Three days before Christmas

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It was three days before Christmas, and I was out shopping for that special something, I am Lucy, 29years of age, tall, slim and blonde with 34d boobs. I’m a legal secretary and I am married to Dan, 2 years older than me, ex-army, he has a rock hard body, and officially he is a diplomat, which in his case means flying off to far flung corners of the earth at very short notice, where he problem solves, and more than that he won’t tell me.

Anyway, First thing Christmas eve morning, he has a flight to catch, and so our celebrations are being moved up a couple of days and I want a sexy little outfit to send him off, so here I am, in a high end lingerie store, near my office, choosing a sheer silk teddy in black, with matching thong, I just need some stockings from the next aisle..

Lace, I want sheer lace topped stockings, stepping back to scan the shelves, I bump into the person behind, turning to say sorry, I realise it’s my neighbour from opposite; Jill moved in several months back, I know she’s married to a doctor, and works in insurance, all this from a bbq at our neighbours.. She recognises me and blushes, real deep red and from the neck up

Jill is stunning, tall, busty with a runners physique, and glorious strawberry blond hair, I’ve never been attracted to a woman before, but that blush and those freckles across her nose… mmmm I can feel that horny tingle

Trying to ease her evident embarrassment, I offer up my teddy and explain my errand, she stops trying to hide her hanger behind her back and lets me see her choice, a Basque, in deep red satin that that was made for her colouring, with half cups and sheer silk thong to match.. Captured, she says, still looking like a naughty school girl, I just need stockings to match..

I’ve just passed the red shades, I smile and indicate the end shelf.. look I’ve got to dash, it’s my lunch hour, why don’t you come around for drinks Christmas eve, Dan will be away but bring Chas and I’ll fix some nibbles.

Our Christmas day was amazing, just us, spending quality time together, Dan loved my outfit, producing a diamond pendant that looked oh so good between my full breasts, the lights glancing off it as I rocked in ecstasy above him… and then he was gone, duffel in one hand, mobile in the other, he was off to the airport, sporting his new Breitling watch, engraved with my love.

I had tidied the house, not a huge task, quick dust around, retrieved my panties from atop the Christmas tree, and prepared some mince pies, and savoury snacks for Jill and Chas, it would be nice to spend the evening with someone..

That’s odd, 7.30 and no sign of them, I know we agreed 7.00 but a few minutes longer won’t harm, looking across the road, I can see Jill’s Range Rover, but no sign of Chas’s Jag.

8.00 something is wrong, taking the bull by the horns, I cross to Jill’s house and ring the bell.. No answer but I’m sure the curtain moved, and so I ring again, a long hard ring.. Jill opens the door, sweat pants and a tee, flushed and red eyed

What’s up Jill?

Nothing she replies, her voice shaking with emotion, well nothing new anyway

Stepping into her house, I close the door, and ask again,

Its Chas, he’s gone, no, not left me she says, seeing my look.. gone to work, a medical emergency

Oh, sorry hun, I feel a need to hug her and comfort her, I guess it goes with his job, I continue

Jill turns her face to mine, her green eyes ablaze with anger, like fuck it does, he’s screwing his theatre nurse

Are you sure?

She nods, oh yes, I’m sure, the clues have been there a while now, guess I was kidding myself, well he can fuck right off!, after Christmas, I’m seeing a solicitor and starting afresh

Ok, if you’re serious, speak to me, we have some great divorce lawyers in my office, now grab your coat, its drinks at mine remember!

Its noticeably colder as we cross back to my house, looking up the sky is dark and clear with stars shining, quickly ushering Jill inside, I head to the fireplace and add two new logs, they crackle and hiss as the heat hits them.. Take a seat Jill, while I get drinks

Soon we’re sitting in matched armchairs either side of a roaring log fire, large glasses of peppery Bordeaux and a tray of savouries on the stool between us

Thanks for this Lucy, I really needed some company tonight, and this is glorious, such a warm comfortable home, and I love real fires.. Jill was finally looking relaxed and calm, you’re most welcome I told her stretching out my legs and wriggling my toes in the heat of the fire

So, how was yesterday, did you have a good time with Dan, she asks grinning at me,

Yes, we had a great time, I’m conscious of her failing marriage but I can’t keep the joy out of my voice as I think back 24 hours

