consequence fantasy. “No, Ma’am. Not yet.”

“Not yet? Do you plan on telling him?”

“Yes, when he gets back. I am going to tell him on Monday.”

Frans voice interrupted her thoughts, “And Slut Debra, how will he take this information. That his wife is a little slut. For cock and pussy.”

Debra was beyond caring if others were listening, “I, I hope. Well, I think he will accept it. He has fantasized about it for years.”

Julie knew if Debra brought David into the scheme, Frank and Julie’s control would weaken. Julie would call Frank on Saturday and let him know. He had told the two he was going to Vegas but Julie knew he was still in town.

“Pay the bill, Pet. We need to get going.”

The three left and Debra had to wait for the waiter to bring her the check and return with her credit card. She could not help but notice his blatant ogling of her chest.

When she met them in front of the restaurant Julie told her to leave her car and go with them in a taxi. The three girls got in the back seat while Debra sat up front. Julie reached into her purse and pulled out a small wrapped object. She handed it to Debra and told her to open it.

It wasn’t in a box and when Debra tore open the paper she recognized it as a collar. A black leather collar about a half inch wide with a D-ring and a silver heart, similar to the ones on the popular Tiffany bracelets and necklaces. Engraved in script was a single word; PET.

Julie spoke first, “You can thank me latter, Pet. Put it on.”


“You really are a stupid cunt.” Debra noticed the look the driver was giving her, as Julie continued in an angry voice, “Yes, now. And you know what to do to the last button don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am. Julie placed the soft leather collar around her neck and felt the cold silver heart against her flesh. She then thought of refusing the next command. She could stop the cab and leave. Julie could send those pictures to anyone she wanted. At least it would be over! Instead she opened her purse and soon added the third button to her collection.

The coat fell open and her bra was clearly visible. As she pulled it closed Fran told her she was not allowed to touch the jacket without permission. Debra let the jacket fall open and noticed how hard her nipples felt.

The driver stopped at a nondescript building on Otis Street. When they entered Debra saw a sign saying the place was called, ‘The Power Exchange’, below that was the following sentence.

The Power Exchange is an adult sexual play space that caters to all sexual and gender preferences and exotic sensibilities.

Debra no longer cared about her jacket. Some of the people in the entry were scantily clad and Debra was sure some of the women were really men! Single women were admitted free except to the third level. On this level single men were not allowed and single women had to pay a ten dollar fee. Debra paid for all of the group and they stopped to read the rules of conduct and safe sex clearly posted on the wall.

They went to the coat check area to lock up their purses when Julie tapped on Debra’s shoulder. She was holding up the rest of Debra’s ‘gift’; a metal leash with a black looped handle. Her hands reached up to the collar and for the first time Julie made intimate contact with her boss. Her fingers felt soft on her neck and Debra shivered as the cold metal nestled between her breasts until Julie tugged on the leash.

“Stay close and obey. Do not speak unless spoken to. If someone touches you without the girls or my permission let me know right away and I will have them tossed out. Now take off the jacket.”

Debra felt a rush of excitement travel through her body as she handed her coat to the check girl. No milf porno one mistook her for a drag queen.

The three women walked ahead and Debra followed behind, keeping up so as not to have the leather collar burn her skin from the pull of the leash. Her eyes were darting around the room. On this lower level there were many single men and they were following the four women like bears on honey. She could see some couples, many dressed in BDSM outfits. One women was strapped to a chain spider web and a man was whipping her back while a group looked on.

This was like a Disneyland for perverts. On the third floor there was mainly couples and many of the women gave the four girls the evil eye. They didn’t want their men to be leering at the ‘Lesbos’ rather than at themselves.

She was led to a room where they could be watched. Debra was made to stand in front of each girl and kiss them. She remembered her high school days and had to admit women were much sexier kissers than men. Julie was the last to smooch with her and her tongue dominated Debra’s mouth. It probed her mouth like an eel in a cave. Pushing against her teeth and gums.

Julie stepped away and Debra noticed a crowd of three or four couples were watching. She spoke loudly, “Pet, remove your skirt.”

Debra was in her sub zone, as she called it, and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She stood proudly in her bra and little boy panties. Her cunt was soaking wet. The chain leash hung down between her breasts.

“Nice, Now Pet, be a good girl and remove your bra and panties. The people want to see your tits and cunt.” Julie raised her voice and spoke to the crowd,”Don’t you all?”

The murmur from the crowd, words like, “slut’, ‘whore’, ‘bitch’ echoed in Debra’s head. She unclasped her bra and dropped it on her skirt. The panties came next and her nose curled as she got a whiff of herself. She was now clad only in heels and thigh highs, and of course a collar and leash.

There was music playing and Julie walked up to her toy and grabbed the leash. Pulling her tightly against her body they began to dance. Julie’s tongue continued to show its ownership of Debra’s mouth. Her assistant’s hands rubbed her ass, then she turned Debra around so her back was pressed against Julie’s clothed body.

Dropping the leash Julie used her right hand to grab her melon sized breast while her other dropped between her legs. As their bodies swayed to the music Julie’s fingers slipped into the center of Debra’s sexuality. Debra was lost to the pleasure and with eyes closed thrust her lower body against the invading hand.

While the two hands worked her body Debra felt another hand on her ignored breast. She felt two lips lightly touch her ear and recognized the voice of Fran.

“Open your eyes,” as Debra opened them she saw a room filled with mostly or partially clothed people. People of all sizes, shapes and nationalities. The one thing they all had in common was their eyes were focused on Debra. “You are a real slut, Debbie. I didn’t believe what Julie said about you, but now I know it is true.”

Debra could feel herself blush at the humiliating words and felt herself begin to cum on Julie’s hand. Before she reached the point of no return, Julie’s hand stopped and Fran twisted her nipple causing pain to interfere with Debra’s body’s need for release.

The two women stepped away and Julie spoke, “Do you want to cum, Pet?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”


“Yes, Ma’am. I want to cum, so badly. Please.”

“Get down on the floor. Put your head on the dirty floor and spread your ass. I want everyone to see your slutty little asshole. Now!” Debra dropped down and could feel everyone’s eyes on her ass as she spread herself open. “Stick a finger in your ass.”

Julie’s command fueled Debra’s need for debasement and she pushed her finger into her asshole. The crowd’s taunts and laughing added to her perverted urges.

“Pull it out and stand up.” Julie directed, enjoying her power. Once she stood the glistening of sweat on her body was evident as well as her excruciatingly distended nipples. “Now, show everyone what a slut you are. How you will do anything to cum.”

Debra looked questionably at her tormenter and the idea of what she wanted became apparent as Julie put her finger into her own mouth and sucked it like a mini cock.

Debra raised her hand to her mouth and took the finger that had just visited her ass and sucked it into her mouth. She had cleaned her body thoroughly, yet just the act of being made to do something this vile sparked her needs and she flashed back to how Frank had made her clean his girlfriend’s essence from his ass and balls.

Isn’t she a slut?” Julie asked the crowd, “What else should she do to earn her orgasm?”

Voices rang out, “Make her suck my cock,” and another,”Have her jump up and down.”

Julie quickly silenced the one man with, “Why would I have her ruin this evening by touching, let alone sucking a cock?”

She then looked at Debra and told her to jump up and down. This thirty something beautiful woman was degraded to the point where she was acting like some circus animal. She began to jump and felt her tits bounce off her chest. It isn’t easy to sustain this type of aerobic activity in heels and she was relieved to hear Julie tell her to stop.

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