And the outfit, I bet he loved the outfit, she continued, Oh he did, he really did I reply, and then I follow her gaze, caught on the picture rail to the side of the fire place is a black silk stocking, my turn to blush, then giggle as I hear myself saying, It lead to some great sex, well worth the money

My outfit never made it out of the bag, Chas was packing his overnight as I got home with it, all that money and its wasted Jill sighed and helped herself to more wine

Looking at Jill stretched out in my armchair, her full breasts clearly outlined against her tee, I ignore my racing pulse and whispered, why not fetch it now

Jill turns those amazing green eyes on me, sorry Lucy, say that again

Your outfit, I choke out, why not fetch your outfit and wear it here, we can have a girls only Christmas, heart thudding, I can feel myself colouring up as I look at her

Ok she says, on one condition, you wear yours too, presuming you can find it all, she laughs and points at my errant stocking, deal I say, and I can feel my pussy flooding with lust.

Half hour later, Jill is back with her outfit, and an overnight bag and several bottles of champagne, the real good stuff from Chas’s collection she gleefully explains, as she pours two generous glasses, then it’s off to our rooms to change

I’m shaking as I change, I can’t believe I’m doing this, but here I am, naked and so wet, pulling on fresh black stockings and a spare thong (last nights was far too messy) and my black silk teddy

Returning to the fireplace, I’m shaken by the beauty before me, Jill’s Basque fits her like a glove, the deep red satin complimenting her smooth milky skin, her full breasts nestled in the half cups, large pink nipples barely contained. I knew she was tall but her legs, encased in glossy red stockings were never ending, spike heels making her even taller.

Wow I choked out, you look fantastic, Jill curtsied, and those full milky white globes bobbed in their satin nests, cherry truffle? She enquired offering the box

Laughing as I accepted, I gave her a twirl, I had added black patent heels to my outfit, and the teddy parted and flared as I twirled, looking at her eyes, focused on my breasts, I felt my nipples harden and that tingling return to my loins, all or nothing, I leant forward and kissed her on the lips, just a gentle brushing of skin, nothing hard or aggressive

And there’s those green eyes again staring into mine, as Jill hard porno returns my kiss, just as gentle, before she breaks away and picks up our glasses.. More bubbles Lucy?

Taking a glass each, we sit on the couch and stare into the flames, are we really going to this? She whispers

Yes, I whisper back, and then more firmly, YES, I really want to do this

With that Jill turns and takes hold of my upper arms, then leans forward to kiss me again, firmly this time, her tongue parting my lips, running over my teeth, probing my mouth, still fizzy with champagne

I’m returning her kiss, savouring her taste, as I feel her hand slide inside my teddy, cupping my breast, oh my heart will explode but god this feels good

I can hear myself groaning and panting as her long fingers take my nipple and stretch it, my nipples have always been wired direct to my pussy, and the jolts they are sending now are hitting my core

Breaking the kiss, I drop my head, rubbing my face between those glorious milky white globes, my nose brushing her nipples, hard and pink like raspberries, drawing in her scent, soft and honeyed

Its Jill groaning now, still squeezing my nipples as I breathe on hers and nuzzle them in their nests, Jill leans back on the couch, lifting and parting those long red legs, you like? She enquires, he voice deep, husky with lust

I drop my gaze to the top of those stockings and there barely hidden behind the sheerest of satin thongs is her pussy, the sheer red gauze stretched tight over the fullest pussy lips I have ever seen, the cloth darkening as her juices soak in..

I look back to her eyes, seeking permission to continue .. She just nods her consent, and I drop my face to her pussy, my tongue darting against the wet fabric, tasting my first pussy.. More tangy than my own, and the aroma, magical, so musky, so arousing

I lift her legs, sliding my hands beneath her panties and pulling them down, Jill’s moaning encouragement, rubbing her breasts, stretching her nipples as I savour the sight before me; a narrow landing strip of neatly trimmed fair hair leading to long pale labia, swollen and glistening with her juices

I trace my finger along their join, watching them part, so easily, her bright pink core exposed to my gaze.. I touch again and Jill bucks her hips in anticipation, I lean forward licking the length of those beautiful lips, and Jill whimpers and bucks, I need to taste more, I bury my face , and force my tongue into her pussy, curling the tip, I start to tongue fuck her, it may be my first time, but I know how I like it, and I give it my all..

Fuck me Lucy!, Jill is bucking her hips, her hand against my head, I slip a finger inside, and feel her pussy constricting, I add another and stretch her wider, Jill is moaning, shouting my name, crying for me to fuck her, to fuck her hard

I lift my mouth, my face covered in her juice, and stare at this beautiful woman, abandoned to desire, shouting my name, and I take her clit between my lips, and suck, just one long hard suck, as I hook my index finger inside her

With a scream, her whole body in spasm, she floods, her cum filling my mouth, coating my lips, my face, Jill has arched away from the couch, balanced on her shoulder blades and heels, she shudders in bliss, her moans of pleasure filling the room,

Enough, she pants, pushing my head away, no more!, I slide my arms around her waist and lower her down.. Her normally milky skin is as red as her Basque, her breasts heaving as she sucks in a breath OH FUCK, I have never cum like that before, never so quickly, but I needed it so bad

I sit back on the reklamsız porno floor and smile, Happy Christmas!

Oh Fuck, that was amazing, let me get my breath, and I’m repaying the favour!

Pulling aside my thong, I slip a finger inside my soaked pussy and reply, I can’t wait!

Jill stands, still a little wobbly on her legs and looks down at me, a look of sheer lust on her face, then she steps forward, placing her foot, complete with red spike heel on my pussy and tells me firmly to wait

I withdraw my finger, a string of cum still running to my slit and return her gaze, she is stunning, her long strawberry blonde hair catching the light like a halo, then for good measure, she unfastens her Basque, keeping the stockings, the red silk matching her engorged lips, still slick with her own cum

Then she kneels between my legs, and smiles, my senses are in overload, I’m prone on the sheepskin in front of my log fire, (my favourite place to be fucked), the heat of the fire on my body, the smell of pine filling my head and this stunningly beautiful woman moving towards me

Jill slowly kisses her way up my torso, starting at my hips, she parts the baby doll, and trails soft tickly kisses to my neck, carefully avoiding my pussy and breasts where my nipples ache with desire, then she pulls the tie and I’m all but bare, just the stockings, and those quickly follow

Locking those green eyes on mine, she whispers, I’m so going to fuck you Lucy, you are going to cum like never before! With that she takes one of my stockings and ties it around my eyes, I’ve only known her properly for an hour or so, but I trust her implicitly. I lay back, the sheepskin against my back, my body alight with desire

That’s it my darling, relax, she whispers in my ear, gently nibbling the lobe, then her breath has moved, I can feel it on my nipples, and then her teeth, nipping and tugging my aching tits, OH FUCK this is amazing

And then she’s gone, it’s silent, just the fire crackling, my ears are straining for a clue, what will she do next?

Mmm Jill has taken my other stocking, and she drawing it across my body, so gently, so slowly, the arch of my foot, around my calves, my thighs, across my breasts

Such sweet torture, my whole body shaking with the need to cum

YES, I scream as she threads the silk between my thighs and starts to buff my pussy lips, I’m bucking my hips with need and she’s giggling, blowing cool air across my swollen labia, soon my darling, soon, she whispers, I can feel her voice on my clit, I’ve never been so sensitive

Her finger is drawing my juices down across my perineum, she’s using her nail to add pressure, and I’m flowing like a tap, OH this is good, new to me but good, and now she’s putting pressure on my ring, working my juice into my rear

UUUUrrrgh yes oh fuck yes!, Jill’s mouth is on my pussy, she poking her tongue inside and I’m screaming my desire, and then more pressure on my rear, something’s in my tightest hole and its awesome

Jills finger fucking me, hard and fast, I’m screaming, thrashing on the floor, as my orgasm takes my breath away, I can hear her shouting, CUM Lucy, CUM for me, and I’m gone, seeing lights and stars, I swear I’ve left my body as time stands still, just my nervous system in melt down

I’m naked, the stocking has gone and Jill is holding my face to her breast, stroking my hair, planting little kisses on my forehead, Hi hun, she smiles at me

I have never cum like that before, thank you, I kiss her, tasting myself on her lips

You’re most welcome, she says hugging me tight, and there’s a tear in her eye,

Just one thing, I ask… my ass, what did you do, I still feel full down there

Whoops! Jill giggles and reaches down, pulling something from my rear..

MERRY CHRISTMAS, she laughs, holding up a very sticky candy cane from my tree

What are you doing for New Years? I ask..

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